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Old 02-02-2015, 05:53 AM
roadking roadking is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2004
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A threesome for Lyn pt 10

This is a bit of a twist on my threads but hopefully you'll enjoy it, happy things do really happen to those who wait.
I was on my way back from working out west and I thought I'd ring Lyn and tell her I was on my way. The phone rang out so I hung up and continued driving without leaving a message. About an hour later Lyn rang me and she sounded a little drunk, I asked what she was doing and she said she had just had a couple of drinks with Sue, My mate Brad's wife, as he was working night shift.
I said cool and that I would be home in about 4 hrs, she said ok see you then. I thought, stuff it I'll go quicker and get home earlier. I arrived home about 45 mins earlier than I said I would and saw Sue's car in the driveway, I got out of the car and went thru the front door, I walked into the lounge but no one was around so I walked thru to our bedroom to put away my bag and as I opened the door there was my wife and Sue on the bed, naked and licking each other's pussies. I stood there for a while and watched these two lovely ladies enjoying each other, they were really into it when Lyn grabbed her dildo and shoved into Sue's pussy, sue moaned and said she wished the boys were here, at that point I said " one is", both girls stopped what they were doing and looked at me a little embarrassed, but I said don't stop on my account and started to strip off, I joined the girls on the bed and they both started to play with my cock. Lyn was licking my balls and sue was licking and sucking the tip, then she swallowed my cock all the way down her throat, it felt great getting my balls sucked and my cock swallowed at the same time. They then changed places and Lyn was sucking me off while Sue was licking my balls. Then Lyn said she wanted me to lick her pussy so she got up and sat on my face, she started to grind her pussy on my face and I stuffed my tongue into her, giving her clit a good going over, Sue went back to sucking my cock, I was in heaven or so I thought.
Lyn told Sue to ride my cock, she jumped up and slid her pussy over my cock, now I was in heaven, a pussy on my face and a pussy on my cock. Lyn and Sue kissed and played with each other's tits while they were riding my face and cock. Lyn then said to swap positions, Sue got of my cock and pushed her pussy into my face and Lyn then lowered herself onto my cock, she started bouncing up and down and came with a moan, I was shoving my tongue into Sue's pussy and she was grinding her pussy on it, she came in no time, I said what about me, Sue said to wait a minute, then she climbed onto my cock and began pounding away, it didn't take long and I was coming inside her. We rested for a while and then I got up and got some drinks, when I got back to the room the girls were at it again kissing, feeling and licking each other I just sat there and watched them. Then I heard the doorbell and knew that Brad was here, I left the girls still at it and walked naked to the door, I opened it and Brad asked if he was too late for the fun, I said no follow me. We got back to the bedroom and the girls were locked in a 69er, Brad stripped off, his cock was already at its 9 inches and hard as a rock, I just said go ahead, enjoy. He walked over to the bed and started to touch both of the girls, Lyn looked up and saw his big cock, grabbed it and started sucking it, taking as much as possible down her throat. Sue was still licking Lyns pussy and sticking her fingers in her. I sat back and watched my wife suck my mates big cock and get her pussy well and truly licked and sucked.
It didn't take long before Lyn was coming again and then she just rolled to one side and let Brad put his cock into Sue, he began fucking her really hard, I got up and put my cock into her mouth, she sucked my cock all the way down here throat and I unloaded into her, then Brad said he was a coming, he pulled out and was just to blow his load over her when Lyn got up grabbed his cock and started sucking it, Brad let loose and she swallowed every drop and kept sucking his cock until he was soft.
We all collapsed on the bed and I woke up a couple of hours later to see Brad shoving his 9 inch cock into my wife, so I thought fuck it, I got up and shoved my cock into Sue. We were both giving the girls a good fucking, I couldn't hold back any more and blew my load into her, Brad wasn't far behind me and gave Lyn his load, both girls then got up and started to eat each other out while Brad and I just sat back and watched. It was a great night, and hopefully it will happen again.
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Old 04-29-2015, 05:28 AM
roadking roadking is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: australia
Posts: 12
A threesome for Lyn pt 11

Just got back from a South Pacific cruise for our wedding anniversary and need to write down what happened. It all started when we were placed at the dining table with a African American couple named Lawrence (Larry) and his very nice wife Eve. We got to chatting and felt that we had a lot in common so we decided to party with them that night, we consumed a lot of booze and had a great night dancing and laughing. At about 2 am we decided to call it a night and go back to our cabins.
When Lyn entered our cabin she said that she was pretty drunk and wanted to give me an early anniversary present, she told me to strip and lay down. She stripped off and gave me a great body slide massage, her tits were rubbing up and down my body and cock. When she realised how hard I was she immediately took my cock in her mouth and my balls in her hands. She stroked, sucked and licked my cock and balls, then slid my cock down her throat and moved up and down until I came in her mouth. I told her that it was great and to roll over, I started licking her neck, tits, stomach and legs, I then opened her legs and slipped my tongue and finger in her pussy and played with like this for a while. As I was licking her she was moaning and saying stuff like "yeh like that, lick my pussy, suck my pussy", then she let a moan and asked my to fuck her. I turned her over doggy style and slowly entered her pussy, she moaned and pushed back to meet my thrust, I started fucking her and she started to really enjoy it and then said "yeh that's it fuck me hard Larry" I asked her what she said and she repeated it, I thought fuck it, and kept going until both of us collapsed exhausted. I asked her why she called out Larry's name and she said she had always fantasised about having a black cock and he was the first Blackman that she had met in social scene and liked him and is wife.
We fell asleep and woke up about 9am, we made our way to the sundeck for some relaxing sunbathing and ran into Larry and Eve. The both looked great but said they were hungover and decided to catch some rays. We said same same, so I sat down on a chair and Lyn took off her robe and laid down on a sunbed, I looked over to talk to Larry and caught him checking out my wife, she looks great in a bikini, and also noticed that he had a nice bulge starting in his swimmers.
After a little while Eve said she wasn't feeling well and they excused themselves and went back to their cabin. I scooted over to Lyn and asked if she had noticed Larry's bulge, She said yeh, she had and it looked pretty big. I said lets go back to our cabin and have a afternoon nap, but I couldn't sleep so I said I was going to the casino for a while. When I got there I noticed Larry sitting at one of the machines by himself, I went over and asked how Eve was, he said she had took some seasick pills and was sleeping it off. I asked if he wanted a drink he said sure, so ordered a couple of bourbons and sat next to him. After a couple more drinks and a few more dollars in the machines, Larry said that he hoped I didn't mind but he couldn't help notice Lyn this morning and how lucky I am, I agreed and then I thought 'what the fuck' let's what he says when I tell him about what happened last nite.
I started off saying that Lyn had been checking him out as well especially the bulge in his swimmers and I had also been checking out Eve, he asked what Lyn had said about his bulge, I said she liked it and told him that during the sex last nite she had called out his name as I was fucking her doggy style. He was silent for a while so I said that I would like to give Lyn a special present for our anniversary and he was it, if he was ok with that just say yes. He said that he would love to but Eve wasn't into that sort of fun, I said Eve didn't have to know, he asked me when did I want to start and what was the plan. I told him now and said follow me. When we got to my cabin Lyn was in the shower, I told him to strip and get on the bed, I then called out to Lyn to come out and see her surprise. She walked out from the bathroom with a towel around her, she looked at me and then saw Larry naked on the bed with a hard on that was at least 8 inches. She was a bit embarrassed at first but I said happy anniversary sweetheart, she said are you sure, I just sat down in a chair and said enjoy.
She dropped the towel and climbed on the bed, grabbed hold of his big black cock and balls and started sucking the top, licking and stocking the shaft and balls then went between his balls and ass and flicked her tongue in that area, she then swallowed his cock as far as she could down her throat, still playing with his balls and mouth fucked his cock. Larry let out a moan and went stiff, he was cumming in her mouth and she was swallowing every drop. When he had finished Lyn let his cock flop out of her mouth and smiled at me and said thanks, it was a great present, she told me to take off my shorts and sit in the chair. She came over to me and started giving me the same treatment Larry had just had. I was really enjoying the blowjob when I noticed Larry was now sitting on the bed watching, looking at Lyn's pussy and ass and stroking his cock. He saw me and asked if he should leave, but before I could say anything Lyn said no way, I haven't finished with you yet. She then asked me if I was ok with that, I said yeh ok, what you got in mind.
She told Larry to get on the floor on his back, but i said why I don't get on the bed, then you can kneel on the bed and continue sucking me, and Larry then fuck you doggy style like you had fantasized about and I can watch him do it in the mirror, Lyn said ok let's do that, she knelt down between my legs and put my cock in her mouth and started sucking, Larry came up behind her and started licking her pussy to get her really wet after a couple of minutes he stood up and put the tip of his cock on Lyn's pussy, rubbed it up and down a couple of times then started to put it in her. Lyn moaned loudly and really applied the mouth suction to my cock, Larry was slowly putting the head in and out and pushing a bit more in each time, Lyn just told him to shove it in, so he put the full 8 inches in her and she almost came right there and then. Larry continued to fuck my wife pulling his cock almost all the way out then pushing it in to the hilt, Lyn was loving it and I could see that big black cock go in and out of my wife with ease. I came in no time, Lyn sucked me dry. Larry was still fucking her and was getting faster and faster, he was really giving my wife a good fucking. I just laid there watching my wife enjoying the fucking she was getting, then Lyn moaned and started yelling 'yeh that's it fuck me Larry, fuck me', I think she came just then she was shaking and her eyes were closed tightly. Larry continued to fuck her until he pulled out and came on her back, boy did he have a load I'm glad he didn't come in her.
We all collapsed on the bed and must have drifted off for a while, when I woke up Lyn was sucking Larry's cock back to life and he was licking her pussy, they were in a 69er, I just kept watching that black cock go in and out of my white wife's mouth it was her fantasy come true again. Larry came in her mouth again and Lyn said she hadn't come yet, so I got up and shoved my cock in her pussy, I fucked her for a while until she came then I turned her around and pushed my cock in her mouth, she sucked and sucked until I came in her mouth as well, she said she had never swallowed so much come ever. Larry then got up said he should get back to Eve, Lyn asked if Eve would like to party with us but he said no she wasn't into it. They had tried once but she got shy and didn't go thru with it. Lyn said pity, she would have liked to have a bit of fun with her too.
Larry left and Lyn thanked me again for a great present, she really enjoyed it and wouldn't mind if we could do it again, I said we'll see. I saw Larry later on that day and Eve was still too sick to get out of the cabin, I asked if he was sure she was ok he said yes she was feeling better but still not good enough to venture out. I asked him if he was ok about our little secret and he said yeh it was the best fuck he has had for a while and Lyn knows how to give great blowjobs, but he didn't think he could do it again, it was just a one off thing, I said no problems but if he was to change his mind just call me.
I told Lyn of his decision and she was ok with it but would love to suck his cock at least once more, I said I didn't think it was going to happen, She just smiled and said 'make a bet'. I knew she would try and get him again but the cruise was almost over, we had 1 day and 1 nite left and we hadn't seen either of them for a while. I said to Lyn I was going to the bar and she said she was going to sun bake naked on the balcony for a while, I left and had a few drinks then got bored so went back to my cabin, when I got there Lyn was giving Larry another blowjob, they both saw me and Lyn asked if everything was ok, Larry had stopped by to say goodbye to us and she answered the door in her towel and when she saw it was Larry, she grabbed his cock thru his shorts and pulled him into the cabin, dropped the towel then dropped to her knees and started sucking him off. I said ok no problems carry on, I'll watch. She went back to sucking him off, playing with his balls, stroking his shaft, I took off my shorts and started stroking my cock, it was really turning me on, watching a big black cock going in and out of my wife's mouth. Lyn spotted me and said not to come yet, she stood up grabbed Larry's cock and said lets fuck. She laid down on the bed and Larry got on top, he shoved his cock in her pussy to the hilt and started to pump in and out, I got up and shoved my cock in Lyn's mouth, Larry was pumping hard and Lyn told him to come in her, well that did it for both of us, I came in her mouth and on her face, Larry was pumping his cock in and out and then blew his load inside of my wife just as she was cumming as well.
Larry pulled his cock out and put it in her mouth, Lyn licked and sucked it clean, he then got up and said it has been the best holiday ever and thanks, he got dressed and left. Lyn was exhausted and well and truly fucked, she said it was the best holiday for her too, I couldn't have agreed more.
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Old 10-22-2018, 06:56 AM
roadking roadking is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: australia
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A threesome for lyn part 12

Itís been a quiet couple of months, havenít seen Ross in a while and Sue and Brad have separated, so not much to report there. But we still fantasise about our previous exploits with our friends.
Iím still working away every now and again, and love getting back to Lyn for great sex, but on the last trip away Lyn had a little bit of fun without me. Iíd been gone about 2 days she told me when Sue rung her and asked to meet up, so lyn said yeh no problems. They met at a local restaurant near sueís place and had a good meal and of course a cpl of fine red wines, sue said to come back to her place for a night cap and if lyn wanted could stay the night instead of driving home. Lyn took up the offer and went back to sueís place, they had a few more drinks and then started to talk about all the fun they had together, lyn mentioned it was good fun and liked having sex with sue and Brad, but really liked sucking and fucking brad, sue said that she enjoyed those times as well and missed the fun we all had.
Sue then got up and put a movie on tv showing lyn sucking brads big cock and sue licking Lynís pussy and me fucking sue, lyn asked how they managed to tape that and she said Brad had hidden a camera and took it.
They watch the movie for a while and lyn said that she couldnít hang on anymore and went over and kissed sue, they then got naked and licked each other out, after a while sue pulled out a dildo and put it in Lynís pussy, she fucked her hard and soft whilst still in the 69 position, lyn said she was really enjoying it and said the dildo was about the same size as Brad and wished he was here so she could suck and fuck him.
Sue then got up and said hang on, about 1 minute later she came back and started playing with lyn again, she also said sheís got a surprise coming.
They played with each other for about another 30 mins licking each otherís pussy and fingering and using the dildo on each other when there was a knock on the door, sue jumped up and answered it, when she came back into the room she had Bradís cock in her hand leading him into the room. Lyn said she was a bit shocked at first but after seeing brads huge cock she just wanted him again. Lyn said Sue and Brad jumped onto the bed on either side of her and started to play with her tits and then slowly moved to her pussy, she said the feeling was great and just laid there and enjoyed it, then she felt brads cock trying to force its way into her mouth and at the same time sue was back licking and fingering her pussy. She said she couldnít help it, she opened her mouth and took brads big cock, sue was really working her pussy over and with brads cock in her mouth started to come, sue licked every drop of her jiz, at the same time Brad had started to pump his cock into her mouth and down her throat, she was really enjoying the night when Brad suddenly pulled out of her mouth, and rolled her over into the doggie position, sue took the hint and layer down in front of lyn, Brad started to fuck lyn slowly while lyn said she couldnít resist licking sue while getting fucked by Brad.
He started real slow so lyn could get used to his big cock again but sped up the pace when he had fully penetrated her pussy, he picked up the pace and was fucking her hard while she ate sueís pussy. It didnít take long for Brad to come but instead of coming inside her he pulled out and told sue to suck his cock. Sue grabbed his cock and started sucking, lyn said that she didnít want to miss out so she started sucking his balls and licking his cock with sue.
He came in no time and lyn said both of them just kept licking and sucking his come until he stopped. Lyn and Sue licked each otherís face and tits to clean up his come, Brad lay back on the bed while both of them continued to lick and suck his cock. Then lyn said it was sueís Turn for the dildo, so she went and got it and started to play with sueís pussy, licking her then pushing the big dildo in her, lyn said Brad just laid on the bed and started to play with his cock while watching them. Lyn said she was fucking Sue with the dildo really hard and she was enjoying it when she felt Brad playing with her pussy, she looked over and saw that Brad had a huge hard on again. She continued fucking sue with the dildo and told Brad to fuck her again. Brad moved behind her and stuck his cock in her again but this thrusted all the way to the hilt, lyn said she came straight away, Brad continued to fuck her doggy style while lyn fucked sue with the dildo, she said he was pounding her pussy like nothing else and finally came inside her, at the same time sue also came and lyn licked her pussy until she stopped coming.
They fell asleep after that and lyn said at about 6am she awoke to Brad fucking sues ass, she said she was really excited to see that but there was no way he was going to put that huge cock up her ass.
Lyn said sue was loving it, so lyn said she slipped underneath sue and licked her pussy again whilst Brad was fucking sueís ass. Every now and again brads cock would slip out of sueís ass and lyn said she would grab it and give it a suck. After a while Brad was getting close to coming so he pulled out and sprayed his come on Lynís face and in her mouth she said she swallowed every drop she could, sue turned around and licked brads come of Lynís face, they then rested and then showered and got dressed. Lyn left after breakfast fully satisfied and said that she told them that we would need to get together again when I was home.
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