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Wendy's Treasure

I I have very little experience with women but I am almost sure they don't like what I like. I haven't tell any girl what kind of sexy dreams I have; I am almost sure she wouldn't like them at all. 

The time has passed by and I have had no relationship with women at all. You may think I am talking about sexual relationships. In fact, I am talking about any relationships and the truth is that I have had not even a small friendship with any girl at all in the last years. And during all this time I have had always the same dreams with women. The dreams are always related with women's panties. I am just mad for them. But, of course, I love panties because there is a woman who wears them. I usually dream I can see the panties to a woman who is wearing a skirt. And the most exciting moment is when the woman realizes about my attitude and smiles me and fondles me as if she could easily understand my desire to see her panties. And she fondles treating me as if I were her baby. My greatest wish is to be treated like a baby by a woman who shows me all her body (as they really show it to her sons and daughters when they are babies) and fondles me lovely all around. 

I am not going to expose details of my dreams now. At one moment, I was just tired of just dreaming and I became more and more anxious of knowing what women may really think about my dreams and about a guy who has that kind of dreams. So the solution was apparently very simple: to tell my dreams to a woman. 

Of course, I knew which woman I would tell my dreams. In my office, there was a beautiful woman with long brunnete hair who just made me crazy. She had no idea I liked her because I didn't tell her anything. And how could I tell her my dreams? I had never talked to her and she didn't know anything about me except I work in the same office. This girl's name was Wendy and was a wonderful and beautiful girl taller, smarter, wealthier and more comunicative than I. She used to talk with rich and kind guys and also talked very much with my boss (I always tried to avoid my boss). She wasn't specially inteligent but because of her beauty, emotional stability, self-confident and strong character she was promoted very quickly. In fact, she was younger and more important I inside the firm. Did she work as model too? Well, I don't know, so I guess she didn't. But she would very succesful if she tries it; I am sure of that. Given this description, you may already think what I have always t! hought: I didn't have any possibility at all to reach her, to talk to her, to be a friend of her. However, the truth is that she was the woman of my dreams and now, I had become tired of my own dreams and was decided to open myself to see how women really are. So I had the mission to catch her attention. I just wanted her to know that I was crazy for her, that I liked her and that I had been seven months dreaming with her every night. But how could I tell her that? And should I tell her about the panties? I used to dream I was laying on the floor and she was standing wearing a skirt, so that I could see all her legs and her white wonderful panties... Should I tell her that? Would she like it? I think she wouldn't like it; but men and women should be compatible at one point. All I want is to show myself to a woman at once and see what she thinks about my desires. So I spent about five days thinking wheather I should tell her about my panties's dreams or not. I couldn't make up ! my mind but I lost my patience and decided to tell her at o! nce, didn't mind what I would say. Suddenly, I knew how I could approach her easily: by e-mail. Yes, she worked in the office with e-mail and I knew she used to check it everymorning and send some messages. So I decided to write a long message (a confession I would say) and tell her how I am and who I am... 

Oh my God! It is now three days after I planned to write a long nice message to Wendy and I feel completely indiferent towards her! I don't even want to walk along the area where she is; I just don't mind wheather she is in the office or not. How strange I am! Well, to be honest, Wendy is a lovely woman and has a strong personality. And is nice to study her. Yes, it is nice to study the femenine world taking an example like Wendy. But I should be sincere first. Why am I interest on Wendy? What is she going to give me? Why do I like her? It is obvious that it is her external apparence what I like. It is her body. And the most exciting thing is to sit in front of her in a day when she is wearing skirt, so that one has the possibility to watch her panties when she crosses her legs! Isn't mine a childish attitude? Yes, of course it is! But that makes it even more fascinating! Just imagine a grown up man loosing his head only for the expectance of watching the panties of a girl you! nger than him. Wendy is so strong and powerful! I must be honest and admit that the situation is completely ridiculous for me. It is me who is interested on Wendy, not Wendy on me. So I should admit that Wendy is someone like a queen. Is she really a queen? I don't even know how she really is; I have only seen her a little bit around the office! Is it true that I like her so much? Or is it only a fantasy? Well, of course I like Wendy. I like her face, her long brunnete hair, her smile makes me feel the king of the world and I could say a poem for every part of the rest of her body. But today I don't feel like observing Wendy. If I go close to her I am sure I wouldn't be interested in trying to see her panties. I would rather look at her face and even speak to her as if I were confident. So what happens to me? If I do in each moment what I feel like I won't do anything important in life. And I would never know what women really think about my fantasies related with them. I can't go to Wendy's desk and just ask her to tell me what is the time! No, I should not give up; I must fight! It is just today that I don't feel like to dream with Wendy's panties; but I am crazy about them, I can't deny it! And in a few days I am going to be completely crazy for her panties; I would move myself from one place to another in order to catch a good glimpse of Wendy's legs! Yes, I am sure I will do something like that. But today I am really exhausted. I am tired and I am not interested in Wendy. But, wait a moment... am I talking seriously? What would happen to me if I had in front of my eyes a glimple of Wendy's legs and panties? I would be excited! Yes, of course I like Wendy! And I won't tell her I like her because I know she won't like me. So things are very clear for both of us! I know that in a few days a big party will take place in Wendy's house. She lives in a huge house with a swimming-pool and I guess that most of us in the firma will be invited. Wendy doesn't know me at all but she doesn't hate me. She just doesn't know I exist because I don't talk with her in the office. And of course, she doesn't know I am crazy about her panties and all of her... The party will be a great opportunity to get inside Wendy's room and... It is going to be an exciting moment. Just imagine the situation: me, a shy grown up man, getting inside a 23 years old girl's room looking for her... It is just so exciting! Wendy is not the kind of woman who makes one feel sorry. No. In the other way, Wendy is the kind of woman who looks happy and has "every thing" in life. Plenty of rich men try to conquer her heart every weekend. Hundreds of big cars have been parked in front of her big house, and many good sportmen have had a bath in her swimming-pool. Which of them has been the best in swimming? Who likes she most? Well, I don't know. What I know is that she is going to remember for long time the man who will get inside her room the party's day... 

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