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Chapter 16: Pump And Circumstance

I waited for a chance to break in, and when I saw it, I said: “Okay, the final part of tonight’s finals is: ‘The Tightest Pussy Contest.’”
“The final part of the final? Finally!” Lisa said.
“Are you mocking me?”
“Definitely,” she said with a huge smile.
“How are you going to judge it?” asked Maricela in a husky voice, breaking our repartee.
“I think I know,” said Goldilocks. “Are you going to fuck us?”
“Well,” I said slowly. “There’s only one real way to judge something like this. It has to be felt from the inside. I have to stick my hard cock into your wet pussies and feel you myself.”
“You said this is a contest?” asked Lisa. “What’s the prize?
“Well,” I said. “First, all of you get down on all fours and line up, and I’ll tell you.”
All of them quickly got into position with many giggles, and then Lisa looked back at me and asked again: “What’s the prize?” as she wiggled her ass at me.
“Well, whoever has the tightest pussy gets a shot of hot jizz wherever she wants it. Remember; grip my cock with your pussy muscles when I enter you. That’ll make you feel tighter,” I said as I lined up behind Lisa.
I rubbed the head of my cock playfully over Lisa’s clit a few times before I finally aimed at her opening and got ready to push inside her.
“Don’t just tease me, fuck me!” said Lisa.
So that’s what I did. After pushing the head of my cock between her pussy lips I took hold of her hips and slowly pushed my way inside her wetness.
“Oh, whoa,” Lisa said as I entered her.
“How’s it feel?” asked Goldilocks.
“Really good. Much better than the vibrator. He’s warm and hard. It reaaaaalllly feels good,” she finished.
“Cool! I can’t wait to try!” Goldilocks exclaimed.
Lisa had very good muscle control, and gripped my cock really tightly in her pussy. After the first couple of thrusts I leaned forward and started caressing her breasts and stomach. I love the feeling of the smooth skin of a woman, and Lisa felt great.
“I’ll take a few strokes with each of you to judge who has the tightest pussy,” I said. I thrust into her a couple more times. “How’s that feel,” I asked Lisa.
“Great. That feels wonderful,” she said in a deep, animal growl.
I pushed in one more time and stayed there, enjoying her tight wetness, and finally pulled out. Lisa whimpered a small complaint as I pulled my cock out of her wet tunnel.
“Okay, your turn Goldilocks,” I said as I lined up behind her.
“Cool! This is gonna be, like, really great! I just know it!” she said.
“I’ll line it up here, like so,” I said and ran the head of my cock over her clit a few times. “And are you ready for it?” I said as I took hold of her hips and slowly thrust inside.
“Ohhhhhh, God!” said Goldilocks huskily as I rammed my hard cock all the way into her wet tunnel. I just stayed there for a bit, grinding my crotch against her and enjoying the feeling of being balls deep inside her tight pussy.
Maricela lay down on her side, so she could get a good view of how my cock had impaled her friend. “Doesn’t it hurt?” she asked.
“No, not really,” explained Lisa.
“Noooooo, it feels perfect!” said Goldilocks.
“I thought it was supposed to hurt,” said Maricela as she got under Goldilocks for a better view.
“Nah, the vibrators stretched us enough that his cock doesn’t hurt a bit,” said Lisa.
“No, it doesn’t hurt at all!” said Goldilocks. I started moving in and out of her, and she said, “It feels really…like…great!”
“You like this, huh?” I asked Goldilocks.
“Oh, yeah! Don’t stop!” she pleaded. Goldilocks didn’t have Lisa’s muscle control, but she did push back to meet my thrusts with enthusiasm. I saw Maricela lean in closer, and I felt her lick my balls once, and I could feel her fingering Goldilocks’ clit, but I had to stop.
“Sorry, I have to try one more pussy before I can judge. However, I will give you a couple more strokes,” I said.
“Darn. That felt good,” said Goldilocks as I pulled out. “I wanted to cum!”
“That’ll happen soon enough,” I said.
“Promises, promises,” Lisa and Goldilocks said together, and then they laughed.
“Okay, Maricela,” I said, “get ready for your turn.”
“Okay!” she said and got onto all fours in front of me.
I got behind her and lined up my cock with her pink pussy, and I said: “Are you ready for this?”
“I think so,” she replied, and arched her back to give me better access to her wet pussy.
“You may feel a small prick,” said Lisa jokingly.
“Hey!” I exclaimed. “No comments from the peanut gallery!”
“Just joking!” said Lisa, and Goldilocks laughed.
“Let me know if I need to stop,” I told Maricela.
“Okay,” she almost whispered.
I rubbed the head of my cock all around her pussy, massaging her clit several times before pushing the head between her lips. She gasped. Finally, I took her by the hips and slowly pushed into her with little thrusts. I heard a low moan slowly escape her as I bottomed out. I just savored the moment as I ground my cock inside her. She was the third girl I had deflowered that night, and she was by far the tightest. After a few seconds, she seemed to remember what I told Lisa before entering her, and Maricela gripped my cock with her pussy muscles—hard.
“Well, do you like the feel of me?” asked Maricela.
“Oh, yeah,” I replied.
“Do we have a winner?” she asked playfully, grinding back at me.
“I need to check everyone just once more to be sure,” I explained.
“If you say so,” Maricela said. I started pumping her for my ceremonial test, reaching around to cup her nice, firm breasts.
Maricela was really getting into it and was pushing back with each thrust. I didn’t feel like pulling out, but I wanted to try the other two just to be fair (sure I did.)
“Okay,” I said, “I have to check Lisa and Goldilocks. Ready for me to pull out?”
“No, but go ahead if you have to,” Maricela said.
I heard a popping sound as I pulled my heard cock out of the small woman’s wet sheath, and a sigh of disappointment.
“Okay, Lisa, you ready for another check?” I asked.
“Sure, if you stick me with that thing there,” she said as she gestured at my hard cock.
“Okay, assume the position!” I commanded, and Lisa instead lay down on her back.
I decided to go ahead with what she wanted and got on top of her. This time I didn’t play around and just pushed straight in. Lisa tried to clamp down on me, but couldn’t manage to hold my cock the way Maricela had. That’s not to say she didn’t feel great.
I pumped inside her for a minute or so, and then pulled out.
“Just as I was really beginning to like it,” said Lisa.
“Ya know, it looks sexy from right next to you guys, and the slurping sounds are hot,” said Goldilocks.
“You ready for round two?” I said as I looked at the blond-bushed woman.
“Yep, shove it in here! No lines, no waiting!” said Goldilocks.
Goldilocks lay down, just like Lisa, and I lined my cock up with her opening and started to push back into her familiar wetness. It felt good, and she gripped my cock as hard as she could with her pussy but it was really no contest.
I drove into her for another minute or so. She was enjoying it, but wasn’t doing much more than exploring the new sensations of having a cock in her pussy. I finally pulled out to Goldilocks’ protestations.
“Okay, time to try the last one again,” I said as I looked at Maricela.
“Saving me for last?” she asked innocently.
“You could say that. Now do you want to try me again?” I said.
“Yes,” she said and scrambled into position on all fours as before.
I lined my cock back up with Maricela's eager pussy, looking forward to feeling her warm, tight muscles wrapped around my cock again. I took a deep breath and slowly reentered her hot wetness in one long push. Just as soon as I was entirely inside her, she gripped my cock with her near-vice-grip again.
Maricela reared up and asked me, “So, am I the tightest? Do I win?”
“Yes, I believe we do have a winner,” I said as I massaged her breasts.
“Oh, well,” Goldilocks said.
“Damn,” protested Lisa.
“Well, ladies, we have a winner,” I said. “Can we get on about your prize now?” I asked Maricela.
“Yes, lets,” she said huskily.
I slipped out of her pussy for a bit, and wondered at the suction of her pussy lips on my hard cock. It felt like she was pulling my cock inside her with a vacuum cleaner. I asked her: “Now, where do you want your prize?”
“Right here, deep inside my pussy. Ram it hard and deep inside me. I want to feel you spurt your hot cum inside my wet pussy,” she said huskily.
“That was just what I wanted to hear.”
She was sitting down in front of me now, one knee up, her other leg out in front of her. It was a devastatingly sexy pose, showing her wet pussy lips to advantage, and making her small pert breasts visible to my gaze.
“Well,” I started, “how do you want me to deliver your prize? What position?”
“Jump on top of him and ride him like a horse!” blurted out Goldilocks.
“I want it Missionary position. I want to feel your body pressed against mine when you pump your cum inside me!” Maricela said.
“That will do just fine,” I said as I leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips. She put her arms around me and held me close as I started kissing my way down her body.
I decided to take my time to get her as turned on as possible before I reentered her. The obvious place to work on was her breasts. I started licking down her neck and shoulders between kisses, and finally managed to reach her right breast. I took her nipple in my mouth and started nibbling all around, licking and sucking the tip until she started moaning and heaving in pleasure.
Lisa and Goldilocks were watching us as I lay Maricela on the floor. I looked over at them as I licked Maricela’s nipples. Lisa had gotten her vibrator and was idly flicking the tip over Goldilocks’ pussy lips as Maricela and I put on a fuck show for them.
I spent several minutes just sucking on Maricela's breasts and kissing her deeply while caressing her sides and kneading her ass, before working my way lower, licking down her belly and finally between her legs. There I was treated to the view of her very tight little pussy. I do enjoy eating pussy, and I was really going to enjoy licking hers. Her pouty lips stuck out just waiting to be licked and sucked. I placed my finger at her opening and slowly massaged her lips before running the tip over her clit. I spent some time circling her clit with my fingertip, enjoying how wet she was before finally pushing it inside her slick tunnel.
“How does that feel?” I asked her.
“It feels great, baby!” she moaned. She was too turned on to say more.
“You two really know how to torture us, don’t you?” commented Lisa.
I had almost forgotten that Lisa and Goldilocks were there. I became aware of the buzzing of a vibrator, which Lisa had completely to the hilt inside Goldilocks’ pussy as she turned it back and forth.
“Hmmmmm, sounds like we need to speed things up just a bit,” I said to Maricela.
“That’s fine,” she moaned quietly.
I took that as my cue to start eating her out. I bent my head forward and kissed her pussy, and then slowly licked her across her lips, just enjoying the flavor of her juices and not really going down on her. She seemed to like that, so I licked her gently on her outer labia on either side of her opening. I heard her moan loudly, so I decided to pick up the pace a bit and pushed my tongue between her lips and flicked the tip over her sensitive bud, causing her to cry out and heave her hips at me.
I could feel her trying to hold back her orgasm, and I wanted to keep her from cumming just a little longer, so I started licking up the inside of her thighs for a minute or so. I then decided to feel how tight she was inside and pushed my tongue between her lips and into her pussy. “Oh, God, baby! That feels so good!” she moaned. She tasted great, and I treated her to a considerable licking out. When I could sense that she wasn’t going to hold off much longer I started running my tongue over her clit until she came in waves.
I could see at this point that Goldilocks had gotten out another vibrator and had worked it into Lisa’s pussy, and they were now sitting side-by-side on the couch, fucking each other with the buzzing vibrators.
I kept licking Maricela for a few minutes after she was finished cumming until I couldn’t take it any more, and finally I moved between her legs where she took hold of my cock and rubbed the head over her clit several times, moaning loudly.
“Ready for it?”
“Yes! Jam it deep in me! I’m really ready for it! Fuck me!” Maricela exclaimed as she aimed the head of my cock at her opening.
I held off, just pushing the tip of my cock between her lips. Maricela was getting impatient and pushed her hips up toward me, impaling herself on my hard cock. Instinct took over and I started pistoning into her as she met each of my thrusts until I was hilt-deep inside her.
Damn it felt good pushing inside her tight pussy again. She looked me straight in the eye as she wrapped her legs around me and held me tightly inside her. I looked into her eyes for a moment before I sank down on top of her and kissed her deeply. I could feel her pussy muscles throbbing around my cock, and God, it felt wonderful!
Maricela smiled at me, mouth wide open in lust, and started humping her hips against me, and I took that as my cue to start pumping her. I pulled almost all the way out before I pushed my way back inside and ground my crotch against her. I started pumping into her with more force, and she was pressing her body as closely against mine as possible, her arms and legs locked behind my back to press us together; mouths locked and tongues searching each other out. I’d been worried that this little lady couldn’t take a hard fuck, but she was proving that she was more than up to the task!
We lay there for what seemed like forever, just fucking as passionately as possible, jamming our bodies together and enjoying the sensations, until I felt Maricela start to tense up. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock, and she pushed her pussy against me as she came. After the first convulsion of her crashing orgasm, she tore her lips away from mine and screamed out in pleasure! None of the girls had cum that hard before as far as I could tell.
After a few moments of this her pussy muscles started to relax a bit, so I pulled out and pumped back inside her. This seemed to trigger another orgasm, or perhaps her last one hadn’t finished yet, because she again clamped her legs around me, pushed her hips against mine, and her muscles clamped down on my hard cock as she moaned loudly.
“Oh, fuck! Baby, I’m cumming hard!” she cried out loud.
I dimly heard one of the other girls cry out in orgasm, but I was too involved in what I was doing to tell which.
I could feel Maricela's orgasm start to subside, so I pumped her again, and it started all over again.
“Oh, baby! It feels sooo good!” whimpered Maricela.
“Better than the vibrator, huh?” asked Lisa.
“Oh, fuck yes!” said Maricela, as she continued to cum.
This continued for several minutes until Maricela finally collapsed on the floor, and I could continue fucking her for real.
After about a minute of pumping her small pussy full of my hard cock I could feel her start to cum again. Her latest orgasm wasn’t as strong as the last one, but her pussy muscles tightened enough to massage my cock. That was too much for me and I came with her, filling that wonderful, tight, wet pussy of hers with the largest load of jizz I have ever shot. It felt like I was shooting it all in one long spurt inside her as we screamed out and tore at each other. I couldn’t imagine there was enough room inside her for more than a little of my cum, and some did leak out around my hard member and coated our pubic areas.
After cumming, we lay on the carpet for a few minutes, breathing hard and slowly moving together, more out of inertia then anything else. Maricela looked like she had run a marathon, and lay on her back with her mane of hair spread around her head and shoulders, tears running down her cheeks from the effort of cumming so strongly, and her body shining from our mixed sweat.
After catching our breath, we both started laughing. It must have been from the exertion, or perhaps just the humor of making so much noise. I kissed her again and pulled my softening cock out of her perfect pussy so I could collapse next to her.

This is the second to last chapter of Educating Goldilocks. Expect the final chapter, the lead-in to the book Extra Credit, sometime in the next few days.
To celebrate the publication of my first erotic books on Amazon's Kindle, I decided to publish the first of them, Educating Goldilocks, for free here on Pixie's Place!
This novel is based on my earlier Goldilocks Saga stories posted here, but is heavily rewritten.
I've published Educating Goldilocks, Extra Credit, Tired, and Waking Sleeping Beauty to Amazon, Smashwords, and several other sites. Waking Sleeping Beauty is available for free exclusively on Pixie's Place. You can find updates to the publication history, and upcoming titles on my blog at
If you find this, or any other stories of mine interesting, please feel free to look up my books at all of the major online retailers, and review them!

-Gars Méchant (NastyGuy)

I just published two new books in a new series: They Said: The Dare, and They Said: The Missing File, and I have six other ebooks available for purchase at most major online retailers! For more information, go to or "friend" me at Facebook!
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Chapter 17: Extra Credit

As we caught our breath, we both looked around the living room. Lisa and Goldilocks were no longer paying any attention to us. They were too caught up in what they were doing. I could now tell that it was Goldilocks who had cum first from the masturbation-a-thon that she and Lisa had been enjoying on the couch, and she was kneeling between Lisa’s legs, using the vibrator and her tongue on Lisa’s pussy.
I found a cushion to prop up Maricela's head, and I shared it with her as we watched them for a while. The show they were putting on was working on me since I was starting to get hard again. Maricela put her hand around by growing erection, and kept it warm.
Goldilocks was using a technique on Lisa where she would just leave the vibrator completely inside her pussy, vibrating away, and lick Lisa’s inner thighs and outer labia. I could tell Lisa was really enjoying this by the vacant look on her face and the occasional moans she let out. She had no idea that Maricela and I were there by this point. I’m not sure if Maricela was getting bored or turned on by the other two girls, but she decided to distract me by going down on my while I watched the other girls.
Lisa finally moved her hand down and started idly flicking a finger over her clit as Goldilocks kept licking her around the buzzing vibrator as one would lick a melting popsicle around the stick. Goldilocks was rubbing her own pussy as she continued to shower Lisa’s pussy with little licks. After a few minutes, Goldilocks removed Lisa’s hand and started pumping the vibrator into her pussy as she licked Lisa’s clit directly. This was enough to push Lisa over the edge, and she came in a rousing cry of ecstasy.
Maricela's sucking on me got me ready for more action. She decided it was time for me to move on and took her mouth off of my member. She whispered in my ear and pointed at Goldilocks’ ass, so I got behind Goldilocks before she was finished licking Lisa as Maricela moved Goldilocks’ hand from her pussy and placed the head of my cock at her opening. It felt good to be push my cock back inside her pussy again. I gripped her hips and started giving her the long-dong treatment, fucking her hard from behind.
After just a few strokes Goldilocks pulled her head away from Lisa’s pussy and said, “Ummm, stop. I want to try it in a different position.”
I pulled out and said, “Just tell me how.”
Lisa made a sound of protest when Goldilocks pulled her head away from her pussy, but Maricela took Goldilocks’ place.
“Okay,” Goldilocks said, “Me on top,” and she pushed me onto my back on the carpet.
She straddled me, guided my cock right to her pussy and sat right down on me, her hands on my shoulders as I held her tits. She sat there for a moment, just savoring the feeling of me being inside her, and then she started moving up and down on my hard cock. She was on the tips of her toes, bouncing on my engorged member, and I was enjoying the feeling of her pussy slipping over my cock. This was too difficult for her to continue for very long, and she finally changed to a kneeling position over me. She kept on humping me, back and forth for a few minutes when she had her first orgasm on me. I felt her pussy squeezing my shaft for a bit as she squealed her pleasure, and then she collapsed on top of me.
“Wow,” she said. “That felt great.”
“Yeah, but I’m not through,” I replied.
Goldilocks looked at me hopefully, and said, “You’re not?”
“Nope, I haven’t given you a load of hot jizz yet, have I?” I asked.
“I couldn’t tell,” she replied.
“Well, trust me, you’d know if I came in you,” I said.
“Cool. So what’s next?” Goldilocks asked.
“Well,” I said, “let’s try another position. I’d like to be on top.”
“Cool! You can do the work this time,” she replied.
I rolled us over so she was underneath me and started pumping in and out of her slowly at first, and I spent some time kissing her on the lips and licking her neck. However, I was starting to get a little annoyed. Goldilocks was just kind of, well, laying there, not responding to what I was doing except by the occasional little moan when she particularly liked something. I finally stopped doing anything but fucking her hard.
Maricela must have seen what was happening, because I suddenly heard her forcefully say, “Stop!” I bottomed out in Goldilocks, and stayed there. She opened her eyes in surprise, and we both looked at Maricela.
“Can’t you see you’re frustrating him?” asked Maricela of Goldilocks.
“What?” asked Goldilocks?
“You’re just lying there like you’re asleep!” Maricela exclaimed. “He can’t tell you’re enjoying it!”
“Why can’t he tell? I’m wet and my eyes are closed, aren’t they?” asked Goldilocks.
“It takes more than that. You have your arms out to the sides, gripping the carpet. Don’t do that. There are better things to grip than the carpet,” explained Maricela.
“It sounds like you know what you’re talking about,” commented Lisa. “You learn that tonight just from fucking him?”
“No,” Maricela replied. “My sister and I used to talk about things.”
“You and your sister talk about sex?” I asked.
“Yes, Lupe, my Sister. I wanted to know what it was like to be married, and Lupe told me about it,” Maricela elaborated. “Back when we were talking,” she added quietly.
I didn’t think it was the most opportune moment to elaborate on her family history, considering I had my cock all the way to the hilt in another woman’s pussy. I let the subject drop.
“So, what’s the point?” asked Goldilocks.
“Fuck him back. Enjoy it. Make him think that he’s really being fucked by you, and that you love to feel his hard cock deep inside your pussy,” Maricela said with emphasis. She lay down next to us with her legs spread wide to our view. Then she said: “Now, push your pussy against him, okay?” and demonstrated herself.
“Like this?” Goldilocks asked, and she pushed her crotch against mine and started circling her hips.
“Um, yeah. Just like that,” I said, and I thrust into her again.
“Yes, now start working in a rhythm. Keep pushing your hips at him,” Maricela said, and started flicking an idle finger around her pussy lips.
“Be sure to look directly into his eyes,” Maricela added, and both of them looked at me.
Lisa was just lying on the couch, looking at the three of us.
I stared right into Goldilocks’ eyes as she fucked back at me, meeting my thrusts.
“Don’t forget to grip his cock with your pussy muscles,” added Maricela.
“Like this?” asked Goldilocks as she gripped my cock hard.
“Yeah, just like that,” I said.
“Keep fucking him like there’s no tomorrow. It feels good to have his hard cock pumping into your wet pussy, doesn’t it?” Maricela asked Goldilocks in a low, husky voice.
“Yes,” Goldilocks groaned.
“You want to feel him shoot his hot cum into you, don’t you? You want to feel him filling you with his white cum?” Maricela asked as she worked away at her own pussy with her fingers.
“Yes, I want to feel you cum in me,” Goldilocks said.
Hearing these two ladies was really getting to me, and I was getting the impression that Goldilocks wasn’t pushing back to meet my thrusts for my pleasure alone. She was getting close to another climax as she wrapped her legs around me.
“Do you feel his cock filling you?” asked Maricela.
“Yes, I feel him, he’s deep inside me,” Goldilocks replied.
“Does it feel good to have his hard cock pushing inside you?” questioned Maricela.
“ feels good...oh God! I’m cumming!” screamed out Goldilocks as she arched her back and pushed her hips up at me. She threw her arms around me and was gripping me like a drowning woman as she came.
“Oh, God, baby! Me too!” Maricela moaned loudly at the same time, and with Goldilocks’ pussy milking my cock and Maricela's dirty talk, I couldn’t hold back. I pushed once more into Goldilocks’ wet pussy, and unloaded my cum deep inside her. I was spurting until I finally collapsed on her.
I could feel her gripping my cock with her muscles a few times, and she giggled a bit. I realized she was playing with me, using muscles she hadn’t used before, so I throbbed my cock inside her a few times. We went back and forth a few more times, her gripping me, me throbbing inside her, before I lost enough of my hard-on that I had to pull out and off of her.
“Damn,” said Goldilocks, and she kissed me deeply. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Thanks Rob, and thanks Mari. How am I going to repay you?”
Maricela looked at Goldilocks with a wicked grin, and said: “Hmm, I’m sure we can think of a way...” before reaching over to give Goldilocks a deep kiss.
I rolled onto my side to watch the two of them for a while. Maricela kissed Goldilocks down her body before licking my cum from her pussy. The sight of Maricela's dark hair against Goldilocks’ blond bush was exciting, as were the slurping sounds coming from between Goldilocks’ legs.
“Do you feel like a warm down?” asked Lisa in a husky voice, suddenly beside me and looking lustily into my eyes.
“Yes, but let’s take it slow. We’ll let the other two do the work. Besides, this might end up being more of a warm-up,” I said as I rolled onto my back so Lisa could get to my cock.
“That sounds great to me,” Lisa said, and placed her head on my stomach, using it as a pillow.
Maricela lifted her head up for a moment, and she said: “Oh Rob, your cum tastes so good coming from Goldilocks’ pussy. I like to lick it up as it drips out.”
“Then why don’t you get back to licking it! It feels really good!” said Goldilocks.
Maricela gave me a wicked grin and slowly licked her lips before going back between Goldie’s legs.
Lisa laughed, and started taking the head of my cock between her lips and giving it a couple of slow licks. She was using her hand to milk the length, but all of this was going very slowly.
Maricela was running her hands over Goldilocks’ trim body as she licked her out, running them over her tummy, and up to her breasts where she would tweak Goldilocks’ nipples before kneading her breasts. Maricela's skin was much darker than Goldilocks, and the sight of her dark hands on Goldilocks’ light breasts was exciting me further. It was obvious that she was really going down on Goldie with gusto from the sounds she was making, and from the moans that were escaping from Goldilocks as well.
Lisa was playing with my now fully hard cock as she watched the two women going at it. She seemed to enjoy the view of the lusty ladies over my cock as she slowly sucked me.
Maricela was getting really turned on by the sounds Goldilocks was making, as well as the smell of pussy, and she climbed on top of Goldilocks, so they could lick each other out.
Lisa was getting wrapped up in what the other two women were doing, and was mostly just giving me a lazy hand-job. When Goldilocks squealed out her climax, Lisa lifted her head and looked at me. “That really got to me. Feel how wet I am?” and placed my hand right on her pussy.
“Sopping,” I replied.
“Ready for another go at it?” she invited.
“Sounds good to me,” I said. “How do you want it?”
“Well, let’s just watch them for a while. I’ll lay down on my side, and you can get in behind me.”
“Spooning? Sounds like fun,” I said as she lay down next to me, so we could watch Maricela and Goldilocks.
Goldilocks had gotten Maricela onto her back now, and was lying between the dark girls’ legs. Goldilocks seemed to have liked what Maricela had done to her earlier, and was trying to emulate her, with the same massaging motions of her hands. After a few minutes, Maricela took her hands and showed Goldilocks how to tweak her nipples as she liked it. Goldilocks started pulling Mari’s nipples out quite a distance, so much that it looked like it hurt.
By this time I had gotten in behind Lisa, and I placed my arm around her, and she guided my cock to her pussy. This was going to be fun. I slowly pushed my cock into her, and I heard her moan a bit.
“God, that feels good,” I heard Lisa say. She turned facing me and said, “This is going to be great! A fuck and a show! What else can I ask for?”
“Maybe this?” I said, and I started teasing her clit with my hand.
“Ohh, that’s nice,” she replied, and giggled a bit as I pumped her a couple of times. Then she turned back to look at Maricela and Goldilocks.
We continued to slowly fuck while watching the other two until Maricela loudly came again, almost tearing Goldilocks’ hair out.
Lisa turned around to face me, and said: “I’m ready for a bit more now. How about Doggy Style again?”
“That sounds good to me,” I replied, and pulled out of her to let her get up.
After Lisa got on her hands and knees, I got into a position behind her so I could line my hard cock up with her wet pussy.
Lisa reached for my cock from between her legs and guided it to her opening, and I slowly reentered her. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry, and neither was I, so we started fucking at a slow, steady pace.
Lisa was doing a good job of pushing back at me as I thrust into her, and I finally leaned forward on top of her, enjoying the feeling of her body pressed against mine. She was warm, soft, and had a slight sheen of sweat covering her body.
After a while, I stopped paying attention to what Maricela and Goldilocks were doing and concentrated on slowly fucking Lisa, the steady pounding of my cock into her pussy, and her responses as she moaned and pushed back to meet my thrusts.
After a few minutes of this, I felt a hand caress my balls. I hadn’t felt Lisa move, so I knew it wasn’t her. I looked around to see Maricela fondling my balls while Goldilocks inched under Lisa to suck on her tits. I could hear Lisa moan with approval as Goldie started licking her nipples.
I continued to saw into Lisa as Maricela started licking my balls. This was fabulous! We managed to keep this up for only a few more minutes before I heard Lisa breathing faster.
“Oh, God!” Lisa said. “I’m really cumming! Don’t stop! God, God, God!”
I could feel her pussy muscles clamp down around my cock, and that was enough to make me start pumping hard into her. I started cumming and it felt like I was shooting a gallon into her wet pussy. This made Maricela stop licking my balls, but that wasn’t a problem. I was still cumming as hard as I had all night.
After my cock stopped pulsating inside her pussy, Lisa reared up while keeping my slackening cock inside her.
“God, that does feel better than a vibrator,” she said, and turned her face to the side to kiss me.
“I totally agree with that!” Goldilocks chimed in.
“Mmm hmm!” Maricella grunted in agreement.
As I looked around at the four of us, I said: “Considering everything, I think all three of you have done great. You all graduate with honors!”
“Yay!” Maricela said in a muffled voice from under Goldilocks.
“You can stop now, Mari,” Goldilocks replied. “It’s a bit too much!”
“Omygod! Is it really nine-thirty?” Lisa asked.
We all looked at the clock. I kissed her shoulder and said: “Looks like it.”
“I have to be home soon!” she said.
“Oops! Me too!” Goldilocks added.
“Why don’t you girls quickly get into the shower? I can take care of this mess,” I said.
Lisa and Goldilocks ran upstairs, and I heard them jump into the shower. I looked at Maricela.
“My sister doesn’t care what time I get home,” she explained with a mysterious smile. She waltzed into the kitchen, ass wiggling the whole way, and started cleaning dishes as I cleared the tables.
Lisa and Goldilocks ran back downstairs, fully dressed. I stopped cleaning up and met them just before they got to the front door.
“Bye!” Lisa said to me as she kissed me and ran out.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can!” Goldilocks whispered in my ear before leaving.
“Don't forget to come back!” I called after them, and closed the door.
“We all will,” Maricela said from behind me. “Come back.”
I turned around to see the pretty little Latina standing there, nude, washing dishes.
“Are you sure?” I asked her.
“After tonight? Yes, I'm sure.”
“Good,” I said. “I hope I don't hurt their grades by distracting them.”
“Distraction? Maybe. Or maybe they’ll be able to concentrate better now,” she said with her mysterious smile as I sat down the last of the dishes.
“Not so horny?”
“Maybe. Maybe just horny enough,” she said musically as I picked up their vibrators and lube. I looked at the vibrators, and wished that I had labeled everything.
“Hope I get all of this right,” I said as I put everything together.
“You usually do,” I heard her say from right behind me.
I turned around to see her standing there, still nude, still beautiful.
“Shower time?” she suggested, smiling.
I put my arms around her. “Just a shower? That sounds…good.”
“Maybe something more to tide me over for a few days?”
“‘A few days?’ Sounds like you’re leaving.”
“My sister doesn’t have a curfew for me, but she does expect me home,” she explained. “And I have to be able to get the kids to school in the mornings.”
“Will you be back?”
“For ‘extra credit?’ Of course!”
We had the rest of the summer for that, I thought. Could I keep up with the three of them? Would I mind trying?
She slipped out of my arms and walked toward the stairs, looking over her shoulder at me. “Coming?” she asked.
I smiled at the double-entendre, and ran after her.

This may be the last chapter of Educating Goldilocks, but their story doesn't end here! Their story continues in the ebook Extra Credit!
This novel is based on my earlier Goldilocks Saga stories posted here, but is heavily rewritten. I published this ebook here for free, along with Waking Sleeping Beauty to celebrate the online publication of my first four books. I like you guys. You've given me positive feedback in the past, and a lot of you have read my stories and enjoyed them. That's why I'm posting these two here for free. In fact, Pixie's is the only place you can read Waking Sleeping Beauty for free.
I really hope you've enjoyed these stories!
I've published Educating Goldilocks, Extra Credit, Tired, and Waking Sleeping Beauty to Amazon, Smashwords, and several other sites. You can find updates to the publication history, and upcoming titles on my blog at
If you find this, or any other stories of mine interesting, please feel free to look up my books at all of the major online retailers, and review them!
I'm very grateful to everyone who has stuck with this story, and everyone who has read any of my stories, or offered feedback. Thank you all so much! I wouldn't have stuck with it if it hadn't been for you!

-Gars Méchant (NastyGuy)

I just published two new books in a new series: They Said: The Dare, and They Said: The Missing File, and I have six other ebooks available for purchase at most major online retailers! For more information, go to or "friend" me at Facebook!
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