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As I was slightly hung over from last night’s romp through the Pattaya Beach Go-Go bar scene, I figured I had better find another drink and get the hair of the dog over with.

Near my guesthouse, I spotted the "No Hands Bar;" that sounded great! Drinking beer through a straw! My kind of place.

But it turned out to be a strange place. I had to push a buzzer to get in, then walked upstairs to a rather dark room, with a television flashing over the bar. I tracked the 3 really cute Thai bar girls working the floor. As I followed a 5’ tall 19 year old in a g-string towards the bar, I suddenly realized that the television was spewing an incredibly raunchy porno video.

As I watched a German with a huge cock shoot a load all over a familiar looking Asian woman’s face, I pulled a stool up to the bar and ordered a Singha beer. The waitress placed the icy cold beer in front of me, then asked, "You want special service?" I took a pull on my beer, and said, "why not?" I figured I’d get a bowl of spicy peanuts or something.

Suddenly, the gorgeous, g-string girl faced me across the bar. As I stared at her incredible body, she suddenly removed her bikini top, and smiled. The perkiest little set of 34" tits I’d ever seen, begging to get sucked on. She turned around, bent over, and pulled the g aside, showing me her glistening cunt lips and tasty looking brown eye.

Fuck the peanuts! This special service was outstanding!

Before I knew it, she dropped to her knees behind the bar—getting me another beer, I thought. I was startled when a small door opened in the bar, down between my legs. G string unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and smiled up at me. I sat in stunned silence. She pulled out my newly swollen cock, and immediately sucked it into her mouth.

G girl was clearly an expert. She worked the head, corona, and its underside. She licked, nipped, popped and sucked the head of my cock. Then she took more in, and began to pump and suck in earnest.

She stopped—briefly, licking down my shaft to my balls. Sucked my left testicle in, mouthed it, palpated it, gently sucked it, then spat it back out. Licking up my shaft, she slowly engulfed my entire cock with her mouth, sucking hard and fast.

I felt the cream starting to rise. I was grinding my hips and groaning, not caring what the other patrons were thinking. I barely noticed the other 2 girls giggling as they watched over my shoulder.

The urge grew unbearable! I thrust my pulsating cock deep into her throat, as the sperm surged from my bloated balls into her mouth and throat. Semen squirted from the sides of her mouth, dripping down her chin and dropping onto her upturned breasts. She swallowed once, twice and three times, then licked the remaining cum off of my still-pulsing cock. She sucked me in one more time, gave me a general cleaning, and popped my cock as she removed it from her mouth.

At no time, after unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, had she used either of her hands.

As she was cleaning my dick with a warm towel, she smiled and said, "special service, 200 baht." At 25 baht to the dollar, that came out to $8 bucks plus $2 bucks for the Singha—the best $10 hair of the dog I’d ever encountered!



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