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Fat Butt Recliner

Andrea rests her head against the side door armrest and shimmies her fat butt against my thigh. I push another digit into her sweltering depths and finger-fuck her narrow twat. I kneel on the seat between Andrea's legs and lift them so they res on the back window ledge. I rest her big butt on my lap and place my prick against her moist muff. She squirms and moans, her cuntlips running with honey juice. I aim my dick for her cunt and push inside. She bucks against me, pulling me deeper inside. She is a writhing mass of sexual energy.

"Take it out of my cunt and fuck my fat ass," she urges. Yeah, we love to buttfuck. I grab her hips and plunge my dick hard into her cunt.

"You want it up the ass?" I whisper. "Does my dirty slut want to get assfucked? I'm gonna' fuck your fat ass until you come hard!" Andrea moans each time I pummel my dick into her tight twat. I move my hand to her caress her clit. My other hand is full of fat asscheek. She cums right away. Her drizzle of cum flows over my pounding prick and down to her dilating asshole. I smear the juice on my hand and push it into her sweet butthole. Wiggling my fingers around, I finger her fat butt until it swallows me deeply. Andrea cums again, doing the most incredible muscle dance on my prick as I finger her sweet asshole. I bang her cunt one last time and pull out completely.

"In my ass, please," Andrea whimpers, still spraying me with cunt cum. I pull my fingers from her butthole and push my dick in. She is wet and wide, ready for a deep assfuck. Her dilated asshole invites my prick. In one long stroke I plunge into her quivering fat ass. "Ahh, yes!" she hisses, undulating in lewd circles.

My body shakes as I feel her fantastically tight and searing hot asshole. I hold still for a few moments, then pump her in deep thrusts, completely buried in her huge ass.

"Fuck me from behind, up my ass," Andrea pants. It's difficult to pull my hard-on from her creamy butthole. But when she flips onto her knees, ass in my face, my cock gets even harder. Pressing her fat ass down to cock height, I drive back into her slippery hole. She moans lustily, turning her head to me and whispering sweet obscenities. I hold her wide hips and pump her rear hole. Squeezing her fat cheeks, I wham into her asshole as she howls in pleasure, begging for more.

The searing heat and tightness of her asshole is incredible. I fuck her hot, slippery hole. Each time my dick withdraws from her butthole it is sucked right back in. Andrea cums, a rush of pussy juice flowing down her fat thighs. My blood boils with lust as I assfuck this sweet, plump lady. I slap her tasty buttcheeks a few times, enjoying the wiggle of my fat woman. Her asshole squeezes my cock, and her cunt spurts juices. Andrea has multiple orgasms. I'm gong to cum, and I want her to know that I don't have much time left. While she shakes her fat ass, I pull my cock from her butthole and launch a stream of cum over her ass and back. White cream arches over her ass to land in her hair, all over her shoulders, and finally, on her gaping asshole.

"That was incredible assfuck, babe." I say as I caress her lovely face. "You were really wild. Did you like it?"

"Hmm, I'm all wet. And I love it!" she replies.

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