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A Fun Story

By Christopher Fitzpatrick

Josh walked inside flung his bag down and ran up to his room. He had just gotten home from school and had a monstrous hard-on from fantasizing about the girl who sat in front of him in Biology, Heather Sorin. Long blond hair, well-rounded ass, nice legs, and big bouncy tits that bounced when she walked. Today she had been wearing a tube top that pushed them together and up. If you looked closely you could almost see her nipples. That thought made him groan. Reaching under his bed and into a slot cut in his box spring he fished around until he found his target. Pulling the video out from under his bed he raced back down stairs and popped into the VCR. Flopping down on the couch and grabbing the remote he clicked on the TV and started the video. A big-breasted chick getting it doggy style popped up on the television. The guy was banging her furiously as she started to moan. Quickly unzipping his pants and fishing out his rock-hard member Josh quickly started pumping himself in time to the girls moans. He closed his eyes and pretended it was Heather as the moans got louder and louder. He sighed in contentment as his first orgasm rippled through his body. Quickly fishing a plastic bag out of his pocket he quickly covered his dick so that his mom wouldn't know anything was amiss. After he was finished he dropped the bag into the trash can, got another one, and headed back to the video to fantasize about Heather some more.
Unbeknownst to Josh, his mother Brooke had stayed home sick that day. Brooke was asleep when Josh got home but the sounds of the television soon woke her. Not recognizing the sounds at first she strolled quietly to the door across from the living room where Josh was sitting furiously pumping his member. Her first thought was that her son shouldn't be doing this, and her second was her son was a well-hung man with a tasty looking cock.
You see Brooke loved fucking as much as the next girl, maybe more, but her real pleasure was wrapping her lips around a nice juicy cock, running her tongue over each and every inch, licking the top of the helmet, the way the hot jism filled her mouth and ran sensuously down her throat. Brooke loved to give a blowjob. Throughout college she was known at the frat house as the girl you wanted at a party. Many a party had she spent in a backroom or a bathroom giving head to guy after guy.
Jerking her mind back to the situation at hand, Brooke realized that she hadn't performed fellatio on anyone since Jack had left. Jack was Josh's father and he had left a little over 3 years ago. The only way to release sexual tension since then had been to pleasure herself. Looking once more enviously at her son's gorgeous cock she made up her mind. Creeping up till she was right behind the couch she asked casually, "Hey Josh, what'ch ya doing?" Josh's eyes bulged out of their socket and he tried to stuff his dick back in his pants and turn of the video at the same time. He was so flustered that he failed both miserably. Brooke quickly removed the remote from his hand and took his other hand in hers. She then plopped down on the couch and pretended to watch the video. She felt her son staring at her as he tried wiggling his hand free. After about five minutes the movie had reached the point that Brooke had been waiting for. On the screen the buxom blonde was down on her knees sucking off the man in the chair in front of her. Gathering up her resolve, Brooke turned to her son and asked, "Doesn't that look like fun?"
Josh looked shocked. He was so flustered that Brooke had to repeat the question twice. But he carefully said yes. That was what Brooke was hoping for. She quickly slid to the carpet and was soon sitting in front of Josh staring at his lovely phallus. Josh's eyes popped out of his head when Brooke reached out her hand and started stroking his dick. "Mom, what are you doing?" He asked in a squeaky voice.
"What does it look like I am doing son?" After giving it a few more strokes she dipped down and quickly licked the top of it. Her son's reaction was immediate. His already straining cock strained upward and he clenched the couch. A strangled whisper so low as to be inaudible escaped his lips. Taking that for a sign of approval she immediately went full throttle. She licked up and down, encircling his balls before licking up and down the shaft again. She then wrapped her lips around it and sucked it like a lollipop. Up and down she went luxuriating in the taste and the sensation. Finally she deep throated the whole thing and teased the swollen head with her tongue. That only lasted for 15 seconds before she felt her son grab her hair and push her down on his lovely cock. Soon the scrumptious cum shot down her throat filling her throat. Breathing through her nose she didn't stop sucking until she had swallowed each and every drop of the tasty jism. Finally she let go and leaned back, in a euphoric state.
A million thoughts were running through Josh's mind as he shot his load into his mother's skillful mouth. How did this happen? Isn't this wrong? Damn, she is good at this. What happens now? Seeing his mother lean back, and roll her eyes upward, Josh took the opportunity to jump behind the couch. His mother noticed this and stumbled upward. "What are you doing Josh? Didn't you like it?"
"Yeah but I don't really think that…" Josh said hesitantly.
"That what Josh? His mother cut him off. "You don't think that I should suck your delicious cock again? That I shouldn't please my son and myself? You have the best cock I have ever tasted and believe me I have tasted a lot of them. Now as your parent, I am ordering you to sit back on the couch!"
Again Josh hesitated. "Mom, I don't think that this is right."
Brooke's face looked downtrodden. "Right for who Josh? It isn't right that I should be denied access to the best cock I have ever tasted is it? Is it right for me not to make sure that your life is as pleasurable as possible? How right was it when your Dad ran off and now I haven't had sex in three years? How right is that?
Josh pondered this for a moment. "I guess you have a point but…"
Again his mother cut him off. "But what Josh? I have given you enough reasons. I am asking you to let me wrap my lips around your cock. I am begging you Josh. Please!"
At that moment Josh realized that the power had shifted. He, not his mother, was now in control. He could ask for whatever he wanted and his mother would be sure to give it to him. A wicked grin creeped across Josh's face. His mother began to look worried. "Josh what are you thinking?" She asked timidly.
Josh's grin got broader. "Well, mother dearest, I am thinking that I will let you give me another blowjob." Brooke's eyes lit up and a smile filled her face. When Josh continued though, his mother's face grew fearful. "But, there is one condition!"
"Anything!" Brooke exclaimed.
"That is what I was hoping mummy dearest. The condition is from now on you do exactly what I say, exactly, and I will let you suck my cock as much as you want.' Just thinking of tonguing his wonderful member made Brooke's insides seep. She was so hot right now that she would have agreed to anything.
"Yes Josh. I will do exactly what you want if I get your wonderful dick." Brooke panted. She was so wet that it was seeping into her panties.
"Good. Now that we have a deal, let's get started." Josh hopped back over the couch and plopped down. Brooke immediately tried to place her mouth over his engorged member. Josh gently pushed her back and admonished her. "Not yet mother. Remember you agreed to do what I tell you too. And what you are going to do right now is sit on my lap facing the TV." Brooke started to protest but Josh just pretended to put his dick back in his jeans. A look of horror became evident on Brooke's features and she immediately climbed on to her son's lap. The way she was sitting his dick was grinding into her spine.
Josh put his arms around his mother's waist and started rubbing her ass on his lap. He then commanded his mother to kiss him. Brooke hesitated for a split second before turning her head and latching on to her son's mouth. Her tongue pushed open his lips and started caressing his tongue. While the two were lip-locked Josh moved his hand up his mother's shirt and squeezed her left nipple. Brooke jumped as if shocked and tried to pull her mouth away from her son's. Immediately, Josh's other hand pressed his mother's head back to its original position. She wiggled for a little bit then stopped and put herself wholly into kissing her son. After about a minute of frenching and petting, Josh released his mother. Josh decided to see how far his authority went. "Now, slut, take off your shirt." Brooke's eyes popped when he called her a slut but she meekly removed her shirt with no delay. Brooke wasn't wearing a bra and her gorgeous tits popped out. The things were as big as a cantaloupe and very jiggly. Wow, Josh thought, I never noticed but Mom looks a lot like Heather! Pushing that thought aside for further examination later, Josh pinched each of his mom's nipples in turn making them go hard as a rock. "I am going to fuck your titties now cunt. But first you have to beg me. Don't forget you are my whore now. Let's hear you act like one."
Feeling Josh's hands on her breasts made Brooke even hotter. Her panties were now soaked completely though and she longed to finger herself. Hearing Josh talk dirty to her also turned her on. In college her boyfriend had been into talking dirty. At first Brooke hadn't liked it but after a while she had found that it excited her a lot. Laying herself down on the floor, Brooke started whimpering. "Oh Josh, please fuck my titties. Please fuck me with your long hard member. Fuck my slut tits like a bull in heat. I am a slut. Please fuck me, Josh. Fuck your whore slut mother. Please, Josh!" Near the end Brooke was practically yelling. She was so horny! Her hands moved down to her cunt by reflex. Josh had gotten off of the couch and was just in time to slap her hands away.
"Bitch! Did I say you could finger your slut-cunt? Did I tell you that you could play with yourself?" Josh growled.
Brooke mewled "I am sorry, Josh. Please forgive me. Please fuck your bitch whore mother. Please master. Please!"
A predatory gleam in her Son's eye warned Brooke that he was going to do this hard. Josh quickly straddled her chest and pushed her dirty pillows together. " Well now slut! You want me to fuck your titties?" Brooke's head bobbed up and down as best it could. "Okay then whore. I am going to bang you so hard you are going to have carpet burn. And then after that I'm going to make you earn your living, whore-slut!" Josh pushed his Mom's breasts harder and slowly inserted his penis into the hole it made.
"Oh yes Josh! That feel's so good. Fuck your mommy's breasts. Fuck them hard Josh. Squirt your lovely cum all over her!" Josh slowly started thrusting going a little faster each time. Brooke lifted her head to try and lick the top of his phallus but Josh clamped one had around her breasts and pushed her head back into the carpet. I didn't say you could do that you little ho? Did I say you could do that? When I am done fucking your titties maybe I will let you suck me off but until then you just sit there and let your tits be fucked." Josh screamed. With each stroke he was pushing his mother's bare back into the carpet. He was pounding so forcefully that if Brooke hadn't been in ecstasy she would have been screaming in pain. Josh fucked his Mom's tits for about three minutes before he felt his cum welling up. "Open your mouth, whore-slut! I am about to cum! OH here it comes! You better get it all!" Josh pounded off another three strokes before ribbons of white goo started shooting from his cock. Only about half of it made it in Brooke's mouth. The rest streamed down her face falling onto the floor, sticking in her hair, or collecting in the hollow of her throat.
"You did good slut mom! And I bet that you want to have an orgasm yourself don't you? Well why don't you beg for it!"
"Josh, please fuck me. Please fuck me like a whore slut. Fuck my slut-cunt! Fuck your bitch! Fuck me like the bitch I am!" While talking Brooke removed her jeans and doffed her panties. She turned over and stuck her beautiful ass in the air. "Fuck me. Fuck your slut Momma! Please Josh!!!" Brooke was almost in tears. Her pussy was like an oven, her labia lips were standing out as far as they could, and there were reams of her girl-cum running down her thighs. Josh reached over and slapped his mom's ass. "Okay then whore. I'll fuck your little pussy." Getting up on both knees Josh grabbed his mother's rump and started rubbing it. Josh placed his dick right in front of her lovely hotbox. "Josh! Please fuck me! I am a bad little girl that need's a lesson! I need to cum Josh! Fuck me Josh!" Hearing his Mom's plea's Josh slowly eased his cock into his mom. He started thrusting rhythmically. His mother started to moan and reached down to rub herself. "Slut! I didn't tell you to do that! If you don't listen we will just have to stop!" To show his mother his power over her he stopped thrusting momentarily. Brooke was incredibly close to orgasm when her son stopped. She immediately became alarmed and raised her voice. "NO! Don't stop Josh! Please keep going! Fuck your mommies cunt with your wonderful dick!" Josh restarted thrusting in and out of his mother's twat as hard as he could. Damn, he thought, her canal is tight. She must have been serious about not having any for three years. Josh knew from the videos that women had a little ball shaped organ called a clitoris that could really drive them wild. Reaching one hand under his mother's belly he slid it down until he found what he was looking for. Not knowing exactly what he was doing, Josh grabbed it as hard as he could. The pain flooded Brooke's mind for about 5 seconds before it turned into waves of pleasure that tipped the scales. She managed to hold on long enough to remember how to achieve simultaneous orgasm and then she let go. She clenched her pussy up as tight as it would go. She could feel her son moaning with pleasure as the orgasm rocked their bodies simultaneously. She was dimly aware of the fact that her son hadn't specified how long she had to obey him, but at that point didn't really care. She was riding on the waves of an orgasm three years in coming.

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