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Old 08-25-2012, 09:27 PM
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My Submissive Mom

My Submissive Mom
by Cjack 2012

I had many Uncles as I was growing up, some would come see Mom for a few hours, others a few days, weeks or months. Some would bring gifts for Mom and one gave Mom a new car. He stayed with us for quite awhile. Most of my uncles were white but a few were Negros.
I was my Moms only child and didn't know who my Father was until later in life. Mom was a 18 year old unmarried girl when I was born and has taken good care of me without any help from friends or relatives. I often wondered how she managed it.
Sometimes Mom would get me a sitter and leave with one of the white men for the day or night. Other times she would take them into her bedroom to TALK. At times I could hear Mom in there moaning or screaming. At first it scared me but she was never hurt when she would come out.
I remember one Negro Uncle Jed that would spank her every time he came, he would tell her she was a bad girl for being so naughty for him. I couldn't understand then why she was always so anxious for him to come.
As I got older and into high school I became a Jock and the girls started coming around. Mom and I could always talk with each other about anything and soon she was encouraging me to start dating some of them. Mon said she wanted me to learn what a woman wants and desires and to always give her the best sex I could.
Over the years I had seen Mom in her Bar and Panties but I had never seen her completely nude. She was a beautiful sexy lady and I hoped some day I could see the total beauty she really was. Mom was a Dark Brunette with creamy white skin and big Boobs. She kept herself in good shape and she had a nice Bubble Butt. I'' bet every time Uncle Jed spanked her he would leave her ass real bright red. What I didn't know then was he would leave her cunt full of his Cum. This was way back when White Girls didn't fuck Negros, but Mom did.
My first job after High School was in a woodworking shop and I made Mom a real nice Mirror Frame. I surprised her with it and hung it in her bedroom. She liked it very much. What she didn't know was it was two-way and I could see into her room from my room on the other side. I arranged my furniture so I could lay on my bed and watch her while jacking off.
That night I saw her totally nude for the first time. It was late that night when Uncle Jed came and they went to her room to talk so I hurried to my room. Mom was naked and on her knees beside the bed with her body laying over it. Uncle Jed was also nude and man did he ever have a Cock on him. He was behind her spanking Mom with his big bare hand and telling her how nasty she was for fucking him. With every swat Mom would flinch but take his slap. Her nice ass was soon bright red and doing this made his Cock grow and get hard then he gave it to Mom doggy style. It really surprised me Mom could take all his black meat deep into her cunt. When he cum Mom went wild with a big Orgasm of her own. I had stroked myself with an orgasm of my own. When he had finished he dressed and left some money on the dresser as he left her with his juice dripping from her body. That is when I realised two things, first I was now a man with a cock almost as big as his and second, I wanted to fuck her too.
That night I laid awake for a long time fighting with myself as to wrather I should or not. I knew she loved me because she had been a Whore to raise me. I also knew she was Submissive to Uncle Jed and hoped she would be for me.
Over the years Mom encouraged me to go after any Girl I wanted and taught me tips how to get in their panties. What Mom may mot have known was she was teaching me how to get in her panties and fuck her. I started making plans to do just that!

It was summer and we were sitting at the table making plans for me to attend Collage. Mom was excited because Uncle Jed was coming that night and she hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks. She was afraid he was spending more time with his wife. Mom looked good tho because two of my white Uncles had come by last night.
She was so beautiful and sexy as she sit there in a thin T-shirt that showed her big hard nipples through the material. By now I had seen Jed and others nibble on them many times. She didn't know it yet but today was going to be my turn.
She excused herself to go to the bathroom and as she walked away I wondered if she would give her cute sexy ass to me? If she lets me fuck her should I cum in her? Everyone else does.
After she returned I got up and got us some Beers. After reaching over her to set them down I took a nipple in each hand and rolled it between my fingers. "Should you be doing that", she asked as she looked up into my eyes. My answer was,"You let all my Uncles do it why not me"?
"Because I'm your Mother", she said as she pulled herself away. At that moment the phone rung. It was uncle Jed telling he wouldn't be there til real late.
"Good that will give us plenty of time" I said as I pulled her to me deep tongue kissing her.
After a few seconds she stood up turning into my arms while she continued kissing me. I dropped my hand to her sweet tight ass and rubbed it then I slid my hands into her shorts and cupped her bare cheeks.
"We shouldn't be doing this, I'm still your Mother"
"You shouldn't be fucking Negros either but you are and I want to fuck you Mom, Oh I want you bad".
"Many other men want me too and most get me".
"Can I be one of the many"?
She just smiled as she took my hand and led me to her room.

I was scared, I had never been with an older woman much less my Mother. She must have sensed it because she pushed me into the bed and sit down beside me.
"So you want to fuck me,"She said she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, " Let's see what you have to offer me" gulp "Dam you are a man". Then she lowered her mouth to it and kissed the Head. Slowly I pushed her head down until most of my shaft was in her mouth. I had broke the ice and she had submitted to my first desire. I worked her shirt over her head exposing her nice full tits. They were nicer than what I had seen in the mirror. I pulled her to me and ran my tongue around her pert nipples.
I remembered the things she told me girls like and figured that was also her desires. That afternoon I found I was right about all of them. She was submissive to me in every way.
We didn't realize how late it was getting and that Jed would be there soon. she didn't want to miss him because he was the best Tipper of all my Uncles.
I told her we would do it again and she said, "We'll see".I pulled her over my lap and swatted her Butt a couple of times before she said "OK, I'll come to your room after he leaves". I knew she was commiting herself to be my Slut Mother.
I didn't watch them, instead I took a nap. It was after midnight when she slipped into bed beside me. "Dam that man knows how to fuck me"
I Reached for her well used pussy and she warned me it may be a little dirty. She said she took a shower but may have not got all his juice out of herself. Then she cuddled in my arms and asked if she could tell me a story? I said sure.
"When you were 4 years old you and I both lost our Father and you lost your Grandpa. On my 18th birthday my Dad fucked me and made me pregnant with you. We fucked everyday up until 2 weeks before you were born and started again after as soon as possible. He started Pimping me out to all your Uncles which lasted until he died. It turned out to be a good living for us so I have kept it going. Now I'm addicted to the sex and the men I let fuck me.
Jed would be my Husband if he wasn't already married to some other Bitch and it wasn't for that black man white girl Taboo. I really do love him".
"I'm Grandpa's Son"?
"Yes he was a good man and a great lover. I think you were conceived the first time he fucked me. He told Mom and the next day she took me to the Doctor and put me on birth control pills but it was to late. Nine months later you were born."
"Will you tell me how it happened", I asked as I started fingering her hot swollen wet pussy.
"It was in April, I had turned 18 in January and was graduating from high school in May. I wanted a car and I was always Daddies Girl so one night he was in the basement sitting at his work beach. I went up to him and sit on his lap. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Anyway I had my shorty PJs on and didn't think about it. I had done this before and nothing happened.
Putting my arms around his neck in my little kids voice I asked him to buy me a car for Graduation. He said to give him a good kiss and he would think about it. I did but it didn't stop there. He kissed me back with a deep tongue kiss that lasted a couple of minutes. At the same time his hand went under my top and cupped my breast. He told me to move over to the couch so he could think better. I knew I shouldn't but it would be alright as he was my Dad and he wouldn't do much. As I sit beside him he asked questions about the car I wanted and as he did I felt him put his hand in my thigh. The next thing he did was pull my loose PJ leg aside and rubbed his fingers over my pussy lips. The next thing I remember he was laying beside me and still playing with me while we kissed. Then it happened, I felt some pressure pushing in between my pussy lips and I knew he was trying to enter me.
I could do one of two things, push him out and away or let him in and probably get the car. I didn't think twice before making up my mind. I moved my butt a little and opened my legs for Dad to fuck me, anyway by now I wanted him as bad as he wanted me.
This was my first time and I had heard and seen pictures of Virgins getting stuck the first time but I had very little pain or blood.
He was so filling and it felt so good the way he kept trying to get deeper and deeper into me. I remember helpinhg him get everything he wanted. When he cum in me it was the first time I thought about what could happen. It was already to late to worry about so we fucked for two hours.
After using me for an hour for his pleasure he spanked me because I let him Cum in me. He said it was my fault because I made him do it but I got the car.
He taught me everything I know about sex and there isn't a thing I didn't do for him. Mom wasn't to happy with us, not that we were fucking but that I was having his baby. He was Master of our house and many times he would fuck mom and I the same night but never at the same time.
After you were born we started again when you were about 3 months old. That is when he started pimping me out so I could learn how to support you and myself".

I could tell Mom was tired and sleepy so I told her to just lay and sleep.
I am usually up by 7 am but it was almost 10 before I opened my eyes. She was still laying there and as beautiful and sexy as ever. Looking close I saw her bald pussy was showing some stubble's and her pussy lips was still swollen but what could you expect after almost 12 hours of fucking. I wondered if she had any appointments today?
I leaned over and lightly kissed her lips. She smiled and said, "I suppose you want to fuck again", without waking up.
I knew she was still tired while I was sitting at the table reading the paper when she walked in. It was after 1 pm and she was just waking up.
"What you looking at the Want Ads for"?
"Job hunting".
"Why don't you do like your Dad did, Pimp me out, I could handle 3 or 4 more men a day".
"So you think, now that .we are fucking you aren't going to have so much spare time". I reached over picking her up and sit her on the table in front of me telling her dinner is served. For the first time I buried my face in her dirty cunt and started eating. As I did I seriously thought about Pimping Mom out.
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