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I got in late last night and Mom was upset, I have told you that if you have the car and your're going to be late to call I worry. Dad left a year ago and it's just been me and Mom. I just turned 18 two weeks ago and Mom treats me like a 10 yeard old. I was mad and went storming out of the kitchen, I jumped into the shower and thought about that little cock teaser, Mary Jellison. Put her hand in my shorts at the movies then jump out of the car like nothing happened. Drying off still thinking about it I got a hard on and went to my room to take care of things. I was laying there in the ark jerking off and the door opens and there stood my Mother, the light from the hall lite up the room, and I knew she saw what was going on. She pulled the door to and after a few seconds she calls out to me and askes if she can come in. She came in and closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of the bed. Look Robert she says it's ok it's normal for a man to get that way now and then. I was turning red just knowing that she saw me jerking off. The light from the house next door came on and the room lite up again. I notice my shorts on the floor next to the dresser. And I still had most of a hard on. The light went out and she says I can still see that you got no relief from what you were doing. She put her hand under the covers and said let me help. I just layed there and held my breath as she started masturbating me. I got hard in a second and said you better stop, it's and with that she bent over and picked up my shorts and held them over my cock, saying go ahead and let it go it's good for you to get it out. It was the best hand job I have ever had. hen it was over she said Mom can come in and put you tobed any night you like just leave the door ajar and I will know you want to come in. Two nights later I went to bed and thinking about what had happened I got up and opened the door. I layed there for half an hour and then the hall light went out and I could hear her coming down the hall, she came in and sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the cover back. when she took my cock in hand she says oh my you are ready aren't you well relax and close your eye's , as she was playing with my cock she stopped for a second and then I could feel something warm and moist on my dick, wow Mom was sucking me off, what a feeling I had never had that done before and was cumming in just seconds. With out a word she pulled my hand and let it lay on her pussy, That night she showed me how to bring a woman to climax, every time I have a proble them sleeping or a problem with my dick I leave the door open and the fire works start.



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