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The Mistress and her Shifter

(a quick interlude into a chamber of pain and oddly love)

Hayden hung his head limply over the training table; his blonde hair hiding his face, stringy and wet with sweat. His breath came in rapid pants while he struggled to regain his focus.

His arms were still strapped down at the wrists securing him to the padded table but she had released the rest of the restraints.
Currently she was giving him a moment to rest, catch his breath, and heal, but she was pushing him further than she ever had before.

His pain threshold had already gone up a few notches. Splatters of red dotted the pristine white floor and surrounding walls, and rivulets ran down the table in ruby streaks. His blood had decorated her room nicely she had said.
But looking at his back now you could see nothing but perfectly smooth, toned skin without a mark upon it. His gift of being a shifter, and curse. It only meant she could hurt him worse without fear of permanent damage.

Images of the previous days slammed into his mind again full force and he jerked against the table.

“Oh my pet, more? What have you done? Won’t you tell me?” she lied with her sweet tone but she truly was concerned.

When Hayden didn’t answer she sliced the whip across his back so suddenly and so hard it made him cry out. She paused waiting for an answer that would not come.

“Oh very well, another round then? I really should have worn my red leather today, then at least I could blend in.” she sounded bored.

Then the whip was biting into his skin again. This time his legs were not restrained and it was all he could do not to writhe out of the way as he heard the whistle of the whip in the air coming in for each strike.
But he held fast taking the pain he knew he deserved. The tongues of her whip lashed fiery kisses from his shoulders to his ankles, never ceasing, never slowing, hard stinging brands that opened his skin with each lash.

His harsh cries turned to screams and still she did not slow. But who could he blame when his own screams were for more pain?

He begged for it, cried for it, and screamed his plea to her: “More! I need more pain! Please Mistress! Please!”

Blood did not spatter, it flowed. Until his entire backside head to toe was solid red. Only then did she stop. Even though he had not asked her to yet.

Hayden was special. He could ask her to stop and she would oblige because he pleased her so. He was her favorite pet.

Hayden was crying openly now, big huge sobbing cries that shook his whole body.

She watched his wounds knit themselves together fascinated as always with his self healing.

As he cried and wailed he thanked her over and over.

When he quieted she bent over near his ear and whispered, “will you tell me what you did to deserve such a beating not once, not twice, but thrice my dear one?”

“I …cannot. Need…more…pain.” He managed to pant between sobs.

Now this really concerned the Mistress. She had beaten him 3 times to a bloody sheen. But prior to that she had paddled him and even stretched him on the rack.

She knew he was a shifter and could take more than a natural being but this was bordering on ridiculous. There is punishment to met out and to accept, but then there was torture. And what Hayden was begging for was going in the direction of torture. She did not relish the idea.

“Very well my pet, I always let you determine the level you need. What do you wish of me?”

“Ram.” Is all he said.

Her eyebrows raised at that, normally Hayden shied away from those particular arts.

“Are you quite sure?”

And he shook his golden head yes even as he quivered.

The Mistress left the room and came back with a rolling table, upon it were several long thick implements graduating in size.
The “Ram” as he referred to was the largest on the table and incidentally the most painful.
Opening the jar on the table she began to rub its contents over her tools replacing them one by one back on the table.
Then she turned to the table Hayden was stretched upon and ran her fingers under the lip beneath his legs lowering just that section until he was flat footed on the floor bent at the waist and still shackled by his arms.

She kicked his legs apart just enough so she could see the swell of his balls hanging heavily.

Not able to resist she caressed them and wrapped her fingers around to brush against his soft velvet skin in the front. Hayden moaned.

“Am I allowed a little pleasure first Hayden?, Or is it truly just he pain you are after?” she asked.

“Pain, Mistress. But I would give you whatever you want of me in return.”

“Oh I will have what I want; I just needed some direction pet.”

Then she returned to her jar and began to work the salve into Hayden, slipping in circles and stretching with knuckles until he was panting with anticipation.

The first tool she took was large, not the largest but large, he was looking for pain after all and to start easy would not accomplish that.

It had a bulbous head that narrowed then bulged again in three sections, each bulge larger than the predecessor. She pressed the head at his tight opening and slowly forced the first bulb in, not slowing she forced the second and Hayden whimpered.

Then shoved the third in harder and made him cry out. The tool had a long handle and she used it for leverage to move the tool around in circles, first small then gradually larger until he was moaning more than whimpering.

Then just as he was about to enjoy the sensations she yanked on the handle and pulled the largest bulb out then the second and then the first, Not giving him time to recover she shoved the whole tool back inside as deep as it would go and yanked it back out just as quick.

This brought cries from him and she smiled at a job well started.

Growing bored with the bulbous tool, she picked the next one that was about as long as the first but much much wider. Positioning it at his opening she wasn’t sure it would fit or how in the world she was going to get the ram in there, but if he wanted to get rammed then she was going to make it as painful as she could make it.

“Are you ready pet? This is definitely going to hurt, and I don’t understand why you want so much more pain.”

“Please….mistress….just do it!” he managed beg.

And no further words were required. The punishment began swiftly .

The Mistress shoved the ram in as hard and fast as she could which ripped a scream from Hayden’s lips and whipped his head up while bowing his back. She stilled and yet Hayden screamed again.

“NO! Don’t stop Mistress! I NEED this pain!”

The Mistress didn’t stop again, but kept ramming the enormous tool home until Hayden’s screams turned to ragged cries. Even then she did not stop. Hayden had not asked her to yet. Hayden shook as he cried and sobbed against the table. He was no longer strapped down and he had to hold himself to the table.

It was almost more than he could bare, yet he did not ask Mistress to stop. After what he had done, he had to be punished and maybe after she found out exactly what he had done, the new punishment would not be so harsh.

After what seemed an eternity Hayden finally asked her to stop, barely able to utter the safe word from his hoarse throat.

“Lila! Get two guardsmen and carry my pet to the bathing chambers after he is cleaned up leave him in my bed.” Mistress instructed her servant.

(Now the Mistress will get what she wants in the next segment to come)
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