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I could see the concentration on the man's face as he slid down in his seat.She sat across from him in the store,watching me examine a pair of boat shoes.She was wearing a red and white striped dress with high heel pumps and pantie hose.I knew the pantie hose were crotchless and that she wore no other underwear.The man had caught a glimpse of white skin when she crossed her legs and was trying very hard to confirm his suspicions.
As my salesman brought me another pair of shoes to examine she gave me a smile, so quickly that only I saw it, and shifted again in her seat.She allowed her legs to separate slightly and I saw her admirer was totally focused on her.With the thought that I was probably going to make his day I gave her our prearranged signal and watched his face. Leaning slightly to the right she let her legs fall apart as she lifted her right foot and scratched an imaginary itch on her ankle. I knew what it would look like with those milky white thighs leading up to her perfectly shaped pussy.It was shaved from her clit down and the plump lips gave it the look of a ripe peach.Her pussy hair was trimmed into a very small v so she could wear a low cut thong and it was an almost startling red against her white skin.I saw the look of disbelief cross his face as she exposed her self to him.It instantly turned to a blush as he looked up and saw her smiling at him.He hurriedly placed his baseball cap on his lap in an attempt to cover the bulge growing in his jeans.Before he had a chance to react any further I thanked my salesman and we left the store. We were parked on the third level of the parking garage and I hardly had time to unlock the car before she was pulling at my belt."I'm so wet, so hot, please hurry!"she moaned as I slipped my shorts down past my knees."Someone may see us here"I warned."I don't care I need your cock" she groaned"hurry!".
I slid to the middle of the seat and pulling her dress above her hips she straddled my cock.She took me in her fist and rubbed the head of my cock against her seam.She was dripping wet and when she let her weight down on my cock it seemed to flow up into her until we were hair to hair. As she began to pump up and down on my shaft she immediately went into her orgasm.I was right behind her as I jetted thick streams of semen up inside her body.
I guess it started a few years ago. We had not discussed it or even considered anything like it. We were on a trip to the keys and were on our way home. We had the top down and my wife Susie was working on her tan in a new string bikini we picked out in Key West. On the turnpike we passed a truck and as we passed the driver blew his air horn several times. I slowed up and the driver, a black man in his late twenties, gave my wife the ok sign and took another look at her in her bikini.A little while later she reclined her seat, removed her bikini top and layed back in the sun . I told her "you know, if I slow up that truck driver will probably catch up to us.""If it doesn't bother you it doesn't bother me"she said with her eyes closed. Always one to take a dare I eased off the cruise control and started watching my mirror for the truck.I never thought she was serious till the driver started to pass and she just layed there.
When the truck had passed and slowed down I realized I had an enormous erection at the thought of him looking down at her naked breasts.She reached over and touched the lump in my pants."Your hard" she said,"pass him again". As we rode along side the truck she stroked her nipples and said "I'm so wet I'm soaking my bottoms". I reached over and untied the string on one side of her bikini bottom"than take them off"I said.While the driver tried to watch the road and stare at my wife at the same time she untied the last tie ,pulled the bottom off and dropped it on the floor.
"Don't stop now" I urged as she turned and leaned back against me. With the driver watching she put one foot on the seat and the other foot on the dash board and spread her legs.She took my arm over her shoulder put my hand into the heat of her pussy and said "do me, with your hand, while he watches". That night,lying side by side in bed, I tried to tell her how I felt about what we had done.She cut off my words with a simple "you enjoyed it"."Well yes I did" I replied, a little surprised at her reaction."You enjoyed another man looking at your naked wife while you brought her off with your fingers?""Yes, I liked it a lot"I said truthfully."It made you happy to show off my body to another man, a stranger?""Well, whats wrong with that"I snapped, getting angry in my confusion."Nothing baby, nothing at all.Go to sleep" as she kissed me on the cheek."I liked it to".
Almost a year went by and we had had no repeat performance's. We had not even mentioned the subject although I could not help thinking about it once in a while.Our lives had been very stressful the last six months and it seemed like we had time for everything but ourselves.Between our jobs and a new house every minute was planned for us so I was very surprised when she suggested a weekend away from everything!
We went to St. Augustine. It was off season and we got a room right on the beach. The next day surprised us by being unseasonably warm so we decided to spend at least part of it on the beach.Susie collects bathing suits like other women collect shoes so it didn't surprise me when she stopped at a shop on the beach to look for another one.The shop owner showed us some bikinis including some thongs that he said were popular with the spring breakers.Susie picked out a suit in Emerald Green that looked like it was made of shoe laces. The shop owner warned her that it was made to not cover anything and left little to the imagination. "Sounds just like what I'm looking for"she said with a wink as she went toward the fitting room.
When she came out I looked around to see if there was anyone else in the store to witness this .She was gorgeous.Also so close to naked I had to look twice.The cups on the top were so small they did not cover the dark area around her nipple.The bottom was simply a string between her ass cheeks to a small cup of material in front and another string around her hips. I caught the store owner staring at her and he said "I'm sorry sir, I warned you". When she sat down to put her high tops back on I could see between her legs that the bottom rode up between her lips and her pubic hair was visible out both sides and over the top.She looked down as she saw me looking and said"I guess I'll have to shave pretty close to wear this one, can I wear it out of the store?"
I paid for the suit and followed her outside not sure she would go through with it. The combination of her rich red hair, the Emerald Green suit, her long tan legs ,and the high tops were incredibly erotic.She ran across the board walk to the railing over the sand. With her palms on the rail she stretched up on her toes to look out over the ocean and then looked back over her shoulder with a smile."Like what you see?"she giggled and without waiting for my answer said "the hell with that razor lets get on the beach!"
We went back to the car for a blanket, a small cooler and her beach bag and then started down the beach.Past the end of the boardwalk the dunes and the sea oats started as the beach went back to it's natural state.After spreading the blanket at the base of a dune we settled down to enjoy the rest of the day.With no hesitation she pulled off her top ,stretched out on her belly and asked me to put lotion on her back.Without her top and just a string on her hips she looked totally naked.After applying the lotion we had nearly dosed off when the sound of voices drew my attention.A couple had come around the end of the dune and were spreading their blanket about 100 feet away.I watched their faces as they noticed us and tried to decide if my wife was naked.
I was wondering how Susie would react when she lifted up on her elbows and turned to look in the direction of our new neighbors.Her pear shaped breasts swayed slightly as she moved and I saw a smile across her full lips as she saw them realize she had no top.She rolled over on her back and then up on her elbows completely exposing her breasts in the sun. The tiny green bottom pulled up between her Lips and with one leg slightly pulled up her pussy looked lush and ripe."I hope they have nothing against nudity" I said as I picked up the bottle and poured some oil into my hand. As I moved behind her and started to rub the oil into her shoulders and breasts she said "I don't think it's a problem, look". I turned toward the other couple as the woman removed her bikini top exposing large pale breasts with startling pink nipples. She didn't look at us but the guy smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up.As I finished rubbing the oil on to Susie's breasts I could feel her nipples, hard and thick, and I knew this whole scene was turning her on. A while later I was dozing when her hands spreading oil on my legs woke me up. She slowly moved up until her hands were inside the leg of my shorts. I groaned as she slowly rubbed my cock. It was stiff and hard and so hot her hands felt cool when she rubbed her palm over the head. When she opened the snap and pulled down the zipper I said "those people are watching you". "Good",she said,"I want her to see my husbands gorgeous cock. I think I like showing it off as much as you like showing me off".
My cock stood up straight as she slowly jacked her hand up and down every now and then rubbing her thumb over the head. I looked at the other couple and caught them staring at what she was doing to my cock. The husband was playing with his wifes breasts and when the woman noticed me looking at them she quickly looked away. I untied the strings on Susie's bikini bottom and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. She was so excited the inside of both legs as wet. I rubbed my finger between her pussy lips searching for her clit. "No, no I'm to sensitive, put your fingers inside me" she gasped. I slid two fingers lower between her lips and her pussy seemed to suck them in. I gently moved them in and out as I tried again to massage her clit with my thumb.
"Enough is enough" she groaned as she threw her left leg over my body so she was straddling my body with her back to me. She reached back between her legs, took my cock in her hand, and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips to line up her cunt. Putting her head back and dropping her weight she took my whole length into her pussy in one stroke.
Susie sat up straight and then leaned back as she started moving on my cock. I reached around her and took both breasts in my hands rubbing my palms against her nipples."My nipples. Pinch them. Pull them, harder"she gasped."I'm going to come"!"That couple is staring right at you watching you come"I urged as she started to shake. It was the right thing to say because with a scream and a frenzied pumping on my cock she shuddered through her orgasm.
Before I knew what she was doing she lifted off my cock leaving it wet and shiny from her juices."What are you doing"? I asked desperately. "Don't worry"she said as she crouched next to me. The next thing I felt was her tongue as she licked the pussy juice from my cock. "Now it's your turn' she said."Come in my mouth baby. Put your hands in my hair and hold my head while they watch you pump your sperm into my mouth"she moaned. I immediately lost control and shot thick ropy streams of sperm against the back of her throat.
When I finally calmed down and came back to earth I noticed the other couple was gone."You know"I said,"I was going to pull out and shoot my sticky come on your face and your breasts but I lost control"."Well," said Susie, "when your wife likes to show off as much as you do, there is always next time." And that, my friend, is how we came to be in the shoe store!!


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