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Our Blue Lagoon

Our Blue Lagoon
Part 1 – The Swimming Hole

(This story is pure fantasy and not based on any actual event ... hope you enjoy.)

It was a wonderfully warm fall morning and even more wonderful because I was home from college and had the day free to just relax. I found myself looking out the window seeing leaves of gold and red floating gently to the ground, carried by a gentle breeze.

“Morning, sleepy head.”

Mindy’s soft voice sounded almost like music. I turned around and saw her at my door. I hadn’t really noticed before just how lovely a young lady my younger sister had become. At eighteen, she was no longer just my little sister. That was more than evident as I caught myself staring at her pretty nylon gown gracing what seemed to be a near perfect form. The gown wasn’t sheer, but soft and draped gracefully over her curves.

“Hi, Mindy. I was just looking outside at the day. Looks pretty terrific, if you ask me.”

“It is, isn’t it? Wanna go for a walk down to the pond where we used to swim as kids?”

“Great day for it,” I replied.

“I’ll hurry and get dressed,” she said. “See you downstairs in a few minutes.”

“Sounds good.”

As Mindy left, I grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and my sneakers. Nothing fancy. Might as well be comfortable. Then, I went across the hall and quickly showered and got ready.

When I got downstairs, Mindy was waiting.

“Where are our folks?“ I asked absent mindedly.

“They took off for the day,” Mindy replied. “They had some shopping to do and then they were going to stop at mom’s sisters house to see how she was doing. They didn‘t expect to home until later this evening.”

“That’s cool,” I said.

Mindy looked fantastic. She was in some white shorts that really looked sexy on her with a loose fitting white sweatshirt on that simply added to her charm. She’d fixed us each a cup of coffee to drink as we walked and within a couple of minutes we were out the door.

“Whatcha‘ got?” I asked when she picked up a small wicker basket off the porch.

“Packed us a little picnic lunch for later.”

“Boy, you’re ahead of the game today,” I chuckled. “You’ve been busy.”

“I just thought that with us away at school, we don’t get much time to spend together anymore, so I’d just help make it a day.”

“Great idea, sis. Here, I’ll carry the basket.” I reached over and took it from her as we stepped off the porch and began the walk.

The weather was as nice as it had looked from my window. The sky was blue with little puffs of white clouds lazily drifting through the sea of air. We were lucky. We lived in the country where the folks had a few acres of land that alternated between some open grassland and some nicely wooded areas. At the far end was the pond, itself surrounded by gentle woodlands. It really wasn’t that far to the pond as the crow flies, but dad had intentionally made the path wind back and forth to add length. There was a short cut, but we seldom used it as it took the fun out of the walk.

As we walked, we found ourselves sharing about school and how everything was going there. She was studying to become a art teacher and I was majoring in business administration. We talked about the campus’ and all the things we were involved in.

“In some ways,” Mindy shared, “I wish we were going to the same school. I miss not getting to see you, Billy.”

“Me, too.” I answered. Then, I grinned and added, “But, probably just as well. I’d hate to feel jealous of all the young guys you meet and go out with.”

Mindy smiled back, “And I’d feel terrible telling all the young gals that you had to have them in early.”

We laughed.

We’d finished our coffee and slipped the cups into the basket. Now, with one hand free, Mindy took my hand in hers as we walked along. “You know, bro, you’ve been my best buddy for a long time now.”

“And you’ve been mine, sis.”

She squeezed my had.

I added, “If you don’t think it sounds too goofy of me to say so, you look terrific, Mindy.”

“Thanks, Billy, that means a lot to me.”

I suddenly stopped, “Shhhh. Look over there.”

Near a rise in the land, a doe and her fawn were gracing peacefully. They were far enough away that we hadn’t startled them.

“They look beautiful, don’t they, Billy?”

“They sure do.”

As I said that, the stag joined the two. He was taller and had a beautiful set of antlers on his head.

“That must be her stud,” Mindy said with a soft chuckle.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “we know what they’ve been doing for recreation.”

We continued our walk. Since we were veering slightly away from the deer, they didn’t show much reaction to our movements and we parted in peace.

“You know, bro. Scenes like that are so idyllic, aren’t they.”

“They sure are,” I said still captivated by the picture of deer lingering in my mind. “They sure are.”

“I know it sounds silly, but I sometimes fantasize living a life like that. Out in nature, away from others. I’ve thought about that ever since we watched that movie, Blue Lagoon” together.

“Not silly at all, I think the same way, sis.”

“Well, that’ll be our fantasy for today,” Mindy said. “We’re on our way to OUR Blue Lagoon.”

I laughed. “I was going to say, ‘But we’re brother and sister,‘ but then I remembered that they were too!”

We were walking though a small clutch of birch trees listening to the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet as we reminisced about the movie, Blue Lagoon, and the kids growing up together. Mindy put her arm around my waist and we kind of bumped hips together as we walked.

The birds were singing in the trees when the woods opened up and our pond was revealed shimmering in the sunlight.

“At least I don’t have to out swim any sharks,” I joked.

Mindy laughed.

We sat down on a log just a few yards from the water and watched the little ripples stirred up by the breeze.

“Looks inviting,” doesn’t it?” Mindy asked.

“Yeah, it sure does.”

“What do you say we go swimming?”

“You want to go swimming?” I replied.

“Yeah, sounds cool.”

“But we don’t have suits.”

“That’s okay,” Mindy said, “we’re at our Blue Lagoon, aren’t we?”

I hadn’t even answered her when she suddenly kicked off her shoes and pulled the sweatshirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts looked like two lovely melons accented with two perfectly pink tips. “Ummmm,” she muttered, “this feels delicious!” She stretched out her arms and turned to let the soft breeze dance over her bare skin. “Hurry up, Billy, I don’t want to go in alone.” With that, she slipped the shorts down over her hips and let them fall in a soft pile at her feet.

I stood up and kicked off my shoes. Then, I started to pull my t-shirt over my head. As I did so, my ornery sister reached over and grabbed my shorts and pulled them straight down. “You’re far too slow, brother!” she said giggling as she started towards the pond.

“Hey!” I said in my surprise. I caught up and reached around her from behind and started to tickle her. Pretty soon we were both wrestling and tickling and laughing ourselves silly.

“Let’s get wet,” she said as she pushed me backwards and broke away to make a dash for the water. “Last one in is a monkey’s uncle!”

“You rascal,” I said as I chased after her.

It only took a few quick strides and we were quickly immersed in the cool waters. “Oh, Billy, this is fabulous.”

“It is, it feels wonderful,” I replied.

We swam around for a bit enjoying the sensation of water on our nude bodies. Then, we approached each other. “Carry me around a bit,” Mindy said. Like you used to do sometimes when I was still small.”

She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her into my arms. “It feels so good to be here with you, Billy. Your skin feels so nice to me.” Mindy put her head on my shoulder.

“You feel good to me, too, sis. Your skin is so smooth, and so soft, and so very beautiful.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Oh, yeah, I really do. I love how your breasts look. The nipples are so proud and perky. Some day when you’re married, they’re going to get a lot of attention from your hubby.” I smiled and Mindy smiled back.

“I’m glad you like them. I was hoping you would.”

“And, I couldn’t help but noticed how neat you’ve kept yourself so neatly trimmed. You look very, very sexy, sis.”

After a short pause, Mindy went on. “I like how you look, too, Billy.”

“What do you mean, Mindy?” surprised a bit by her comment.

“I like love how your shoulders and chest look and feel and how flat you tummy is. And, I love how your butt looks … very sexy, too. And …”, she hesitated, “… and, well, I really like how your cock looks.” She looked deeply into my eyes and I felt her arms tighten around my neck.

My face leaned forward, “Mindy …”

My sentence didn’t finish. She leaned forward and we kissed. The kiss lingered and I felt my cock responding. After a couple of minutes, Mindy looked up and said, “Why don’t we get out of the water now? I have a blanket in the basket, let’s just sit on it for a bit.”

I carried Mindy to the shore and over to the basket. She reached in and grabbed a couple of towels and a blanket that she spread on the grassy shore. We embraced again and kissed each other once more. This time our hands roamed over each other’s backs and down to our bottoms. Mindy sat down and I started to join her. “Wait a second, Billy. Can I just look at you for a minute.”

“I guess so, sis. If you really want to.”

“Come closer.”

I stepped over closer and Mindy started to rub her hands on my legs and thighs. She had me turn and she reached up and touched and caressed my buttocks and back. “I’ll have to bring my sketch pad next time and have you be my model, won’t I? Would you model for me?”

“You know I would for you, sis. I’d do just about anything for you.”

“Hmmmm, of course,” she added as she turned me back towards her and noticed my now rigid cock, “I’d probably have to do something about that.” She smiled and reached up and took my cock in her hand. “It feels so firm and warm, bro. Does it feel good … my touching it.”

Hardly able to speak, I nodded that it did. “Mindy, your hand feels wonderful.”

“When you play with yourself, what do you do,” Mindy asked.

“I guess mainly I just rub it back and forth.”

“Like this,” she said, her hands wrapped around my penis sliding up and down the length of the shaft.

“Yeah .. like … ah … that.”

“What are you thinking about when you rub it?” Her questions were serious. She was really trying to reach inside me and feel or understand what I was feeling.

“I guess most of the time I’m thinking about being with a lovely girl … a girl like you.”

“Do you think of me?”

“I guess I have, sis. Many times I have. I think of you rubbing it and sometimes kissing it.”

“Kissing it? Is that something you’d like?”

“It is, but I’m afraid I’m getting close and it might happen.”

“Mmmmm. Really?’ Mindy leaned forward and let her lip rub against the tip of my cock which was now dripping with pre-cum. “It seems very excited, Billy. I think it likes me.”

“I know it likes you, Mindy. I know it does.”

Her lips parted and she slid them over the head of my penis. Her tongue started exploring the head of it and finally began to tickle the underside. That together with her hand movements was driving me crazy. One of her hands had reached around me and was squeezing my buttocks. It was too much.

“I’m going to cum, Mindy, I’m going to cum!”

I hardly had time to finish saying that when the first spasms erupted sending a stream of hot man cream into her mouth. She held me tight to her as she continued to milk it for each follow-on shot. As my orgasm subsided, I dropped to my knees and leaned forward and kissed Mindy. The taste of my sperm was still present as my tongue reached inside her mouth and we held each other tightly together. Slowly my body began to return to normal. “Mindy, that was wonderful. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Billy. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time and today just seemed like the perfect time.”

“Can I make love to you, now?”

“Should we eat first, then you’ll be recovered and we can take some more time for fun then.”

“I could munch on you, sis.” My hand touched her leg and tickled the inner thigh a little.

“Are you sure you don’t want lunch first,” she chuckled.

“Maybe today I’ll have the dessert, first.” I smiled back.

I leaned her back onto the blanket. My hands began to massage her shoulders and gently rub her breasts. Her eyes closed. I leaned down and began to trace her features with my lips. Her eyebrows, her nose and mouth. Then her neck and her ear lobes. Her breathing became heavier as my tongue teased her ears and my lips nibbled on the lobes. My right hand gently caressed her breasts, My fingers toyed with her nipples that were now were erect and firm. I leaned lower and took them between my lips and gently sucked and teased them.

“Oh, Billy, that feels so nice.”

My right hand now began to trace light circles on her tummy gradually moving lower until the soft bristles of her pubic hair teased them in return. My mouth moved lower, and, as it did so, I felt her legs spread apart for me. The beautiful sweet aroma of her womanhood greeted me and my cock rose with renewed excitement. I let my tongue glide along the folds of her outer lips tracing the path from front to rear. My hands rubbed her legs with infinite gentleness and her legs parted even more in return. The beautiful folds of her labia fascinated me and I could see she was, herself, becoming damp. Her dampness welcomed my tongue as it now explored the crack more deeply. Gently thrusting and licking and circling her button of pleasure. Her hips were raising up to greet me now.

I kept up the circular motion with my tongue but interspersed it with soft lip motions that pulled into my mouth her clitoris, sucking on it like it was a small penis. Her pelvis ground into my face and her hands reached down and held my head to her. Audible moans of pleasure escaped her lips. “Oh, God, Billy … I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

Her legs clamped around my head and held me still as she attempted to regain some control of her feelings. “Oh, that felt so good. That was so good.”

Relaxing her legs, I turned and again we kissed. This time it was Mindy who got to taste the sweetness of our love.

“We really ought to go ahead and eat, Billy. Then we can spend some more time together.”

“Okay, sis. But I doubt anything will taste as good as you.”

Our Blue Lagoon
Part 2

I was amazed. Mindy had packed some fried chicken, cole slaw, potato salad and chips for us to eat. It really was a picnic lunch. And then, she took out two glasses and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. That’s quite a lunch.”

Mindy smiled. “I figured we might need our strength.”

What a sensation. Warm sunshine, a wonderful lunch, and my sister and sitting there naked enjoying each other and our surroundings. We gave each other a toast for the wonder of the day and the time we’d shared so far. “Sis, everything was perfect.”

“Thanks bro, and,” a big grin came over her, “I loved the dessert before lunch idea.”

“What do you want to do now, Mindy?”

“How about I lay down and you give my back a good rub down?”

“Sounds good to me. Least I can do after that wonderful lunch.”

Mindy stretched out on the blanket and I too a minute to admire her form from behind. “You really are gorgeous, sis.”

“Thanks, Billy.”

I started giving Mindy her rubdown. I rubbed her shoulders and back, kneeding them with my fingers and squeezing her soft pliable skin. I’d alternate that with a light rapid slaps with the edge of my hands. Must have been acceptable. Her soft moans indicated she was truly enjoying the sensations.

Gradually, I worked my way south to the small of her back and her hips. Then those beautiful round buttocks. “How about your legs, sis? Want them done, too?” A low moan indicated her approval and I started giving each leg long stretching strokes to relax and sooth them. I wrapped both hands around each leg and slid them up and down . On the up-stroke, the hand on the inner side of her leg tended to brush against the warm mostness of her treasure. Each time she squirmed. After several minutes of rubbing and massaging, I leaned down and planted warm kisses on her derriere. She squirmed as my fingers softly traced the folds of skin protecting the entrance to her vagina while my tongue traced it’s way along the crack dividing her posterior. Touching her rosebud caused a her to push back with her body and to raise her buttocks higher into the air. Her moans were more pronounced now and her legs drifted apart. “Oh, Billy, you excite me so.”

“I‘m glad sis. I want everything to be perfect for you.” I shifted my body between her legs and continued to play and toy with her bottom and her movements became more determined in response.

“Billy, I want you,” I heard her moan. “I want you in me.”

“Are you sure, Mindy?”

“Oh, yes.”

I scooted up until my cock nestled itself between her legs. It was already dripping precum and it‘s rubbing against her was as though she was bathed in lotion. My lips kissed her neck and my hands held me up to avoid putting all my weight on her. I felt her lifting herself up onto her hands and knees and I obliged her by scooting my legs to the outside. My cock was now toying with the entrance to her vagina and I felt one of her hands move between her legs to help guide me in.

First the head snuggled itself into the warmth of her body and paused to let her control the level of penetration. It was clear she wanted more as she pushed back against me sending the head and shaft fully into her. “Oh, God, Billy, that feels good.”

I slid in and out varying the speeds a little to give her the maximum range of sensations. Her hand continued to rub herself as my shaft plunged deeply into her, and then withdrew to prepare for the next onslaught. “Billy, it’s going to happen to me! It’s going to … ,” her voiced quivered and shook and her whole body trembled. “Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh …”

Her excitement pushed me to my climax as well and within seconds I felt the rush of my warm seed filling her. A few more strokes and I came to rest, deep inside my sister. My arms were wrapped around her and my lips were by her ear. “I love you, Mindy,” I whispered.

“I love you, Billy.”

My cock slipped out of her. “Turn over,” I said softly.”

‘Should I grab a Kleenex,” she asked.

“No, not yet,” I said.

Mindy turned onto her back and I slid down between her legs. I could smell the warm aroma of our coupling and I let my lips slide down to the delicious source. My tongue shot out, cleaning her of the dibblets of cum. “You’re delicious, sis. Absolutely delcious.”

“MMMMM. I keep shivering as you kiss. I feel so sensitive there. “

“I know. I can feel it when you tense and relax as I help clean you.”

“Come here, Billy. Please.”

I stopped kissing and licking and moved up to her and she wrapped her arms around me and our lips met in a total union of our pleasure and joy.

“Bro, you know, we taste pretty good together.”

“Yeah, we do, don’t we.”

I don’t know exactly how long we remained in each others arms that afternoon. But I do know that nothing could have been more beautiful than the love we shared that day. Our minds, our hearts and our bodies had been joined together in a way beyond anything we could have imagined.

“Think we ought to get dressed, Mindy?”

“I don’t want to. I want to just stay here forever.”

“I know what you mean. I wish we could.”

Mindy suddenly stopped. “Look, Billy, across the pond by the clump of birch. It’s our deer family come to join us at Our Blue Lagoon.”

I looked up and, sure enough, the stag, the doe and fawn stood there silently watching us. Then, quietly and slowly, they turned around and walked casually back into the woods. “It really is our Blue Lagoon, isn’t it, sis?”

“And it always will be, Billy. When‘s our next holiday?”

We both laughed, then, slowly and reluctantly, we slipped back on our clothes and repacked everything into the basked. One last glass of our wine to toast the day and in hopes of the next time we could be together, and off we went, down the trail and back to the house.

It was a truly beautiful day.

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