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Old 01-10-2013, 04:32 PM
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I didn't know she was like this!!!!!!

After a hard day at work I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying a nice hot bath to ease my aching muscles! When I got home and enter my house my girlfriend was home, she had a coffee made for me and a bath run. I wondered what was going on, she said go have a bath and I will be up in a minute, I got in the bath for about 30 minutes then I heard the door open and my girlfriend entered wearing a see thought pink babydoll which barley covered her 34DD breast that where straining the material to the limit and her slim sexy body peaking though the gap up the middle, I caught a glimpse of her little tie up thong as she walked towards me. She said are you ready to get out now? I jumped up quickly and grabbed my towel and went into the bedroom, I was in shock because we always had a great sex life but I was normally me that initiated sex. I sat on the bed with a towel wrapped around my waist my body still dripping wet, she straddle my lap and ran her hand over my naked wet body, and started to kiss me passionately both of us running our hands over each others bodies. She pushed me back so I was lying down on the bed and took my towel from around my waist and pushed my hands up above my heard and told me to keep them there, which I did and she kissed all down my body kisses and nibbling my nipples and over my abs then down to my now throbbing cock, I look down and as she was kissing up the inside of my thighs and teasing my balls, she worked her way up my shaft and licked all it, I could see it glistening in the light, she then gently kissed the tip of my cock and slowly started to open her mouth and let it slide in, I was in heaven watching her slide my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, she worked her way down until she has nearly all my 8 inches in her mouth and down her throat I had never seen my cock look so big! She looked up and me and let my cock fall from her mouth and started to kiss her way back up towards my face and kissed me passionately again! She slid her body all the way up mine till she straddled my face and let me get a glimpse of her wet pussy, the glorious odour of a horny woman is unmistakeable, she slowly eased her pussy towards my mouth and untied her little thong, she slid it off and place her pussy directly over my mouth and let me lick her clit and slide my tongue between the lips of her lovely tight pussy, she ground her pussy down onto my face and my hands wondered up her body to her boobs and I rubbed them though the material of her babydoll. She finally removed her babydoll so I could look up and see the sexy lines of her body and tease her nipples with my fingers, as she rode my face she learned forward and before I knew it I heard and crunching sound and she had handcuffed my wrist together, I didn’t know she had any handcuffs and I was in shock, she got another set of handcuffs from the bedside table and cuffed my hands to the bed head board, It was so horny her taking control like this!!!!! I lay completely helpess at her mercy and she stood up and said she would be back in a minute. She went downstairs and I heard her make a phone call, my cock was still throbbing and being this helpless was such a turn on, I didn’t know she had a kinky side after all I have been with her for 3 years.
I heard her unlock the front door then head up the stairs to come back and see how I was, she said she had a surprise for me this made my cock throb even more, my mind was working overtime maybe a threesome! She knew I was wanted one and I knew she was bisexual and had a few girlfriends before we got together, she reached into the bedside table and pulled out a scarf and proceeded to tie it around my eyes. I heard a knock on the door and she shouted come in and come upstairs, as we where both ready, I heard the foot steps up the stairs and then entering the bedroom, my girlfriend said hello and the stranger said hi back, I heard the voice and I recognised it, I was trying to think who it was, I heard them kiss and the stranger said I see you have got him all ready for our fun night! She said yes and then left the room the and went downstairs the stranger then ran her cold hands all over my body but avoiding touching my cock but gently squeezing my balls,I heard the door lock and my girlfriend Jo come back upstairs and speak to the stranger, my mind was working overtime trying to figure out who the voice was. Jo and the stranger where talking about the fun they are going to have with me and asked if my balls where full of cum, Jo asked if I would like to know who the stranger was and if I had figured out who it was, I said no! Jo told the stranger to get undressed I think she helped her, I heard them kissing and the clothes hitting the floor, she said where have you told your husband you have gone tonight, AHH a little clue I only knew 5 married couples so I narrowed it down, Jo told the stranger to take advantage of me which she did, they kissed me then said right time for you to earn your surprise, I got the unmistakable odour of a woman’s wet pussy, as she lowered herself down and worked her pussy onto my face, my tongue darting in and out of her lips, and slowly licking her clit, she was rocking backwards and forwards on my face and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, I felt her legs tighten around my head and her breathing increased she was ready to cum she screamed out loud! I loved the taste of this strangers cum which was now dripping down my face, she stood up and I felt her hands around my cock squeezing it glently, Jo said did u enjoy that? The stranger said oh yes, he is very good with his tongue, it looks like he is ready for some fun shall we take the blindfold off now and let him see what his surprise is? Jo said yes I think he earned it now, they sat either side of me and when they removed my blindfold I was shocked to see alyssa there, she was a girl I went to school with and had known ever since seeing her regularly both on my own and with Jo, plus I have done a lot of work on her house for her, I had always fancied her while at school and even more so when she really developed into a woman, she was half Tunisian and half English, she had lovely dark hair and a lovely colour skin, she has really nice firm boobs about a 34D I would guess and a really nice hour glass figure on her, They told me they had been planning this for a few months after going out together and them talking about their sex lives with me and with allys husband. Jo always knew I wanted a threesome and ally said she had always wanted to try being with a woman and Jo has always liked her and said she was really gorgeous, and they have had a few sessions together. I was so so excited I was ready to cum, and they both laughed at me as my cock was pulsing with excitement they looked down and it and said shall we let him cum now? I shouted yes, please let me cum, they looked at each other and smiled, ally put her hand on my cock and jo moved down to my balls and licked and gently sucked them into her mouth, ally then placed her mouth around the tip of my cock and worked me expertly to the edge then squeezed and stop me cumming, Jo just laugh as she could see the discomfort I was in, I was in heaven having another girls mouth around my cock and watching them, Jo said to ally let him cum as she worked my cock with her hand and licked the tip of my cock with her tongue my balls tightened and my cock pulsing just as I was going to shoot ally and Jo both stopped touching me I screamed and said NO NO keepy going!!!! But my load shot up into the air all over my chest and a few dibbles just slowly worked there way out! Ally and Jo smiled at each other and said welcome to the world of ruined orgasm, it was a strange sensation having this done to me, my cock was still hard and they loved the fact they had complete control of me, Ally reached into her bag and pulled what looked like a makeup bag, she opened it up and let Jo see inside of it they both started to grin before showing me what was in there! I was in shock, there where all kind of sex toys and gadgets in there little viabrators up to rampant rabbits, she pulled out a little boxes and what looked like a condom wrapper, she opened it and showed me a vibrating cock ring one small one and one which was bigger, they took the bigger one and pulled it over my cock and stretched it over and underneath my balls and turned on the vibrations it was a really nice sensation, they placed the smaller tighter ring just over the throbbing head of my cock and turned it one, I had never had this experience before and thought viabrators where just for womens use over the next few hours I was in for a surprise, as the cock rings slowly did there work on my cock they uncuffed me from the head board and pushed me into the chair, and cuffed my hands to the legs. Jo sat on my lap and kissed me, and kissed down my neck and said we got a show for you, ally came to join us and they stood either side of my and they kissed each other right in front of my face it was so horny watch this up close as the tongues darting into each others mouths. Ally said don’t worry you will get your fun later oh and if you cum you will be in a world of hurt and Jo agreed she said she had a score to settle with me anyway, see a few months before I tied Jo up and had my way with her with a little bullet viabrator she liked that one and I made her cum quite a few times, she told me to stop she couldn’t take anymore but I kept going and must of made her cum about 15 times, her clit was throbbing and was so sensitive, I teased and licked it many times after and she said I would pay but afterward she didn’t do anything so I thought she was joking, I think I might be in trouble now!!
As Ally and Jo lay on the bed, Jo on top they where kissing and touching all over each other bodies and Jo started working her way down Ally’s body kissing and touching every inch of it till she reached Ally’s glistening pussy, she just touched the top of Ally’s clit and she let out a little moan, Jo started to build the up speed and pressure on her clit and slipped 2 fingers in her tight pussy it was long till she came and Jo lapped it all up, Jo pulled her fingers out of Ally’s pussy and bought them over to me and let me suck the juice off her fingers, she reached down and turned the speed up on the cock rings and grabbed the bag of toys and joined ally on the bed, they where all over each other when ally lay Jo down on her back and dived head first into Jo’s pussy, Jo started to guide ally on how she liked it and ally took it all on board and it was long before Jo was working her way towards an orgasm, her moaning got louder and louder she wrapped her legs around her head and held it in tight until her orgasm had subsided. Jo reached into the bag and pulled out the rabbit toy and handed it to ally, ally turned it on slow at first and slowly worked it into Jo’s wet pussy, she let out a loud moan as it slipped between her lips she got the ears right onto Jo’s clit and worked them all over it as jo’s orgasm ripped though her all turn and smiled and said don’t u wish u could do this to her instead of being tied up over there?? I was so begging to let me play but the more I begged the more they just smiled and laughed, Jo came over to me and grabbed my cock, I was nearly ready to shoot another load she squeezed hard and said don’t you dare cum, she turned the tighter cock ring around so the viabrating part was on the underneath of the head of my cock with my fore skin pulled back it was so pleasurable but also agony as I wasn’t aloud to cum yet! Ally lay on the bed right in front of me and started working a dildo in and out of her pussy, she was only about 2 feet away from me, Jo positioned herself next to her and started tonging her clit, it was long before ally was close to cumming again, she was screaming loud and body shaking, at that time I accidently got to excited and a thick shot of cum came out and landed near ally on the bed. I looked at them they both had disappointed looks on there face, I knew I was in trouble now, they both approached me and uncuffed my hands from the chair and pushed me back onto the bed and recuffed me to the bed again I was in complete agony as the cock rings still working and viabrating on my sensitive tip and my balls. Jo moved the tighter cock ring to the bottom of my cock which was now going down, Ally said there fun was with me was just about to begin, Ally grabbed my cock and started to pump it up and down trying to make me hard again, she started to kiss me and whispered dirty things into my ears while Jo positioned herself between Ally’s legs and started to lick her clit and finger her, ally kept saying she had dreamed about fucking me and I wasn’t going to ruin her dream and be a let down was i?? After a few mins Ally’s was moaning and about to cum again, she screamed and bit my chest as she came, my cock was now growing again and pointing right up ally placed her mouth around my cock and started working they tongue around the sensitive tip and lightly blowing onto it, she then got into position and slowly lowered herself down onto my cock so just the tip of it was nestled between her lips before slowly starting to bounce up and down on they the very top before dropping down taking the whole thing inside her, she rode away bouncing up and down and rocking backwards and forwards, Jo grabber a little vibe and held it on her clit, I felt her pussy tighting around my cock and I was ready to come again ally and jo knew this, Jo grabbed my balls and the base of my cock and squeezed hard to stop me, after my orgasm had subsided ally carried on fucking me, she was riding me for about 30 mins and her cum was running all over my cock and balls, she came 3 times and her legs where tired, ally got off my cock and Jo grabbed it and put it in her mouth, and licked all the juices up before slowly working her way down on to my cock, ally came up towards my face and sat over it, I eagerly licked her pussy and licked up all her cum juices she tasted amazing and as I licked away she started to roughly ride my face as another orgasm built up for her jo was screaming on my cock, I was so close to cumming that they took pity on me and said ok time for you to cum, they uncuffed my hand from the bed but kept both wrist locked together, they got on there knees in front of me, ally started to suck my cock with her expert mouth and it was long until my balls tighten and another hot load was pulsing out into ally’s mouth this time, she sucked it all out and kept going to get evry drop out of me, she then kissed jo and shared my cum with her, they both swallowed it, I was loving this, I thought it was over but oh my was I wrong………………………………..

To Be continued!!!!!!!
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