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Bath with Auntie

I am not sure where to start. I was in a motorcyle accident about three weeks ago, I have a bad break in my left leg and arm. Both arm and leg are in a cast. I had a nurse check in on me up until a week ago and my mother stops in twice a week. She lives 65 miles from here so it's hard for her to be here alot. lets see today is Friday, my Aunt stopped in on Monday,to help out. I can't get in the shower because of the casts. So I have been doing the spot wash thing and its a pain in the ass. I asked her to fix my pan of water and get a wash cloth. She came in with the wash pan and started washing my fase and gave me a shave. When she was done with that she came back with a new pan of water and said that she would give me a hand with my bath. She helped me with my t-shirt thats all I have been ablt to get on with this dam cast. Everything was going good until she started washing my belly and pulled my shorts down in the front, I said woo thats far enough. All I got was look kido I gave you bath for years so relax. You arn't gpoing anywhere.
She was not going to take no for an answer. I let her pull my shorts off and go at it. She started by doing the inside of my legs and around my pubic area, I did my best to try not to get an erection, but it hadf been three weeks with out any kind of release. The next thing I know is I have an erection and she is washing it, She was using the wash cloth and going up and down like she was trying to masturbate me, it was at this point that I said look I am sorry but I can't help my self, she says look it's ok you just relax and let me take care of things. Well I can say that my aunt is a very good looking woman of 52, and looks like 39. I just closed my eyes and tried to hold back, but it did no good I couldn't hold back and cum. It was the best orgasum I have every had. When I was done she cleaned things up and said there kido you needed that. I'll be back tomorow. Well that was a repeat of Monday. At first I was real upset with my self for letting it happen but after her trip here today I think I could get to like this. Today while she was washing you know what I put my hand on her knee and she just opened her lags and wow no panties, I am not sure who came first but it was great. Auntie is staying over tonight I am not sure what is going to take place but I can't wait.

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