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I wake up this morning to see my sister peeking into my bedroom. I had left the door ajar when I went to bath room last night. I realized that I was naked and laying there with a hard on. I reached down and took my dick between my thumb and forfinger and shook it and sat up, waving to her to come in. At first she just stood there and then I could tell she was looking up and down the hall to see if anyone was around. She stepped into the room and I said come over here and set down, lets talk. Mary came over to the side of the bed and I reached out and tool her by the hand and pulled her to the bed, when she sat down I took her by the hand and put it my my now hard cock, she didn't pull away so wispering I said you like what I have Mary. She smiled and said yes it was big. I strted pulling her hand up and down on my cock and said this is how you do your boy friend isn't it, she noded yes. I said well do me and get rid of my hard on for me. She strted pumping up and down on my cock and at the same time I put my hand under her night dress and started playing with her. She got real excited and opened her legs and started cumming right away, for 17 she had alot of hair on her pussy nice and dark, when she was over her orgasum I pulled her face down to my cock and said come on mary I know you do it for Paul, so do it for me. She didn't move for a second and then went to suking and licking it. I got to the point of cumming real fast Mary boobs were showing so I pulled her night dress up so I could get a good look, wow sis had a great pair of tits. Playing with her titties and her sucking my cock I couldn't hold back any longer and let it go, she swallowed every drop. When it was over I said you are good at that Mary yea she says that's what Paul says. Later this morning when Mom went to work we sat on the couch and Mary sucked me off again. Its great having a sister that likes to suck cock.

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