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A Trip Down There

My best buddy at college was Ronnie. He was a good looking bloke, and could pick and choose the girls he went out with, unlike me, who seemed destined to marry Linda at some time in the future. In our circle was the lovely Patricia.(Pat) She was a real beauty, not stick thin, but a beatifully proportioned Birmingham girl.(Cradley, if you are reading this Pat) Ronnie set his sights on her, and they outwardly became an item.Ronnie was proud of Pat, but after a couple of beers one night he began to give me some intimate details about Pat.
Pat would get his prick out,take her top off and take Ronnie's off too. He described here tits in detail, including details of taste and nipple hardness. However if he tried to 'go south', he found Pat a less than willing partner. His sex life so far was a grope, a cuddle and a quick suck of her left breast. He was convinced that Pat was 'frigid.' I ended up feeling quite sorry for Ronnie, who usually fought the women off! A few weeks later the geography department went on its' yearly field trip, to deepest Wales! Ronnie did not do geography, but Pat and I were part of a party of twenty that caught the coach to Wales. Ronnie wistfully waved her off, it was going to be a long week for him..We arrived at a Welsh college and were given a room each, men on one floor, women on another. That night we went to the college bar, to steel ourselves for the fieldwork to follow. It was very noisy as I went into the bar, and in the corner I saw Pat being jostled by two local lads. She started to protest, but a hand stifled it. The other bloke hoisted her jumper up exposing a cream coloured bra. In a second her bra was off, and the Welsh lad buried his head between those gorgeous tits. Now superman I wasn't, but I leapt up, pulling Dai the titsucker off. A scuffle ensued, but nothing too serious. Pat ran out, leaving the two locals to tell their side of it. Apparently she had let them buy her four or five drinks, and had let both men put their hands up her jumper, French kissed both men and let them stroke her ass. The trouble began when the lads tried to pull her black slacks off. The barman confirmed the story, which had a curious familiarity to it when Ronnie's revelations suddenly occured to me. We exchanged a few curt pleasantries, and went our seperate ways.
I went back to my room, but sat in the corridoor next to my room was Pat. She stood as I approached, and gave me a smile that would have melted Antarctica! I opened the door and she followed me in. She sat in the little chair, I sat on the bed, she immediately began her explanation, obviously aware that I might report to Ronnie. I reassured her that I wasn't a tell tale but that there were a few witnesses in the bar who might have a story to tell back at college. Pat smiled,pushing her knees together. She needed the toilet! The toilet door was right behind her, so I respectfully opened the door for her. What happened next totally staggered me! Shy Pat went in and pulled her tight black slacks down to her knees. The door was wide open, I now knew that her panties matched her bra. She explained that she didn't like to shut the 'loo door', but that she'd shut it if I minded. Of course I DIDN'T mind, and with great anticipation I waited for her to drop her pants. She slipped them down slowly leaving me a long look at her neatly trimmed bush. The gentle trickle emanated beneath her bottom, and a low hiss! For the first time, a look of embarrassment reached her reddenng face! 'Sorry!' was all she had time to say before I joined her at the toilet bowl. Without a word I pushed my fingers into her wet bush, whilst at the same time lifting her jumper in much the same manner to our Welsh friends had done such a short time ago. Pat helped me get her jumper off, and I tore her cream bra in my haste to get my mouth round her tits. We quickly withdrew to the bed, where I plunged my face into her pussy. With fingers and my tongue I brought her to orgasm, over and over, marvelling in the sweet, musty taste of her juices. I'll never know how she did it, but Pat managed to manouvre herself into the '69' position. My eyes opened sharply as my prick plunged into her hot throat. Within a minute I was coming, but as I went to pull my dick out, two strong hands gripped my ass, holding me tightly in her mouth. I began to shake and tremble, as the biggest orgasm I've ever experienced spurted deep in Pat's throat. As I felt my dick softening in her mouth I felt a finger being stuck up my tight ass! 'Ow!' was my immediate response, but Pat took control, finger fucking my softening ass. As my ass softened, my dick re-hardened, still in her mouth. Her sucking and my thrusting brought me close to orgasm again, and another load gushed into her throat when her third finger forced it's way into my now sore ass!! Still Pat held me there, gulping my come and my softenng cock deep into her throat. My prick stiffened again, as the fourth finger tore the skin on my ass. My body went in spasm again, but nothing flowed,just an aching sensation in my balls and ass followed.
We rolled onto our sides, and Pat brought her face up the bed. My come was dripping from her chin, but daintily using her shit stained finger, she spooned and slurped it all into her mouth, and swallowed hungrily. That was my one encounter with Pat. I never got to fuck her, although Ronnie's blow by blow accounts when we got back to college gave me a flavour of it. I smiled when Ronnie complained that 'Pat can't suck dick', remembering that Welsh evening. I found it hard talking to Pat back at college. I just had visions of her sitting on the toilet, dripping my semen from her chin and tearing my ass with four fingers. What a woman!! Where are you now Pat??


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