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Fat Cake

It isn't difficult for Brad to let his mind wander as he watches Brenda's chunky figure move about the kitchen in her nighty. She is terribly buxom, her breasts and big butt move freely when she wears nothing under her nighty. She is sexy. Brenda is getting out ingredients for a Bundt cake when he walks in. The sight of Brenda in a short nighty is pleasant, and not new. Brad is her next door neighbor, and he simply came over to borrow some sugar. As he enters the kitchen, Brenda drops a quarter-pound bar of butter on the floor.

"Damn!" she exclaims. As she bends over to pick it up, her nighty slides up to clearly expose the naked cheeks of her fat behind and the damp lips of her cunt. Brad stands frozen as she picks up the butter and puts it back on the counter. Then she turns to him. She knows by the look on his face what he has seen and looks directly at him with a half-smile. "It was the last damned butter in the house!"

"Want me to run out and get some more?"

"No. I'll use shortening for the cake. I just hate a greasy mess," she says indicating the remnants of the butter on the floor. Taking a cloth from the counter, she bends down and wipes the floor, again exposing her fat behind. Brad's eyes open wide as he looks at the scrumptious sight.

"How does it look?" she asks him. He stands tongue-tied. "The floor, did I get it all?"

"Yeah!" Brad answers. "It looks good. Real good." Brenda bursts into laughter.

"I like it when you look at me!" Brad can't believe what she is saying, but continues to stare at her ass. Her butt is soft and well-shaped with cute little dimples that make it all the more attractive. All he can think of is how it will feel on his face and cock. It has been so, so long! "You want it, don't you?"

"That sounds good," he replies. Brenda turns to him and puts her fingers to her lips. She steps forward suddenly and presses up hard against him. Instinctively, he reaches out to feel her warm flesh and let his hand knead her wide behind.

"Mm!" she murmurs. "Is that for me?" She rubs hard against his growing erection.

"What do you think?" he whispers hoarsely.

"I think that if you don't fuck me pretty soon, you're going to explode!" she tells him. Brad kisses her deeply and feels her plump body moving against his, her hand snaking its way to his zipper. He slides both hands down under her nightie to cup her bare ass. His penis is out of his pants now and he feels the cool air moving across it as she strokes it gently back and forth. Without letting go, she leads him into the living room and sits down on the couch. She captures Brad's penis and balls between her hands. Leaving slick trails of saliva, she licks them over and over. Closing her eyes, she takes the head of his cock into her mouth and savors it gently, running her tongue beneath it, milking what juices she can eke from him. Stretching the skin back tightly, she slides more into her mouth sucking and tonguing him at the same time. The feeling is exquisite and he feels himself quickly building to a climax. It is cumming too fast and he forces himself to pull away from her.

She looks at him with a frown, but soon smiles again as he drops to his knees behind her and pushes her heavy thighs apart. He looks at the curvaceous cheeks of her ass and sees her damp pussy and asshole winking at him. He does not hesitate to lave her crack with his tongue. He runs his tongue up and down the line from her clitoris to her ass, stopping to swirl his tongue here or gently suck there. Without lifting his lips, he presses three fingers inside her cunt and licks her asshole. He licks the hot crevice of her asscrack and tickles the edge of her vagina with his tongue. Her thighs quiver and her ass ripples around his face as he tastes her. A rush of desire overwhelms him as he licks and sucks at her womanly ass, making loud slurping sounds. He hears her whimpering softly. She spreads her legs even wider, her hands pulling his face deeper into her fat ass.

"You're good!" she tells him. "Lie down," she says urgently, crawling over his face even before he can fully comply. She spreads her legs wide and slides back until his face is once more buried in her fat ass. Her ass rubs hard against his mouth and he burrows his tongue into it. She humps and grinds against his face. Reaching under some cushions on the sofa, she withdraws a large, double-headed dildo and a tube of KY jelly. Reaching back, she lubricates her rear entrance as he continues to lick and probe. He tongue-fucks her quivering ass while she smears KY jelly all over tight hole.

"What do you want me to do with that?" he teases, pausing only a moment in the tonguing of her fat ass.

"Fill me up," she whispers, handing him the dildo. Brad intensifies his manipulation of her pussy as he once more buries his face between her billowy butt cheeks. He holds the dildo in the middle and points one end at her swollen cunt. Expertly, he rubs and probes her labial lips with the head of the dildo. The natural moisture of her aroused twat allows the faux cock to slip easily into her womanly gash. Although the penetration of her cunt is slight, Brenda's rotations intensify. Brad takes her motions to indicate pleasure and pushes the dildo deeper into her grasping hole. He pulls away to catch his breath as he begins a fucking motion in and out of her wet slit. He watches in fascination as this plump woman lewdly squirms, pushes, and undulates in an attempt to absorb the length of the rubber dick. Her heavy tits shake and bounce with each movement of her body. She leans forward and once more engulfs his rod with her mouth. This makes her butt even more accessible to him. To add to her pleasure, Brad reaches up and shoves a long finger up her puckered asshole. For several long minutes, Brad slowly widens her ass with his fingers. He lovingly licks her ass and finger fucks it to perfection. The heavy brunette shows her appreciation by slurping and sucking on his swollen cock.

Using two fingers, Brad pushes so deeply into her bottom that she gasps and lets his dick fall from her mouth. Sliding back as she arches up, he continues to shove his hand between her meaty cheeks. When he finally manages to slide out from under her, she rises to her knees for a cock reaming of her asshole. Mounting her from behind, Brad strokes his cock and places the head against her sizzling hot hole. This beautiful plump girl has no inhibitions about having her hungry ass filled to the brim with hard dick, especially while the dildo remains buried in her pussy. She quickly pushes back to devour his pole with her butt. Brad, however, has his hand tightly clamped around his cock, which allows her only a few inches of dick up her butt. She wiggles and makes guttural sounds as he teases her with his cock. With his cock partially up her ass, Brad begins to pump his cock, which stretches and probes her hole at many angles. Amidst oohs and ahhs, he manipulates her palpitating butt.

Slowly, he slips his dick into her asshole amid her moans and curses of pure pleasure. Her pussy clamps shut in orgasmic ecstasy as Brad's cock snugly occupies her well-stretched butthole. His big dick disappears into the hole so thoroughly prepared by his tongue. Brad lets her have her way and leans back to watch her wide butt undulate on his invading rod. By now she has complete control of the dildo in her cunt. Brenda hunches the slippery phallus as Brad slips his cock deeper into her tight ass and strokes deeply, giving her the vigorous assfuck she so obviously craves. He spreads her cheeks so he can watch his pole plunging in and out of her asshole. Her fluids soak the dildo as he pumps in her tightest hole. Grabbing her tits as they fuck, he pushes her towards orgasm.

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass." she pants, as her cunt makes wet popping sounds on the dildo. Brads balls tighten as he listens to her lewd encouragement. Bracing himself with one leg, he increases the length of his strokes into her quivering bottom, giving her what she so dearly needs. Her breath comes in short gasps as her wet orgasm quickly captures her. Her vulgar utterings turn into an unintelligible groan as her fat ass and tits ripple with orgasmic release. Moments later, he gasps as a jet of cum is propelled deep into her hot ass. He can only groan as squirt after squirt of jism streams into her squeezing bottom. Brenda feels his orgasm and violently rotates her wide rump to suck the last bits of juice from the rod that has given her so much pleasure. As their orgasms subside, Brad leans over her back and whispers in her ear.

"Shouldn't you be finishing your Bundt cake?" he teases.

"Oh, sure. Wanna' help me put frosting on it? That is, if you have any more."

"Well, I'd rather put frosting in it."

"Hmm, that sounds nice." she muses, giving his cock one last squeeze with her ass.

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