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Old 03-02-2018, 11:31 PM
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Jon and Nicole Lyerica's last night

It's early morning and Lyerica is mesmerized by what she is witnessing. Jon is on his back Emmy is sucking his cock, Nicole is also on her back with Emmy's pussy in her face as she licks it. Lyerica is thinking to herself as she licks her own fingers and starts playing with her own pussy, she is thinking oh my god Jon was Nicole's uncle and she was his niece and now they are husband and wife with an insatiable zest for sex and lots of it. She looks at Jon as he massages Emmy's head as she sucks his cock, then Jon turns his head towards Lyerica and motions her to come over towards his head and she crawls on her hands and knees and she looks at Nicole really licking Emmy's pussy and sucking her clit also as Emmy lets out heavy groans as stops sucking Jon's cock. So at that moment she kisses Jon on his mouth and proceeds to give him one of the wettest kisses that she ever given any man. Then she lifts her leg over his head and then lowers her pussy over face as he begins to eat her out. Lyerica is moving her pussy over Jon's face as she begin to moan and groan and then she sees that Emmy has stop sucking Jon's and is jerking him off as let's a scream Miss Nicole oh fuck I,m cuming!!! Oh shit Miss Nicole as she is breathing very heavily you lick and suck good pussy!! Nicole comes up for air winks at Lyerica and kisses Emmy full on the lips and says Bitch!! Ride my husband's cock. Emmy climbs and impales her pussy with Jon's cock as she cums again on fuck Mr. Jon I always cum with your cock my pussy, then Emmy looks at Lyerica and kisses her then says oh Miss Lyerica oh god I love Mr. Jon's cock and just Nicole stands over Jon Inbetween the girls grabs Emmy's head and pulls it towards her pussy lick my pussy as you fuck my husband and the Nicole reaches around and pulls Lyerica's head towards her ass and says lick my asshole bitch!! Lyerica is stunned by Nicole's dominace and her submissiveness as she licks and shoves her tongue up Nicole's ass. Lyerica is about to cum again as she says oh god damn it I'am cuming again oohh fuck and Nicole turn her head and looks down at Lyerica and says you like the way my husband licks your pussy, Don't you? Lyerica gives Nicole devilish smile as she shoves her right middle finger up Nicole Ass as Nicole say oh fuck!!! Lyerica says bitch in a heavy voice as is getting ready to cum again and then she explodes in loud orgasm oh fuck oh god damn!!! Jon eats good pussy as Lyerica is trying to catch her breath. And then Jon says ahhh girls I'am going to cum at any minute any minute then Emmy gets off his cock and all three girls gather around Jon's cock in a hurrying matter and then Nicole grabs his cock jerking it wildly and telling Jon come on baby cum for cum for and then Jon explode oh fuck!! As shoots lots of ribbon cum all over the girls and his belly. Nicole kisses Jon fully on his lips and kisses Lyerica, Emmy, she cleans herself off and gets dressed and see you later people I have an early class at school and leaves with Jon, Nicole and Lyerica waving good bye.
Jon get up and Nicole says hold on hubby, Jon looks at says what. Lyerica and I will ge ready with you and go to the restaurant with you and Jon says let's get into shower and they do and they do fool around after they dry off, get dressed and head off to Jon and Nicole's restaurant. Once they get their Lyerica has breakfast with Nicole as Jon talks to Emil about sales and the need for a bigger place. Lyerica says Nicole I haven't or let me rephrase this, I have never had this much sex ever I mean ever. Nicole says have you enjoyed it? Lyerica says oh girl fuck yes, fuck yes and this morning holy shit. Nicole so will their be a return trip? Lyerica says yeah how about every eight to nine months. Nicole not every month? Oh no, like you and Uncle Jon I have my own business and those two boys to raise and I figure I don't need a man when I have plenty of masterbation material and Nicole starts laughing hysterically.
Jon comes over and says what is so funny you two? They answer will tell you later. Nicole says Jon I'am going to take Lyerica shopping so we will be gone for a while and Jon is smiling you two have fun shopping and Nicole says In a sexy low voice, Uncle Jon sweetie, don't work to hard, save your strength because it is Lyerica's last night and we will buy something special to wear just for you. Also don't touch Naddie, Jon looks at Nicole I would never, good says Nicole. Are you jelly? Nicole says no I love Naddie, just don't want her to think she can come in and get a "nooner". Jon says she respects are marriage Nicole says I know but I know women. Jon is laughing because he knows Naddie a lot better than Nicole. The girls leave to go shopping as Jon looks at their round asses and is thinking we will have tonight?
The girls come back from their shopping excursion with lots of bags full stuff for Lyerica and her two kids. They drive back to the house they head inside the house Nicole and Lyerica get undressed immediately and are laughing as they play with eachother's titties and nipples which get Jon very excited. It's late afternoon the sun is beginning to set indicating early evening is almost here and at that point Nicole and Lyerica grab some kind of garment and Nicole tells Jon to meet them at the beach, Jon winks and kisses Nicole and slaps her on the ass as she and Lyerica leaves for their private beach area. Jon then gets undress and puts on his white terry cloth robe and of course leaves it unopened as walks out the house towards the beach area.
Nicole and Lyerica have put on these long white cotton dresses when they get wet it makes the dresses rather transparent and as Jon is coming towards them Nicole and Lyerica notice Jon's open robe and his swinging dick as they hug eachother and they oh Jon look at us. He notices that the dresses they are wearing are wet and he sees their titties and pussies which makes him remove his robe, then he grabs his balls with his right hand and grabs his cock with his other hand very seductively pumps it to full mast as the girls begin to salavate as they see Jon naked and at full mast ready to fuck. Jon lays on the chaise lounge as both girls come towards him and he is staring very intently at Nicole and Lyerica especially their titties and their dark nipples which has Jon licking his lips Nicole and Lyerica reach Jon and then they start playing with cock and balls Nicole is sucking his cock as Lyerica is sucking his balls as Jon just lays their taking it all as he moans with delight and then Lyerica takes off her wet dress and immediately plants her pussy in Jon's face as Jon starts to lick her pussy and suck her clit and he even manages to slip three fingers up pussy which has Lyerica wincing in pleasure as Nicole comes up and starts licking her ass and shoving her finger up her ass has Lyerica saying oh god you two are incorigible has another orgasm fuck she say my pussy has taking a beating as she breathing rather heavily and Jon says I haven't fucked you yet laughing and then Nicole takes off her wet dress and proceed to play with her pussy and squeezing her titties and pinching her nipples and then she Instructs Lyerica to mount Jon's cock and ride him until he cums, Lyerica mounts Jon cock and ride him real hard and then Nicole climbs on the chaise and shoves her pussy in his face and Jon licks her and sucks her clit which Nicole is moaning and groaning Jon damn your good and Jon says Inbetween licks and sucks your pussy always taste good and then Lyerica starts to ride Jon real hard again and this she screaming real loud and barely breath as reaches yet another orgasm and she say my poor pussy my poor pussy as she gets off his cock Jon puts Nicole on her back inserts his cock inside Nicole and fucks her real had as she starts to cum again oh fuck Jon that feels good and at that point Jon is about to cum as he is fiercely fucking Nicole and she is saying come on Jon give us your cum and then all of a sudden Jon pulls out of Nicole and yells as jerks off on both Nicole and Lyerica and then he collapes on both girls with a big smile. Then Nicole, Lyerica and Jon fall asleep for a while then head up to the house and fall asleep for the rest of the night.
Next day they take Lyerica back to the airport as she goes back home to her family, smiling because she was sexually satisfied.
That night as Jon and Nicole lay in bed naked and reading a certain email. It's from Nicole's mother Karen, she says that she is being discharged tomorrow. Nicole says Jon how do you feel about that? He says I hope she can adjust to our fucking at all times of the day. Nicole smiles as she grabs Jon's cock got a feeling she might want us to fuck her and smiles as she says fuck me Jon.
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