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I have been obsessed with my neighbour for a couple of years now. Nothing sick or criminal, but I do like to masturbate about her a lot. I used to be quite friendly with her daughters that live there, and on many occasions masturbated and watched them undress. They gave me a thrill but nothing that their mother now did.
Cheryl is 50ish woman and still has a lot of sex appeal to a young guy like me. Lately I have been watching her and now know her routine. She likes to watch TV and get changed in the back room before she goes to bed. Her kids are in their own rooms and her hubby is away for months at a time, so she is very casual about her changing at night. On several occasions I have ventured into her yard to peer into the back room and catch her show. Her body is not toned, but she still maintains an exciting proposition for a man with my sex drive. Her large breasts swell to plump nipples and long to be touched by roving hands. Her grey pussy is has been poorly neglected by her husbands shrivelled cock and is crying to be fed by a young dick.
I have lived the fantasy in my mind countless times of going to her and feeding her my 8 inches and watching her pussy juices flow. But the perfect situation has never arisen… until last Saturday night.
I had surveyed Cheryl's house and she was once again alone watching TV. I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for and must act so I did. I ran to my room and got naked. Rummaging through my drawers I found the most revealing pair of shorts that I could. I found the perfect pair. They had a large zipper at the front and hung low on my hips so my pubic hair was showing. I put them on and felt my semi erect cock brush against my thigh… I was really going to do it.
I nervously knocked on her backdoor and her attention was immediately directed toward me. Her eyes were drawn to my naked torso and my loosely fitted shorts. I sat next to her and explained that I had food poisoning and needed company. My performance was brilliant. I had her believing I hallucinating and now I was free to do what ever I wanted without consequences. I sat with her for 5 minutes before asking if I could use her toilet. She said of course so I did. I stood in her bathroom and pulled my cock out of my pants. It was flaccid now and I yanked it once to get it looking good for the show. I made noises to make it sound like I was struggling and then flushed the toilet. I left to be with her again but this time my zipper was all the way down and my cock arranged to tease her.
I walked into the room she was in and stood with my hands covering my face. My cock was exposed and it only took her a couple of seconds to see it. I purposely covered my face so she could look whilst I could not see her. Little did she know I was watching her through the gap in my fingers. It was perfect! Her attention was now focused solely on my member and she loved it. She shifted her gaze from my semi-exposed cock to my face to make sure I wasn't watching her. But I was.
I went to the bathroom again to rearrange my dick so she could get a better look. I moved back next to her, but this time closer. Again I cover my face and watched her. Her eyes immediately shot to my aching penis. I was standing no less than a metre away now and she was becoming edgy. Her stare now was fixed on my cock. I couldn't help but feel my rod starting to harden. I arched my back and felt my cock fall out the front of my pants. Her look was priceless. She licked her parched lips and was now transfixed by my growing meat. I was getting an erection half a metre away from my fantasy women. I continued to cover my face and murmur strange sounds to make her think I was still hallucinating. She was now lightly massaging her breast and I could almost feel her hot breath against my rod.
With her hands clenched tightly on her breast she moved her head forward held her mouth an inch in front of my dick. I closed my eyes and felt her warm saliva engulf the head of my penis. I moaned with pleasure. Slowly the warm sensation travelled down my meat as her lips met my pubic hair. The old bitch swallowed my 8 inches whole in one gulp. I almost came right then. I started gyrating my hips as she sucked harder. Her moans became audible as she kneaded my balls. Fuck it felt good.
My hand found it's way onto her large breasts and into her shirt. She continued to suck harder and grew more aggressive. I rolled her old nipples and they were as hard as my cock. She pushed me to the floor. My cock was throbbing and was out of her mouth. She slipped out of her slacks and stood above me. I could see her parted pussy lips oozing wetness and longing to be filled. Lying on my back she had both feet either side of me I was looking directly up her vagina. I ran my hand up her thigh and she lowered her self onto my finger. She was so warm and wet. I slowly traced her pussy lips with my index finger until she could stand no more. She dropped on my chest and her wetness tangled my hairy chest. She leant forward and told me she wanted me to fill her with everything I had. With that she moved herself down upon my raging cock and slid down my pole. Her nails digged into my chest and her face contorted with each stroke. I raised my hips and started pounding her hard. She was so wet I could hear her cunt washing my cock. We fucked hard until she climaxed and collapsed on top of me. Amazingly I hadn't cum and was determine to drill the old slut.
I rolled her over and got her on all fours. Once again I was inside her and her twat was now twitching uncontrollably. I pounded her harder and her tits were now hitting her face. Fuck I was drilling her. I pressed my thumb into her asshole and she let out a yelp. She pushed hard against me and my cock grew harder. I wasn't even close to cumming and her pussy was becoming a mess so I withdrew and slid my cock down her ass cheeks. She whimpered a "no, not that" but it was too lat for that. I was going to blow my load if it was the last thing I going to do. She tried to resist as I slowly inserted my penis in her anus, but her resistance was futile. I drove hard but my cock would not fit. She seemed relieved but I am not one to give up that easily. I lowered my mouth to her anus and spread her cheeks and proceed to rim her. She was in heaven and couldn't control herself. I stuck one then two fingers in her anus and she pleaded me to fuck her up the ass. I obliged. This time my rod slid into her ass and pumped like a piston. Her ass shook as I pumped her and she pushed hard against my volatile cock. I could now feel an explosion of cum making it's way up my cock. I quickly withdrew, flipped her over and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard and I blew in her mouth. I blew so much cum that she gagged and cum flowed from her mouth. She continued to work my cock until the last drop was out.
After that I stood up and walked to the backdoor. She feverishly covered her body and tried to speak but couldn't. I glad she couldn't. We just had an unspoken agreement that this was our secret.

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