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But what was the question? It was from a very sexy woman ... and it went:
"I'm bending my knees slightly, ass in the air, and I'm holding my ass cheeks open for you...Tell me what you'll do to get me ready to take you up my ass..."
I see you with your invitation, lying prone on the bed and my heart thumps hard at the sight - as do the stirrings in my groin. My hands lay on your shoulders and massage the nervousness away, while my eyes and wants reside on your open ass. My hands glide all over your back, and then briefly on your beautiful ass cheeks, then slide down to your thighs and the back of your knees. By now my lips and tongue are beavering away at the small of your back ... kissing ... lusting ... wanting more.
After some minutes my hands move up to just below your butt, and my thumbs begin a gradual seduction of your very wet cunt. I blow lightly on your fingers still holding open your invitation to me - and kiss them. I begin caressing the outer ring of your sweet asshole with soft gusts of hot breath - you can feel me close ... and I can smell you ... all of you, and your excitement. Your hips are gyrating and your ass quivers at the expectation.
My wet snaking tongue is extended ... and I kiss the very heart of your open hole. You flinch at the pleasure but quickly settle as my tongue gently and rhythmically probes your tight rear. My thumbs are simultaneously pumping in and out of your saturated pussy - opening and closing this canal too.
I want more ... you want more ...
I press my muscular and naked chest to your hard ass cheeks and smoothly slide my torso up and down, gradually working my erection closer to it's target. Eventually it rests at the entrance of your cunt where I take my time to tease ... and to lubricate. And now my wet thumbs move and massage the tight circle of your anus ... pushing slowly but insistently inside. The progress is ably assisted by my saliva still pooled there. Our breathing is heavy and increasingly erratic, as are the twitches in my cock still at your pussy. My thumbs push past the firm grip of your sphincter and into the soft hot interior of your ass. We moan almost in unison.
Many moments go by and slowly my thumbs open you even further. I dribble more saliva into your open hole and in doing so gasp at the sight of my hands at your rectum and my hard cock just below them ... waiting, hard, pulsing, wet. I want desperately to insert another appendage deep into your ass, and for another type of fluid to be released. My thumbs use this new spit to lube further your butt ... and I lean forward onto you - I am inches from your ear. I nibble it, kiss it, and I whisper secretly into your ear ... "I want to fuck you in the ass".
... on hearing your words the mischievous smirk on my face grows larger and the purple head of my cock twitches in excitement. Still at the entrance to your slick pussy, I begin raising and lowering my hips to wet my pole on your juices. My thumbs continue to massage your widening back passage and now my fingers press ever stronger into your cheeks. My breathing is shallow and I hear small moans escaping from you ... soon my hips adjust forward and my teasing slide is bringing the head of my cock closer and closer to it's sweet tight target.
I sit back momentarily, gaze at your sweet open ass and cunt, extract my thumbs and provocatively spank first one cheek then the other. Again the flesh of my hand strikes your butt, but at the conclusion of the second hit I move my hips so my bulging penis sits squarely aimed at your star. I lower myself and now my fuck stick finally makes contact with the other edge of your hole.
You feel my heat as do I feel yours and not for the first nor the last time we moan in unison.
This changes to a squeal when again my hand strikes your firm ass, harder now though than before. After this surprise you try to push your spit wettened asshole back onto my cock. I avoid you however and retain the purple head just at your loosened entrance. You return to your prone position. I dribble some more saliva onto my fingers and place this on the upper side of my shaft - it is sleek now, like a greased smooth piston about to enter it's home chamber.
Keeping the head just at your entrance I lean over you and guide your hands back to their original position - I want you to open yourself to me ... like you've never opened yourself before. Your fingers press against the firmness of my cock and rub at the entrance of your rear. My elbows are now by your side and my hands move under and take hold of your breasts. I ask you if you want it ... you affirm ... I ask again if you're sure ... you re-affirm ... I ask you a third time, more loudly though ... finally you almost scream "fuck me in my asshole!" And with that - I slide the head of my hard cock sweetly into your anus.
Mmmmm ... ohhhhh gooooddddd yessss ... !!!
Our moans are loud. Your butt cheeks shudder at the sudden intensity of our sex, but you push back onto me ... slowly. And soon, and with a suction type pop, my penis head slips inside the tight ring or your ass. You feel hot and snug on my head and incredibly silky tight around the 5 ½" circumference of my shaft ... and ... compared to only the two thumbs I had previously there ... I feel HUGE to you.
We hold position. Both our breathing is shallow, especially yours, and a light sheen of perspiration begins to appear on our skin. After only a moment we push against each other in tandem and now my slickened shaft slides sweetly home ... all 7" slip easily into your most secret and tightest of holes ...
Some time passes, intentionally so as for your tight hole to become accustomed to the size of my rod. I can feel the heat and comfort that captures the head and length of my engorged cock, and in particular the incredible firmness of your stretched sphincter encircling the base. We savor this feel and the sensations of a big hard cock filling your tiny asshole. My pubic hair is pressed hard against the open cheeks of your butt and, with your fingers still at your ass, you can feel these wiry strands. Distantly I wonder to myself whether you have felt this ever before. I suddenly twitch my cock, causing the girth to pulse and in turn making you spasm and moan in ecstatic response.
Regardless of the weight of our bodies I snake my right hand from your full breast down to your groin. This is easily down due to the light sweat covering your body. Not surprisingly I discover your snatch is even more drenched than moments before. Slicking my digits with your juices I place my index and middle fingers either side of your extended clit.
Again you moan but this time due to the proximity of my fingers to your pleasure center, and the ensuing orgasm rapidly approaching.
"Do you want to cum soon?" I ask you, almost rhetorically. Again I twitch my shaft inside your tight passage to reinforce the question.
"Yessss … fuuuuccckkk yessss …. Pleasssssse." During this answer and wanting to cause my shaft to shift inside your rear, you try to rotate your hips. I match your moves though and so my shaft stay's still. You then attempt to sway your hips under me so that my fingers might contact your clit - again with matched movements no nett affect results and I sense your increasing frustration. "Fuck my ass lover, pleassssse make me cum … I need to cummmmm - fuck my asshole." I wonder absentmindedly if she ever thought she might beg for something like this.
With this plea, and unable to withstand the teasing any longer myself, I raise my hips and achingly slowly slide my hard penis almost out of you. Again our moans are in unison. With the head of my cock now just inside your butt hole we push against each other and I slide easily in again. I pull almost out again, then push in … and each time your tight sphincter grips my cock like a firm silk fist. On the next near extraction I lean back and spit on my cock … slicking it up even more. The scene I view looks incredible - with my hard, smooth and slick shaft jutting out of your tightest little hole, the purple cock head still firmly lodged inside. My observation is brief though because you push back onto me and thus bury my rod again deep into your anus.
I lye on you and nibble your ear again. Whispering the question if you like me fucking your tight ass. The fact that you are biting your bottom lip, grimace in pleasure, and moan each time I push my prick into you answers this question. My fingers near your cunt now begin stroking … close to your clit but not yet touching. "Mmmmm …" I whisper huskily … "my hard cock is right up your ass chute and now I'm going to use my fingers to make you explode. Do you want me to?". Again a rhetorical question answered by your whimpers of delight.
Soon my fingers are sliding up and down the sides of your bud in time with my cock fucking your ass. Before long, and sympathetically, I move my fingers onto the hood of your clit. Your moans are louder now and I can tell your orgasm is near.
The room is warm and we are both sweating heavily, but it is the big cock butt ramming you and your approaching orgasm that is making you tense. "Going to cum … going to cummm … ohhhh gooodddd".
Our rhythm increases so my hips are banging against your butt cheeks, my balls are swaying against and pelting your cunt, my cock is pistoning in and out of your anus, and my fingers are a blur on your clit.
I detect your orgasm hits you in your rectum first. It has been normally tight throughout our intercourse but suddenly your entire body goes tense and your asshole almost strangles my shaft. Your moaning turns to virtual screams of delight as you yell that you're loving having me in your rear. I continue to fuck your asshole and ride you as your body is wracked with waves of pleasure. Over and over again your body (and especially ass) tenses then relaxes, tenses then relaxes. Ohhh goooddd this feels good.
After the best part of a minute you go limp and my pumping and stroking ease off in unison.
"Ohhhhhhh fuuuucckkkkk" you exhaustedly whisper. Your body is shaking minutely and glowing red in post-orgasmic glow.
Soon though our screwing resumes.
"My ball's are so tight - I want to fill your ass with my cum … soon."
You whimper at the mere suggestion and unseen, I smirk.
Following your orgasm your ass has become more accustomed to my shaft inside it and as I plunge in and out of it you begin to squeeze and pump it. I can take no more of this and inform you I am seconds away from cumming.
"Cum inside me lover, cum inside my ass for me … fill my chute with your sperm baby … do it … do it now!"
My hands are on your butt cheeks, squeezing hard. Your fingers are now at your clit, stroking. My cock is thumping into your educated anus … I cum as I fully plunge into your ass once more.
You hear my moans and expletives … "fuck yea … oh yea … cumming … cumming in your ass … oh yea .. ohhhhhhh goooddd." My balls tighten, my hands squeeze harder, my legs and ass tense. The semen begins it's rapid ascent from my balls into your inner ass in pulses. On the first explosion my shaft expands and the juice streams up to my head which almost explodes and spits it out into your rectum. You can feel both my body hard and the girth of my cock change in pulses. And you can feel the sticky white fluid flood your insides with heat - a filling satisfying heat that you could never have before imagined.
Even though the additional stimulation is unnecessary, you masturbate your clit with your fingers and bring yourself to a simultaneous climax. This one is even harder, longer, and more satisfying than your first.
Pulse after pulse of hot semen races through my cock into your tight ass … my eyes are sore and my head almost splitting from this intensity.
After more than a dozen very large deposits of cum into your ass, and after 30 seconds of your second orgasm, we collapse - exhausted and exhilarated. Happy.
Although the occasional body aftershock changes its firmness, my cock stays hard for some moments and it remains lodged deep up inside your butt. Your sphincter teasingly milks my shaft and we smile … and kiss.
I hold you … and we sleep.

We awake with arms and legs still intertwined. During our sleep one of us has gathered a sheet to cover us. My idle cock is nestled at your ass and as a further reminder to our exertions only hours before, I can feel areas of cum and sweat soaked sticky moistness near here. Satiated sexually, for now, we shower and clothe ourselves and journey to a nearby cafe' for breakfast.
Amidst our preparations, and the drive and the order taking by the unknowing waitress, we are grinning at each other like naughty school children, both reveling in the secret of our anal abandon.
I notice that you seem to be sitting on the chair somewhat gingerly and with a glint in my eye I lean close to innocently whisper, "what's wrong?" Your blush and guilty smile prompts me to repeat my enquiry.
"Well ... if you must know", whispering, "I've got a sore ass!" My devious smirk is barely surprised as I move my chair alongside yours. I place a hand on your knee and gently squeeze it ... then discretely slide it to your upper thigh and then down so it is holding a cheek of your butt through your skirt and delicate lace panties.
"What if I told you I'm hard and want you again … now"
Your embarrassment is complete but through your blushing I see a devilish look from you. "Oh god … you've just made me wet again … … ok … I need you too … but gently - ok?"
"So you'll let me to fuck you in your ass again?"
"You WANT me to fuck you in your ass again?"
"You NEED me to fuck you in your ass again?"
"Yes god damn it - don't make me beg … and I need it now" You are truly insatiable.
With my hand still cupping your firm ass, a finger snakes under your thigh and rests at the crotch of your panties. It is already moist and my erection bulges more. Your eyes drill into mine with the fact that, even though the café' is relatively quiet and we are in a dimly lit corner, we are still in public. With perfect timing and to exacerbate this fact the waitress returns to our table with our coffees. She sights firstly our close proximity, then my arm sitting under your ass, but the telling sign is the redness in your cheeks. She smiles at us, offers that we enjoy our "coffees", and knowingly indicates where the restrooms are - just in case we want to know. She wink's as she departs our table.
Not thirsty any longer, we quickly leave some change and escape to the restrooms. Typically, it is a single stall but large enough to fit us both. I enter first and you turn to lock the door. While doing this I place one hand up under your skirt onto your panty-encased ass and the other wraps around your mid riff to hold your breast. I press my groin in your rear and you feel the familiar feel of my shaft nestling into the crack of your butt.
Again … murmurs and small moans escape from the closeness of our bodies …
I kiss your neck and you lean your head away to open yourself to me. The hand on your ass moves in front of my pubic bone to sit in the middle of your butt. With my thumb nearest your hip, my little finger is square in the crevice of your buns and begins faintly stroking up and down this line. You signal your approval by gathering your short skirt about your waist. Your cute derriere looks (again) completely edible but more so now that they are packaged within these sexy white lace panties you wear.
The fingers of my right hand run through your silken hair, then hold your neck and face and caress your soft skin. With my fingers at the level of your breasts I suddenly pull outwards and the buttons spring loose with a pop, freeing the front of your blouse and exposing to only the door and I your lacey white bra. You gasp at the shock of this surprise … but continue with our foreplay by moving your hand down over your ass to meet the bulge in my pants, firmly against it.
Still with your back to me, you expertly extract my prick from my jeans and begin stroking the shaft. Pre-cum is in abundance at the head and you both spread this about the length, and also transport some on your thumb into your wanting mouth. You like this taste.
My hands hastily push the remnants of your blouse off of your shoulders and make short work of releasing your full breasts from the confines of your bra. To match this, I discard my shirt on the floor and press my muscular chest to your back. My hands again seek out and find the crotch of your soaked panties and teasingly toy with your snatch through the flimsy material. Back and forth my fingers travel, sketching with my tip's the outline of your inflamed cunt lips, engorged with blood and demanding further attention. I push the crotch of your panties to one side which in turn allows me free and open access to your groin. My stroking resumes. Soon, my fingers are playing on your pussy lips and then my right index and middle fingers begin a sensuous back and forth caress between your hot lips. Then inside … two fingers to the first knuckle … and out … you are hot inside … and now in again - to the second knuckle … then out … and in again. Your pussy entrance is firm and silky slick around my now juice soaked fingers.
I will not yet touch your clit however … even though it throbs and longs for me to do so.
With my left hand I pool some juice from your saturated cunt with my fingers and spread this liberally about your areola. Soon after these same fingers are working away at your left breast, tweaking and rolling your slickened nipples between forefinger and thumb.
Now I sit on the closed toilet seat cover and bend you over at the hips so that by curling over, my head is inches from your behind. I massage the rear of your thighs with my strong hands and move them closer and closer to your sopping cunt. I move my head into your groin. My mouth is at your pussy entrance, and my tongue begins to lap lap lap at the juice cascading out from deep inside you. Yummmmm … you taste sweet and amazing. My tongue rolls into a point and it begins darting in and out of your crevice … mmmmm. But lo - what is this at my nose? Mmmmm … your tightest hole … still faintly red from the workout it had previously. The tip of my nose presses in and rub's near your entrance. Moan's yet again escape from us in unison.
I study your perfect asshole with devoted and total lust … and long to be back inside … now, or very very soon at least. My tongue soon follows my gaze and leaves your dripping slit to play in small circles about your rear. Around and around it goes … never quite touching your anus. Then up and down your butt crack it travels … again, never quite touching your hole. Teasing. Toying. Wanting.
My right hand returns to plugging your sweet front hole with fingers, and, eventually, the thumb begins pressing in tandem with my tongue onto the center of your ass. You moan. "Mmmm baby … that feels sooooo fucking good. Lick my tight ass honey .. lick it … taste it … get it ready for your cock … mmmmm."
I slide down on the hard seat cover and you bend over, almost like a gymnast, to take my cock into your receptive mouth. Your tongue play's about the head and tip, then engulfs the whole head. I am momentarily distracted from my task as you slowly, so slowly, attempt to ease the whole 7 inches into your mouth and throat. You stutter at about 2/3 rds of my length, and begin pumping up and down my penis with your lips creating not a bad imitation of the hole that I really and desperately want to put my cock. The shaft is now sparkling from your saliva.
Absentmindedly I think to myself that as great as it look's and feels, I suspect deep throat isn't as easy as every guy would want to convince his woman to believe.
With only a little help from me you remove my Jeans and then my Calvin Klein black boxers. My cock bob's free of its clothing confines but quickly your willing mouth devours it again. You caress and massage my smooth shaven balls in time with your sucking, and occasionally release my pole to nibble at these full again sperm sacks.
I stand and rest my hands on your firm butt, with my left thumb under the gathered rear of your panties - pushing them to the side. I guide my cock to the entrance of your cunt with my right hand, and you splay your legs wide to open your pussy to my cock. We press into each other and our sex organs join. Mmmmmmmm. In one movement my slick cock sinks entirely up insdie your pussy. Snug and tight - not as much as your rectum … but great nevertheless. I pull back and almost entirely out of you … then in. Mmmmmmm. The pressure on the door through your hands causes it to knock faintly but discernibly.
I wonder what that waitress is thinking now?
I spread your firm mountains wide and can see your anus twitch with excitement and anticipation. Again I scoop some of your pussy juices from my pistoning cock and rub this sticky fluid around your rear. In concentric circles my fingers edge closer to your very hole, then back away before they contact the center. I can tell you weary of this teasing as your hip movements become increasingly erratic the longer I continue this.
Eventually … contact is made. My right index finger sits at the core of your anus and, to avoid further frustration, I snake this inside to the first knuckle. Your ass is still tight regardless of the wanton fucking from my cock only hours before. I rest my finger in this position for some seconds to let you re-accommodate yourself to an intruder. You have learned much already though … and you clench and relax, tense and loosen your anus. You are sucking me in. Tight, hot, lubricated … mmmmm.
I push in more until my digit is in your backside to the second knuckle. Now the tip of this finger sits up past the muscular ring of your sphincter and I recall why I desire my penis to be in this heavenly place again.
I am amazed too at the feel of my hard cock head slamming in and out of your little pussy. The thin membrane between ass and cunt does little to hide the feel of my rod inside you. I press down and my cock feels the small knob of the finger ... wow. My senses return to you again as I hear your tiny moans.
"You have the tightest and most gorgeous butt in the world."
"Thank you honey," you respond and then teasingly add, " and it's all yours to do with it what you want."
And I like your giggle too.
Soon the entire length of my fingers rests inside, and I can feel you squeeze and release around it. My finger tip moves around gently inside your rectum learning the feel of your insides and, aside from the feel of my cock in your cunt, how hot and spongy it feels - in stark contrast to the tight ring of muscle at your entrance.
Before long both my index and forefingers probe your rear, then a third joins the two, and you winch slightly at the expanded girth of the invasion. Every time I extract these digits I briefly pay additional attention to relaxing your tight sphincter. Before long, and with further additions of my saliva onto my fingers, these are sawing in and out of your rear chute in rhythm to my cock slamming into your pussy. With my balls now prodding and bumping your clit on every in-stoke, I sense that you might be nearing a long awaited orgasm. Surely this would be good to further prepare you.
"Are you going to cum soon?" I question not at all innocently, and confidently.
"I could so easily, lover, but I'm not going to. You KNOW I want it in my ass again … I want your cock in my ass and then I'll cum. Infact …" and with that open-ended statement you stop my pumping by placing your hands on my hips. Then you hold firmly the base of my now pussy slickened cock, pull your hips forward and in the process pull my 7-inch meat from your wet cunt. A very erotic wet "scholick" is heard as our genitals disengage.
After several fist jerks of my shaft you take hold of the purple head and
aim it steady at the entrance to your back passage. We both feel the
familiar heat and pressure again. With your eye's still closed … you smile,
and emit a quiet purr. "This is where I want it - mmmmm … I can remember you
doing this not so long ago …"
"So can I," I reply, "and I haven't stopped thinking about it since we did.
My cock soooo want's to be inside your tight ass again."
"Mmmmm … well then … what are you waiting for?" The tone in your voice quickly changes, and you are in control. "Shove your cock up my ass baby. Fuck my asshole with your cock … Just go for it, do it. Do what you do SO well. SO excellently. Pleeeease baby … do it now."
How could I ever argue with a woman who seems to like to be in charge once in a while and especially with an instruction like that?
I quickly take stock of the situation and snap off a mental photograph to replay on any future solitary nights. My manhood is diamond hard, smooth, and pussy juice wet ... the few veins along it's length bulge with blood and the head emits a silky sheen both from the taught skin and the love juices. Already, I can feel my ball's tight into my body, preparing and wanting to again stain your colon with gooey semen. The shaft positively quivers with excitement … having known already (but all too briefly) the delights that await inside this entrance.
You remain slightly bent over at the waist, your sweet ass pushed out and back to me. With one hand now returned to the bracing position on the toilet stall door, the other continues to target my slick meat missile into the inviting hole of your backdoor. Your long forgotten skirt remains bunched around your waist, and your soaked but sweet sexy panties are clear, pulled away to the side of your butt.
The tiny room is now heavy with the smell of sex.
Pressing my cock head insistently against your asshole, I tell you … "breathe, relax, and push out ever so gently … open yourself up to me." You breathe, you concentrate, and you relax, and the head of my cock slips in a third of the way. I can feel the heat of your ring, and you can feel my cock edging inside you. Your hole is noticeably looser from our recent banging, but still it remains so much tighter and resistant then your sopping wet pussy.
My hand replaces yours as the guide.
"Ohhhh … it's tight … oh fuck oh fuck "… your breathing is short, and interspersed with tiny moans. Your actions belie your words word's though. Your face switches between a grimace and an ecstatic smirk. Both the cheeks of your ass and your hands pressed firmly against the door clench and unclench, almost in time with the progress my shaft makes inside. And the way you begin to minutely bounce on the knees to assist in the insertion is testament to the fact that you want my cock stuffed deep inside your bottom, again.
"Please, fuck my ass hard … it's stretched from last night's invasion and your fingering just now. I need baby - do it."
With a lurid squelch, the purple head of my cock slips inside the ring muscle of your sphincter. "Ahhhhhhhhh … fuck you feel soooo gooooodd". Your quiet squeals and moans are your response to my own.
With my cock's head now securely inside your tight hot ass, I endeavor to push the remaining length fully up towards your stomach. I dribble more saliva onto my shaft and in combination with your cunt juices already there, the pole is as slick as a well-oiled piston.
You take a deep breath in, then out and relax. Your entire body relaxes, including your tight ass. And then one inch of my shaft worms in. Mmmmm - niiiicccccceeeee. Wait. Then back out so only the head of my cock remains clamped inside. Wait. Breathe. Relax. Push. Two inches. Pull back out. Wait. Breathe. Relax. Push against me - squeeze and push your asshole against me as if you're trying to push my cock out. Push. Three inches. Mmmmm god you are so tight and hot.
You feel that familiar girth widening your ass … that comfortably full and totally obscene feeling again heating up your rectum. You are breathless and speechless bar the tiny moans forced out of you every time my pole slides into you.
You cannot believe how much you enjoy having your ass fucked.
I cannot believe how incredibly great the feeling is of filling your ass with my cock.
We cannot help ourselves, and my cock and now your anus are sufficiently lubricated for us to pleasure ourselves in this once forbidden manner. Soon the whole 7-inch length of my swollen dong is securely lodged inside your irresistible rump … gripping like a silk fist about the base of my prick. An excited and fluid rhythm ensues and my cock begins to pound away at your rear hole.
Each slam into your gripping ring brings us both closer to our eventual climax's, and I watch in utter fascination as each hit sends the smallest of waves over your butt cheeks …. Mmmmmm.
"Fuck my ass harder ... come on baby - do it … come on, come on, do it … fucking do it … FUCK MY AAAAAASSSSSSSS - Pleeeeeeeeease do me, oh baby, dooooo me. Ohhhhhhhhhh!"
For an instant I think about clamping my hand over your mouth to try and stifle some of the noise of our sex. Surely people outside and in the café' would be able to hear this. Fuck it … I quickly remind myself … they'll only be jealous. Which guy wouldn't be shoving his dick in and out of the tight butt of a sexy woman … and as for the women ... well, if they haven't tried it - maybe they should ask my lover here if it's worth the effort. I silently grin at the thought but this image quickly disappears when you again clench down on my ramming cock with your sphincter.
You can feel my balls press against your pussy every time I sink my cock right to the hilt. This is a tease, so with some effort, you inform me, "Would you please let me come? If not, I'll have to reach down and do it myself." I almost laugh as the timbre in your voice rises and lowers in time with the very hard penis pummeling your tiny rear hole.
I take your right hand in mine, place it to my mouth and kiss the fingers … then deposit a reasonable amount of saliva. Your hesitant reaction suggests you're unsure of my intent until, that is, I tell you … "make yourself cum when I do … finger your hot little cunt and clit and explode when I do … soooooon …" Your fingers willingly and hastily begin to massage your own cunt.
My fingers press so tightly into your little butt. My arms push and pull your hole onto and off of my hard shaft.
I momentarily hold my cock head just inside your anus, the slick shaft
glistening outside at the ready. You clench once more onto my cock with your
ring, and release, and squeeze, and release. To further my enjoyment the
fingers working at your clit briefly move lower and squeeze my already tight
balls. I can take no more …
"Cumming … cumming … I'm going to cum up your asshole … going to …cccccuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" In a climatic wave spreading out from my loins, my legs go tense, as do my own buttocks, and stomach, and chest. My arms stiffen. My scrotum tightens even more. The head of my cock grows faintly larger. And I ram my ejaculating cock deep up inside your chute - your tight anal passage sheathing my cock like a fist, once more. My orgasm forces my cock to stay deep up you.
The hot sticky semen that has been brewing in my balls since last I was here travels along the length of my cock - sucked out by the milking from your asshole. The sperm races up the length of my shaft and begins to spit out of the hole in the end of my cock … depositing itself high up inside your belly. Pump, spit, pulse, spasm, cum. Again and again my fluid ejaculates into your rectum. Again and again you feel the size of my shaft expand and contract in pulses and you know that again and again my cum is flooding your insides in milky squirts.
My teeth are clamped together. My eyes are forced closed. My head almost splits from the intensity. A dozen electric shocks of ecstasy pump the contents of my balls into your backdoor. Vaguely, and rapidly nearing the first throws of orgasm yourself, you recognise the sensation of warmth and pressure flooding your insides.
"Oh god - fuck me baby … cum in my ass … oooohhhh goooooddddd I can feel you cumming in my asssss …. Ohhhhhhhhhh…" Just as the peak of my climax begins to taper off, your deep moans attract my attention and my right hand instinctively moves to your groin.
You gladly yield your masturbation to brace yourself against the door, and
so my fingers have free reign. Wet from saliva and cunt juices, my fingers
make a bee-line for your swollen clitoris and quickly stroke either side of
the hood. Your breathing quickens even more and you inform me, "Going to cum
lover .. keep going, keep going, keep … yea - that's it - right there, yes,
yes, yes …"
My index and third finger's spread open and expose your clit. Quickly my middle finger starts to stroke at the underside of your pleasure bud. That's all you needed.
My finger becomes a blur on your bud. You begin to shiver. You tense up. Your legs go tight. Your hands clench. The glowing skin of your naked back and neck go red. You lift your head up and back. Your orgasm has control of your body.
And your sphincter pumps on the base of my still buried cock. Total bliss. Wave after wave of your crescendo flows through your body, as my fingers begin to slow down and match your ebbs.
You go limp and moan heavily. "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuccckkkkk. Oh myyyyyyyyyyy god."
I can only respond in agreeable murmurs, and smiles. I lean onto you again, pressing my wet chest to your back, placing my hands against the door beside yours, my head softly kissing your neck, ears, and sweet face.
I stand upright off of you and pull my now red and deflating cock out of you. Your sweet ass remains slightly open … I can see dribbles of cum beginning to ooze out of the now loosened cavity.
I sit on the closed toilet seat cover. You turn around, lift your legs either side of me, and sit astride me. Our arms intertwine and we hold each other as tightly as our drained bodies will permit us. Our bodies are covered in sweat both from the exertions of our anal intercourse and from the heat within the small room.
Suddenly there is loud thumping on the wooden door. "HAVE YOU GUYS FUCKING FINISHED FUCKING IN THERE YET?" comes a shriek from the other side.
Mildly shocked and very embarrassed, we look at each other, and begin to
laugh …

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