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My girlfriend is naughty

I have come to the conclusion that I am a sex mad exhibitionist who can't get enough of showing my tits and pussy to whoever wants a look. My name is Donna. I am 27, 5ft 4, have short (everchanging colour) hair, green eyes and trim figure. I have been told on many occasions how much blokes fancy me and I think that is part of the reason I like them to see the whole package. One of my first times was when I showed myself off to my land-ladies 17 year old son when I was a student. I had been at keep fit and came in all hot a sweaty so I decided to take a shower. I had forgotten that Alex was off college for a few days and presumed that I was alone in the house as usual in the early afternoons. However I was getting undressed in the bathroom when out of the corner of the bathroom mirror I caught a glimpse of Alex looking in through a crack in his bedroom door (the bathroom door was wide open) trying not to be noticed. I was about to give him 'what for' for being a naughty perv when I realized how turned on I instantly felt knowing he was looking at me. Bold as I often am I went beyond my usual courage and continued getting undressed in a way that I knew would give him a good view of my body. I felt a rush as I removed my sports bra to give him a view of my firm tits and noticed how wet I was when I removed my knickers, bending right over as I did so to give him a nice view of my behind. I got into the shower and pulled the curtain only slightly so that he could look on. As I soaped my body I imagined him wanking over me desperately trying to keep quiet so that I didn't notice him. I was feeling very, very horny and I'm sure he could see the fact as my nipples were erect, red and very hard. I resisted touching myself as I wanted to save my orgasm for when I met my boyfriend later that night. I finished bathing and climbed out of the shower; and without making it obvious, checked to see that he was still there; which, surprise, surprise, he was. I was now feeling bolder and decided that I would give my pussy a fresh shave for him to see, something that I was going to do anyway. I sat on the edge of the bath and spread my legs wide giving him a perfect view of my gaping hole and then sprayed on the foam. I gently shaved myself to leave a small bush of brown hairs and washed away the remaining soap. Having done this I spread my cunt lips wide apart with one hand and dabbed it with my towel, totally unnecessary but it gave Alex a nice view. I finally covered myself up and went off to my room, Alex must have sneaked downstairs as he pretended to come in the front door a minute later.
Alex was never quite the same towards me after that day and even now I don't think he knows that I knew he was there. After that day I have become more and more aware of how much I like others getting off by looking at my assets.
The second time I showed myself off was later that year on holiday in Brighton where I had several opportunities, the first being on the coach on the way down. It was quiet on the coach (a four hour journey) with only a dozen or so other passengers. I was sat at the back on my own with a young soldier on the other side of the aisle, all the other passengers were old ladies who were sat right at the front. I got into a conversation with Liam who was on his way home for some leave and it was after our chatter fizzled out that I decided to give him a little show. I calmly asked him if he minded me getting changed as I wanted to look fresh on arrival. He offered to sit further forward to give me some privacy but I said that I was sure he had seen it all before. As I stripped off I noticed that he was getting quite embarrassed and looking away, but I started up another conversation and managed to get him looking in my direction. I pulled my summer dress over my head and put it to one side. He was now openly gawping at my body and I then removed my bra giving him a nice view of my tits and finally lifted my bum up to remove my panties. He took this as an invite and asked if I wanted to step into the small toilet for a fuck. I was feeling very horny but declined as I wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend. Instead I said, "We can wank together if you like and I started rubbing my pussy, putting one leg up on the seat to give him a nice view. He pulled out his hard cock and started wanking in time with me. It wasn't long before he started to tense up and his come shot out onto the seat in front and over his jeans. The sight of this and my fingers rubbing on my clit was too much and I had an almighty orgasm, it was hard not to make too much noise but the release was electric. Liam was in a heap in his seat his softening dick glistening with come. We looked at each other and smiled when I noticed we had entered the town and passers by would be able to see my tits. Not wishing to get myself arrested for indecent exposure I got changed into my jeans and jumper. As I got off the coach Liam thanked me for the show and we went our separate ways.
I arrived at my hotel room and decided to take a shower when my next opportunity came forward. I was naked and about to take a shower when I couldn't get the shower to work. I phoned down to reception and was told that it sometimes was difficult to operate and that the porter would be up shortly to fix it for me. When there was a knock at the door I put on a hotel robe and let the porter in a young lad of about 18 who I noticed taking glances at my bare legs. He fiddled about for a few minutes and got it working for which I thanked him, then realized that he was waiting for his tip. I knew that the only money I had was large notes and was about to apologize when I had a better idea. "I don't have any money I'm afraid." I said, "But how about I let you watch me take a shower instead?" I had memories of when I had done the same for Alex. At first I think he thought I was joking but he knew I was for real when I dropped my robe and calmly stood under the cool spray. As I washed I noticed him wanking in the doorway behind me, a look of concentration on his face. I deliberately dropped my soap and bent right over to get it showing off my trimmed pussy and bum to perfection. This was more than he could take and I heard him groan with pleasure as he shot his load over the bathroom floor. He cleaned up his spunk thanked me and left me to finish off my shower.
The following day my boyfriend, Toby, joined me at the hotel, his work meant that he had to miss the first night, and he got the shag of his life.

Donna, Brighton

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