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MandiiIt all began years ago when we were much younger. We were both from a large family on the coast of Maine. And we were constantly hanging around together at family gatherings and trips to the ocean. Boy, did I ever enjoy the trips to the ocean! Mandii was about 16 at the time and had the tight body of a high school cheerleader (which she was). She filled out her skimpy bathing suits so well you'd think she stepped out of the pages of "Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition". She was about 5' 5" tall and only 97lbs. soaking wet. She has long, sandy blonde hair which reached the top of her ass. And what an ass it was; fully tanned (thanks to her trips to the tanning bed), each cheek so perfectly round and firm. Her legs reached up to meet her ass with the finest symmetry. Her breasts were perfectly in proportion to her tiny frame. Each about the size of a champagne glass with quarter sized areola topped with tiny nipples which protruded about a half inch for nibbling. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Throughout high school, Mandii never dated much, seeming to prefer the company of a few close girlfriends. Not that she didn't draw longing looks from nearly every guy in school. She and I somehow found ourselves at the same parties time and again and it became ritual for us to kiss when we saw each other. I wonder if she ever knew quite how badly I wanted to kiss her deeply and passionately back then.
Our many trips to the ocean or lakes afforded me plenty of opportunity to see Mandii in (and out) of her bathing suit collection. Was it me, or were her bathing suits getting smaller and smaller each time I saw her? I do remember when she stopped wearing her one piece maillot style suit and strutted out of her bedroom in her new thong bikini. I couldn't wait to see how the guys would react to seeing that !!!
At the time I was about 19, still playing hockey for the state university so, come summer, we had alot of catching up to do. After getting home from a game late one night, I arrived at my apartment off campus to discover what appeared to be an invitation in my mail. It was just before my 20th birthday, so I had gotten used to the birthday cards and all and I casually tossed it aside as I headed to the shower to rinse off before going to sleep.
I quickly undressed, looking forward to the relaxing feel of steaming hot water beating on my skin. I won't say I was an Adonis or anything, but I held my own in the looks department. I stood about 6' tall and weighed in at 179 lbs. with a pretty good "six-pack" from all the hockey and practices we'd been having. I had fairly long dark brown hair to my shoulders. And I took pride that the ladies liked my smoothly shaven chest... not to mention my shaved cock and scrotum. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I wasn't "hung like a mule" but I'd been told I knew how to use my thick 7" to my advantage once or twice before.
After toweling off, I wrapped the towel around my hips as I headed for the couch to read the day's mail. I reached for the decorative envelope and noticed no return address. Upon opening the letter, I found it was an invitation. To my own private birthday party the following night. It was entirely typewritten and gave no clue as to who it was from. But it did say it was being hosted by a very special person and her select guests. The address was about a 35 minute ride down the coast. Intrigued, I continued to flip through my mail and finally headed off to bed.
The next day's classload was kind of hectic so my mind didn't have time to figure out who the mystery hostess might be. I thought maybe my ex-girlfriend might be doing something nice for a change. Who knew? After the last class, I rushed home and got ready for my 'surprise' birthday party. The drive went pretty quickly despite my anxiety of knowing what was to come.
Finally, after driving around to find the place, I pulled up in front of a beachfront condo with a matching address. There were no cars parked anywhere nearby. Strange. I walked up to the front door to find it cracked open about an inch. I could hear music coming from inside but couldn't see anything in the dim light. Taking a chance I opened the door and slipped in. As I did, I could barely make out muffled voices coming from the loft. I wasn't too early, was I? Maybe I could surprise the surprise party.
Up the stairs I crept, the voices becoming clearer as I approached. But they weren't voices exactly. More like soft moans. I stopped to listen for a minute and figured out that it was two female voices which I heard. But I still couldn't identify them. So again, I climbed a few more steps until.... At first, what I saw, blew my mind. Leaned back on the futon, was my cousin Mandii, totally nude except for a cut-off shirt which barely covered her jutting nipples. Her bikini bottoms were still around her ankle. What really blew my mind was whose face was buried in Mandii's pussy. Amy! My ex-girlfriend!
Not wanting the show to stop quite yet, I crouched down on the stairs and continued to watch my fantasy come true unfold before my eyes. Mandii was writhing and moaning under Amy's tongue. My eyes quickly adjusted to the loft's dim light and I watched as Amy flicked her long tongue over Mandii's now-elongated clit. Slowly, Amy removed her mouth only to replace it with her hand. She slid a finger deeply into Mandii, followed by another and another, until she had all four fingers buried up to her knuckles. She slowly began pumping her hand in and out of Mandii's shaved pussy. Her own moistness had lubricated her smooth pussy lips to a shine, even in this dim light. Absently, I removed my now hardened cock from the confines of my shorts and began to stroke its length slowly in rhythm with Amy's hand.
About the time I was nearing the point of no return, the girls switched places. Mandii kissed her way down Amy's neck towards her taut stomach lingering for a while to lick and nibble on Amy's breasts. Hers were a bit larger than Mandii's but no less firm. Her C-cup tits parted ever so slightly as she lay back on the futon. After a few more teasing kisses to the inside of Amy's thighs, Mandii let her tongue part the lips of her pussy. This sent a wave of pleasure through my ex and she pulled Mandii's face closer and held her there until, with a loud cry, Amy began to cum harder than I've ever seen her.
About this time, I was nearing an orgasm of my own and I didn't want to waste it on my hand. I got up and climbed the last few stairs with my still hard cock in my hand. Mandii turned to look at me, "We were hoping you'd get here soon. What else did you expect two horny girls to do while we were waiting for you?"
"Happy birthday, sweetie!", Amy said as she rejoined the real world. "I've been planning this surprise for you since last year's party when I saw you staring a Mandii the whole night. I just thought you might like to see what it would be like to fulfill two of your fantasies at once."
"Maybe three or four," Mandii chimed in.
"What better time than the present." I said. And with that, Amy knelt down in front of me and, just like when we were dating, swallowed all seven inches of my still hard cock in one motion. Mandii got herself comfortable on the futon and began to stroke her pussy, all the while watching my cock disappear in and out of Amy's mouth. She still sucked cock with total abandon, just like she used to. I knew I'd have a tough time holding back from coming if she continued much longer.
"I see you haven't lost your talent for deep-throating," I said as she took my shaft into her mouth right down to my balls. "Mnnnn hmmmmm," she purred as she removed my hard cock from her mouth and began to lick the underside of my balls.
"I think Mandii here is feeling left out," said Amy. "I think I'll give her some attention."
With that, she moved her face back to Mandii's pussy and, now on all fours, presented her ass to me for my pleasure. I leaned over and began to furiously eat her pussy. She had always tasted wonderful, but tonight, she'd outdone herself. I ran my tongue up and down her soaking wet slit with long strokes reaching all the way to her tiny asshole. This sent a shiver up her spine. Probably remembering the last time I ate her ass and fucked it silly.
I couldn't hold back much longer, so I positioned the swollen head of my penis so that I could rub the head up and down, hitting the clit every now and then for effect. Without warning, I pushed all seven inches into her in one motion. She literally screamed with pleasure and began to fuck Mandii's pussy with her tongue. I fucked her pussy hard for old times sake. (She always loved a physical fuck.) I was again nearing orgasm when she pulled away from me and gave Mandii a knowing wink.
"How'd you like to let Mandii taste that big cock of yours?" Amy asked. "What kind of fool would say no?" I answered. No sooner had I answered, Mandii was on her knees before me looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes of hers and whispered, "I've been wanting this for soooo long.", and ran her tongue up the bottom of my shaft sending chills through me and weakening my knees.
My wildest fantasy was finally coming true. My gorgeous cousin was sucking my cock while her other hand was working furiously between her legs, bringing herself closer to orgasm. Her oral skills were second to none and before I knew what hit me, I was shooting stream after stream of my cum down her throat and all over her cheeks. "Amy said you always liked to cum in a girl's mouth. And you taste so good.", said my dream fuck, "and now I want to know how you feel inside my hot little pussy."
It didn't take long to get me back into shape for the next round with both girls simultaneously sucking and licking my dick and balls. Matter of fact, I don't think I ever went flaccid. My patience over the years was about to pay big dividends. Both Amy and Mandii bent over the futon and reached back to spread their pink pussies for my pleasure. Not wanting to wait another minute for what Id been dreaming about since I was 17, I moved behind Mandii and slid into her tight, young pussy for the first time. She was so tight, I had a bit of difficulty getting myself in. But when I did, oh what a feeling!!! I continued to penetrate her until I looked over to see Amy whispering in Mandii's ear. Or nibbling. I couldn't tell.
Just then, I felt Amy's hand grab hold of the base of my cock in mid-stroke. She pulled me away from Mandii but continued stroking my engorged shaft. She put her mouth down towards Mandii's ass and started to eat her little, pink rosebud of an asshole.
"Would you like to put your hot cock into my ass the way you used to with Amy? No one's ever been able to do my ass right and Amy said you were really good at it." Mandii purred. I didn't think I could get any harder, but just then I thought I'd burst.
Amy guided me towards Mandii's firm buttocks and nestled the head of my prick at the entrance to her back door. "Knock, knock," I joked. "Come on in, it's open." said Mandii. So I pushed and felt her relax and begin to take me in. Her pain quickly turned to pleasure now that my cock was more than halfway in. I began to pump her ass slowly at first making doubly sure that she was ready to take it all before, with a mighty groan, I sunk in right down to my scrotum. Four or five more strokes was all it took before I felt the muscles of her hot ass clamp down and begin to make me cum.
Amy could sense this, and I pulled out just in time to send another load of cum at both of their faces. They swapped my sperm back and forth with slow, sensual kisses. We collapsed in a heap on the now folded out futon.
"Happy birthday, stud," said Amy. "Yeah, happy fucking birthday cuz'.", Mandii managed, "Sure hope you've got a surprise for our birthdays!"
"Hell, yeah I do," I though to myself, "hell, yes I do!"
Mandii's birthday was only about a month away. I couldn't wait.

MORE SOON............


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