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I hate weddings. Mum said that I had to attend my cousin's wedding or she wouldn't be able to look her sister in the eye again.
The ceremony had been a boring affair and as a red-blooded 19 year old I was on the look out for some pretty bridesmaids to flirt with, or any other girls for that matter. We live in the country and I have to say that my social life revolves around darts at the local pub on Thursdays, television, and a few computer games on my Nintendo.
I suppose this drab lifestyle has made me a bit of a recluse, with no brother or sisters, but I do enjoy my own company. But weddings...ugh!
The buffet dinner and speeches and been and gone, and tables and chairs were being moved aside to make way for some dancing. The DJ was testing his mike and announced he was about to start the evening with some rock Ôn roll.
I searched the the hall for a sign of young females but was disappointed to say the least. The bridesmaids were all young girls apart from one of them who must have been about 18. From the back she looked quite nice, but her face let her down in a big way - she had a big spot problem. Also her figure didn't appear to exist. I like boobs - small, medium or big. But she was flat chested, so no wishful thinking or lustful thoughts here.
The rest of the women were aunts and friends of the bride's mother or my mum. All in there in there forties or fifties. This was going to be a helluva evening!
I made my way to the bar and ordered pint of lager. I picked up a couple of Twiglets to munch and made my way to a chair far away from the booming speakers dishing out an old Beatles number. Everyone was going at it like no tomorrow, especially the old un's.
"Don't you like dancing,' a voice said. I looked around and met the penetrating blue eyes of a lady who I hadn't seen before. 'No, it's not really my scene, but I might have a go after I've had a few of these,' I said, pointing to my lager.
"I missed the wedding', she said, 'but I'm not really a wedding person. I thought I'd show my face and then drift away without anyone noticing.'
The disco lights were flashing in reds and blues, and this lady, who must have been in her early 40's look pretty cool. She had short cut dark hair with blonde highlights, a light blue blouse that did wonders for her figure, and a black skirt that appeared to be moulded to her hips and legs. I noticed she had her ankles crossed in a sort of sexy way, with her weight just on one leg.
She drew on her cigarette and said 'Fancy some fresh air?' And disappeared out of the back entrance to the hall. I followed because it seemed the right thing to do and she was undoubtedly the most interesting looking female that I'd seen the whole day, or for most of my life, for that matter.
The outside light was a dull affair but it created a wonderful glow around her head and shoulders. I could see the sillouhette of her hand and cigarette and the smoke being blown upwards from her pouting lips.
"Bored, are you?' She stated in matter of fact way.
"I was until I met you' I said in a rather patronising voice, hating myself for sounding like. "I can't stand weddings either.'
"How old do you think I am,' she said knowlingly. 'No idea,' I lied, 'probably 30 odd' I lied again.
"You young smoothie' she chuckled. 'You'll go far - especially with me.'
As I was working out something clever to say, she did something totally unexpected. She stared at my trousers, just below the waist and said: 'When was the last time you used that piece of equipment for anything other than a pee.'
Blimey, I was a little taken aback and, being very inexperienced on the practical side with women, didn't care to admit that the last occasion was a wank about two days ago, in the company of the centrespread of an old Penthouse magazine.
As the thought crossed my mind I could feel my face flush and my cock start to move in an upward direction, completely out of control. I quickly put my hands over the area and was complete stuck for words. I felt completely out of my depth, and very nervous.
She held out her hand and pulled my arm bringing me closer to her. She turned and pulled my behind her as she moved round the corner of the building in a secluded area between two large bushes.
"How would you like to handle these' she smiled, placing my hand on her right breast. 'Wow, it was bloody marvellous - sort of soft yet firm at the same time.
She saw the look of awe on my face and said, 'Come on, feel the real thing.' She popped open some studs on her blouse and in a matter of a second had unclipped her bra at the front. Her tits fell loose and were absolutely magnificent. In the soft, shadowy light her nipples were huge and very erect, surrounded by dark, perfectly round patches.
"She pulled my body towards her and with her hand around my neck placed my face about half an inch from her nipple. 'Suck it nicely and I'll give you a nice present' she murmered, in a really growly voice.
I didn't have to be asked twice. I was gone and sucking on her huge nipple with all my might. It was absolute bliss! As I closed my eyes and thought I was in heaven, my left hand found her left breast and tried to encapsulate all of it in the palm. But it was too big and I settled for squeezing the underneath and lifting it high. She felt amazing.
"That's nice,' she murmered. 'Keep it nice and even' and promptly pulled my head away and placed it in front of her other boob. I changed nipples and grabbed her left breast with my right hand. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop!
I'd lost complete control of myself and was just sucking and kneading her glorious tits and would have stayed there for the rest of my life.
She pulled my head away and held my face close to hers. She kissed me hard and before a could draw a breath her tongue was exploring parts of my mouth I didn't know existed. God, my cock was aching like mad.
I think she must have senses my discomfort, if you can describe pure bliss as discomfort, and place her hand directly on my throbbing knob. I nearly came there and then, but she'd zipped my trousers with one hand and had my cock out in the fresh air. The cool of the evening just eased the ache for a couple of seconds.
"Now it's your turn.' she whispered and disappeared from view dropping to her knees.
Oh my God, my cock was inside her hot, wet mouth, and she had one hand around the base and the other cupping my balls and moving one of her fingers around the bottom of my scrotum. It was all too much. I had never felt so much intense pleasure and I just lost control, cumming hard and fast, seemingly spurting forever. My balls were twitching and I was thrusting, but she didn't let go and her mouth stayed firmly on my dick.
"Mmmm-mm, that was a bit special. If I was to hazard a guess I reckon that was a first time for you. Am I right?'
I nodded eagerly, thinking that I'd blown my innocence anyway, and started to think that perhaps I shouldn't be here. My cock was still hanging from the large opening in my trousers and my legs were feeling very weak.
"Sit down and rest'' she ordered and I obeyed without any hesitation. I was still in a state of somewhere between ecstasy and nervousness.
She kneeled down beside me and help my poor deflated cock between two fingers. Her breasts were heaving in front of me and I was still marvelling at her glorious figure. What a night to remember.
I made up my mind that I had better get back to the wedding before someone came looking for me and went to get up.
"Oh no, not yet,' she murmered in my ear. 'we've only just begun.'
I d..d..don't think I can manage any more,' I blurted out. 'It was wonderful'.
What a pratt! Her fingers started to roll my cock in her hand like a fine cigar. It was very pleasant but I wasn't feeling particularly sexy right at this moment.
She let go of me and stood up keeping her eyes on me all the time and wiped her mouth with the back of a hand. 'You certainly gave me plenty to remember you by,' she smiled. Her face was beautiful in the pale light.
"But I think it's only fair that I give you something as a keepsake,' she stated very mischieviously. She zipped the side of her skirt and stepped out of it, placing it neatly over a small brick wall at the side of the bush.
She stood in front of me, legs astride and her legs were taut and straight before me. She had stockings and suspenders and, coupled with her high heels, look like a sex goddess. I gulped and wondered what to do next.
She moved closer to me and put her crotch in my face.
"Take my panties down and give me a little lick,' she said in a very matter of fact way, as if ordering some shopping at the local supermarket.
I duly obliged, pulling them down gingerly not really know what to expect, but my loins were stirring below. The smell of her sex hit me hard. My mouth was against her pubic hair and I wasn't sure what to do.
"Lick me gently' she ordered and I obliged. Dipping my tongue below her crotch and discovering flesh that was damp and hot. My tongue found, more by instinct than any previous experience, that the flesh parted allowing my tongue to probe deeper and deeper, and I wanted more. She pulled my head away and I look up with a puzzled expression on my face.
She placed her hand on the top of her vagina and pulled it upwards, and gestured with her other hand a small piece of flesh that was protruding from between her fingers. 'That's where I want your tongue' she said. 'Enjoy.'
I started to lick this amazing piece of flesh and felt it changing shape. I placed it between my teeth as I had done with her nipples and bit very gently, sucking hard at the same time.
"Oh my love,' she whispered 'you are a natural. Yes, yes, just like that. Perfect'
I was back in a sea of pleasure and as I tasted her magnificant cunt , I reach up with one hand and supported one of her breasts. My cock was back to its throbbing best, but this time I was in no mood for any premature ejaculation.
She pulled back suddenly and I thought I'd done something wrong. Perhaps I had bitten too hard. I was laying there with my back againt the bush my cock sticking up out of my trousers longer and bigger than I'd ever seen it before.
She bent over and undid my belt and quickly pulled down my trousers. She was a bloody expert at removing clothes quickly and before I drew breath my pants were off too.
She knelt down over me and pointed my cock in the direction of her cunt. I just watched my cock disappear slowly into her as she lowered herself very slowly over my dick. Supporting her weight on her knees.
Bloody hell. She felt absolutely amazing. She seemed to be tightening her cunt around my cock without moving, in sort of throbbing motions. I could feel her cunt lips tighten around the girth of my cock.
Her arm disappeared behind her and suddenly, I don't know how, she had a hand under my balls and started to move up and down on me. Her tits were bouncing in rhythm with her movement and I just moved forward and sucked hard on each nipple, holding both of her glorious boobs togther with both hands.
My balls were tingling like crazy and I wanted to stop, to stay in control, but I couldn't. She was moaning and moving faster and faster. She started to make some funny murmering noises that sounded very sexy and when I put all that pleasure together I just exploded. I thrust my dick in her as much as I could and pushed hard as I could. She moaned and groaned and then looked at at me with her piercing blue eyes. She smiled and lent her head back in pleasure. I could feel her wetness over my cock as I came and came and came. More than I ever thought possible.
She leant over and kissed me full on the mouth. 'Give my love to your Mum,' she whispered. Tell her I couldn't stop.
In a flash she was dressed and gone. I got up and put my pants and trousers on, and brushed away the leaves and twigs on the back of my trousers.
I picked up my glass of lager and walked back into the hall. The Spice Girls were singing What You Really, Really Want and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
I went back to the bar to freshen up my glass of lager. I decided not to give my mum the message. I didn't even know who the message was from.
But I don't hate weddings any more.

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