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Pixie's beach house part one

Your taking alittle time off.. Pixie thought it would be nice to spend four days at your beach house, maybe longer. You just took off on a whim, thinking you could go and do some thinking and some writing... But mostly just to be alone and enjoy the quiet.
It starts raining pretty hard and it's at night, so you slow down some, your within twenty miles of your beach house and you blow a tire, and your happy you had slowed down.. The car bumps to a stop. You get out getting soaked only to find a flat spare tire, you get back in the car all shivering and you soon see the lights of another car stoping behind you, still pouring rain... A man comes to your window me and asked if you needed help, you roll the window down feeling bad for this nice guy trying to help you. You say you'll come back and meet him in his car, I was getting soaked.. So you roll up the window and run back and get in the passengers side to talk to him. I looked like a really nice guy to you, just soaking wet now! You all talk awhile as you tell him what happened. And we learned one anothers names. I offer you a ride to your beach house and I would be glad to help you get your car fixed up when it stops raining tomorrow. You tell him that would be great! We pull up to the beach house, you invite him in for coffee and he takes your offer. It's way back in the woods way far from the main road. You are wearing shorts and a snug fitting peach colored sweater and a sheer bra and your nipples looked so fine pushing out from the chill of being so wet. You got the coffee fixed as I went and checked out the house for you, you had told me that you hadn't been up here in six months. I came back smiling and said everything looked fine. You were running a brush through your damp alburn hair as all the curls came back as you kept brushing. Pretty gal, I thought.
I tell pixie that she sure is pretty even all wet but I said it in a nice way.. You could see me looking at your hard nipples though. You thought, boy men are all the same. but you smiled anyway.
We drank the coffee and I wanted to use your phone. But you said. "Dave that's the beauty of this place! No Phone my friend!" I smiled back and said I needed to get going then. You walked me to the door and gave my a hug for my help and said. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" I tell you if you give me the keys to your car I'll fix it and bring it to you tomorrow morning and offer you my whole name and address. But you just smile and say. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't came along!" So I took your keys as you handed them to me going out the door.
It rained all night and you slept really well and feeling very comfortable. You woke up about nineish and made coffee and some toast that had been in your freezer. Around ten AM you hear cars pulling up outside. So you closed your white terrycloth robe as you had nothing on under it, you had just showered and going to the door, seeing out the window you could see me coming up the walk. So you open the door saying. "Good morning Dave, how's coffee sound?" I say. "Well sounds great doll, do you have enough for my friends?" You look out to a really nice van and four other guys getting out. coming towards to the house... Pixie saying. "Sure I'll make more!" All the guys looked very nice to you... And we are! Well kinda. Pixie liked having all these men at her kitchen table. I told you I had to buy another tire for your car but it's all back save and sound. You thanked me giving me a big hug at the table but showing your breasts to the others as you bent over, saying you would gladly reimburse me for my trouble. I just smiled at you...
All the other guys loved your coffee Jeff and Steve and Rod and John all said thank you darlin'! You could almost feel their eyes looking you over your body but you kind of liked it... Having five big nice strong men in your kitchen all paying attention to you and you only.
Pixie thought she should offer us breakfast or lunch, you had lots of food there. We all choose breakfast! You started making pancakes and bacon and eggs. We all sat there watching your nice ass swishing back and forth under that white robe and in you bare feet. You were something we all wanted... But we watched you cook and admired your body, for now. Your eyes were loved by us all.
We all talked as you cooked, telling you about each of us, you loved our cowboy ways, we all talked to you with respect to the way we treat our women and you found we were all very good friends, telling you we share everything we have between us... You began setting plates of food in front of us all... Still listening to each of us.
You got all done and having a plate of your own, you sat down too. You said with a big smile. "So do you all share your women too?" You were just joking with us. I told you. "Pixie after you finish eating, your going to find that question out darlin'... I heard you say you planed on spending about four days here, maybe longer... So I called my friends seeing you don't have a phone, and we all took a week off! And we plan on giving you something to write about little lady!"
You looked alittle sick at my words but I went on to tell you, we weren't going to hurt you, we just don't find somethin' like you everyday out here and we want to take full advantage... You sigh, saying. "Please don't hurt me!" We all finished eating, you took alittle longer. But we promised we would be pretty good... None of our faces were something you couldn't stand. We all looked really good to you. You just wondered how we were going to take you and what we were going to do to you? Were we all going to rape you and do as we pleased? You just wondered. But you hoped we'd be nice to you... Your heart beat very fast.
You thought awhile and think okay these guys have me and there's nothing I can do about that! So You told us about your fantasies how you liked being called a slut and a Cumqueen and you didn't even mind someone pulling your hair, just not to hard and maybe being a little rough with you, just not making any bruses on your body... You asked boldly. "Would that be okay with y'all?" You thought if you told us up front... Things would be better for you, you did like the idea or the thought of having sex with many men at once but you were afraid that you would loose all control of how they might act... You had never been confronted with anything like this... We all looked at you, thinking of what you were saying... We could all see you were asking us something... Not just wanting us to take you and rape you over and over... You wanted us to playout a fantasy you have. We were all very horny and wanted to take you anytime now!
But I said. "Lets go outside and talk gents." We did... leaving you there. Pixie was feeling aroused but afraid at the sametime. You watched us all talking outside through the window, but we all seemed to be pretty calm in our conversation... Your pussy was wet with the thoughts you had in your mind, the thoughts of being with five mem and sucking all that cock and being fucked over and over, your stomach had so many butterflies, your mind just wandering..
You thought you could run out the back door and they probably could never find you... But deep in your heart you wanted to do this... It was a big surprise but it may only happen once in your lifetime! You kept thinking... But your time was up! We all walked in the front door... We all talked about you wanting us to call you names and be alittle rough with you but it's just to have a good time though and you promised us all you'd be all we wanted! "Oh For the next four days doll?" I said to you.. You smiled with good spirts saying. "I'll do my very best Dave!" You knew from your husband telling you, that you gave wonderful head... We all agreed... And you watched us all pulling on our belts and undoing our pants, taking off our boots we all slid our pants down together and our long cocks wobbled in front of you... Your eyes filled with such a site, your lower jaw dropped leaving your mouth open, you could feel your mouth just drooling as you watched us all strip down in front of you... We all walked toward you, removing your nice white robe, letting it fall to the floor You could feel the many big hands caressing your body, but your eyes looking at the many long hard cocks in front of your face, as you were guided to your knees. You wanted to suck me first for helping you with your car. So the other's said. "Fine! We'll watch."
Ohhh feeling your lips and tongue for the first time, you were so loving and caring, I could feel the thankfulness as you sucked me off, I ran my fingers through your long brown hair as I gently held your head letting you do me good.
You are wonderful Pixie, feeling your gentle hands holding my big balls as you roll them in your fingers. Knowing they will fill your mouth soon with the sperm they are busy making. Pixie sucks harder and wanting to please me, my head falls back, I moan so good as the others watch and they know your very good and quite a lady. While they wait their turns... I thought how you wanted us to talk dirty to you and we could even be alittle rough.. Your mouth felt like warm butter, I had never had a woman as good as you but to play the game. I gently pulled your hair back and said. "Come on whore! Suck that cock! I wan'na see you drink me all down!" The other's said. "You tell her Big Dave!"
"You slut! I wan'na see you drink us all down one after another, or we might just all butt fuck you, for a punishment!" I yelled out. laughing at you. But really just trying to say the things you liked. Feeling your lips and mouth tighten around my cock as you sucked me even better and deeper in your mouth... My cock couldn't take anymore pleasure you were giving me and I felt my cock erupting in your mouth spurt after spurt filling your mouth with so much my cum. I held your neck and could feel you swallowing gulp after gulp. God You were so good!
You really did enjoy the taste of thick white cum and deep down you loved the feeling of power you had over a man while you sucked their cock. After you finished sucking me dry I leaned down to your left ear and whispered. "You were wonderful Pixie and I'm truely sorry for calling you a whore darlin', I just wanted to do as you asked." You whispered back. "I loved it Dave, you did just fine." I walked back with the others with a big smile on my face, You made this old cowboy pretty happy!
Jeff was up next and said. "This won't take long Bitch, after watching Dave rape your face, I'm dying here!" You could see his cum already dripping out the end of his cock, you licked it up with your tongue and feeling him push in between your lips and deep in your mouth. Your talented mouth only sucked on his cock for maybe thirty seconds and you felt his semen filling your mouth and you gulped him down tasting that sweet salty fluid. You thought to yourself it's a good thing I like this, or I'd be in big trouble with these five men all wanting me. Jeff is a big man with red hair and just a good ol' boy. He'd always be kind to you..
Steve wanted at you next as he was stroking his nine almost ten inch cock and as he had the biggest cock of all of us and as far as cocks go it was a beauty very well perportioned and really big! Pixie almost lost her breath seeing his cock for the first time, you wanted to run away or maybe have time to think about this. But it was to late for that! Steve Grabbed you by the hair and having big handfulls in each hand you could do nothing you sat back down. "Well you little Hussyslut! I'm going to love all my turns with you over the next four days, you pretty woman." You looked up at Steve with your pretty eyes. Steve and I are the tallest of the men we're both six foot three and weigh about two hundred and eight pounds or so and we're both very strong. Well we were all very strong!
You could barely get your lips over the head of Steve's cock he was a mouth full. It was kind of hard to suck him off, but you slid your mouth back and forth as your head bobbed away, He pulled his cock out with a soft popping sound and said. "Just open your mouth and sit still Hussy!" You watched him jack off in front of your face and Rod and John joined in and you thought these guys all are going to shoot their loads all over me... Rod and John were just to horny to wait any longer. Steve turned loose of your hair and trusted you would just sit there and they could do their things. You did and sat with your mouth open really wide, your pretty eyes were enjoying the site of these big hard cocks being stroked at a really fast pace now. You could hear me in the background saying. "Go on boy's.. Give that slut a shower she won't soon forget! All this was really turning you on it was alittle overwhelming too. Soon you felt big warm splashes hitting your face and some even got in your mouth, You could feel the warm cum running all down your face dripping even on to your breasts, you ran you hands through the sticky cum coating your breasts and softly pinching your nipples. The room was now a blur for you as their cum splashed right in both your eyes...
They all teased you knowing you couldn't see, they played with your now soaking wet pussy and they twurped your nipples, caressing your heaving breats and they ran your fingers all over your face and then told you to lick and suck all your fingers clean. You did that! But they never really hurt you. I walked you to the shower, after they finished with you, asking you how you were doing? You said. "I'm really fine, I love this as long as I don't get hurt." I said. "I will protect you in the coming days." I got in the shower with you and gave you the best shampoo you'd ever had and I lovingly washed your whole body.. Drinking in your beauty, admiring you for the woman you are.
All the men left you alone after your shower, but you were only to wear what we wanted and we picked that you go around naked... Unless we have you wear something later. We all had put on some shorts and we saw a vollyball net and some balls on the back porch, we had to set up the net and it didn't take long. First we mowed the whole back lawn.
We told you that you could just relax or do some writing or reading, You watched us playing ball in the back yard through the kitchen window. You thought we're just like little boys only real big now... I came in and got a drink of water and asked you what would be for lunch? You said you'd make something good. I said. "Good we'd all be hungry soon!" You said. "And I guess I'll be doing the laundry too!" I smiled and said. "Well you are our love slave... I smiled at you... But you'll have time for yourself too." Could have been much worse for you, your lucky! Most women we take for awhile are usually all against us, and they fight us and they get hurt mostly, and forceably raped and what all... But with you.. Your really different, you want to play our game if we don't hurt ya... So I think this will work out just fine, the other guys really like you, your a pretty one too!" "So Dave after four days your just going to let me go, just like that! You question... "Sure we all talked about it, and maybe you'll come back one day, be really nice if you brought along a girlfriend too that liked to play as well. It wouldn't be so hard on you then... We just like having alittle fun from time to time darlin'." And I ran back out as the guys were calling me out. I stopped at the door and said. "Whatever you do don't try and run off, we'd catch you right away! These guys live for times like that and they are very good!" All born hunters...
You think to yourself, I just bet they are... You looked out front at your car pulled up close to the house, and that big new van pulled up close behind your car... So you figured the car isn't going anywhere anyway. Besides you started kinda liking this situation your in. You were deep down looking forward to being fucked five times in a row!
Your actually living out a fantasy you always had, so you figured you should just enjoy it as you started lunch and got a load of laundry going... Soon you had lunch almost all ready, it was grilled cheeze sandwiches and chips and you got out some cold beers for everyone. We all came in just alittle bit after you had everything ready. We all came in and kissed you one at a time, feeling up your breasts, calling you our sweet slut. You kinda liked the sweaty smell we brought in with us, seeing all our hairy chest as we came by you.
We all loved the lunch you fixed and you appologized for not having much in the way of desserts. We all smiled at you looking at your naked body... Steve tells you your going to be the dessert Slutqueen... Your heart started to pound not knowing what we were planing to do next! We all got up and came at you, but you didn't fight us even though you were afraid of so many men at once! Or just not sure... We walked you to your bed room and laid you out on the bed all spread eagled on your back. Steve holding one arm and Jeff the other and Rod and John holding you legs... I always get to go first because I was the one that found you. It was a great deal!
I got in between your legs and told you what we were planning on doing... I looked into you pretty eyes and said. We are all going to take turns eating you out then we are all going to take turns fuckin' this nice pussy of yourn...
Your heart just pounding at the thought of what was going to happen... I kissed your lips and slid down sucking and biting your nipples and I went right for your warm pussy, you could feel my fingers opening you up, My tongue taking deep long licks as you pulled with your arms and legs, but all the men were holding you so there was nothing you could do! Nothing you really wanted to do yet...
I found your clitoris and teased it really good, licking you harder and harder, your hips lifted up off the bed as you climaxed to the pleasure I was giving you, everytime you started moaning your mouth was smouthered with long deep french kisses from Steve and then from Jeff, your breasts were rising and falling with your hard breathing, I loved eatting you out you tasted so good, it had been awhile since we had such a fine woman as you. Steve and jeff licked deep in your ears and it made you even more horny, then you could feel Rod and John licking your feet and sucking on your toes! You could hardly stand this! And we just got started... We all took our turns eatting you out and kissing your lips and sucking all the different parts of your body. By the time we finished all our turns we found we didn't even need to hold you any longer. You really wanted a hard cock in you now... The fight had long since left you. We all got in line and I was going first... My cock was so hard and it slid deep in your soaking pussy, I began a nice slow fucking enjoying you so much... You were so fine a lady... You could feel my hands sliding up under your back and taking hold of your shoulders and I pulled myself deep in you... You let out in a soft voice. "OHhHh Yesss yes yes." I took my time and soon you felt me blasting away deep in you. I climbed off you and rod took my place before you even knew it... The same nice slow fucking over and over and over... Then it was Steve's turn we thought he should be last as his cock was so big. You felt him pushing into you and you moaned loudly... Whispering Ohhh ohhh Pleaaze! "Come on Heffer you can do this!" Steve said in your ear, he just went deeper and deeper pushing into you. Your pussy just quivered and you came again, feeling him fill you with his big ol' cock. We all watched you take all of that big cock, your teeth clenched together alitthe line of drool running down your left cheek... Steve got all tense and started fucking you faster and faster, your hands clawing at his back.. But you could do nothing but take this big guy and he yelled out. "Ohhh yes!
I'm cumming you little Whore...
He almost fucked you clean off the other end of the bed... But feeling his sperm spitting into you more and more and you fell limp. He got off you saying. "Damn She's the best we ever had!" Your legs still all spread wide and your pussy was blowing big white bubbles of cum... Boy you looked fine to us though... You started moaning something like. "No more.. Not now.." in a faint voice... I went over and whispered in your ear and wiping the drool from your cheek. I said. "We are all done with you for now hon." You looked me in the eyes and had a faint smile and you closed your eyes. I put a pillow under your head and covered you with a sheet and blanket. I turned off the light and let you sleep...
All the guys were taking about what a fine piece of ass your are. And steve handed me a beer saying. "I wonder how she's going to do with a butt fucking, I can hardly wait to hear her screaming with my big cock up her ass!" "Steve remember this is only her first day, I for one would like her to last awhile, she's being very good with us.. Not like the others we've had." I replied. Rod and John and Jeff all agreed... Jeff said. "Yeah Steve... You always want to waste the women away right off, and have then crying and such, where it ain't no fun and we just have to force them and rape them... Shoot that ain't that much fun buddy! Now here we have a really nice woman that is willing to put out for us and you want to go and fuck that up! Well count me out I like her, she's really nice to us." We all agreed with Jeff... Steve was going to have to go along with us all or we just wouldn't invite him anymore... So he agreed and said. "Yeah I guess I have been pretty hard on the women we took before. I just been fucked over by women in my life and I like to think I'm getting even." "Well their not all bad! And this time we got us a nice one! So lets go easy on her... Shoot she might come back for more someday!" John said as he laughed.. I said. "She might, if we're nice to her, you never know!"
Pixie listened to all we talked about... And you wondered what we had done to the other women? Before you came along. Sounded like they were run through the mill... But you just laid there in the quiet room and felt your pussy throbbing and twitching, but you really kinda liked this. You never dreamed you could take on five men one after another... "Wow!" You smiled to yourself.

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