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We had sort of grown up together although I am three years older than she is. We lived on opposite sides of the road and if she hadn’t been careful when closing the curtains I could see straight into her bedroom. At this time she was just eighteen about 5foot 6inches tall with waist length black hair which reflected the sun like black diamonds as she strode down the street. She was quite slim with firm teenage breasts, Neither to big or to small for her frame.

I never saw her dressed in anything sexy unless you could call her fairly tight fitting trousers or sari as she was Asian and her religion forbade wearing the type of clothes that I used to long to see her dressed in. This didn’t matter to much to me as I still managed an odd glimpse of her through the gaps she left in the curtains on some evenings giving me odd glimpses of her while I wanked thinking of her.

One warm summers evening she was sat on the wall underneath my window talking with a friend, I listened eagerly to her explaining to her friend that her Father was soon to visit India to arrange her wedding to an unseen cousin and how she didn’t want to hurt her family but she wanted to live a little before marrying. The rest of their conversation went by so quickly and I heard little of it as I was planning just how I could take advantage of what I had heard.

How it happened was a pure accident, she had locked herself out of the house and was wondering just what to do as I arrived home. I watched her walk across the street towards me and my cock suddenly got hard as I once more imagined what it would be like to push my cock hard into her wet pussy. "Could you help me please" she asked "I have locked myself out and there will be no one home for hours yet" It was a dream come true as far as I was concerned a valid reason to get to talk with her. All the windows were locked up tight so I suggested that she come over to our house where she could have a drink and wait for her folks to arrive home.. Soon we were sat in our lounge chatting away like old friends, I suddenly said that I had overheard her conversation about her forthcoming arranged marriage and wondered if she still felt that she was missing out on some things. Mmmm, she said I do, Well I said I could help you with that and suddenly kissed her long and hard on the lips, Not letting up the assault on her mouth until she relaxed and started to return my uninvited kiss. What felt like an eternity later I broke off the kiss and looked into her dark brown eyes, What I saw was puzzlement more than anything and as she started to say something I put a finger on her lips and then kissed her again, this time softly and gently before parting her lips with my tongue and then let my tongue mingle with hers. Her arms were around my neck and she responded to my kiss as my cock strained against my zippered trousers. Our thighs rubbed together as we kissed and the fabric of her T-shirt felt so inviting under my hands. I slowly pushed backwards until she was almost on her back with my leg pressing between hers, She started to protest but I took no notice and only kissed her harder until she relaxed once more, Soon my lips were kissing the side of her neck, my tongue going round in circles, She was still not fully relaxed but I thought that she was enjoying herself as her breathing was getting shallower and quicker.

My cock was so hard and I could feel the precum wetting the inside of my clothing. as we kissed for longer and longer. I couldn’t resist it any longer and pushed my hand up inside of her T- shirt, She almost screamed at me to stop, Which of course I couldn’t and pushed her hand out of the way so that I could feel her breast under my hand, although over her bra it felt so good. I held her down with the weight of my body until her protests stopped and she once more returned my kisses. My hand by now had pushed her bra out of the way and her nipples were hard under my playful fingers and small noises of what I thought to be enjoyment were coming from her throat.

I lifted her T-shirt up enough so that my mouth could reach her nipples, she gasped as I sucked her deeply into my mouth and bit gently but firmly onto her nipple causing her body to arch off the settee. Holding her free hand in mine and pinning her other hand to the settee with my body I started to undo her jeans while still biting and sucking her beautiful firm teenage tits. She was struggling and protesting that she couldn’t do it, but I took no notice and after undoing the zipper pushed her jeans and panties down over her hips in one go. My mouth was kissing her again as she still protested but now not so much or loudly. her jeans were around her ankles and I could just reach enough to remove them totally, Her panties as well. the bottom half of her body was naked and the black hair around her mound was thick and inviting although her legs were clamped together tightly. I just wrapped my arms around her and kissed her for what seemed like ages until she slowly relaxed slightly. My hands were under her T-shirt playing and teasing on her nipples, I pushed her T-shirt higher until it was under her chin, "take it off " I said , Protesting she said that she couldn’t and in my eagerness to have her fully naked I grabbed the neckline and pulled hard, It ripped away and with a couple of tugs it was in half her beautiful tits with their hard nipples exposed to my eyes.

Suddenly she was struggling hard and I almost let her go but soon she relaxed and once more allowed me to kiss her, An hour or so later we were still kissing and I could feel her body responding to my touch, especially the touch of my lips around her nipples. I kissed her hard on the lips and let my hand travel down over her warm dark skin until I could feel her black pubic hair under my finger tips. She half heartedly told me to stop but made no physical effort to stop me. I felt her outer lips, wet and swollen before parting them and feeling for her clit. She was hard and ready for me now, she was mine to do with as I wanted as her mouth sort out mine I slid a finger inside her wet pussy, one finger only parting her inner cunt until my knuckles pushed hard against her clit. I stood up and looked down on her as I removed my own clothing. "You can’t " she said "I get married soon" But she made no move to either stop me or to leave. Soon I was naked and standing before her, my cock hard and swollen, precum glistening on the purple end. her eyes didn’t leave my cock as she studied what she had never seen before. I knelt over her while she was in a half sitting position and pressed my cock against her lips. she tried to pull away from me but I had her beautiful long black hair in my free hand holding her head in one place.

Slowly I pressed against her lips, wiping my precum against her lips and face, it stood out against her dark skin and I demanded that she open her mouth. She resisted me but soon gave up and slowly opened her mouth, I gently pushed my cock inside of her mouth, pushed until the head disappeared beyond those white teeth. I started to fuck her mouth, deeper and deeper until she was gagging on each full stroke forward, my balls were fit to burst and soon I could feel my cock twitching as my cum started to travel along my cocks shaft. soon it was time to cum and I couldn’t hold back any longer. The first two spurts of cum went deep into her mouth and then I pulled out of her mouth and watched spurt after spurt of creamy white cum fly out of my cock and onto her face, some running down until it dripped off her chin and onto her dark skinned tits.

I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be as I pushed her back down onto the settee, her face was covered in my cum as I kissed her, I could taste my cum in her mouth, she was responding but not strongly, I urged her to kiss me back and slowly she did so, We stayed kissing like this for a while my cock slowly hardening again, She felt it nuzzle up against her cunt and tried to break away for me, only her struggles only helped my cock get aroused once more.

I told her to stop struggling and lifted her shoulders off the back of the settee, holding two hand fulls of her hair I pulled her head backwards until her body arched against mine, The head of my cock was pushing against her wet cunt and slowly the pressure of it started to part her pussy lips, I rocked to and fro letting her cunt juices coat my cocks head. She was sort of whimpering trying to tell me not to fuck her, but her body betrayed her as she responded by pressing back against my hard swollen cock. I felt her cunt open as my cock found it’s entrance and started to slide down into her love tunnel, suddenly tightening and resisting my entrance. Extra pressure from me popped her open and my cock found the end of her cunt. She was telling me that it hurt but my cock was in control and I just pulled hard on her hair pulling her body into an even tighter arch as I pounded into her. She was slowly responding and pushing back against my cock, her body now wanting only my cock to fuck her. We kissed and thrusted, she wrapped her arms around me as her nails dug into my back. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and soon that familiar feeling was deep inside me as my sperm started it’s travels up my cocks shaft. I was so far gone that nothing mattered apart from filling her wet warm cunt with my spunk, I pulled her hair hard, her head was almost as far back as it would go as my cum burst into her, My cock twitching as I shot large amounts of cum inside her cunt not worrying about a condom or the after effects of her being pregnant.

Slowly my cock softened and we still lay there my cock deep inside of her.

I was quite happy waiting there for my cock to grow hard once more but she was saying that she must go home as her parents would be home and wondering what she was doing out late on her own.

I lent her a T-shirt to replace the one that I had ripped from her not so long ago and watched her dress before she walked back across the road where her mother opened the door to her ringing the bell, She never looked back over her shoulder and soon after her cousin arrived for the arranged marriage and I was left wondering what she would do on her wedding night about her no longer being a virgin.

Soon after her wedding I noticed a swelling around her middle, I couldn’t help but wonder how she would explain a white baby?



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