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Bath with Auntie story number two

Auntie came by this morning to help with my breakfast and give me another bath. I was looking forward to this as the Monday and Tuesday bath were like a dream. The first time this happened I had a bad feeling in my gut at what we had done. But thinking that we were both adults her being some 20s older but only looking in her 30s it was an easy thing to give into. We talked about waht had happened, she asking if I thought any less of her for what she had done. I told her that at first I was unsure about things but, after having time to mull it over I felt ok about it. I told her that I wasn't a ladies man, and that I had only been with two other women both younger, and that it didn't seam that sex with them was as good. As we talked she asked alot of questions about what I liked and didn't like in the bedroom. She said that she liked to masturbate a man, she says that it felt good to see a man get off. She said that when she was youger that she took care of a man that was in a wheel chair and when she bathed him he would get an erection, she said that he would get an hard and say he was sorry for it. One day while she was bathing him he had an orgasum and cried over it telling her that it was the best thing that he had ever had. We talked for most of the morning and then she got around to saying it'ds bath time kido. It is hard getting around with these casts on but I made it to the bedroom with a little help. When I got on the bed she came in and did the bath thing saying we are going to give you a bath and then make you feel better. After the bath and laying there with a 7" erection she came back with a bath rob on,smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed. she started rubbing me and I was getting real horney, I reached under the rob and started playing with her, as we played with eash other I asked if she liked to have a man go down on her, she said yes but it had been years. After a little talk I gotr her to get upo on the bed so she was kneeling with her pussy over my face. It didn't take anymore than a few mins and she started jerking and moaning, she said that she was cumming and let out this funny noise, After she sat there and cried saying it had been years and that she felt like a woman again. e layed there and talked. She was rubbing me and playing with ny penis as we talked getting close to getting off and then stopping. After awhile she slid down on the bed so her face was right at my penis and started licking and kissing it, saying that it was cute and that it tasted good, I was getting real horny, she says I am going to give you a treat kido so just lay back and relax and let me take care off things. She started sucking me. I told her I was about to cum she stopped long enough to say thats good now be quite and do what you like and let it go, you are going to taste great, now give me a little of your honey. It was the longest and best orgasum I had every had, and it was the first tiem that a woman had ever let me cum in her mouth, it is without a doubt the best thing if had. She stayed for most of the day and she made me cum four times today. I am on cloud nine. she just left and is coming back this eveing wow what a day.

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