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Noises in the Night

For the third straight night I had to listen to my sister fucking. As I laid on the couch of my sisters Chicago apartment I tried to ignore the rhythmic thumping of their headboard against the wall. The constant bam, bam, bam accompanied by my sister’s annoying cries of pleasure.
I missed my man. Though we hardly had sex as much as these two did, I did miss him. I guess it was to be expected from Nicole. She was always the hornier of us girls and she had only been married to her high school sweetheart now for three months. Hell they were practically still on their honeymoon.
“Oh yeah, right there…oooo…” I heard Nicole whimper from the bedroom down the hall as the headboard continued thumping non stop.
God I missed my husband. How long had it been now? I had given him head just before I left days ago but how long since we fucked. I mean really fucked like these two were?
“Oh God I love your big cock,” I heard my sister groan pleasurably. “Give it to me, yeah!”
I had to give it to Rick, he certainly could keep it up. Last night they had been at it for hours before they stopped. My husband had a nice big cock himself, nearly 9 inches long and quite fat. He often complained that my nice tight pussy was too small for his big rod and that made him cum too fast. I didn’t mind though. My husband almost always got me off once before I squeezed the life out of that monster of his.
“Oh I want your cock, ummm.” I heard Nicole moaning from the bedroom. From the sounds of it she was giving him head now. My pussy got wet as I remembered giving my man head before I left. He was standing in the door wearing his famous tight jeans that made his bulge look quite impressive. I was already running a little behind but when I saw him standing there with that puppy dog look on his face I stopped, dropped my bags and shut the door. Without a word I dropped to my knees in front of my man, rubbing his big cock as I unzipped his jeans. I took it out then, sliding it slowly between my hot wet lips and gave him a long wet blow job as he stood there watching me with admiration.
He never even warned me, his hot cum spurting in my mouth by surprise. I swallowed quickly, gulping his hot sticky load as he whimpered softly and pumped his hips in my face. I carefully licked his big throbbing cock till the last of his sperm oozed out and pulled away with a wet kiss.
“Be a good boy,” I said as I smiled at him. “and when I get back I’ll do that again.”
“Of course,” my husband smiled as he tucked his spongy looking thing back in his pants. “I miss you already.”

“Oh Rick,” my sister moaned again. “Lay down. Let me ride that huge cock of yours.”
I couldn’t help but slip my hand under the covers now. My pussy was getting juicier and juicier as I thought about my poor baby back home. He was probably beating off every night thinking about me. How I wished I were there to ride his big cock like my sister was riding her husbands in that bedroom.
“OHHH Yes!” Nicole cried out, presumably as she sat down on her husband’s big prick.
I imagined my own husbands big cock sliding up inside my pussy and my fingers found my wet slit aching to be rubbed.
“Oh yes!” my sister moaned as I stabbed my fingers between my legs now, rubbing my wet juicy pussy with hard firm pressure.
“Yes,” I whimpered in agreement now as I continued to visualize myself bouncing up and down on my husband stiff prick.
“Make me cum Rick!” my sister moaned. “Oh Rick yes! Make me cum. OOO!”
“Yes make me cum,” I continued my fantasy as I pushed my fingers up inside my pussy and worked them quickly back and forth till they were all sticky with my juices.
“Oh! OH!” Nicole cried. “Yes Rick! OH!”
“Yes Rick,” I panted as my fingers stabbed in and out quicker, building me to a wonderful orgasm. “Make me cum Rick…Uhhh!”
I stopped just short of full orgasm, my body still reeling from the sensations of cumming as I sat there with my fingers still inserted in my clenching vagina.
“Rick?” I panted in confused bliss. “Did I say Rick?”
“Oh yes Rick cum!” I heard Nicole cry out. “Cum inside me! Ohh!”
My pussy clenched once more tightly around my fingers as I heard my sister moaning orgasmically, her husband filling her pussy with his hot seed.
My fingers slipped wetly from between my legs and I pulled them up under the blanket to wipe them off. My mind was still spinning from the whole fantasy I was having. One second I was imagining bouncing on my mans big cock and the next thing I knew I it was Rick beneath me, a nice fat cock stuffed in my pussy.
“Thank you,” I heard my sister say sweetly as the light from under their door flicked off.
I went to sleep feeling extremely guilty that night. Guilty because not only did I fantasize about my sisters husband, but it was at that very instant that I had my orgasm.

The Working Stiff


Rick stood at the doorway before leaving for work and silently observed his sleeping sister in-law. She was so much different than Nicole. Nicole’s hair was long and blonde, straight and unimaginative. Melissa’s hair was flaming red and wavy, cascading down her pretty neck in cute little curls. Her breathing made her chest rise and fall beneath the covers accenting how much larger her breasts were as well. Nicole was a C cup at best, Melissa in comparison had to be a DD. She had kicked her covers off one leg as well and Rick noticed how much fuller her leg looked. Nicole had thin wiry legs, Melissa thick muscled legs that made his mouth water just looking at it.
Her husband was one lucky bastard, Rick thought. I bet he fucks the hell out of her every night. Rick adjusted the uncomfortably large bulge in his slacks and opened the door without further delay. Lucky bastard.


An understanding


I was up long before Nicole which I suppose was to be expected after she got fucked last night. I always slept better after a good orgasm and my sister had had at least two of those last night. My orgasm? Well it had a lot to be desired. I had felt far too guilty to enjoy it for more than a few seconds and if anything the lingering feeling of unsatisfaction was making me a bit cranky.
“Sleep well?” Nicole said cheerily as she strode out into the living room well after 11 am wearing only a pink bathrobe.
“Yeah right,” I scoffed as I kicked my leg over the other and rocked in my chair angrily.
I could hardly believe her naiveté. “How could I sleep having to listen to you two fuck all night?”
“You can hear us??” she seemed genuinely surprised.
“Of course I can hear you,” I snapped. “Oh Rick I want your big cock. Oh Rick give me your big cock. Oh!”
Nicole turned bright pink, much pinker than her bathrobe and she covered her mouth embarrassed like.
“I…I didn’t know…” she shook her head. “Honestly. I’m not used to someone being in the house and…”
“Forget it,” I fumed trying to remember that my frustration was not really with her.
“I’m really sorry,” Nicole pulled her robe tighter as if I had just seen her naked for the first time. “I really am. I’ll…I’ll try to be quieter tonight.”
“But it’s just so hard when he has such a big cock right?” I mocked her.
Nicole didn’t answer me but just turned and headed down the hall to get dressed.
I felt bad again. Bad that I had chewed out my sister for no reason at all. Bad that I had betrayed my husband in my fantasy and bad that I had betrayed my sister at the same time.
Over breakfast it was Nicole who brought the subject up again.
“It is rather exceptionally large you know,” Nicole said as she wiped at her mouth with a napkin.
“What is?” I asked. I had forgotten all about our little argument and was determined to make it a new day.
“You know…Rick…”
“His cock?” I asked stunned.
“Oh right,” I laughed nervously. This really wasn’t the topic I needed to be talking about right now with my husband over a thousand miles away.
“It is,” she seemed rather offended.
“Like how big?” I tested, not sure I really wanted the answer.
“Like big,” Nicole said gathering the plates and bowls. “I’m just saying it IS hard for me to be quiet that’s all.”
“Oh come on Nikki,” I said. I used to always call her Nikki when we were growing up. She used to hate it but over the years she grew accustomed to it. “Look, my husband has a 9 inch cock and I can keep quiet if I want to. It’s just a matter of control.”
“You and I aren’t the same,” Nicole fussed as she put everything away now. “Besides. Rick is even bigger.”
“Bigger?” I turned suddenly.
“Oh no!” Nicole spun around quickly. “Don’t you get any idea’s about Rick.”
“What are you talking about?” I asked. “I’m married dear. In case you forgot.”
“I know,” Nicole said. “But I know you and cocks too. You always liked the big ones.”
“Of course I like a big cock,” I protested. “What woman doesn’t like a big cock? But I have a husband with a big cock thank you.”
“Not like Rick’s,” she shook her head.
“So how big is it?” I asked.
“Never mind,” Nicole seemed angry.
“You’re the one who brought it up.”
“I’m sorry I did.”
“Well so am I.”
“Why?” Nicole was even more angry. “Because now you want it now?”
“What kind of whore do you think I am?” I snapped back at her. “You think just because your husband has a bigger cock than my husband that I want to fuck him now?”
“Maybe,” Nicole pouted.
“Trust me sis,” I tried to sound convincing. “I don’t want to fuck your husband.”
“I promise.”
Another night

I thought I was telling her the truth then, I really did, but as the night ended and Rick and Nicole retired to the bedroom my pussy started getting wet instantly.
He was going to fuck her again. That thought kept running through my head. Rick was going to fuck my sister again with that cock that was bigger than my husbands. Knowing Nicole was going to be quiet tonight I decided it worth the effort to move a little closer to the hall and listen in. I could hear Rick’s deep voice but could not make out any words from the living room.
Silently I tiptoed down the hall, scarcely aware that I was wearing only my bra and panties. I should have been cold, as Nicole kept the house a chilly 69 degrees but I felt only warmth as I stepped close to their door and heard Rick’s voice clearly.
“Oh yeah suck it,” I heard his deep manly voice saying softly. “Suck my cock….mmm…”
My body tingled as I imagined my sister on her knees with a big fat man pole in her face. I could not resist slipping my hand between my legs and rubbing my soaking wet panties, smashing my clit between my index and middle fingers and tugging my swollen pink labia outward as I twisted my fingers back and forth till my spongy lips slipped from between my fingers and I started over again.
“Ooo yes,” Rick growled throatily. “Take it all. Take it all in your pretty mouth.”
I could hear my sister gagging from the other side of the door, the wet sucking sound of her spitting it back out.
Bitch! I thought. She doesn’t even know how to suck a good cock. My fingers twisted and pulled at my tight wet pussy as I thought about how I would give better head to her big husband.
The sick sucking sounds of my sister’s inexperienced mouth crept through the doorway as I continued to play with myself in the hall, bending my knees slightly to accommodate my rotating wrist.
“I need it inside me,” I heard Nicole say quietly now and Rick groaned approval as I heard shuffling from the other side of the door and the creaking of the bed.
Without thinking I was suddenly pulling my panties off and I tucked them into my bra as I bent my knees and began rubbing my pussy harder.
“Why are you covering your mouth?” I heard Rick ask deeply.
“Last night Melissa heard us,” Nicole said quietly.
“Did she?” I heard Rick’s voice clearly. “What did she say?”
“She said I kept her up with all my noises.”
“Fuck her,” Rick said curtly and I stopped playing with my pussy as I stood there slightly angered. “Make all the noise you want. I don’t care if she hears.”
“Shhh!” Nicole urged him.
“Shhh yourself,” Rick said a little louder than needed. “If I want to fuck my wife, I’ll fuck my wife and I don’t care if she hears.”
Bastard! I thought as I quickly pulled my panties back on and silently tiptoed back to the living room. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so horny any more. I laid there quietly not hearing more than faint muffled voices until once again I heard the familiar thumping of the headboard against the wall. For a moment my pussy moistened again and I thought about masturbating but the thought of that egotistical shit made me think otherwise.
“Fuck her,” I repeated Rick’s words. “Fuck him.”
I lay there stewing about the whole thing till nearly 3 am. That’s when I came up with my little plan.

A loose cover, Oops!


I hadn’t met a man alive I couldn’t get to want to fuck me if I wanted him to. I figured Rick to be no different. His punishment was going to be wanting to fuck me but not being able to do a damn thing about it. I knew Rick left early in the morning, much earlier than Nicole ever got up. I decided to give him a little peak of heaven before going to work.
I skillfully thought out my body position to the minutest detail. I would lay on my side facing the main room. Of course I had taken off my panties and bra and tucked my blanket under my big breasts so that they lay fully exposed. Even on my side my breasts held their shape nicely and I knew Rick’s cock would be rock hard the second he saw them. To further the enticement I made sure to tweeky my nipples really hard before he got out of the bedroom so they stood up nice and puffy and red for him. I turned my legs so that the top leg was completely exposed, baring my entire naked ass and giving a nice view of my fire red pussy as well. I fingered my slit a little to part my tight fuckable cunt lips and tugged at my cliterous to make it stand out as well. With a bit of managing curles I closed my eyes just in time as Rick rounded the corner.
“Jesus Ch….” Rick said quite loudly when he saw me and I nearly giggled in my fake sleep. I had to maintain my cover so I don’t know what Rick did for the next 10 minutes as I had my eyes tightly closed. I made sure to breath nice and deep to make my big tits jiggled more and after a while I rolled over to give him a better view of my red pussy.
Rick only said two words as he left for work that morning. I don’t know what they meant.
“Lucky Bastard!” was what he said.

After I was sure Rick was gone I rolled onto my back and opened my eyes. I felt deliciously naughty and my pussy was sopping wet.
“How did you like that?” I said with a giggle as I started to rub my sore neglected slit. “Huh? I bet you want to fuck my pussy now don’t you? I bet you want to fuck your sister in law now.”
My fingers were probing my wet pussy deeply and I came there on the couch thinking about Rick jerking off somewhere thinking about me. It was so wonderful that I even fucked myself to an orgasm again before Nicole got up.

Nicole was still cheery but today I was cheery as well and we got along fine.
“Did you hear us last night?” she asked once.
“Oh no. Thanks,” I smiled. “It was a nice change.”

The day went by quickly and Rick was obviously uncomfortable around me the rest of the evening. He spent most of his time sitting down or bending over a lot, presumably to hide his raging hard on. I smiled and played the game like an expert slut, not letting on that I knew too much.
That night when they retired for bed I was anxious to hear their conversation. I krept down the hall and stood by the door, wearing my panties and bra once again.
“Oh honey not tonight,” I heard Rick’s deep booming voice.
“Why?” Nicole seemed purely shocked and I giggled but covered my mouth quickly to stifle it.
“I’m just tired that’s all,” he lied.
“You don’t have to make love to me tonight,” Nicole whispered. “Just let me suck it for you.”
“Not tonight,” he repeated.
“You don’t want to cum in my mouth?” Nicole seemed hurt.
“No I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he said surly.
“Because you want to cum in mine,” I said softly. “Sweet dreams.”
I krept back into the living room self satisfied and glowing with victory.


The midnight tryst


Imagine my surprise when I was awoken at Midnight by a rough man’s grasp shaking my arm.
“Melissa?” I heard Rick’s voice very softly.
“Rick?” I blinked and quickly covered my body in covers even though he had already seen me naked.
“You awake?”
“I am now stupid,” I yawned. “What time is it?”
“Midnight,” Rick whispered. “Nicole is asleep.”
“So,” I said curtly, looking at him with an impatient look.
“So I thought we could talk,” he said softly. I noticed he was wearing a pair of sweats and no tee shirt. His muscular chest was glimmering in the moonlight.
“Bout what?” I asked sleepily.
“I saw you yesterday morning,” he said quietly.
“Yeah so?” I played dumb.
“So I know you did it on purpose,” he said. “I saw you smile for a second.”
“Did what on purpose?” I asked as I realized I was in deep shit now.
“Let me see you naked,” Rick whispered.
“I always sleep naked,” I lied.
“Not right now,” he called my bluff. “You’re wearing your underclothes. You took them off for me yesterday.”
“why the hell would I do that?” I scoffed.
“Because you want me to fuck you.”
“I what??” I sat up suddenly, holding the blankets around me tightly.
“It’s ok,” he whispered as he put his hands on my shoulders making me very uncomfortable. “I want to fuck you too. Badly!”
“I’m married Rick,” I reminded him firmly.
“So am I,” Rick whispered deeply. “So am I. But fuck them. We both want it and you know it.”
“I don’t…” I started to say but suddenly his mouth was on mine and his tongue slipped between my red lips. He had a deep musky manly smell to him and my body trembled in fear even as my mouth parted for him.
The feel of another man’s tongue in my mouth was delicious and I found myself sucking on it as if it were a miniature penis. Rick’s hands were on my breasts now, squeezing them through my blankets and making me very excited.
“Rick no,” I protested as I pushed him away. “No!”
“Come on Melissa,” he panted as his hands grabbed my knees through the blankets and he pushed my legs apart. “I’ll make you feel so good. You know that baby.”
“I know you’d make me feel good,” I huffed. “I know that. Good God don’t think I don’t know that. But Nikki is my sister and I can’t do this…”
“Ok,” Rick said standing up suddenly. I almost felt relieved at first but then he started untying the string of his sweats.
“Rick don’t,” I nearly begged as I squirmed up into a tight little ball, my knees under my arms in the fetal position.
“Don’t what?” he asked pulling his sweats out and down so that his enormous cock sprung out in the pale moonlight like a giant freak show monster. It was ungodly large, a full 14 inches at least and as big as a summer sausage.
“Jesus…” I gasped looking at the biggest thing I had ever seen.
“Don’t what?” he repeated. “Don’t give you what you deserve?”
He bounced his champagne bottle sized cock up and down in my face tauntingly as he rubbed his large hairy balls.
“Nicole says you have a thing for big cocks,” Rick whispered. “Is this big enough for you?”
“Jesus Christ yes,” I said, my voice nearly a whisper.
“I’m tired of sticking it in that little bitch sister of yours,” Rick said stroking his giant pole slowly. “I want to stick it where it belongs. In my little sister’s hot pussy.”
“No,” I shook my head emphatically. “My husband would know. He could tell…”
“Suck it!” he groaned deeply and thrust his hips in my face.
I don’t know what possessed me but my hands both reached out and took that monster sized cock in my hands. His rock hard cock felt gloriously hot in my hand and no matter how tightly I sqeezed it the girth never changed. I opened my mouth instinctively, and wrapped my lips around the fat round head. I could taste the salty slimy pre-cum dribbling from the slit in his purple mushroom shaped head and my tongue flicked up and down the slit gently, tasting the sexy sauce of my sister’s husband.
“God yes,” Rick groaned as he placed his hand on the back of my head now and pushed my face onto it. “Suck it! Suck my cock!”
I flattened my tongue along the underside of Rick’s tremendous shaft, curling it to fit snugly around the sides and relaxed my throat as I let him continue to stuff his enormous salami in my mouth. I was determined not to choke on it as my sister and I put my hands on his powerful thighs and gobbled quickly, slinking the huge bloated pipe down my throat. I gagged slightly, but made no sound as I pulled back to breath again. Good God I swore that thing could poke down in my stomach if I let it.
My hands were on his beautiful cock again and I began to stroke it as my mouth sucked expertly on every inch I could.
“That’s it, give me head bitch,” Rick groaned. “god that feels good.
My pussy was dripping wet literally and I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass as I pumped my fist on that enormous cock and sucked it for all I was worth. I tried desperately to make him cum, not wanting to have to face the decision to fuck him or not but my jaw gave out far too early. As my head job became more labored and slow Rick pulled his enormous plump shaft from my mouth and smiled.
“You suck much better cock than your sister,” he said deeply.
“Thank you,” I smiled faintly. My body was shaking all over.
“Now,” he said simply as he pulled my blanket off of me with a flourish. I wanted to stop him but I was helpless to as he tossed my blanket on the floor and took me in his huge powerful arms, lifting me off the couch effortlessly. I clung to him then my huge warm breasts pressed against his muscular chest, my legs wrapped tightly around his stomach. I could feel his fat bloated cock against my ass as his hands grabbed my tight cheeks and then pulled my panties to one side.
“No don’t,” I said unconvincingly and I could feel his hand grabbing for his huge cock beneath me. Suddenly I felt his other hand on my dripping wet pussy, pulling my sloppy wet lips open. I could have let go then and he would have dropped me, but I held on to him for dear life, shaking with fear and anticipation.
“Come on baby, take my cock,” he said huskily as he pushed the huge bloated knob against my wet pussy and began to drive himself upwards.
“UHHH!” I cried out loudly, the unexpected pain of his enormous cock sliding into me taking me completely by surprise. My legs gripped tighter, my ass driving down foolishly to ram his huge steel like pole inside me. “Ohhh Shit!!!”
His colossal cock throbbed deep in my pussy making my whole body pulse with the tempo of blood in his pole. He spun me quickly then, pushing me up against the wall in the hall with an audible bang. I could see my sister’s door down the hall and my heart pounded as Rick drove his mammoth war hammer up into me with tremendous force.
I exploded then, my shameless cunt oozing thick girl cum all over his enormous pole. He pinned me tight to the wall, hammering his huge shaft up inside me, his big hairy balls slapping wetly against my pouring pussy. My cum ran down his balls and legs like a fountain and I fought so hard to keep from screaming. He shoved his tongue in my mouth again, keeping me to a dull moaning as he pumped his glorious cock up inside me over and over.
Then, without warning, I felt the fire hot liquid of his cum explode inside me, filling my womb with burning sticky cum. I came again then, mixing my own cum with my sister’s husband. My pussy a veritable creamery as our juices sloshed around inside me. He pulled me upwards then, his huge cock flopping out of me. I could feel the rush of liquid pouring out of my pussy and could hear it dripping noisily on the carpet below. He held me there for a short time, his tongue back in my mouth as our wonderful sex poured onto the floor.

“Tell me …….is it hard to type with just one hand”?

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