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The Rendezvous

by Griffon


The hotel was wonderful, very accommodating and friendly staff throughout. We had agreed to meet there a month previous while chatting online. The day was finally here, and as I arrived, I could hardly wait to get to the room and set it up with all I had planned. But I was slightly surprised to find you had gotten there first, although it stood to reason because you lived closer to it than I did.

I asked the desk clerk for my room key, gave him my name… "Sir, your other guest has already arrived. Would you like the bellhop to take your bag up?" " No thank-you." I replied, a slight grin crossing my lips, "I'll manage just fine thanks."

I sling my travel bag over my shoulder and make my way to the elevator, out of the corner of my eye.. I see the clerk pick up the phone. My grin widens, realizing you've asked him to tell you when I arrived.

The door is slightly ajar as I get to it.. and I hear soft music in the background… I recognize the tune.. and start humming along as I remove my coat and hat and find the bedroom to drop off my stuff. The air in the penthouse suite was heavy with the aroma of roses and spice.. a mixture created by the flowers and some incense candles. I took my time as I unpacked.. humming along with the cd.." I will always love you"… and listened as it stopped and restarted again. Smiled to myself that you had set it to play repeatedly.

I finished changing into more casual clothes and made my way along the hallway of the room, to the open door and the end of it, following the scent of the incense like a bloodhound.. to step inside and see you.. immersed in a pool of bubbles in a heart shaped tub big enough for four or five people. Surrounding the tub was a massive display of candles and incense sticks… the room lit by one overhead red mood light, broken only by the slim ray of the bright sunset as it snuck between the parted blinds… highlighting the tub.. and at your feet on a tray.. a bottle of rose champagne on ice and two glasses.

Sitting on the tub edge at the bottom end.. I poured two glasses and handed you one.. speechless as I stared at your body, at you , smiling at you. Unable to believe that we had finally made it happen. You smiled back.. and sat a little more upright.. the passion growing without words as we eyed each other.. and the top of your breasts emerged above the bubbles……. Water ran down your cleavage….. and I grinned.

I stood and slipped out of my shirt, my trousers ,my socks, and finally my shorts and stepped into the water… nice and hot." The way I like it… hot and wet.. you remembered" I quip grinning as I seat myself beside you. "yes," you answer, reaching out and grasping my shaft, squeezing it" and that's not all that you like hot and wet as I recall" you slyly answer. "You're so right about that" I reply, sliding my hand up your thigh under the water "lets see if you brought that other thing I like hot and wet " As I touch your pussy lightly you gasp uncontrollably and shiver.. then force yourself down on my hand… "relax hon, we got three days " I tell you. "but I've waited so long for this moment!" you growl.

"shhhh , in good time " I stop you. Pulling my hand away and touching your lips… then kissing you softly… and working my way around you.. pulling you back into my lap and letting you rest back on me as we work away at the bottle of champagne. Me taking little sips of mine and then dropping some on your neck and licking it off.. driving you crazy. You try desperately to impale yourself on me.. each time I slide back slightly.. so your hunger barely misses its mark.

((((( DING-DONG )))))) "room service " we hear down the hall. And you start to utter a protest to the disturbance, but I shush you by tilting your head back and kissing you deeply. Before you realize what has happened, the maid is standing at the door of the bath and with a slight grin, attempts to excuse herself, but I stop her.. "How do you like the evening shift?" I ask her.. she stops suddenly.. "It's ok sir. Can be boring sometimes though"
"is that so?" " and why is that?" I ask her.
"Well sir" she answers, "it's like tonight… nothing going on and the hotel is nearly empty and I have 6 hours to go yet on my shift."
" I see. And what would normally be done to relieve boredom?"
" nothing sir.. we normally simply tolerate it or wash walls or something" she answers.

By now I've slipped my hand down your front to your pussy and I'm driving you more crazy with my fingers as you try not to squirm.. but you're biting your lip and grinning, knowing in your mind where I'm going with this conversation.

"uh huh " " I understand how that would get monotonous" "And what if I could, or we could , break up your boredom?" "you interested?"

"Sir! I've never.. umm.. you know.. done that sort of thing"
"There's a hundred dollar tip in it for you "
"That would make me a hooker , sir"
"Not if no-one else knows , it wouldn't"

She thinks for a minute.. then stands and leaves.. and we hear the door close. You laugh a bit and tell me how bad I am.. and I slide under you, lifting you and placing you down on my hard shaft.. sinking myself deep into your heat.. "yes I am sweetie".. and I start bouncing you on my cock, reaching around you and pulling and pinching your nipples.. "but you love it and you know it" as I start sucking your neck and bouncing you harder.. splashing water over the sides of the tub.

Reaching under you, I lift your ass slightly, spreading your cheeks and play with your asshole.. teasing it.. making you squirm as I hold myself inside you… and I bite your neck then your earlobe, whispering "lets go to the main room". As I grab your asscheeks and squeeze them hard.. "yessssss!" you breathe heavily.. and I stand up.. lifting you to your feet. We blow out the candles
And put out the incense sticks.. and I stand behind you.. reaching down and sliding two fingers inside you, and placing my other hand on your shoulder.. guide you to the sofa and place you on all fours.. getting behind you and kneeling on the floor at first, licking up the inside of your thighs and sucking on your pussy lips.. tugging them with my teeth gently.. driving you insane as I slide my fingers around inside you. Slowly I work a finger in your ass.. and you squeal with the intensity as I begin fucking your ass with it in rhythm to my tongue sucking your clit.

Turning you around.. I work my way under you , your hot dripping sex now above my face as I feel your lips around my cock.. your tongue circling my shaft as I part your labia with my thumbs and run my tongue firmly up and down along your creamy hot slot. With the intensity , your body has a mini orgasm.. and you need more instantly.. you're insatiable suddenly and you deep throat me in one furious lunge.. sucking hard making me groan in ecstasy as I clamp my mouth over your clit and suck it as hard as I can as you rock against my face and you cum instantly, squirting all over my face when you feel a hard shaft slide deep inside you while I suck your clit.. screaming a muffled "ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh gggggoooooooooooooodddddddddddd" as you shake from your toes to your tits and back with the intenseness, thinking I had found a toy somewhere and used it on you.. as you lift your head to breathe , you look back… the maid is there.. and shes got a strap on on.. and she's the one fucking the hell out of your hot cavern while I suck your squirting juices down my throat.

Not letting up, knowing you're going to want to cum a hundred times more since you squirted, I release your clit and pull my cock free of your mouth.. squirming free from under you, letting her continue to ride you as I climb on your ass.. and slip my cockhead past your little brown door..reaching down and scooping your sauces from your hot lava flow to lubricate you with.. then slapping your ass cheeks as I work deeper and deeper until my cock is buried balls deep inside you.. and she and I both start fucking into you, using your holes as our own toys of pleasure.. both hammering into you in unison… our weight squishing you to the sofa with each thrust.. I reach over and grab your wrists.. pulling your hands back tying a curtain tie around them… your head and shoulders now down on the sofa cushion as we ride your holes.. taking turns.. slow then fast then slow.. me reaching down and slapping your ass with each thrust, and her reaching under you and slapping your pussy with each thrust.. making you scream with a painful pleasure until you cum again…
"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD " you scream as you erupt so hard you almost lose consciousness, as we lunge to the hilt and hold you there while you shake and convulse thru your explosion..

As your convulsions subside.. I look at her..

" you ready to cum now?"
"me too", "lets give her what she wants"

And we both pull out of you at once.. and roll you over.. holding our cocks inches from your face grab them and jerk them a few times.. grunting and groaning as we both explode all over your face.. coating you with two loads of hot cum… watching as you furiously attempt to catch it all with your tongue…too satiated and excited to realize at this moment what happened.

"She's a she-male babe.. and her 8" cock wanted you from the minute I showed her your picture on the way over here. .. I hope you like the present"

Then we take turns letting you lick us clean.. as we smear our cockheads in our now mixed cum on your face and let you lick it off us.

"she's staying the weekend, I hope you don't mind"

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