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Learning the Hard way

I was the typical primary school teacher, one of the few men in the job in this area. At a staff meeting in early May, the crusty old head informs me that I've to have a student, mainly because of problems with her original school. I leave feeling rather put apon, because students were always hard work, particularly as I always did my best for them(remembering how tough my own Teaching Practices had been.) Shirley arrived two weeks later, a petite, pretty student,looking as young as some of my eleven year olds.
Shirley was nervous, lacking confidence with both the kids and the other teachers. She listened carefully to my advice and comments regarding her impending T.P. Shirley's preparation was excellent, I'd got myself a hard working student, with a bit of confidence she'd do well. Within two days however, the more unpleasant members of the class typically took their chance to misbehave, and Shirley began to find things rathr difficult. Her college tutor arrived for his first visit...amused he was not!! Apparently Shirley all but failed her second T.P. and did little better on her first T.P. Shirley was now at the "Last Chance Inn."
At home time I cornered Shirley as she tried to slink away. To cut a long story short it transpired our Shirley was a vicar's daughter, training to be a teacher to keep Daddy happy. As an only child she had little experience, or confidence of dealing with kids. Having unburdened her dark secret to me, she burst into tears, shaking violently as she blubbed. She sobbed about "Having to pass." She pulled in close and slipped her arms around my waist, still blubbing. Evil thoughts were zipping round my head, would I be able to resist??
I put one hand under her chin and made her eyes meet mine. I explained that she was hard working, and that between us we could make the T.P. work. At that I placed my spare hand on her bottom. I looked into her pretty eyes ready for the inevitable negative reaction, but her eyes closed and a soft smile filled her pretty face. I began to stroke her tight little bottom as she pulled herself even more tightly to me. Taking my chance, I led hr into my stockroom.Once in I slipped my hand up her skirt to get a better feel of her bottom. I slipped her grey tights to her knees and knelt in front of her. She had plain white pants on, but her bush was clearly visible through the flimsy material. I licked and kissed the little bush through the pants. I looked up to find her entranced, so I took my chance and pulled her tights and then her pants down to her ankles. I began to eat her pussy, and her enthusiastic moans ensured that I did a good job, and the wetness and taste confirmed how good a job I was doing.
Her pussy was tight but well lubricated. but two fingers was a tight fit.I dropped my trousers and boxers ready to enter her. To my amazement, she pulled back from me and knelt submissivly in front of me. "I've never done this before" she told me. and proceeded to swallow my dick. As a virgin cock sucker Shirley was brilliant and I came quickly in her mouth. Shirley didn't enjoy a mouthful of come but luckily found her pants on the floor.It was a real turn on watching her wipe her mouth with her own pants. My cock rose again,brushing Shirley's hair. Small flecks of come were dotted in her dark locks. "Top Off" I commanded and she quickly obeyed. Under her expensive top was a plan bra, matching her come drenched pants. "Bra Too" was my next command and Shirley'complied.
Trying to appear cool, I took off what was left of my clothes. Shirley knelt again to suck me off for a second time.I stood her up and sat her on the empty end of the computer table.I spread her legs and began to try to enter her. It was not easy. I' d dried up, and so had Shirley. "I'm a virgin.....sorry..." said Shirley, starting to fill up again. An idea flashed into my head."There is a way we can have sex, and you could stay a virgin..." A quizzical look crossed her pretty face. "How?" she said pleadingly. "Trust Me..." I heard myself say. With that I turned her around on the computer desk so that her lovely bottom was facing me. I eased my cock into the crack of her bottom. A frightened look filled her face as she looked over her shoulder at me. "You're not...not there..please don't" But it was too late, I was already rubbing spit onto my cock. Shirley tried to turn round but I had a firm grip on her hips. I had a finger quickly up her backside . Her bottom was slacker than her pussy and the spit lubricant made things quite slippy. My dick was so hard now that three or four hard shoves saw me in. Shirley howled,but I no longer cared,but almost immediately I sensed acceptance, and she began moving in rythym with me. I reached forward and began kneading her tiny breasts. As we both neared a climax, she reached back to stroke my balls. I reached under her hand and fingered her pussy again. An enormous orgasm flowed from me into her hot bottom. My cock was a sorry mess of blood,shit and come.Shirley got off the table and picked up her wet pants from the floor. She cleaned my cock for me using her pants as a cloth. I still have the pants, some five years on, the aroma of them I still intoxicates me. Shirley needed lots of help to pass her T.P..,and was grateful for every bit of help.That's another story. It was a tiring four weeks,but a month I'll never forget.



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