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Pixie's beach house part two

I went in and checked on our sweetie, Pixie I was horny again and was hoping you could do me alittle favor on the side, without being ravished by all of us.. I got you up and walked you to the shower, I took it with you because I loved washing your hair and your body and justed liked being closer to you than the others, for them you were just something to fuck or to play with.

You and I seemed to be closer somehow and I was into looking after you, to protect you, just to take care of you when I thought you needed me... After I cleaned you all up and made you feel better with a massage. You began stroking my long hard cock, and you knew I needed some relief, so you bent over in the shower and began to suck me off in your loving way... Oh I was in heaven. I massaged your back the whole while and in less than five minutes you could feel the slow heavy spurts going in your mouth, you made wonderful Mummm mumm Mummmm sounds as you swallowed me down... I stood you up and kissed you the longest time, your such a loving person. I told you not to worry everything will be alright as I knew you were afraid some. You smiled and said. "How would you guys like a steak dinner I have a barbeque out in the back, and you guys do the steaks and I'll bake potatoes and make a salad? "Boy! I'm sure we'd all love that!" I replied in a big ol' hurry! I dried you all off and you seemed to be doing good. I was so glad too. You went out into the main room where the other guys were and said. "Do any of you gentlemen need a blowjob before dinnertime? I'm a hungry slut!" Smiling at the other four guys... Jeff droping his pants saying. "See she's great! She loves this... Come here sweetheart... I need you more than these other yeahoo's." You dropped to your knees in front of Jeff and took hold of his growing cock, softly licking the head of his penis, your eyes looking into his eyes, You looked so good to us all kneeling there your breasts all firm with hard nipples and that great looking ass of yours... By you walking in the room offering your services. You just like begged them to suck their cocks... And they loved it! You were gaining some respect from these somewhat crude men. You started sucking Jeff with some real enjoyment, you popped your mouth off his cock and slapped it against your cheeks. You were so hot! Saying "Come on Jeff feed me big boy!" You went back to long slow trips up and down his cock and you pulled off him as he started to cum letting the others see his load shooting into your open mouth... It was something to see! You put on quite a show for us! You even gargled his cum before you swallowed it down.

You went from Rod to John to Steve sucking them one at a time, one after another, wanting to bet who would cum first! They all enjoyed this little show of yours... I did too! I loved watching you do them. It wasn't long and you stayed on Rod as your mouth filled and you drank him down, then steve and then John... You were amazing to watch! I thought.. "Boy what if you hadn't gotten that flat tire... Look what we would have missed..." I smiled and kinda figured... We were making a fantasy dream come true for you and you were showing us better times than any of us have ever seen, and maybe you were teaching us how to treat women with alittle more respect and we could maybe have alot more fun in the process. None of us ever liked taking a woman against her will..

We just had a sex drive that had to be filled from time to time... I remember times when we couldn't find a woman and we all jacked off to see who could shoot their cum the farthest, and we got it out there four and five feet sometimes! It was great! Now I ponder over you... I think we could take you way out to one the the remotest places we know and make you are wife and lover... But I thought of your husband and how he would miss you and if you had any kids... It just wouldn't be fair. So I kinda forgot those thoughts and looked at the possibility of you just coming here about ever three months or so, I thought that could be something we could all live with... We wouldn't have to go looking for other women then... So I thought I'd run that by you before you left...

I looked up from my thoughts and you were scrubbing potatoes at the sink, I went and asked you if we should start the steaks and you smiling at me saying. "Well hell yes cowboy! Get your ass in gear!" I smiling and kissed your lips saying. "Darlin' your something else!" As I walked out the back door.. You said. "Yes not bad for some cumslut huh." I just smiled... Knowing for me you were one fine lady...

All the guys were playing more volly ball and I got the grill going. I could see you through the kitchen window, your breasts swaying as you were cutting stuff for the salad. I really started to like you... You are just real down home, a lady that could work her way through anything. I sure admired you. You planted your lips on the glass of the window, breaking my thoughts and I kissed you back! A glass pane seperating our lips... You are a sweetheart!

I went in and got a real kiss! And unwarpped the steaks, big ol' T-bones too. My favorite! Just standing next to you I started getting another big ol' hard on. You reached down stroking me really good saying. "You are one horny man, Dave. I smiled looking in your eyes. "Nah.. It's just being around you Pixie, I love seeing your naked body and knowing how good you are at suckin' cocks, so it's only normal I would get hard." You could tell it wouldn't take you long so you slipped down to your knees and sucked my cock deep in your buttery mouth, Oh I just loved you for that, and in just a couple minutes I was filling your mouth again, you loved to hear me moaning above you, feeling your cheeks puff out from my load, you climbed back up my body and still swallowing me, you kissed me saying. "All better now?" "Yes ma'ma... Your so good to me!" You gave me the nicest smile and a soft hug pressing your breasts into me..

I got a long barbeque fork and took the steaks out in the back and started cooking up a storm. Smiling all the while, the other guys were having a hot vollyball game going on. You stood there at the kitchen sink thinking and seeing all these men here. Thinking back when we all ate you out on your bed and then we all took turns fuckin' you, even though it was a little overwhelming, you really did like it and you liked the fact that we were not being animals with you and took nice long slow strokes then filling you with so much cum.

Your stomach has had alittle burning sensation from all the cum your drinking but you really do enjoy it, you've always liked the taste anyway, just that now your really getting your fill. Thinking of all these things, you feel your pussy wet with your juices... And you wondered what your first night will be like with five men in your king sized bed, sleeping with you all night. You wondered if you'd get any sleep at all...

You got the table all set and I brought in the steaks and I told the guys to wash up for dinner... We all had a great meal, we loved Pixie's cooking and fixin's and they all said I did a great job on the steaks. We all went to the living room to relax awhile. You brought out us all beers as we all patted your nice ass and fondled you to our hearts content. Later we all thought it would be nice to play some music and dance with you, with the lights down low all nice slow dances, you feeling our hard cocks rubbing into your naval, our hands squeezing your buttocks, being kissed for over an hour by all these horny men... As we were dancing we all took turns going and taking showers, and shaving... One by one we all came back all clean and very naked. As you were.

It got later we all waltz you into the bedroom and had you get up on the bed on your hands and knees and backed you up to the side of the bed, You knew we were all going to take you doggy style, you felt my gentle hands taking hold of your hips first and my long cock rubbing into your wet pussy as it slide way in you, I fucked you at a nice slow pace till I was about to cum and then I got more vagarious, I felt you having a climax and so I hurried and came with you, feeling your pussy almost suck my cock deeper into you. I loved it!

Then Jeff took you on.. He was like a big teddy bear to you and we got some towels and put under you to catch all the cum that was running down the backside of your legs. At the end about an hour later Steve was pulling out of you and you even found you could take him alot better this time around... None of us called you any dirty names this time.. I think we were all looking at you as more a loving woman, than a whore or a slut. Your ass stood up so proud as we all took turns fuckin' you. Then we wanted you to go and take a nice long bubble bath and enjoy yourself and you did! By the time you got done blow dying your hair and coming out of the bathroom, you found us all fast asleep... Five big naked men bodies sleepin' in your bed, so you crawled in the middle facing me and got all cozy and went to sleep too..

END PART THREE To be continued

Pixie's beach house Pixie wakes in the morning after sleeping really well, none of the men snored, and nobody woke you up in the middle of the night the sun was just starting to come up, you sat up in the bed looking around you, seeing we all had a hard-on, you figured, I guess all men are alike... And you smiled to yourself thinking of your husband being the same way... I started to wake with your warm body sitting up and away from mine, you slowly got out of bed not wanting to wake anyone except maybe Dave... You went to the kitchen and started making some coffee for everybody whenever they all wake up. You liked having the time alone and you sat and thought about last night, how good we all were to you, you loved dancing too as the coffee started smelling so good.

You got up and poured a big hot cup full, taking some nice first sips. The warm sun coming through the windows. As you kept thinking to yourself about how you were keeping five men in room and board and all the sex they wanted! You laughed to yourself and you hoped, they will buy at least some groceries soon. You really didn't mind cooking for them all, it was kind of nice because they loved your cooking, they seemed to love everything about you... And you thought well I'm really enjoying all this sex too! You had a pretty smile on your face too.

You thought... I should start making breakfast for these guys, you were sure we would all wake up hungry, so you washed and cut up some sixteen potatoes, and started them cooking with some olive oil and then takin' out two packages of bacon and started that going in another skillet. Then you got out the last egges you had that were in frozen cartons "Eggbeaters" and you thought, well I guess it will be scrambled eggs this time.. You had only brought one dozen fresh eggs with you in your car on your way here. You weren't exspecting company!

But you also pulled out a gallon jug of orange juice, trying to make the best breakfast you could with what was left... But thinking you'll have to tell them you needed more food if they wanted to keep eating! I came in the kitchen about then brushing my teeth, my dong wagging back and forth smelling all the wonderful smells in the kitchen... "Mummm something smells good!" I said around my tooth brush and smiling at you. I also asked you if you slept well? "Much better than I thought I would!" You replied back with a nice smile.

You poured me a cup of coffee and handed it to me and holding my cock in your other hand asking me if I wanted you to take care of this big problem I had? "Pixie darlin' I would truly love that! If'in you don't mind before we eat breakfast?" "Your my protector and I will do anything you want honey!" You said right back at me... You didn't even wait for an answer as you pulled me to the chair you sat back down in... Ohhhh your mouth was hot with the coffee you have been drinkin' Boy it felt great! And you sucked me so lovingly the sunshine was hitting your back and you felt all nice and warm... Your hair shinning in the morning sun light... I let you do your thing as I smelled all your great cookin' floating around the kitchen.. What a woman I thought!

Soon you felt my cum shooting into your mouth suddenly all thick and creamy. I held your throat with my fingers just to feel you drinking me down, I felt load after load as my eyes fluttered from my cumming, I pulled your mouth down on my cock, you could tell by my caressin' the back of your neck... I was lovin' what you were doing.

You slaved over my cock... I could tell you were doing your very best! You loved hearing me moan over and over as your sucking and licking never stopped, I could just feel the lovin' you had for me.

You finally sucked and licked all the cum off my cock, our eyes met the whole time... I loved feeling your fingers softly caressing by balls the whole time. I then stood you up and started licking your pussy.. Feelin' your hands pullin' me into you, you tasted so fine! I licked and bit softly at your sweet pussy. I could tell you were lovin' what I was'adoin'.. And Boy howdy did I love the taste of your body as the fluids poured out of you... You hadn't felt anything like this before! God what a way to start a day... You never wanted me to stop and I didn't want to stop... There was somethin' about you that kept all are cocks hard.. None of us wanted you to ever leave... I no more finish eating you out and in walks the other four men still looking sleepy with their hair all messed up and, smelling the breakfast in the kitchen air. You couldn't see none of that as your eyes were fixed on the four hard cocks swinging back and forth as they walked toward you.

They all walked up to you taking you in their arms kissing you good mornin' the wet kisses one after another you could feel there hard workin' rough hands feeling your body, patting your bottom and caressing your pussy, their hands all over your breasts... But you took control, before they would take you to the floor and fuck you for the next two hours. You say in a loud voice. "Okay take your seats and I can get your breakfast to you before it gets cold." They all sat down right away, I just smiled, they were like a bunch of little boys mindin' their Mom.

You set a hot cup of coffee out for us all first, giving me a warm up on mine. I softly bit and licked at your ribs as you leaned passed me handing out the coffee's. You smiled back at me and I loved seeing your breasts and nipples all hard as the other men had got you all turned on from their hands roaming your body. And your smile... Well!

You set out large plates full of a great lookin' breakfast, as we were all started eating you told us about how you were out of food and we needed to buy more if we wanted to keep eating! All our heads were shaking up and down as we ate agreeing with you. As soon as you finished your last bite you saw the other four men standing up too, I staied in my chair. They got you up and took you a few feet out on the floor and had you on your hands and knees, You could feel one mounting you doggy style, another droping to his knees in front of you, his hands opening your mouth and his hard cock going deep in your mouth, then you just started suckin' loudly on his throbbing cock, all the while your body being pulled back and forth and you could feel the hard cock sawing in and out of your very wet pussy. I sat at the table and watched all the action going on with you right in the middle, it was a nice sight, soon I saw your cheeks puff out as your mouth was full of cum, you drank down all the sperm licking your lips, smiling up at Jeff. but in no time at all your mouth was filled with John's cock but then you felt rods cock flexing deep in your pussy as his cum flowed into you, at the same time his fingers were making you climax as he played with you so good. As soon as he got off you, you could feel steve's strong hands on your hips and his long hard cock pushing deep in you, streching your soft tender pussy.
You sucked wildly at John's throbbing cock, your lips sliding the length of his cock as your siliva made his cock just shine and glisten in the morning light. You knew he was just playin' as he pulled his cock from your mouth and slapped your cheeks with his very hard penis saying. "Come on Pixie you slut! suck me like you want me! He smiled at your face. You knew you were already doing what he loved, you could feel his cum dripping down the side of your cheeks as you took him back in your hungry mouth, tasting
his sweet cum as it began flowing out onto your warm tongue, then there were heavy spurts flying back hitting the back of your mouth, You could feel his cock swelling in your warm mouth. The more you swallowed the more that came into your mouth, John had built up a big load over night and your sweet moans of pleasure made him want to feed you all he could. I watched him run his fingers through your hair as your mouth made love to his cock... You were wonderful to watch and seeing Steve's big ten inch cock driving in and out of your swollen pussy lips. Your breasts swinging back and forth as the two men have you stuck between them. Your back was all sweaty from the strain of these two big men. John spent his load but his cock stayed hard so you kept sucking on the long fleshy cock and he loved it.. You were one hot lover. There was something about a hard cock and you just couldn't leave it alone...
You felt Steve holdin' your hips still as he began pounding into you, letting his big load go deep in your body, his moans filled the room as he had his way with you. He must have moved you a foot or more on the floor as John's cock was driven down your throat, makin' you gag till you could slide your mouth back to a more comfortable position.
When the boys were all done with you, you got up and went to the bathroom and before they all went out to play ball, I collected a hundred dollars from each of them, telling them I was going to take Beth shopping for more food. They all glared at me and said. "Don't you let her get away though!" I told them that you'd be fine... They all went in the back to play ball. I went to the bathroom and you were starting to take a shower, so I got in with you and washed your back and massaging you, then giving you a nice shampoo, which I always enjoy so much. While we showered I told you I was going to be taking you to town with me, so we could buy lots more food. I just asked you please not to run off if you get a chance, you would only be making it very hard on some other woman you wouldn't even know as the boys would never trust another woman if you run off, they would keep them all tied up and be a lot rougher and I would have a hard time controlling them. You have made them all a lot more calmer, which in turn has made all this a lot nicer for you as well.
You told me you understood and I shouldn't worry. I was trusting you a lot by then and I knew you kinda had an idea what you have done to these normally cruel men. I let you pick what you wanted to wear to go to town. You looked fine like some peaceful writer type woman that never did a thing wrong...
We had over 500.00 to shop with, I handed you all the money in cash before we went out to the van. Everything went fine except for this librarian, a sweet little blonde with a nice body, she knew you when you have been to the library to get reference books in the past. She wanted to know about me and she wanted to come and visit you. But you smiled and said you were pretty busy but you didn't want her to worry about you either. She was a single woman and a really helpful type person. I didn't want to say anything, I really hoped she would just go away. I heard you tell her I was helping you work on a book. She was very curious?
We went on shopping filling two large carts to the brim, and we saw Debbie the librarian again before we got out of the store, she said. "My, you two sure eat a lot!" Smiling at us as she walked by. You had only spent about 425.00 and handed me the change. I told you to just keep it. We got back after being gone for about four hours. We were carrying in the many bags of food. The boys came in the kitchen and hauled you back to the bed room, leaving me to put all the stuff away as a lot needed to be put in the freezers and much to be put in the refidgerator but I didn't mind doing it and I knew the guys would want you by now and they were happy to have you back, knowing you didn't run off. They did worry about it... They had you down on the bed taking your clothes off you, sucking and bitting your nipples as they took turns fuckin' your warm pussy, they held you down and made you feel so helpless to there needs. They took turns titty fuckin' you, they held your breasts together for the one doing the fuckin' at the time, soon you felt the warm semen being rubbed between your soft breasts, then the hard cocks one after another were slid into your mouth as the cocks were dripping with cum. But you were so good you never turned away, you did all they asked of you. And they loved that. After an hour they all got there shorts on and left you laying on the bed... I went in asking you how you were doing? You said. "Wow those guys can ware a girl out. You looked so inviting though. You layed there watching me strip and I laid over you, sliding my long cock deep in you feeling all the others cum all over your breasts, My hairy chest slid back and forth over you, it felt great. I knew you were tired but I had to have you I was so horny. So you just let me have all I wanted. Soon you felt me shootin' my load way up north in your pussy. Then I picked you up and took you to the shower, we really needed it! You told me as we showered you never remember taking so many showers...
End of part 4 To be continued
Pixie's beach house After our shower I helped you get dinner ready, I cut up four chickens and you made some kind of thick batter that you dipped the pieces into before you set then in a large frying pan with oil. I peeled fourteen ears of corn and put butter and salt and pepper on them, then wrapping them in foil and they would bake in the oven. You washed ten sweet potatoes and poked them with a fork, and put them in a 350 degree oven with the corn. You also made dough for biscuts you rolled out the dough really thin on the counter adding floor to keep it from stickin' I watched your breasts swaying as you worked, you are one fine woman! I stood behind you and used a round cookie cutter and I would get as many circles as I could from the flattened dough and you'd pick out all the circles and roll out the dough again, we must have had hundreds of those flat circles.
I loved helping you cook, I would stand right behind you and kiss your neck whisper in your ears how I wanted you... The best part was havin' my hard cock between your legs, rubbing your pussy lips till you were all wet. Then sometimes sliding my cock in your butt crack, teasing you with that thought. Then reaching around you and playing with your soft breasts getting flour all over them. We had great times together.
You melted butter in the microwave and I brushed the sides of all the circles with the melted butter and you put them together and stood several on end in the holes of a molded muffin pan we had about twenty four biscuts ready. You told me they wouldn't take long the potatoes would take the longest. I took your hand and walked you to the living room and put on some mellow George Straight music. And we just did one slow dance after another, you were wonderful. We danced, you found my fingers tasted like butter, so you slowly sucked them all one by one, which gave me one big ol' hard-on which you kept your hands on while we danced. You always treated me so gently. I loved being close to you, I always wanted your body, which is really a big compliment on my part, the other men wanted your body also, but only because they wanted the sex and to relieve themselves but they also grew to trust you and to see you as a caring woman. Your cooking has them at your mercy. You and I had to stop dancing and get ready to serve dinner but before we did, you leaned over and and took my cock that you had been playing with for the last hour, your fingers were wet with my precum so when your warm lips slid down my cock it only took a minute of your lickin' tongue and sucking mouth, I was fillin' your mouth with my warm semen and holding your head and feelin' your long brown hair, you smiled up at me seeing your loving blue eyes, I stood you up and gave you a long kiss, with my chest hairs tickling your very fine breasts as your pebble like nipples felt so good rubbing into my chest.
I almost wanted to give you the keys to your car and tell you to take off, I was feeling bad for being the one that put you in this lustful place and watchin' my friends take you over and over. But I was glad they weren't hurting you as they were sure capable of doing. I wanted to let you go but at the same time I was enjoying your body maybe even more than the other's as you were closest to me and you trusted me. You made my dick hard just lookin' at ya! So I didn't know what to do as I knew the day would come and you'd be free to leave... I thought how lucky your husband is... We went to the kitchen to set the table and get the supper ready, I liked helping you do this rather than play ball with the others. We all had a great meal you couldn't believe how much we could all eat as we ate everything that you had made. While we ate the boys wanted to have you put on something very sexy and do a strip tease dance then letting us take you down to the floor. Pixie's heart pounded at the thought that you were about to get us all again soon... We all were waring you out as you almost finished your second day by then. But you smiled anyway. So after dinner the boys went out back drinkin' beer and telling jokes. I helped you put the dishes in the dishwasher and put everything away, cleaning up your kitchen. Then you and I went to your bed room and I got to dress you in black stockings and black lacy panties and matchin' bra and I found a black garter belt and I hooked the stockings to that with your help, it was fun doing that! I then found a tight fitting red dress and red high heels, I sat you down and brushed your hair and then put it in a ponytail with a big red ribbon. Boy howdy! You were lookin' good! You put on some really glossy red lipstick and rouge on your cheeks and you your eyes you even put a mole or birth mark by the rightside of your lips. You looked really hot to me. And I knew the boys would be pleased too. So I went out and called them all in to the livingroom, they picked the music... And you came out dancing in the center of the room, letting everyone paw at you. You went from man to man playing with the cocks and kissin' us all, you were some intertainer! We all stripped down so you could make us all real hard for you. You were strokin' two cocks at a time and dancin' too!
Then I saw lights of a car pull up out front... I put on my shorts and told everybody to be quiet. I turned on the porch light and went out on the porch. It was Debbie the woman from the supermarket. She said. "Is Pixie here, I want to see her." I said "She's kinda busy. Not a good time to come out here right now." She was tring to see passed me in through the door. Debbie said, if I can't go in and see her, right now! I'm going to go call the sheriff. Somethings just not right and I know it!"
I open the door for her and she walked right passed me, swingin' her little ass at me. She stopped dead in her tracks once in the living room, she heard the door close behind her and then hearing it lock too... She was a good lookin' blonde built about like Pixie wearing a tight black skirt and and white blouce with long sleaves. Her big brown eyes were wide open as she saw the boys all sittin' round in the nude and displayin' big long hard-ons as they smiled at her. She could barely talk. "PPiixieee, wwhat iss goin' on herrre?"
You said. Well honey you shouldn't have come here! The boy's said. "Oh she'll cum alright!" And they all laughed. I walked up behind Debbie, wrappin' my arms around her waist, I whispered in her ear. "Your going to have yourself a time for the next two days. You can't leave now. Your our new playthang right along with your friend Pixie...
The boys jumped up and picked her up and carried her off to the spare bedroom. They had her stripped and were tieing her to the four posts of the bed, she was all spread eagled out on the bed, they gagged her mouth to quiet her down and she could do nothing to stop them... I told the boys to hold up before they took her and broke her in to their ways. I said. "Let Pixie talk to her first, so she'll have some idea of what's going on here." The boys agreed, but they wanted her bad! And Debbie was afraid as I looked in her eyes, I let you come in the bed room and you ran to Debbie's side. You told her don't fight these guys just do what they want and they won't hurt you, she rocked her head agreeing with you, then the boys had you and me leave the room.. I told them to go easy on her as they closed and locked the door... They all took turns fucking her and then they sat her up in bed tieing her hands behind her back and leaving her legs spread and tied they took her gag off and she had to suck them all one after another, she drank all their cum as they each gave her their loads. Then they went and got a case of beer taking it back in the room... Steve had a big scoop of crisco in his right hand and a towel, he went back in too. They tied her hands back up to the head of the bed and tied her legs up over her head so they would have great access to her ass, they gagged her again as you and I could hear her saying. "Oh Noooo! Not that!" Steve smothered the crisco in her ass pushing some up in her, but he was going to do her last as his cock was so big... They took her ass one after another we could hear her moaning, they took their time and drank beer and watched eachother take this fresh woman. You and I made love on the couch, just like we were lovers. I didn't even want the other woman. At one point Rod came out and asked if I wanted some of her nice asshole before she gets Steve, I just said. "No thanks, I'm happy with Pixie, you guys enjoy Debbie." He watched you suckin' on my hard cock for a couple of minutes before he went back in the spare bedroom. I told you I wished I could feed you like this about five times a day, you just get better and better! After we just sat on the couch caresssing one another and we could her Debbie still moaning as she was being ravished by the boys. They all cummed three times each in the four hours they spent with her, then they went to the main bed room and they all showered and went to bed. You and I went in to find Debbie in a fettle position in the middle of the bed, maybe next time they won't use the ropes you said as the ropes were still tied to her wrists and ankles but not tied to the bed anymore. I asked her how she was doing? Debbie looked at me with one opened eye.. "Well concidering I've only made love to one man in my entire life and he barely had a dick in comparison to those men, I guess I'll live... I always wondered what cum tasted like and I sure found out in a big hurry, and they fucked me in places I didn't know you could fuck! Would I beable to take a shower?" You said. "Oh sure you'll have to walk passed the boys though but I think they are all sleeping now." Debbie said. "Oh lucky me!" She was kinda funny and had a nice smile. I told her after her shower she should come into the living room so the three of us can all talk a bit.
She got up and was kinda shakey on her feet but she seemed to recover pretty fast as she walked to the shower.

End of part 2 To be continued
By Dave Evans

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