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That warm July night started off like any other. I had just gotten home from work and collapsed in front of the t.v. to catch a baseball game. I had only been watching for about five minutes when my phone rang. "Shit," I muttered under my breath as I picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end surprised me; it was Jessica, one of my coworkers at the movie theater. She said her boyfriend had just dumped her, and she was feeling very down. Since she had the best ass in three counties, I immediately offered her a drink. She accepted, and said she'd be over in about five minutes. The five minutes seemed to take an hour, but finally my doorbell rang. She was wearing old tight jeans and a sweatshirt, and from the way her eyes looked she had been crying a while. She immediately came in and took the glass of wine I offered. We drank and talked our way through a bottle of wine, and when she stood up I realized she was in no shape to drive. I offered to drive her home, but she said she had a better idea. She grabbed my neck and drove her tongue into my mouth. While part of me was saying that I shouldn't take advantage of her, a stronger part of me made me kiss back, our wet tongues battling. After a thirty second liplock, she took off her sweatshirt to reveal....nothing at all. Suddenly the tits I had fantasized about since we started working together were right in front of my face. I hungrily began to suck her nipples, and her moans told me I was doing something right. She suddenly stopped me and made her way to my crotch. As I flopped down on the sofa her hands began to unzip my jeans and unleash my raging hardon. Her mouth felt so good as it wrapped around my cock I almost shot my wad right then, but managed to hold back. We settled into a slow fucking motion, and her fingers alternated between tickling my balls and pinching her nipples. She suddenly stopped and forced me to lie down on the couch. With catlike quickness she removed her jeans and panties and lay down on top of me, pushing her warm fragrent cunt into my waiting mouth. As my finger penetrated her tight pussy, she continued giving me the best head I've ever recieved. When I couldn't take any more, I shot my entire load deep into her throat. As the last throbs of my orgasm were fading, her cunt erupted in a violent orgasm, covering my whole face with her sweet juices. She finally passed out on my floor, and I drove her home the next morning. Now we meet every Tuesday night, only this time there's no alcohol to slow us down. We've fucked every conceivable way, but nothing quite tops that first night when the Manny Ramirez wasn't the only person to hit a home run.

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