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It had been a long day and it is far from over, It will be several hours before my connecting flight to Seattle departs.

I'm not a very frequent flyer and I have never gotten use to the long waits between flights. I look around the terminal for the gift shop. I might find a book that will help pass the time. As I walk to the gift shop I am looking at all the people either coming to see someone off or meeting a loved one that has just arrived. There are the usual wives with a couple kid in tow meeting hubby., or grandma and grandpa greeting their son or daughter and there spouse and their kids. I see a couple soldiers saying good by to their teary eyed girl friends. One woman that catches my eye is this striking red head in a blue blouse and black skirt. She is on the other side of the terminal and in a crowd of people, but all the men in the area are giving her to eye. I loose sight of her as more people get off an arriving plane.

I browsed around the gift shop a while finding a book that looks like it might give my a few hours of light reading, grab a soft drink from the snack bar and try to find an out of the way corner to have a little peace and quiet. I find a small group a chairs between the departure lounge and the restrooms. It's back behind a boarding counter that is closed, so it is quiet and away from the flow of foot traffic. I set my drink down and open the book, as I do I look over the top of the book and see the red head I saw earlier. She is with a young man and they seem to be totally unaware of the crowd around them as they embrace.

The man is holding her very close and his hand are doing a fair amount of roaming as they kiss. I can't see much of her as the man is between her and I, but it is obvious she was as lost in the embrace as he was. I guessed that they are boy friend and girl friend meeting and would be on there way after there greeting was over.

A few other passengers passed between them and I and I lost sight of them. I went back to reading my book. After a page or two I looked up again and there was the red hear and her friend walking towards me. Maybe they weren't going to leave like I had first thought. They were both carrying briefcases so they must be on some business trip.

For the first time I get a good look at her as she is walking toward me. She is a very beautiful woman ..... with short red hair and a very nice shape. She is wearing a blue silk blouse and a short skirt. The skirt isn't too short just above the knee but short enough to show off her long legs. The black stockings she is wearing makes her legs seem even longer than they really were. The silk blouse is very loose and flowing with buttons down the front, and by the obvious sway of her breast as she walked she wasn't wearing a bra. As she got closer I was sure she didn't have a bra, as there was a slight impression in the blouse that was caused by her nipples. They both went into the departure lounge next to me, which was off the main terminal it was not closed in but had a glass wall on three sides and open in the front. They took seats on either side of a small table back in the corner. It looked like they wanted a little privacy as they past several empty tables near the front to get to the ones they chose. This beautiful lady was starting to spark my interest and my book was not all that good anyway. From were I was sitting all I could see was the back of her chair, so I moved back and over a few seats. There was a post and a large potted plant next to there table, so I was able to get close without them seeing me. I didn't have a direct view of her but with window and the darkness outside and the glass wall beside them acting like a giant mirror. I could see her from two angles, from the front and the side at the same time. I slumped down in my seat pretending to be asleep if they or anyone else noticed me.

They both open their briefcases and took out some papers and put them on the table, as she scooted forward in her seat the short skirt road up showing a little thigh, just above the top of her stocking. As she moved around getting more papers or leaning over the table this little flash of skin would appear and disappear. Her breast seemed to be firm as they didn't hang down when she bent over but when she sat up straight I could see the nipples pushing at the silk blouse covering them. She was moving a lot and each time I saw her nipples they seem to be getting harder, it was not cold in the terminal in fact it was quite warm, so there must be another reason for her hardening nipples. I didn't care what the reason was I was just enjoying the view. After a few minutes of work the guy seemed to be more interested in looking at the girl than at the papers she was showing him. He would look back at the papers when she looked up but as soon as she looked down again his eyes went back to her breasts. She turned a little and I could see what the guy was so interested in, the top two buttons of her blouse were open and every time she bent over the table he had a clear view down her blouse. From the window behind them I was now getting a pretty good view of her breasts too, not as good as the guy but good enough to tell for sure the she wasn't wearing a bra. By now they both were losing interest in there work and it was fun watching them steal looks at each other when they thought the other wasn't looking. I couldn't hear their conversation but it was plain to see they were attracted to each other and getting a little worked up. There was a definite bulge in the mans pants and I thought her nipples were going to push right through her blouse. She stands up looks around the now almost empty terminal as she bends over to say something to the guy I have a nice flash of the back of both her thighs over the top of her stockings. This is a straight shot and not a reflection in the window and her creamy white skin just above the black stocking was very erotic. With the combination of see this flash of leg and her hard nipples pushing against that blue silk blouse with it's open button I was starting to get a bulge in my pants too. As she walked out of the lounge she looked around again, she either didn't see me in the dark where I was sitting or if she did she thought I was asleep. She walks over to the ladies restroom and goes inside, a few seconds later the guy gets up looks around and follows her in. The door opens again and the lady puts one of those out of service signs in front of the door. You didn't have to be very brilliant to guess what was going on in there. I go over to the door to see if I can hear anything, I push slightly on the door but its locked. This type of lock is meant to just keep the door from opening and not a security lock. It's like the locks it most home bathroom doors, you don't really need a key just some thin flat object. I took out me keys, found a small one for my luggage inserted it into the lock and turned it. If the layout of the ladies room was like the mens room next door that I was in earlier I knew there was a little room before the main room with the stalls and sinks. I slip in quietly through the door, I can hear them talking but can't see anyone. There is a small supply closet in this outer room, I relock the main door and slip into the supply closet. I am hoping at least to be able to hear a little action. I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I peeked out the closet door. I had a straight view of the mirrors over the wash basins in which I could see every part of the restroom. the two of them are locked in a embrace kissing each other like the world was about to end. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each others tongue it their mouths as they kissed. Stepping back from each other she unbuttoned her blouse and he is taking off his shirt and tie. As soon as the buttons on her blouse are open the blouse is dropped to the floor revealing the finest set of breasts I had ever seen, they weren't overly large but just the right size for her body. They were round and firm and stood up nicely not needing a bra for support. The best part of her breast were her nipples, now that I could see what had been pushing at the blouse before. The nipples were standing out so far and hard that it almost looked like they were not part of her breasts. She had the fair skin of a red head with just a hint of freckles on her chest and breasts.

He reaches around behind her and unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor beside her blouse. I can now see her almost nude body standing before him. All she has on is her tiny black panties, garter belt, black stockings and high heel shoes. The heels and stockings topped by her high cut panties all in black against her fair skin made her a sight straight out of any man's wildest dream.

Again they embrace and the guy is running his hands up and down her back, with each pass his hand drops lower to the tops of her black lace panties. Then down to the cheek of her gorgeous ass, on the next pass he is running his finger up and down the crack of her ass. At the sane time she is rubbing his now raging hard-on with her love mound. The guy turns her around until they are both facing the mirror and starts running his finger up and down the front of her body as he had done the back. Tracing a line from her thighs up to the base of her breasts. He looks to be a little tentative about this, like he is afraid to be too aggressive and scare her off and at the same time wanting to touch as much of her as he could. He moves his hand up to cup her beautiful firm breasts, caressing them gently at first, then with a little more force he starts roll her hard nipples between his thumb and finger. At he same time he is nuzzling her neck and whispering in her ear as she lays her head back on his shoulder. Her eyes are closed and there is a smile on her lips as she is undoubted enjoying the feel of his hands on her breasts, and his cock as he grinds it hard against her ass. With a deep sigh and a small shudder she slowly opens her eyes to watch his hand exploring her breasts.

The guy pulls back a little and she reaches around behind her and helps him insert his rock hard cock in her pussy. While still cupping her breasts he starts slowly at first pushing in and out of her in this standing doggie position. It isn't long before he pounding his cock in her so hard that he is not only cupping her tits but holding her up at the same time to keep from knocking her down. She reaches down with her hand and begins to rub her clit as his cock enters her from the rear. Her hand is now moving up and down on her clit as fast as his cock is going in and out of her pussy. She is starting to make little moaning sounds that gets louder and louder as he pounded harder and harder.

I am watching his cock enter her from the rear and at the same time in the mirror watching her fingers play over her pussy from the front. I bring my eyes up to watch his hands as he rolls her nipples between finger and thumb. I move my gaze up to see her face and the expression as her moaning gets louder.

My pounding heart nearly stops as I see her eyes. She is not watching the guys hands at her breast or her own hands on her pussy, she is looking straight at me. Her eyes are locked on the slight crack in the door. Is she just starring off at nothing? Dose she just have a feeling that she is being watched ? Can she see me? I was being very careful not to move the door or make a sound but in my excitement had I slipped up? The door is only open very slightly and it in dark in the closet so I don't think she can see me, but I am still holding my breath afraid she will hear me.

I am getting a double voyeur's rush, one from watching this gorgeous woman getting fucked from the rear and two from the thought that she might know I was watching.

At this point I am too lost in the sight in front on me to care. The guy stops pounding into her and pulls his still hard cock out. He takes his hands off her breasts and places one on her back and the other down to her pussy. While pushing her into a more bending position with the hand on her back, with the other he wets his fingers with the juices from her pussy and lubricates her ass hole. He inserts his finger, first one then two. He pulls his finger out and puts the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. With one quick thrust he drives his cock deep into her ass. She lets out a little scream as he enters her. He puts both hands on her hips and pulls her hard into him. After the first few slow pushes he is now pounding her ass as hard as he did her cunt. At first the sounds she is making are a mixture of pain and pleasure. As she relaxes more she moves one hand up to cup her own titie and play with the hard nipple The other hand goes back down to her pussy, this time instead of rubbing her clip she puts two fingers in her cunt.

This is almost more than I can stand. My knees are getting weak, my heart is pounding like it is trying to get out of my chest. I have such a raging hard-on, it's starting to get painful as it pushes against my now too tight pants. The sight before me is more than any one could ever hope for. Here is this beautiful naked red head being fucked in the ass and at the same time finger fucking herself with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other. All this happening just a few feet from me and with the help of the mirror I can see it all from the back and the front.

I am close enough to hear every sound, her soft moans, his panting ,the slapping sounds as his thighs slam into the cheeks of her ass, the slurping sound as she fucks her fingers deep into her juicy cunt. I can even smell there sex in the still air.

I take my eye off this fantastic sight and again look at her face in the mirror. She is bent way over with her head lower than her body. With the pounding from the rear she is having a hard time fixing her eyes on any one thing, but I would swear that she was looking my way. I could see her eyes peering under her body past her swinging breast and straight at the crack in the door.

Like all good thing this to had too end. With a loud groan the guy pulls his cock out of her ass and shots his load all over her back. The first load hit her on lower back and ass, the second load hit between the cheeks of her ass and ran down on her pussy and thigh. At almost the same time with a final quick plunge of her fingers she lets out a little scream and her body shudders as she brings herself to climaxe.

He says that the plane with be boarding soon and they better hurry. They both get dressed after cleaning themselves with wet paper towels from the sink. All the time she's dressing she keeps glancing at the closet. As they are leaving the restroom and she is just across from the closet, she says she has to put the out of service sign back in the closet where she got it. She said this in a too loud a voice to be just talking to the guy. Was she saying it for the benefit of whoever she thought was in the closet? The restroom door swings inward and in front of the closet door. I know that where the sign was placed the door would close before she could get the sign and come back in the outer room. This would give me about one half second to get out of the closet and hide in one of the stalls. I quickly exit the closet being sure to leave the door open the same ¼ inch as it was when she was looking at it in the mirror. Just as I am getting to the stall she opens the restroom door. I hear her tell her boyfriend to go a head to the boarding gate she has to use the restroom and she will catch up to him. I can hear her opening the closet door and after a few seconds close it. I don't know if she really thought she would find someone there or not. After closing the closet door she walk into the main room and just stands in the middle of the room. It is so quiet I am sure her can hear my heart pounding. I know she couldn't hear me breathing, because I wasn't. I hear her walking a round a little, looking under the stalls I guessed. I knew she wouldn't see my feet with my standing on the seat like I was, but what if she started looking in the stalls? That's exactly what she was doing. I could hear her opening each door down the row of stalls. There were twelve stalls in the room and I was in the second from the far end. my mind was racing 100 mph, what would happen if ( when) she found me? The best I could tell she hadn't told her friend, so she couldn't be too upset. Was it just that she wasn't sure there was somebody there? Did she just want to face the person that was watching her? Did she want to find out if it was a man or a woman that had watched her?

My luck was holding out. Just when she was three of four stalls from me another woman enters the restroom. This woman has a child with her and they stop right in front of the stall I'm hiding in. The woman tells the child to hurry as the child enters the stall next to mine. The redhead can't continue search the stalls with the woman standing right there in front of me. A second of two later I hear what sound like the red head enter a stall, close and lock the door. The child comes out of the stall and the two leave, but by this time the redhead is all ready going to the toilet. It is funny what the mind thinks of some times. Here I am standing on a toilet in a womens restroom. Just three stalls down from me is a woman that is trying to find me, and my mind starts to wander. With the sound of the red head peeing, I start to think back to when I was younger and spying on my teen age sister. There was a tiny peep hole from my bedroom closet into the bathroom. I couldn't see much of the room. In fact all I could see was the toilet, but this was enough. My sister liked to watch herself pee. She would sit on the toilet spread her legs as far apart as she could and with her finger pull her lips apart and watch the piss come out. I had a straight on view of the toilet and at her pussy as she was doing all this. She would by moving her fingers make the stream of piss move all around the bowl. Some times she would stand in front of the toilet with her knees apart and pee in to the bowl like a man. The way she would move the stream around I bet she could write her name in the snow. I always had this fantasy of wanting to see other women pee but that was going to have to wait. All of this day dreaming took only a fraction of a second.

As the redhead is finishing her business I slip out of the stall out the door and into the mens restroom next door. I have a very painful cock to take care of. I wait till a couple of men leave the restroom and exit with them, this way if she is waiting outside she won't know who is who. She isn't waiting outside but as I get closer to the departure gate I see her looking back down the hall towards the restrooms. I stand in line behind her and her friend, five people between us. I try not to look at her so she won't suspect me, but as I think of it now this probably made me stand out even more as every other man around couldn't take there eye off this beautiful woman. I was the only one not looking as her. As we start boarding the plane I wonder if I can get a seat near enough to her to make the long flight less boring.

The line of passengers started to get on the plane. I stayed back from the red head as far as I could, trying not to attract her attention and also to see where she was going to be seated. As I entered the cabin I heard the stewardess say that the plane would be only about 1/3 full so we could spread out and be comfortable. The guy and the red head took there seats about half way back near the wing, as most people don't like this part of the plane there were a lot of empty seats. With out looking there way I took a seat one row back and across the aisle from them. I was looking around the cabin to see who else was close by. there were empty seats all around us. I was look at anything but in her direction. This came to a stop when she slid out of her seat, showing a lot of leg. She stood up to put her briefcase in the over head rack. With her hand over her head, this pulled up her skirt in the back giving me a nice view of her shapely thighs. I could see just to the tops of her stockings. I couldn't help but stare at the sight before my. Without bringing her hands down she turned her head and looked down at me, giving me a kind of "do you like what you see smile" I just smiled back and gave my head a little nod as if to say yes.

I looked through the pocket on the seat in front of me and found a book to look at, I had left the one I bought in the airport when I followed her into the restroom. I needed something to keep from just staring at nothing. After the plane had been in the air about 20 minutes the stewardess came by asking if any one wanted a pillow and blanket. Just about every body did. It wasn't a large plane , there wasn't going to be any in flight movie and it was pitch black outside, so all there was to do was sleep. I was the only one sitting in my row so I spread out a little , let my seat back down, got as comfortable as I could. I pretended to be trying to go to sleep but all the time I was keeping and eye on the red head in front of me. She kept squirming around in her seat trying to find the right spot for the most comfort. Finally she said something to the guy , got up and moved to the empty row of seats right behind them, and across from me. As she moved past she smiled down at me as if she knew I wasn't sleeping and slid into the seat by the window. She put the pillow against the wall under the window. Leaning her head on the pillow she put one leg over the arm of the seat next to her with her foot in the seat The other leg she stretched out in front of the seats with her foot on the floor, covered herself with the blanket, pulling it up under her chin.

After she got settled I looked over at her. She was laying there in the semi darkness staring straight at me. I looked away for a second and then looked back, she was still staring straight at me with a little smile on her face.

I was thinking there was no way she could know I was the one in the restroom watching her, so what was her game? She knew I knew she was looking at me so there was no need to look away, so I just smiled back at her. Her eyes never left me. It was like she wasn't just looking at me, it was like she was trying to form a link into my brain. Without taking her eyes off me she started moving her hands under the blanket. There was no doubt what her hands were doing, even under the blanket. First she started rubbing her hand over her breasts in small circles, them moving down to her waist and back up to her breasts again. She circled her breasts one more time before moving her hands back down to her waist, stopped there for a second and then moved her hands down between her legs. She was slowly rubbing her crotch, all the while never taking her eyes off me. I was moving my eyes back and forth between watching what her hands were doing and looking into her eyes. The way she was staring, you didn't just look at her eyes ,you looked into them, as they looked into mine. Next she drew her legs up under the blanket, fumbled around a little and went back to the way she was sitting before. She brought her hand out from under the blanket holding her panties out to the side so I could see them. Moving her hand down to her purse that was sitting on the floor, opening it, she put the panties in and pulled out her hair brush. The brush had a long round pink handle with a slight curve to it. She brought the handle up to her lips and kissed the very tip of it in a very erotic way. She started running her tongue up and down the length of the handle, all the time keeping her eyes glued to mine. Her eyes were linking our minds together, as if we were together not a row of seats apart. The movement of her tongue on the brush was like she was running her tongue up and down the length of my cock. She brought her tongue back up to the tip, circled the tip once and then rapping her lips around the handle lowered her head taking the whole handle into her mouth. Pushing her lips all the way down to the bristles. Slowly she brought her lip back up to the tip, circling the tip one more time with her tongue. With a little smile she brought her hand down to the buttons on her blouse, undoing the top two and pulling it open enough to expose the top of her breast. At the same time she brought the handle of the brush down to her breasts and rub the tip over her hard nipples.

Now positioning the blanket so I could see her entire body but with just a small movement of her leg the blanket would fall covering her if someone walked down the aisle. Moving the brush eroticly down her body to her now spread legs, stopping right at the top of her small triangle of pubic hair. Her eyes were drawing me deeper into her, into her very thoughts. It was no longer just a hair brush it was my rock hard cock rubbing in the soft silky hair at the entrance of her juice pussy. She rubs the handle over her lips and across her clit, the full length running down the slit between her moist lips. Slowly she pushes the tip between her lips into the depth of her passion. The slow in and out motion ever increasing in tempo as she really starts to get into fucking herself with the brush, but it wasn't the brush it was me that was fucking this gorgeous red head. I could no longer just sit and watch the action that was going on just a few feet away. Bringing one leg up to form a tent with the blanket that was covering me, I lifted the side of the blanket to give her a view under it. I unzip my fly reach in and pull out my hard cock. In time with her in and out thrust I started pumping up and down the length of my shaft. It was no time at all before we were both lost in our own actions. Her eyes were still locked on me but they had now shifted from my eye to my cock and what I was doing with it. The action increased to a fever pitch as we both neared a climax. Not being able to hold out any longer I shot my load into that little relief bag that I had found earlier in the pocket of the seat in front of mine. At the same time she was reaching her orgasm, she moves her legs about as she loses control. The movement of her legs causes the blanket to fall covering her, she leans back and closes her eyes. As she lay there I get up and go back to the restroom, I drop the relief bag in the trash, wash my hands and go back to my seat. When I get back to my seat I see she has moved back to her seat next to the guy.

I don't know what to think of what just happened, what was she thinking? I can't see any way she could know I was the one watching her earlier, was she just horny, did she like to show off and expose herself, I just know that I enjoyed what happened very much. I know she was enjoying herself too. The rest of the flight I spent reliving the event of the day, the restroom, the seat across from me. When we landed in Seattle everyone filed out of the plane and I lost sight of her, I didn't see her again until we were all picking up our luggage. As I was getting my bag she walks up beside me and with out looking at me says " I really like the smell of your calogue , it is very different. I have never smelled anything quite like it, before today that is. With that she turned away and walked off.


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