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Pixie's Monopoly

Pixie called me and asked if I would be interested in a game of Monopoly this friday night. I thought awhile, not really into board games but just to sit across from Pixie and look at her big breasts for a couple hours convinced me it was a good thing!
Friday night was on, I got to the door ringing the door bell, I had brought us two bottles of white Lancer's wine, it's so good one bottle is never enough!
Pixie opened the door in her long hair all down, smiling and waring a white silk babydoll nitie, I could see her nice bush and those big wonderful breasts her nipples sticking out, saying suck me and the other saying, no suck me! Well you'd have to have been there...
Pixie wraped her arms around me and gave me the nicest long kiss as she rubbed my long cock with her body. She looked and smelled better than anything I can imagine and folks, I do have a big imagination too! Pixie saw the wine and thanked me for bringing it. I said. "Your something doll and your sure welcome darlin'!" I popped a cork in her kitchen and she got us some tall wine glasses. Her finger nails were all long and painted in a nice pink color, looking down her body, which was my life long dream, her toes done in the same color... Now to any guys that don't eat pussy this lady could change all that! And I mean right now!
We walked into the dining room and she had me sit across from her I noticed all the community chest cards and the chance card were replaced by white three by five cards? but everything else looked the same. She smiled at me as she was settling in her chair across the table... Sometimes I wish she would just invite me over to spend the night, but she likes to play games first, kinda like forplay I guess for her... And I'm not arguing, I'd suck all her toes if she wanted me to...
Pixie raised her glass for a toast and I did the same hearing the soft clink of our glasses, she said. "Here's to good friends like you and I and long life to you mister!" "And to you also, you pretty lady." I whispered back. We both smiled.
Pixie said. "Now here's the rules to the game everything is the same except for the community chest and chance, I made special cards just for this game... But you just have to play along with this. No looking at the cards Dave!" She smiled a really nice smile and patted the neat stacks as she explained the rules.. I agreed, being a very good Monopoly player by the way.
Pixie said. "You roll first, I landed on Oriental Avenue buying that with a set of doubles and the next was a three, buying Connecticut Avenue. I smiled at her, watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathing... Beautiful!
She picked up the dice and got a five as she counted out two hundred dollars for Reading railroad. My next roll while sipping on the wine I bought Virginia Avenue. Pixie got another Railroad! I then got on my roll, snake eyes and bought St.James Place and the next roll New York Avenue. I was feeling good! Pixie rolled another ten and had the B&O railroad, doubles this time! and another ten watching the dice stop on the board. "Wow Pixie all four railroads!" I praised her. I then landed on Illinois Avenue buying that one too. The game went on for another hour and we both settled in with our monopolies, buying houses and planing our different strategies. I was sitting pretty, feeling I could maybe win this game! Then I landed on chance... I turned over the card. It read you have to give your most valuable monopoly property to the next player... I had to turn over the Red ones with three houses on each... Pixie put hotels on them before she rolled the dice again! She smiled landing on one of her own railroads... Two more turns and I landed on Community Chest... I picked up the card looking at Pixie's nice hand writing, reading advance to the nearest railroad and pay the owner what you owe them and go and suck their dick or eat the lady out, whichever the case my be. Do this till they ask you to stop! Damm... I'm sure glad there wasn't men here too! Pixie watched me as I read the card and asked me to read it out loud. I did and she yelled out. "Oh goodie!" And she promised she did shuffle the cards after she made them up. I crawled over between her wide spread legs she got all ready for me sliding out to the edge of the chair. She smelled so good and all warm and I did her good! She came just after a couple of minutes, and she could hardly ask me to stop...
I went back to my chair with the biggest hardon and licking her juices from all around my mouth. But I thought boy what a game this is! Pixie Got back up in her chair smiling and asking how I liked the game so far. I softly laughed and said. "I hope you land on one of your cards soon! I may not ask you to stop!" She Laughed and said. "Dave you haven't even seen all the cards yet!" I smiled.
The game went on for another twenty minutes, with me I might add looking at her firm breasts with those wonderful nipples looking back at me, I was hard the whole game so far.
Finally she landed on a community chest... I knew I was in for something now... She giggled while, then reading aloud. " The next player must pay you two hundred and fifty dollars and suck their dick or you have to eat the lady out till they tell you to stop. I crawled off my chair and under the table I went, she was so good tasting I didn't feel like I was loosing the game at all, I just felt her hands pulling on the back of my head as she climaxed again. She must have had me eat her for fifteen minutes or so, I slowly slid my fingers in her too melting her in her chair with her legs wide spread for me... She was fine! After I got back in my chair, I paid her the two hundred and fifty.
My cock was so hard by then, I wanted her so bad and she knew it, she came to my side of the table and poured me more wine, and massaged my neck and shoulders saying. "Your doing great Dave just keep playing, I will try real hard to get one of those cards just for you sweetheart. She walked back to her chair, God! What a walk! She was so sexy!
I was enjoying the game, it was just really hard to play with such a hardon. I could feel the precum on my boxers but the game went on. I landed on another railroad and we all know what happens then! So I was back under the table Licking her marvelous pussy, it was so wet by then but I loved her scent and she moved in circles to my licking tongue she is the greatest! Her feet found my hardon and she stroked and rubbing against it while I ate her out. Pixie was starting to want me as she thought about that my big cock she knew and loved so much.
After that session I got up on my knees and kissed her warm lush lips, looking deep in her eyes, she tongued my lips as I asked her if this game has a time limit? She smiled and said. "Back to your chair!" I bid her demand. The next round was much better! She landed on Chance... And it said about the same as the others, while she was crawling under the table, I stripped off my clothes and sat back in that chair... Even to this day that is my favorite chair! I remember her big breasts leaning inside my wide spread legs and her lips and mouth making ready for my hard cock. Her trusting eyes looking up at me. It was like a dream, she sucked me like there was no tomorrow, she knew I would flood her mouth and she was ready! Pixie's head was wildly going up and down my cock and she ripped it from her mouth and slid my cock up and down her neck and under her chin, then slapping it across her cheeks as the sperm leaked out onto her, just to take me back in her sucking mouth again. Nobody could take that! I lost my load right then. She drank me down with the most wonderful sucking sounds she ever made! I had my hands all in her long hair softly pulling her head down on my long cock, she was the best!
Now I was ready after another glass of wine and some rest, to play on! We played on for another thirty minutes neither one of us landing on those great cards she made up... She was winning the game though, I really didn't care, I would loose ten times over to her anytime! This was the best game I ever played, with apologies to The Monopoly people, I love the game itself and have played all my life.
Pixie just made it alot more fun for growups. Don't ya think? The game went on for another thirty minutes or so... I landed on another railroad and a few minutes more another! But I didn't mind, just my knees were getting alittle sore... Pixie's pussy could make up for all that easily. I ate her with respect and in the best way I knew to get her so hot and wet, she came through everytime. I ate her really in appreciation of what she does for me, I felt that came more from my heart and I really think she knew that. Well she knows a lot... She's real smart.
Soon I landed on another community chest... This time it said. "To go passed go and take the next player to bed!" I read the words out loud... Pixie smiled and asked. "How did you like the game? "I LOVED IT!" We walked to her bedroom and I made her believe there would be many more tomorrows! I smiled all night long in my sleep, when I woke up my cheeks hurt.
By Dave Evans
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