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Way Off Broadway-Version 2

It's been 10 years since my last post. It's not been time entirely wasted.
For example, here's a new version of my first story: Way Off Broadway
For more information on other projects, the background on this version of this story, and more, visit


The workday began with no signs of any disruptions. Nothing on the radio suggested anything out of the ordinary. The emails were normal. The servers and computers were functioning without any issues.
My first indication that there might be any issues was when my boss mentioned that Jennifer hadn't arrived yet.
I quickly called her up.
"Sorry I'm late!" Jennifer told me. "My car broke down again, and I was busy dealing with the tow-truck driver. I'll be there in a few minutes!"
I was a bit relieved to hear she was on her way. I had been concerned that her most-recent ex hadn't taken their break-up so well.
"Okay, just get here when you can," I told her.
She was nearly an hour late to work, but she made up for the lost time and was caught up in no time. That's why we kept her on the payroll, considering this was her third tardy so far this year. She was young and inexperienced but a hard worker. And she was good at dealing with men who gave other men or less attractive women headaches. That was worth putting up with the occasional tardiness.
It was after lunch when she came to me and asked: "Um, Pete?"
"Could I ask a favor?"
"Sure, what do you need?" I asked.
"My car won't be ready for a couple of days. They're waiting for a part. Could you give me a lift tonight and tomorrow?"
It wasn't the first time I'd driven one of my employees home or picked them up. "Sure," I responded. "I'd feel better driving you home than letting you take the bus. Just let me know when you're ready to go."
Her face lit up, and I again noticed how pretty this young woman was. However, not for long; I couldn't afford to look even more like I was playing favorites, especially to a pretty young woman. That could wreck office morale at the very least.
A manager in another department brought up an office dispute we felt was better taken care of immediately, and it was dark by the time Jennifer and I had left the office.
We kept our conversation casual for most of the trip. I don't really know if she noticed me stealing glances as her. She's fairly short, barely reaching my shoulder without heels, but her hourglass figure makes that less noticeable. Today she was wearing a navy blue skirt suit that didn't quite cross the line between appropriate and inappropriate business attire. She was a sight.
"So, how long until you get your car back?" I asked her.
"Well, they said three business days to get the part, so not before Tuesday, I'd guess," she said.
"All weekend without, huh?" I asked.
"Yeah, but I just planned on staying home and reading anyway."
"No new boyfriend to spend time with?"
"Not now, and probably not for a while," she said. "I'm tired of the demands."
"Which ones?" I asked.
"Oh, like bringing other girls over to share."
That took me by surprise. I was quiet for a bit before I said: "Well, um, yeah. Yeah, I could see that being an issue."
"I just get tired of it. Making sure the apartment is ready for guests, making them comfortable, making sure they orgasm first, cleaning up the toys after they leave. It gets to be a drag after a while."
It was really clear from her tone of voice that she was either serious about the annoyance, or giving me an award worthy performance.
"Yeah, guests can be a burden," I said to fill the void.
"What I really want right now is just some guy who comes over maybe a couple of nights a week to fuck, then go home right afterwards. I don't want a relationship. I don't want to pretend to be interested in his friends or hobbies. Just fuck me, cum all over me, and go home."
"Hmm. I remember feeling like that when I was your age," I said as I pulled up to her apartment.
"Really?" she said, sounding a bit incredulous. "Thanks for the ride," she added as she started to get out of the car.
"You're welcome," I said. "Do you need a lift tomorrow morning?"
"Yeah. That would be great."
"About 8:30?"
"I can be ready then," she said, but she didn't close the door. "Hey, would you like to come up and fuck?"
"I'm horny, and I'd like to fuck. Would you like to come in?" she asked.
"I can't. My wife would object," I told her with some regret.
"I can respect that. Guess I'll just have to grease up the ol' vibrator." I thought about that quickly, and before she said good-bye and closed the door I said: "You know, I've never seen that."
"Seen what?" she asked.
"Seen a woman masturbate."
"Do you want to come in and watch me make myself cum?"
"Are you inviting me?" I asked playfully.
She seemed to think about it for a moment, then said: "Yeah, that might be fun. So I'm inviting you to watch me put on a fuck show with my vibrator."
"Let me park," I said.
She led me to her apartment, and once inside she looked around and came to a conclusion. "My roommate's not home. She's probably at her boyfriend's and won't be home tonight."
"Good," I replied.
"Would you like something to drink? Beer? Wine?" she offered.
"Probably just a soda, if you have one," I suggested.
She handed me a cola and poured herself a glass of wine before taking my hand and guiding me to her room, giggling. She turned to her dresser and docked her phone into a stereo which started playing pop music immediately. She fiddled with the play list and it started playing music by some boy-band-of-the-month.
"I've never done anything like this before," she said. "I feel naughty!"
"So do I!" I exclaimed. "Where do you want me?"
She swept a bunch of bras off a chair in the corner, moved it right next to her bed and asked: "This okay?"
"That'll do fine," I replied as I watched her unbutton her blouse and let it drop to the floor. She unzipped her skirt and she kicked them into the corner.
"This is going to be fun!" she announced as she stood there, wearing only a matching bra and panties.
She got into her bed, and I sat down next to her to watch the show.
She sat up with her back to me and asked: "Could you unhook my bra?" I was expecting to just be a passive audience, but doing something like that just made the whole thing more fun. I unhooked it and she took it off, handing it to me before turning to her nightstand and pulling a vibrator and lube out of the top drawer and giving me a great close-up view of her bare breasts before setting the toy down on the bed next to her.
She lay back on the bed, holding her wine glass by the stem, closed her eyes and sighed loudly. Her full breasts rose and fell with each breath. She drank from her glass, then wet one of her fingers with the wine and started circling a nipple with it. Her nipple immediately hardened from the attention, and she did the same with the other.
She set the glass on the nightstand and began to massage her breasts in both hands, grabbing handfuls and squeezing them.
I watched her continue to caress them, and we both got aroused by her actions.
One hand crept into her panties, and she spread her legs enough to feel down there. I watched as she began to play with herself inside her panties.
"I can't really see what you're doing," I remarked.
Her eyes opened, and it looked like she had forgotten I was there. "Sorry," she said as she smiled and quickly doffed her panties handing them to me. "You can keep these if you want. A souvenir."
I smelled her arousal on them before setting them down. "I would, but I can't think of where I could put them," I confided.
She smiled at me, settled back, and started to massage her breasts again before spreading her legs to check how wet she was.
This time I could see her slip a finger between her moist lips and just brush her clit. She spread her lips wide apart, giving me a good view of her clit sticking out, and I heard her say: "Enjoying the view?"
"Yes," I said. "Your pussy is beautiful."
"Thank you," she purred. "Feel free to take your pants off if they're uncomfortable."
They were and I did as she suggested.
She slowly ran a finger around her clit a few times before closing her hand to rub her entire pussy for several minutes. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open as she moaned from the pleasure she was giving herself.
Finally, she opened her eyes and took the vibrator and lube. I hadn't really taken a good look at it until then, but I noticed just how big it was as she placed a few drops of her personal lube on the tip. It was bigger than I was.
"Be careful with that," I said in concern. "I don't want you to hurt yourself showing off for me."
"Shh," she said, placing a finger still damp with her juices on my lips. "No need to worry. I've done this before!"
I could smell and taste her as she turned it on and placed the tip of her plastic phallus at her opening and ran it over her clit and back to her opening.
"Here it goes!" she said as she slowly began to push it in. "Ohh, are you watching it disappear inside me?" she asked.
"Yeah," I replied. I watched as she pushed it in a bit before pulling it most of the way out, then pushing it further in, over and over until only the base was sticking out of her vagina.
She let it stay there, buzzing away while she massaged her breasts in both hands.
"Are you enjoying the show so far?" she asked before opening her eyes and looking at me. "Oh, I can see you are!" She was smiling right at my erection. She kissed her fingers and patted the tip of my cock as it oozed some pre-cum. She licked it off her fingers and took the base of the buzzing vibrator and started to fuck herself with it slowly.
I watched her as she pulled it out and pumped it back into her pussy. As she began to go faster, I started to milk my own cock. I hadn't planned to, but it just seemed natural.
After a few minutes of watching her fuck herself, I looked at her face, and saw her staring at me milking my cock. She was licking her lips as she watched me jack off. I suddenly got self-conscious at her watching me and stopped. This was supposed to be my show, not a mutual show. Our eyes met and we both laughed.
She took my hand off my cock and placed it on the base of the buzzing vibrator. I just held it, feeling it buzzing away in her. She waited to see what I would do, and when it was obvious I wouldn't do anything out of fear of hurting her, she said: "It's okay. Just do it like this." She placed her hand over mine and guided me as I started to pump her. Once I started to get the hang of it, and I lost my fear of hurting her with it, she took her hand off of mine and let me fuck her with the vibrator while she rubbed her clit.
She was creaming so much that her juices were being pushed out each time I pumped the vibrator into her and were running down and soaking her bed.
"That feels so good!" she told me. "Keep doing it like that."
I suddenly felt her hand on my cock. I was too turned on by this time to stop her as she started milking it for me as I fucked her with her vibrator.
I was fucking her hard with it and she was jacking me at the same time, and I was getting close to cumming when I heard her say: "Oh God, yes! I'm cumming!"
That was enough for me, and as the vibrator brought her to orgasm, I started spurting my cum. I watched her pussy throbbing around the vibrator as I unloaded my jizz. When we were done I saw that my cum had splashed all over her chest and stomach and dripped into her bed.
"Sorry for the mess," I said when I had recovered enough to talk.
"That's just fine," she said. "I'm totally okay with it. Did you enjoy your show?"
"Yes, but there was more audience participation than I expected," I confided as she pulled the vibrator out. I saw her pussy throb a couple of times afterward.
"I love audience participation," she said. I cleaned myself up a bit, washed my face and hands to get the scent of her pussy off of me, and got dressed.
"I'm going to need a lift tomorrow, and Monday at least," she said. "Interested in an encore?"
"Let me think about it," I said as I put my pants back on. I saw that I had been there for almost an hour, and I was glad I told my wife I would be late without giving her a time.
Thinking about times, I asked Jennifer: "What time did we agree on to pick you up tomorrow morning?"
"A quarter to eight," she confirmed.
"Okay," I said as she escorted me out. "I'll see you then."
As I walked toward the car, I found myself wondering what the next few days had in store for me.

-Gars Méchant (NastyGuy)

I just published two new books in a new series: They Said: The Dare, and They Said: The Missing File, and I have six other ebooks available for purchase at most major online retailers! For more information, go to or "friend" me at Facebook!
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