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Old 07-25-2005, 11:05 AM
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Camping with my Daughter

After my wife died eight years ago due to compications during surgery, I, Mark Silverman, was left to raise our daughter, Heather, alone. I made Heather my whole world, giving her everything she needed and wanted. To my surprise, and that of several others, Heather did not turn out spoiled. In fact, once she became a teenager, it became harder and harder to spoil her. She always says, "Daddy, I have you, a nice home, and friends. That's all I need." But there is one thing that she did allow me to continue doing, even though she was a teenager. Every since Heather's third birhtday, my wife and I had took her camping for a week to celebrate the occassion. Every year, we would go to a different spot to camp. Even after the death of her mother, it was Heather who wanted to keep up this tradition. My wife died two months before Heather's tenth birthday. When I suggested to Heather that we not go that year, she said, "Mom would have wanted us to keep up the tradition." I knew she was right and for fifteen years now, we've never missed a year. Like I said, Heather was three when this tradition started and now, fifteen years later, the two of us are planning our yearly week long camping trip. This year, we are celebrating her eighteenth birthday.

Heather and I arrived at the campsite and immediately started setting everything up. "Oh crap," I heard her say as she worked on setting up our tents. "What is it, baby doll," I asked. (Baby doll was a nick name that her mother gave her. After her mother's death, Heather asked that I continued calling her that.) "You can't use this tent, dad," she disgustedly said. "It has a huge rip in it and there is no way of repairing it." "Well tomorrow we can go back into town and get a new one. I can sleep under the stars tonight," I said. Looking at me, she protested, "But town is fifty miles away and we made sure that we had plenty of supplies so that we wouldn't have to go back. Besides, my tent is big enough for five. Why don't we just share it?" "If you don't mind, I don't either," I said smiling at her. I had never thought of Heather as anything more than my little girl so, why was the thought of getting to sleep in the same tent as her turning me on. "She's you daugher," I told myself. That night, however, would prove differently.

As I said, I've been a widow for ten years and I made Heather my whole world. The women I work with are always going on about how handsome I am and that I should be dating. I did date a few times once Heather became a teenager but, it felt uncomfrotable to me being out with someone other than my late wife. I'm now forty years old, short brown hair and blue eyes, and stand around six foot tall. My wife had always enjoyed my thick, seven inches so, I knew that, if I did get lucky on a date, I could satify the woman.

I woke up around one in the morning needing to use the bathroom. I stepped out of the tent into the bright moonlight and went to do my business. As I crawled back into the tent, I saw Heather's sleeping body in the moonlight. For a few minutes, I looked at her. Like me, Heather has blue eyes and brown hair (although her hair hangs half way down her back) and stands a few inches shorter than me at five foot five. She had on a skimpy two piece sleeping outfit that showed her midriff. Heather was laying on her side and from the angle that I was in as I crawled back into the tent, I was able to see her beautiful breasts. Seeing her bra next to me, I picked it up and was able to make out the size on it; 28C. "MMM, " I thought, "she's the same size her mother was." I jumped as Heather rolled from her side onto her back, raising her hands above her head, and spreading her legs as she did. I could clearly see the patch of brown hair above her shaved pussy. Oh, damn was she ever beautiful. I could feel my cock coming alive.

Before I knew what was happening, I found myself laying next to Heather, staring at her. Carefully, I raised up her skimpy night shirt to reveal her perfect tits to me. I found myself lightly touching them, wanting more. Leaning down, I licked her left nipple causing my dick to harden. Heather gave a low moan as I did. Her moaning encouraged me and again I wanted more. I carefully lifted the top of her skimpy night shorts and placed my hand down them to her soft love hole. I light pressed on her clit and rubbed. Heather again gave a low moan. I still had to have more. I once again bent down to her left tit, this time sucking as I kept a steady rhythm on her clit. I could feel my little girl slightly squirming in her sleep. I placed a finger inside of her and felt how hot and wet she was. This only made me want more.

Pulling down my night shorts, I pushed aside the crouch of hers and placed the tip of my hard cock to my little girl's pussy and pushed. Heather moaned as I entered her. This again encouraged me and I gave another push. Again she moaned. I knew that she was asleep and that this was wrong but, I pushed one last time and felt myself slip all the way in. Laying down on her I slowly pushed in and out of her. As I did, my little girl woke up. "MMM Daddy is that you," she asked. "Yes," I said. "What are you doing," she whispered in my ear. "What does it feel like daddy is doing," I asked her. Wrapping her legs around my waist she answered, "It feels like your fucking your little girl, daddy." "Do you want me to stop, baby doll," I asked as I continued to slowly fuck my daughter. "Don't stop, daddy," she said. "I want you to keep fucking me."

My pace increased now that she was awake. It turned me on more now that she was awake and wanted me to keep fucking her. For several minutes, I laid on top of her, slowly doing my daughter. Pulling out of her, I turned her over and pulled her hips up to me. Looking over her shoulder at me, my little girl said, "Fuck me daddy. Fuck me rough." I did just as she asked. I rammed my cock into her and fuck the shit out of my little girl's pussy. Heather moaned as bucked as I did. "Cum in me daddy," she begged. "Fill your little girl with your sperm." It didn't take me long to shoot a load into my daughter's pussy. Still in her, I bent down and held her. "MMM Daddy," she moaned. "Oh, damn, baby doll," I said, "I never knew fucking my own daugther would feel this good." "And just think, daddy" she said, "you have a whole week to do nothing but fuck me."
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Old 07-26-2005, 03:53 PM
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Camping with my Daughter-Day 2

The sexual activity that Heather and I enjoyed during the night had wore both of us out and we slept in until almost ten. After eating a bite, we took off for a brief hike. We hiked for nearly a hour before stopping under a huge tree to rest. Heather leaned her back up against it. Standing next to her, I leaned up against the tree with my right arm. "Did you enjoy last night," I asked my little girl. Smiling up at me she said, "Yeah I did. We haven't talked about it all morning so, I was beginning to think that I had dreamt it." Running my fingers through her long brown hair, I asked, "Do you want to do it again tonight?" Standing up and hugging me tightly she said, "MMM Daddy, I defianately would. Why don't we head on back and see if we can't catch some fish for supper tonight?" Heather and I headed back and spent the rest of the day catching our limit of trout.

As day turned into night, we finished supper and then sat down on a long before the roaring fire. I had watched her all day, longing for night to get here so that I could once again feel my dick inside my daughter's pussy. Not wanting another minute to go by, I wrapped my arm around Heather and held her tight to me. "I love you baby doll," I whispered in her ear. "I want to make love to you now. I want to fell myself in you." Heather snuggled closer to me and whispered back, "Me too daddy. Me too."

Once inside the tent, I didn't take either one of us long to undress. I watched as my daughter laid down on her back and spread her legs wide for me. I could feel my cock getting hard as I looked over her body. Heather's left hand moved down between her legs and rubbed her clit while her right one rubbed over her tits. "MMM Daddy," she cooed, "make love to your little girl." I laid between her legs and spread her beautiful pink pussy lips apart. My tongue slowly licked up her clit as I watched her squirm. "MMM Daddy," she moaned. Her hands ran through my hair as I continued to lick her. "MMM Baby doll," I said, "cum for daddy." I lovingly sucked at her swollen clit before sticking my toungue in to my daughter's cunt; feeling her orgaism as I did. "Oh yeah, baby doll," I said, sitting up on my knees.

Heather crawled over to me and took my thick, seven inches into her mouth and began to suck. I watched as my daughter's head moved up and down on my shaft. Placing my hand on the back of her head and holding onto her hair, I slowly fuck her wet mouth. Heather moaned with pleasure as I did. "MMM," I moaned, "you like having daddy's cock in your mouth, don't you?" I rocked my hips a little faster as she moaned. "Oh, daddy likes your mouth. Daddy loves his little girl. Do you want daddy to show you how much he loves you?" She gave a muffeled "um hum" and I released the hold I had on her hair.

Heather laid back down on her back and I laid myself on top of my daughter. "Show me how much you love me, daddy. Make love to me. Make love to your little girl. Make me cum for you, daddy." Pressing my mouth to hers, we kissed; our tongues intertwined around each others. My passion and desire for my daughter grew stronger. I pushed myself into her as we continued to kiss. Her pussy so wet, warm, and inviting. We both moaned as our mouths pulled apart from each other. "MMM Baby doll," I moaned as I rocked my hips in her. "You feel so good wrapped around daddy's cock." I slowly made love to her, taking in her every essence; the way her hair smelled, the way her eyes sparkled with delight, and the way she smiled as she moaned from the pleasure that my dick was giving her.

I pulled out of her and smiled as she straddle my dick. I fondled her breasts as she rode me; lightly piching and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers. "Oh fuck yeah, daddy," she screamed as I did. Her rythem increased and she was now literally bouncing as she rode me. "That's it, baby doll," I encouraged her. "Ride daddy." I let her ride me like this for several minutes before stopping her. "MMM," I said pulling out of her, "Daddy wants to cum in you."

Both laying on our right sides, I raised her left leg up a little and slid myself back in. I pounded away at Heather's pussy as she screamed "Yes" over and over again. I felt myself release in of her, giving a few short slow strokes so that my daugher's pussy drained me of every drop. Still in her, I held her tight to me. "MMM Daddy," she said, "I hope that every time we are together will always be this good." "So do I baby doll," I said. "So do I." We fell asleep just like that. I knew that tomorrow would bring a new day and another chance to fuck my little girl.
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