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A New Start, He has gone Black

Charlie Cooper has had a long week at work and Is at his favorite bar Cho Cho Joe's. He is greeted by his favorite Bartender Bantin, he Is a tall and lanky Black man who talks very well. Bantin looks at Charles and says Mr. Cooper, keys please. Charlie says hello Bantin and please call me Charlie I'm off work now and here are my keys. Bantin says Charlie are you over her yet? Charlie looks at Bantin, shakes head and yeah, almost. Charlie Is still smarting over how his ex girlfriend Rhonda Carr and his best friend Warren LaRue we having an affair and he caught them unexpectingly having sex In his bedroom. On his bed. Charlie tell Bantin give me a tall draft, Bantin says hmm not the hard stuff tonight Charlie, he says almost over I, they both smile but don't worry Bantin I will take the Uber home. Good, very good sir. Bantin!!! Charlie.
Charlie was sitting down and three beautiful Black girls walk In and they happen to sit next to Charlie. After they seat themselves Charlie offers to by them a drink all three accepted his offer, the girl closest to Charlie says thank you and Introduces herself as Antonia Shafer And shakes his his hand, Charlie Introduces himself to Antonia I'm Charles Cooper but my friends call me Charlie. Antonia says well Charlie Cooper Hello, they as she points to her friends call me Toni. Oh by the way this is Ericka Cane seated next to me Ericka says hello and next to Ericka is Jerricka Jones. Jerricka says hello Charlie. So Toni says thanks again for the drink Charlie says your welcome now Charlie Cooper what do you do? Charlie smiles and says I work for the parent company that runs this Bar and restaurant.
Toni says In what capacity? Charlie smiles and says I'm an accountant. Toni says whoa you play with numbers. Yeah say Charlie. Toni, what do you and your friend do? We all work as executive secretaries. Wow says Charlie, do your bosses treat you ladies well. Yes they sure do.
So Toni starts asking Charlie what brings him In tonight? Her friends start saying watch Charlie she is on the prowl. Charlie looks at Toni and says what's up? My dumbass boyfriend broke up with me. Charlie says WHY!!! You are one hot looking chic. Your right dumbass he is, Toni says thank you. The dumbass In question and her friends you can say that again, Toni says he wants a dumb and stupid girl who will do as he says. Oh one of those. A real pig? Toni says yeah. Then Toni says so Charlie what's your story? Her friends chime In yeah Charlie, Bantin get them another drink on me he shakes yes. Girls say thank you again, now Charlie Cooper says Toni, Charlie looks at Toni, Charlie Is trying to regain his composure, Bantin says Boss want another one Charlie shakes his head no. Toni looks at Charlie's eyes and she sees hurt, deep hurt as well as her friends. Charlie Cooper, you can tell me and then with a tear coming out of his left eye as Toni wipes It away Charlie says I caught my girlfriend and my best friend at that time in having sex In our apartment. Toni, Ericka and Jerricka look at Charlie and they are in shock. Toni hugs Charlie Immediately, have they apologized? Charlie says no, they haven't. Not even the best friend? Not even him. Last I heard they were living together. Toni says those motherfuckers.
Well Charlie Cooper get your another drink, Charlie smiles Bantin another pint, please ok Mr. Cooper, ok Bantin you know the rules, Bantin looks at Toni and mouths to I love fucking with him. Toni laughs and so do her friends. Toni and Charlie start talking more in depth with eachother as Charlie buys them another rounds and finally something to eat. Finally after talking Toni and Charlie start playing with hands and fingers and Jerricka says what are you two doing? Toni says hey you two girls have husbands to go home to. And yeah I know I wil
Fuck the shit out mine says Jerricka, I love my Chinaman. Charlie says she Is married to an Asian Toni says yeah and Ericka says my hubby Is coming tomorrow he is a pilot. Charlie says ok. Then Charlie takes Toni's hand and kisses It and Toni looks at Charlie smiling and the kisses him on his cheek. Charlie Is on his way to forgetting his ex and best friend Bantin was thinking. Then Charlie takes out a small pocket and craves out Toni n Charlie ? Toni looks at him and says Charlie Cooper let's take a walk around this place, Charlie says ok and holds his arm out for Toni to grab. They walk around talking about what they like and dislike until finally they walk upon this waitress station and Charlie and Toni face eachother and Charlie kisses her fully on Toni's lips. And what a kiss It was and then they kissed again. And then Charlie hugs Toni real tight and then he says your are beautiful woman, you mean Black woman? No says Charlie, your beautiful doesn't matter If your black, white, red, purple or chartuse. Toni looks at Charlie kisses him and then she says we just started something here we need to finish this. Toni then says let's go back to my place not to far from here. Charlie says let tell Bantin He will get ahold of Uber for us. Toni and Charlie say by to her friends as they smile at them and get Into an Uber vehicle and head off to Toni's place.
Toni and Charlie go Inside her Place and Immediately start kissing and groping eachother they take their clothes off and look at eachother and marvel at themselves. Charlie looks at Toni's massive tits and grabs them and squeezes them bringing a moan from Toni, then she grabs his cock and Is stroking It and Charlie says ohh god that feels great. Toni says who have you fucked lately Charlie Cooper? Only a pretty blonde In my dreams, ah jerking off I see. Charlie says what about you? Toni responds by say Bob. Charlie say who is that? Toni responds by saying battery operated boyfriend. Vibrator huh. Yeah as they kiss eachother the Toni pushes Charlie on to her bed and Immediately starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. Charlie start breathing real heavily and says Toni that feels real good she says glad you like it and Charlie gets Toni on her back and he starts eating her pussy sucking her pussy lips which drives her crazy and then she says my ex never did this as she Is squirming. Then Charlie is now sucking her clit and Toni Is like oh god damn I'm gonna cum Charlie COOPER!!!
And then Charlie shoves three fingers up smooth pussy and then Toni says Ohh ffuck I'm cuming I'm cuming as she shakes and shutters. Breathing hard and heavy Toni says give me a minute! And then after that minute true to her word Toni says Charlie Cooper on your back, he does that and she hopes on his cock and she is riding that dick like she has been fucked, Charlie grab her tits and pinches her nipples which drives Toni Insane especially when her tits are played with. Then Charlie switches positions and Is spoon fucking her then switches to her to doggy style which she loves the most. She tells In real squeaky fuck me harder, harder. And then Charlie gets her on her back and proceeds to fuck her very hard with Toni telling him come on my White Stallion pound your Black Goddess's PUSSY!!!! Toni says after oohh god!!! As Charlie pounds her pussy good and hard. Then Toni sensing that Charlie is almost ready to cum says Charlie on your back again he does and Toni mounts reverse Cowgirl and rides Charlie's cock and then she says Stallion In a heavy slap my ass and he does. Charlie smacks her ass several times with Toni saying oh baby, baby baby and then Charlie says you like that my Black Goddess. Oh FUCK Yeah!!! And then Toni gets off his cock turns around remounts his In a more convention Cowgirl style and Is riding Charlie like no tomorrow with her breathing hard along with Charlie and she is moving her pussy up and down the shaft of his cock real fast and Charlie Is about to blow, Toni says come on Charlie cum for me baby, and then Charlie says TONI!!!! And Toni gets off his cock and starts jerking him while she Is rubbing her clit and In a few second They both cum at the same time, OH TONIII I'm cuming ahhhh Toni says OH MY God!!!! ME TOO AAAAHHH FUCK!!! And then she collapses on Charlie's chest, both are breathing real hard and they share a kiss, a rather long kiss and Charlie says your greatness, Toni says no your greatness. And they both smile at eachother and hug some more.
So they are lying together playing with their hands and Toni says well Chatlie Cooper, as he looks her how do you like Black Girls now? Charlie is smiling and says I love them Toni says oh ok. Then she gets a serious look on her face Charlie sees this and says Toni, as he puts a finger to her lips sshh kisses her cheek and says I want more than a one stand with you, I want more than friends with benefits situation. Toni starts smiling and then Charlie says I want to start dating you, boyfriend/girlfriend. Toni smiling at him says thank you thank you and Thank you as she hugs him real tight and kisses him real soulfully and after that Charlie says tomorrow how I take you To Spoony's and then to a beach just south of Laguna. Toni's eyes light up and says YES!!!! Oh by the way Charlie Cooper we can share the "mess" Charlie is laughing and we will that is too much food. Then after that they both lay In bed and Toni has her hand on his cock and balls massaging them, Toni says Charlie Cooper who was your girlfriend? Charlie says I don't know I have forgotten. Toni smiles as she plays with his cock and balls.
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