View Full Version : Hospital Visit

07-20-2001, 02:19 PM
I was rushed to the hospital with sever pains in my lower stomach, the doctor was worried that my appendix was going to burst.

I was wheeled into a cubicle where i was examined, the doctor asked me would i mind if a couple of medical students watched the examination, without thinking to much i said sure.

About 4 female students entered, imediately the thought entered my head, what if i get a hardon while being examined in front of all these girls.

My jeans and underwear were removed leaving me lying there naked from the waist down while the doctor explained to the students what she was doing and looking for.

At this stage the pain was begining to fade and i was feeling quite normal, the thought of an operation wasn't nice.

I told the doctor that i felt a lot better to which she repied that she was convinced that it was indeed my appendix and they would have to be removed incase the problem reoccured.

I was wheeled to a ward where a nurse took all my details. She was in her mid 20s and was wearing the typical white nurse uniform, it was so fine her underwear was clearly visable through the material, as i was watching her she turned to ask me something and caught me watching her, she smirked and said that sometimes she was embarrassed as everyone could clearly see her pants.

She sat down and began explaining the procedures, i wasn't really listening to her as she spoke but kept thinking how beautiful she was and trying to figure what style of underwear she had on untill i heard the word " shave".

I asked her to repeat that, she said as part of the pre-op preparation she was going to have to shave the surrounding area and she imagined she was going to enjoy it as she didn't often get young fit males to prep.

she returned wheeling a trolly and pulled the curtain around my cubicle and give me that familiar smirk