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I casually sipped my Jack Daniels as a surveyed Sayuri's finest: 20 beautiful Thai women seated on bleacher-like benches behind the large pane of glass--each with a round red number on her bikinied breast. I should point out that Sayuri is a not-very-well-known massage parlour on the outskirts of Chiangmai, in northern Thailand. I had heard about it from a friend, who said he'd had the best time of his life there. I had to check it out!

My heart was already thumping in my chest. I was the only farang, or foreigner, in the place--the rest were Thai men. They were smoking, chatting and laughing loudly. I was being unobtrusive, as I'd found the girl I wanted, and didn't want to draw any attention to her. She wore number 15.

Number 15 was wearing a shear, dark green dress. Her long dark legs were carelessly revealed, as she sat on the bench, knitting--I'm not kidding! The rest of the girls were watching a television show, which she clearly disdained. She looked around 20 years old, with beautiful waist-length black hair, penetrating dark eyes. She was probably all of 5' tall, with perky little breasts.

I called the Owner over to my table, all the while keeping my eyes on "my" girl so that no one would get her. I shouldn't have worried--Thai men like only light-skinned girls, while Number 15 was very dark--but I didn't know this at the time.

Immediately the Owner starting pitching me for a bigger fee: "You want sandwich?" (2 girls at the same time); "You want lady boy?" (Transvestite); "You want Wergin?" (Virgin); I'd heard it all before and wasn't interested..."You want B-Course?" That stopped me cold. A B-course was a body massage that I'd only heard about. It involved a girl getting all soapy and sliding her naked body all over yours. I was suddenly obsessed with the idea. "Do all the girls give B-Course?" I asked, not willing to lose Number 15. "No, Sir, only 3 girls you want to see them?" "Yess, I sighed quietly, as Number 15 receded from my thoughts, replaced by visions of soapy thighs..." He called out three numbers rapidly, and the first 2 girls jumped up, both were lovely, but not my favorites. Then slowly, almost disdainfully, Number 15 stood up, and tossed her long hair over her shoulder.

"I'll take Number 15"--barely remembering not to point, an insult, and the reason they wear the numbers in the first place. She immediately came out of the booth and led me to an elevator. I waited nervously as the elevator decended what could only have been a single floor. I was sweating by then. Number 15 led me by the hand into a comfortable room. She started a bath, had me disrobe and put a towel around my waste, then she brought me a drink, while we waited for the tub to fill.

Once the tub was full, she stood up, turned towards me, unbottoned her dress and let it drop to the floor. She wore nothing underneath. I stared at her with mouth agape: Her long beautful legs apexed at a lightly furred juncture that was calling to me. Her small, perky breasts with their dark aureolae, and long nipples beckoned for my tongue. She turned and bent over to test the water. I had the perfect view of her cleft--the finest ass I'd ever seen, heart-shaped and taut, with a precise little gap, a sensual mound, and a prettily puckered brown-eye that I wanted to lick for days.

She lead me over to the tub, seated me there, and began to wash me--all over. She was very careful about washing my prick, balls, and ass. By the time she was done, my cock was ready to cut diamonds. She laid an air mattress next to the tub, and immediately began to pour soap bubbles all over it. She had me lie down on my stomach. She sat across my legs, and began to run her hair all across my body. It was so sensuously soft--perhaps the greatest tactile moment of my life! She bent over and pressed her small hard breasts against my back. She slipped and slid them all over my back, butt and legs. Then she surprised me: She grabbed my feet and pulled herself under me! Imagine, her feed slid up under my stomach towards my head, her breasts ran up my leg, and the killer, her soft little bush trailed up my stomach all the way to my chin...then she slid out, and back again--I nearly came from her sexy bush the second time it approached my chin. Then she had me turn over.

I wasn't embarrassed as my cock pointed to high noon. She spoke only rarely, as her English was not good, here she smiled: "Too big!" I was ready to burst, but she continued her massage, sliding her head up towards my face, her breasts carressing my cock. She slid it between her breasts one, maybe two times then moved on--she wasn't ready for me to cum yet. She turned over, so that her slick butt was resting on my stomach, and began to slide around on my chest. I had a perfect view of her soap slicked, dewy, pussy. Though her vaginal lips were dark and prominent, I got glimpses of beautiful pink as she slid from my cock to my chin. I began to stick my tongue out, wanting to impale here beautiful pussy on my tongue, she only laughed and slid away.

By this time, I was nearly nuts. She could tell I was about to pop, so she stopped and innocently asked: "Do you want to make love?" "Yesssssss" I answered. She dried me off, and led me over to the bed, laid me down, put my drink near my hand, bent down and licked my cock once--to get my attention. She licked my dick all over, licked my balls, carefully sucking each into her mouth--tonguing and mouthing them, then licked back up my shaft. She sucked the head into her mouth, then started to pump up and down, all the while sucking with greater and greater intensity. I screamed that I was going to cum if she continued. Acting as if she didn't believe me, she stroked with her two soap-slicked hands as she sucked, stopping just at the point of no return.

She crawled up my body, hovered her cunt over my pulsing rod, and slowly slid her soap-slick slit over my throbbing shaft. Her pussy was silky warm, and tight. She slid her tiny box all the way down onto the base of my rod. She pulled herself up until the tip of my dick was just touching her hot lips, then slammed her box down hard onto my pole. My hard cock punched through her tight canal, and I felt it smash against her cervix. At this point, her pussy gave four or five hard squeezes on my cock, and I exploded what seemed like quarts of hot come into the little mouth of her cervix, which in my minds eye, seemed to lap it all up.

She gently disentangled herself from me, and I asked her "how much?" She smiled, "Up to you." I handed her 2,000 Thai baht (about $80 U.S. at that time, and 4 times the going rate), I was surprised when she said: "Too much! You want to do again? With sandwich, me and my beautiful friend?" I just smiled...

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