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The learning curve (2)

So we left it like that – till the next night. I masturbated myself after I got back into bed. Just couldn’t get those images of Chuck’s cock from my mind, his shooting his liquid all over his chest.

I think the following night I was horny long before I got to bed. We lay in the darkness for a bit.

“Say Chuck, hope you haven’t started to play with yourself yet? Tell you what I want! I want to come over and play with you again, then I’ll show you what I do, and then I want to see you perform again – if you can.”

I thought he’d agree without any argument.

I slipped from my bed over to his.

“Push down the covers, then,” I said.

“Not until I see under your panties.”


I pulled aside the lacy pink panties I had on so he could see my slit. He reached for me but I backed off.

“Hey, let me see.”

“Yup. That’s all you’re doing just now. Later you can touch. But look, you can see it’s all wet just like you were last night.” It was true: I could feel that I was very wet with anticipation.

I covered up, moved forward and pulled the covers off Chuck. He was completely naked this time and his penis was erect just like last night. I was enthralled at seeing it again.

“You haven’t touched it have you to get it like this?”

“Nah. It grows on its own.”

I pushed Chuck’s legs apart and sat down between them. I sat cross-legged so he could look at my panties, probably damp. I wanted a really good view of his equipment especially when I started to play with it and I was prepared now to be more provocative by sitting cross-legged.

He had his hands behind his head, lying against the pillows so he could watch – and intervene if necessary. My intention was just to feel and squeeze his cock and balls, and watch. I was just fascinated by it all! Not having seen any of this till the night before it was new, an education which I needed to exploit.

So I did just that. My hand gripped his tool, moved it around, held his balls, weighed them but they were rather tight, pulled the small hairs on them – which make him squawk – and then I encircled his cock with my hand. Having noted yesterday the clear liquid appear on the head I squeezed upwards gently – and there it was again! This time I smeared it around the tip and felt it between my fingers: quite slippery, but it dried quickly. Presumably more would be forthcoming if I repeated the action.

All this was for me: I hardly noticed what Chuck’s expression was.

“How’s it feel to have me feeling you? Good?”

“Oh yes – but it’s time for you to take me in hand.”

Needing no further invitation my fingers took each ball and very gently I played with them for a few moments while I enjoyed their texture and shape. One hand moved to hold Chuck’s penis, this time high up just to see what gave. Not much movement there, too tight.

Chuck: “I’m feeling quite close to cumming already after all this fiddling. When I do this time do not let go, but keep on wanking till all the juice has come out. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

I slid my grip down and recommenced the motion: up and down, up and down, but, again experimenting, I did it much more slowly than previously. I had leaned forward, up quite close to his cock. Chuck began to shift his legs beside me, moaned and then he spurted, white cum juice jetting from the tip across his stomach. Not being so surprised this time I kept up the motion as the juice snaked out of his cock, making lines across his stomach and one or two even reaching up to his nipples. The spurts subsided but I continued working his cock even to the point of squeezing it to get out all the spunk. He pushed my hand away.

While cleaning away the juice Chuck said:

“That was real good. It’s my turn to see you now and what you do.”

I moved away to my own bed, lay down on my back.

“I want to see all of you, so top off.”

Wearing only the T-shirt there wasn’t much to remove, and Chuck helped with my panties. So there I was to be “inspected” and watched in detail by the only person to have done this in my young life.

Chuck was still naked as he sat on my bed, his penis having shrunk but somehow I did not feel it was back to normal size. I reckoned it may have still been a bit swollen.

“Is it all right if I feel your titties?” he asked, his hands moving towards them. I nodded and his hands closed over them, squeezing, then feeling the nipples, then pulling at them. Sparks ran through me and I could sense the nipples hardening under his touch. He ran his fingers over the nipples now standing out. It felt good!

My legs were together, my little bush being all he could see at the moment but I knew I was wet through after the excitement of making him cum. He looked down, put a hand on my mound, stroked me and I opened my legs.

“Watch. This is what I do,” I said. My hand pushed through my own hair and down to my slit, the middle finger sliding towards my clit. Chuck was mesmerised, gazing at my most intimate parts. I stroked around my clit, feeling the juice I had secreted: totally wet, almost running. Chuck touched me, feeling gently as my finger circled around my clit, then pushed down into my cunt slightly, then back up to circle the clit and rub it. My breathing was becoming laboured because it wasn’t going to take me long to cum: I was so worked up already. I pulled Chuck’s fingers onto my clit and moved them around so he could feel the action he needed to bring me off. As I worked my hand on top of his fingers I could feel I was going to lose control.

“Do it like this,” I gasped, rubbing his fingers against me. “I’m going to cum…….” We continued for what I suppose was short time more before I arched my back, pushing myself against our hands as I felt myself totally losing control as my orgasm exploded over me. I stopped the rubbing, just pulsed in ecstasy and letting it all wash over me and held his fingers against me as gradually I returned to a more normal state.

“That was quite something. I think I need more tuition and practice,” Chuck said.

“Yeah, it was good. Boy, did I need that!” I answered. I looked between Chuck’s legs and, to my amazement, saw that his penis was hard again, just as a few moments before he came.

“You obviously found that quite exciting,” I said feeling his erect penis. No doubt about it: quite hard! “How often do you do this?” I wanted to know.

“Mmmm, let’s see, probably 4 or 5 times a week. And you?”

“Oh, I’ll do it, maybe, once in a while. But do you ever do it more than once in a day?”

“No.” After a pause, thinking, he said: “Yeah, once or twice I’ve done it at night and then again the next morning.”

While talking I had reached for his penis, just to feel it again. “Well, can I see if you can cum again, now? Can you do it, show me completely how you play with yourself.” I moved my fingers up and down his shaft a couple of times and let go. I liked the feel of it!

“OK, if you want me to.”

“I do, I do!”

So saying, he leaned right back on my bed, grasped his hard cock in his hand and started to wank. He held it in the middle I noticed – what he’d told me to do – and he wanked it quite aggressively! I thought it was a delicate thing so I’d been quite careful. Also his hand moved up and down rather fast and his balls jumped up and down beneath his cock. I couldn’t resist touching them and caressing them while he massaged his penis.

“Is this going to take long?” I asked.

“Dunno! Haven’t done this before, so quick after the last time.”

His hand was fairly flying up and down; no variation on the theme. Was he having trouble making himself come? Would, or could, he come at all so soon after the last coming? Perhaps he needed more time to recover even though he was very hard.

Anyway, he carried on – and on – and on! He even changed hands! I caressed his balls again which were tight in their sac. I pulled gently at the hairs on the sac and – I don’t know if this made a difference – but Chuck was murmuring: “I’m coming, I’m going to come!”

His legs writhed a bit I noticed but my eyes were glued to the end of his cock! He came, not in the great long spurts as last time, but in rather modest pulses: the cum flowed out in what seemed to me quite feeble pulses, more oozing and spilling out of his cock onto his stomach, but the intensity of his orgasm seemed to be more if told by the gasping sounds that escaped his lips. I watched as his hand slowed with his coming and when he stopped wanking his cock no more cum came from it. I touched his balls which already were beginning to relax but he pushed my hand away. He did not seem to want me to touch him.

“Well, you managed it! You’ve come again, twice in a short time. I liked to watch.”

“Yeah, that was new – and good, but it’s better when you do it,” Chuck said.

“I’ve an idea,” I said. “I want to see you again doing this but we’ll be in our own rooms from tonight, but we’ll get together again next week-end, somehow. Don’t play with yourself till we next can do it together, say on Saturday night, and I’ll do it for you and then I can get to watch and feel too.”

“Yeah, sounds good, but I don’t know if I can last till next Saturday without a wank.”

“Well, you’ll just have to! I will! You’ve said it’s better if I do it so you don’t do it! OK?”

He nodded.
She makes hungry where most she satisfies
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