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I have been getting and sending e-mail to a lady who's ad I saw in the Yahoo classifieds. We have been send e-mail to one another for five or six weeks and yesterday she says that she wants to meet. I find that she lives about 20 miles from me, so we make a date to meet in a near by mall, near a icecream cafe. I wors a red hat, so she could find me in the crowd. I was setting there when this older woman sets down and asks if my name is Bob, yes I said it is well she says my name is jeannie. Wo I never thought that she was as old as this I mean I am 26 and she is I would guess in her mid to late 50's I asked her if she would like an ice cream, no she says but a coffee would be great. We sat and talked for 20 minutes or so when she asks if I would like to go to her car so we could talk with out people around. We walked to her car and talked for a few minutes, she say well do you want some of the things that we talked about over the internet, or was I just teasing her. I said yea it sounds good to me. I mean this woman was very good looking but old enough to be my mother. Well she says and reached over and put her hand on my lap and says lets see what you got. I said well gee we are ina parking lot, and people may see, she says don't worry about it the windows are very dark and people can,t see in unless they put thier faces right up to the window besides no one is around. Come on she says lets take it out and see what you have. I leaned back in the set while she helped me open my pants and take out my cock. She started feeling my balls and flicked her fingers over the back side of my cock making me hard right away. She fooled around for 5 minutes or so and then pulles her dress up exposing a dark brown bush with lots of hair, here lets see if you can do the things to this that you said you could do in your e-mails, and drops the set back so she is almost laying in the back seat. Ok I said and went to work fingering her. It wasn't long before she was pushing against my hand and fingers saying she was going to cum. She closed her eyes and started saying things like you fucking bastard you are making me cum, you dirty fucker I am going to cum you fucking bastard. When she was done and opened her eyes she says that was good now it my turn you little bastard. She puhed me back and went down on me sucking and licking like man I have never been done before. She is going to town and when I get ready to cum she put her figer in my ass sucked faster and faster up and down, I let it go in her mouth and she sucked like she couldn't get enough. What a blow job this woman could give. After it was over she says now you fucking little prick I want you to be here next week at the same time, and you are going to do the same thing for me, now get out of the fucking car. Later the next day I got another e-mail from her saying she had a good time and was looking forward to the next time, Hey it works for me.


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