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Plump Tasty

I have always been attracted to big, feminine, fat butt women. I am most attracted to girls with big tits, round stomachs, and big fat asses. I like a woman who accepts her plump body as it is, and knows how to use it. My wife, Linda, fits that description. In recent years her fat ass has grown along with her appetite for being assfucked. Some evenings I don't know what I would rather fuck, Linda's plump titties, her juicy cunt, her sexy mouth, or her fat ass! Fortunately, she usually helps with that decision. Take last night for instance, after I came on her breasts, she sucked me hard, then I fucked her cunt full of cum. Linda also loves it when I fuck her up the ass. A hard dick in her butthole is fine with this plump lady. She also loves to sit on my face for hours. Today she proves that!

"I love when you're dressed like this!" I exclaim, as I come home from work to find her in the bedroom completely naked.

"Lie down and lick me!" she lewdly responds. Well, I'm not about to turn down an offer like that! As soon as I strip off my clothes and lie down she pivots her pussy over my face and her head over my cock. Her crotch is soaked in pussy juice. I lick it up, sucking on her lips and probing her pussy with my tongue. Meanwhile, she licks my shaft and balls, then sucks my limp organ. My cock grows in her mouth while I rim her asshole. While licking and probing her asshole, I lap up her oozing juices and suck on her clit. As my cock gets harder, her pussy gets wetter and we both get ready for more fucking.

"Let's fuck," I say, pushing her aside. I lay her on her back and slip my cock into her pussy. She wraps her legs around my waist and I fuck her, letting my balls slap her asshole. She moans and fucks back on her way to orgasm. Soon, she is gasping and convulsing beneath me, her pussy milking violently on my cock as it gushes hot juices. I fuck her as her leaking juices soak my balls. Very soon, she is on her way to an orgasm as I drill her hard and deep. I fuck her to orgasm then slow my pace.

"Ass time," I say, moving my cock circularly within her pussy. She smiles.

First, she puts on a wonderful butt show for me. She spreads her fat, fuckable butt to my appreciative view, offering her humongous ass to me. One of my favorite forms of play is to put my tongue in her beautiful ass! Unable to resist, I lap juices off her drenched pussy then probe her butt with my tongue. I lap at her crack slowly as she moans and wiggles, depending on how deeply my tongue penetrates her sweet butthole. Linda diddles her own clit as I suck her butt. I spend at least thirty minutes with my face buried between the sweet heat of her huge bottom. Linda beautifully wiggles against my wet face as I taste her lust. I finger, lick, and suck her tasty butthole until her eyes roll back in her head.

Then lying on top of her, I nudged her knees apart and guide my cock to her asshole. My cock slides slowly into her butt until my balls rest against her wet pussy. With my cock planted balls deep in her ass, I reach between her legs and massage her pussy gently. Her pussy drips juices in my palm as I pump her ass gently and slowly. She moans lowly and wiggles her ass at me. I nibble on her earlobe while she sucks on two of my fingers. Her asshole milks and sucks on my cock instinctively. My rock hard cock oozes precum deep within her ass.

We lie like that for a while as I tease her swollen clit with my fingertips. Soon I have her cumming long and hard. She groans and bites my fingers while she shoves her fat ass hard onto my cock, wiggling violently around the base of my shaft. As she cums we kiss wetly and lustfully. We catch our breath then resume our slow, gentle assfuck.

Occasionally, I pull almost all the way out of her ass then shove my cock all the way in, making her grunt. Linda undulates in waves, letting her huge butt move up and down my cock. I meet her strokes and finger her oily clit as Linda wiggles her ass toward a wet orgasm. Seeing her ready to cum, I slip my hands beneath her tits and pinch her stiff nipples. She stiffens for a second then convulses in orgasm. Gripping her tits, I pump her ass with long, hard strokes, my balls slapping her drenched pussy. She gasps and shakes violently, her asshole contracting repeatedly around my hard shaft. Then she goes limp, but I fuck her ass with smooth, long strokes as she recovers.

"Mmm," she moans quietly, humping her ass ever so gently to under my slow strokes. "That was phenomenal."

"I can't agree more," I say, working two fingers into her mouth. "Now, how would you like to swallow a big hot load of cum?"

"Oh, yes," she moans. I pull my cock slowly out of her well fucked ass and raise her ass, pulling her onto her hands and knees. I lick up her dripping pussy and kiss her sweet asshole. Rising to my knees, I let her turn around and take my cock in her mouth. She strokes it and sucks on it for a while. Then she deep throats me, working more cum out of my balls. Linda slurps and sucks on my cockhead while jacking the slippery shaft with her talented hands. When she senses I am ready, she purses her lips on the tip of my cock and sucks hard while fisting my shaft. My cock swells and twitches in her hand, then hot jets of cum spurted into her sucking mouth. She gulps down everything I offer and sucks for more, jacking my shaft hard. She doesn't let my cock drop out of her mouth until she makes sure my balls are totally drained. We kiss and I taste my cum in her mouth. We dress for dinner, after promising each other to do it again tomorrow!

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