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Oral Friendship

Chad and I had known each other for a little over a year and had become very close friends, even though I had a boyfriend, Troy. We met through Troy who he played on a soccer team with. Over the year, we spent alot of time together, me telling him my problems and he telling me his. Ocassionally we would even flirt back and forth, but nothing too serious. He was a very nice looking guy, brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'8", and an average build. When it came to love lives, I had a terrible history, having been married once and giving birth to twins, and then as a result of an affair, I had another child. I was only 21, had 3 kids and been through a lifetime of hell. Chad on the other hand was 19, and still a virgin. He would always ask me questions about my experiences with sex and tell me how much he wanted to be with a woman, but was never sure when the time was right. He was the very sensitive type and had some pretty strong morals he lived by. Waiting til marriage to have sex was one of them. Well, eventually all that would change, but I wont get ahead of myself just yet. As i mentioned earlier, Chad and Troy played on a soccer team together, and that team often traveled out of state to play games, I traveled with them often, wich ment lots of time spent in hotels. One night the team finished up pretty late and all the guys were gonna go hang out at a local club. Chad being only 19 couldnt get in, so I decided to stay behind and hang out with him for the night at the hotel. He was sore from playing and I wasnt feeling all that well myself, so we decided we would go hang out in the spa area and relax in a hot tub. The way the place was set up, u had complete privacy from anyone outside the room, so I decided to get completely naked and feel the full effects of the jet sprays on my body. This took Chad completely by surprise, he looked at me and said "what the hell are you doing, trying to get us in trouble or something?" I told him to relax, that I had locked the door and turned the occupied light on before we had went in. Still a little unsure he got in with his shorts on. Of course I teased him and asked him if he was insecure about what i would think of his body, or if he actually thought he had something I hadnt seen before. After about five minutes of listening to my big mouth, he shed the shorts, and I couldnt help but notice how amazing he looked. His dick had to be about 8in long and this was completely soft. Im not sure if he realized that I was gawking at him or what, but he got back in the water like he didnt see a thing. I had known him for this long, and never thought of him as anything more than just a friend, but after I seen what he had, this got my blood running. Now dont get me wrong, I know I had a boyfriend, but things had been very shaky between us past couple weeks and we had hardly spoke and Chad knew this. I decided I was gonna try and show this guy what he had been missing for so long, but only if he followed my bait. We were just sitting there, when i blurted out, "lets play truth or dare!!!", he looked at me like I was crazy and I said "I'm serious c'mon we got to have some fun", so he reluctantly agreed. Well, I decided to start of slow, I mean if my plan to seduce this gorgeous looking guy was gonna work, i was gonna have to move very slowly so as not to let him on to what I was up to. He started of with truth, and i quickly teased and called him a whimp, I decided to find out just how much experience this guy actually had so I asked him the farthest he had ever gone with a girl. He was hesitant at first, even blushing a little, before he admitted that he never did anything more than kissing and touching. I was completely thrown back by this, he had never been given oral he had never done oral, hell he had never even seen a pussy in person. This guy had alot to learn, right there i decided i was gonna become his teacher but he didnt know it just yet. Well i took truth and we went back and forth asking each other silly little questions just trying to learn more about each others sex life, or his lack off. I finally broke the ice by accepting a dare, he told me to turn all the lights on and stand in the middle of the room facing him. Now remember we had nothing on, so this was getting warm already. Im a very bold person so i jumped right out the water, the cold air hit me fast, making my nipples turn hard and point right out. I turned the lights on and he waisted no time checking me out, looking me up and down, stopping for several minutes to look at my completely shaved pussy. I asked him if he liked what he seen and he just stared until i startled him by yelling out his name. He jumped and yelled back" im right here you dont have to scream". He went on to ask me if it hurt when i shaved my pussy hair off and when i told him i let Troy do it so I would not cut myself he sarcastically said" oh and u think he wont cut you?" I asked him if he would like to feel how smooth it was, he just laughed and said "oh ya real funny." It was his turn and he took a dare, my plan was going just the way i wanted, slowly but surely he would loosen up enough to get somewhat physical, and once i got him started he wouldnt want to stop. I decided to just play his game and told him to get out the tub also so i could look him over again, although i didnt use them exact words. He lifted one leg out the hot tub and again i was amazed at the sight of his dick, it was one of the biggest i had seen. He backed down a little when he noticed me staring so intently, so i jokingly said "how the hell do u carry that thing around without tripping over it?" He starting laughing and said he never thought he would hear someone ask that. At this point we were both standing in front of each other completely naked not knowing what to do. I dont know why i did it, but out of the blue i grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs on my bald now wet pussy and said "see what you did to me with that thing", he was kind of startled and jerked away saying that Troy would not like this. I told him Troy would never know, and besides its not like he would be against me giving his friend some help with women. If only he knew, but anyways, i put a towel on the floor, pushed him to the floor and sat in front of him, both of our legs spread out looking right at each other. I asked did he want to continue our little game and he said he didnt think so because things were starting to go to far. I asked him what he was afraid of and he said" starting something with you im afraid i wont be able to stop." "YES" I said to myself, my plan was perfect, he was to the point if i could get him started, he wouldnt be able to resist my seduction. I said, "Chad, you dont have to do anything you dont want to, and if u dont want me to do something, just say the word. We are gonna play a little differently now, Im gonna basically show you some things and if you dont like whats happening just say so ok". Not knowing exactly what he was getting himself into but not wanting to argue with me he said " alright, but remember, i do have some say in whats going on". I just told him to lay back and to do as i say and follow along. Well first i gave him a quick innocent kiss on the lips, then i whispered into his ear "with a body like this any girl would die to take your virginity, but Im gonna show you just what youve been missing" then i kissed his ear loabs and nibbled on them working down to his neck. I traced the lining of his chest with my toungue and gently tugged on his 2 very erect nipples causing him to gasp. I asked him if he was ok and he said nothing so i assumed it was ok to go on. I continued to move down his chest and licked his navel, it was then i had noticed his cock had grown atleast an inch and was beginning to come to full alert. I had to taste that piece of meat, so without any hesitation i grabbed onto it and licked the tip of it before i slowly moved my mouth up and down the shaft. He loved this, allowing a moan to escape from between his lips. I looked up and asked if he wanted me to stop and some how managed to mumble "no please no". At that point i figured he was too far gone to say stop, so i went to town, sucking that rock hard cock, completley deap throating it. It had to be atleast 10in. Precum was dripping from the tip of his head, he tasted so good. I told him to tell me when he was gonna cum, I didnt want a mouth full of cum, but before I knew it he exploded in my mouth, all over my face, and down my tits, cum everywhere, i had never seen a guy have an orgasm that long. He didnt know what to do, he could barely breath and was trying to apologize at the same time, telling me it came on so fast. I told him not to worry about it that he would have to make it up to me. He had a puzzled look on his face, god this poor guy really was clueless. I asked him if he ever thought about eating a woman out before, he said he had seen it done in pornos but had never thought about actually doing it. I told him today he was gonna learn, and he just looked. I reminded him he could say no at anytime and he said "no its alright, i owe you after what u just did for me". I loved it, i had this guy at my full control. I told him to just lay back relax and lowered my body over his head. He really had no clue. I told him "just do what comes natural and Ill tell you when it feels good", so he gave my pussy a quick lick and i told him to part my lips and to start licking around my clit, and that he could use his fingers if he wanted, that he couldnt hurt me. Well before i knew it, he was licking and sucking all over the place, sucking on my clit like he had done this many times. Somehow, i dont really remember, i ended up on my back and he was in between my legs eating me like i had never been eaten before. I was having orgasm after orgasm my body thrashing all over the place, and i didnt think he was ever gonna stop. Im surprised noone called security, it must have sounded like somoene was trying to kill me in there! Finally after about my 5th orgasm he looked up with a big smile on his face and said "did i do it right?" I couldnt speak, i just let out a big sigh and smiled at him, pulling him down to my chest. We just lay there like that for about an hour, holding each other, realizing what we had done and how it was gonna change our relationship as friends forever. I told him there was alot more I could teach him and he laughed and said he couldnt wait if it was anything like that. Eventually we would have sex, not that night, in fact not for many weeks, but thats for another time.
Story written by ME!

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