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I need to Pee

This happened just last month while I was in the hospital, having my appendix removed. Rather unusual for a 41 year old guy but it turned into something special...
After surgery I was on a morphin drip to curb the pain...the problem this created I found out was that I couldn't pee... I got to the point of explosive need to releave myself but I just couldn't go. I summoned the nurse and somewhat embarresdly explained my problem. She said that if I couldn't go she could take care of the problem by using a catheter. Yikes! But I've always said that you have to do what you have to do so I told her lets go for it.
She returned in a few moments with a rather small bag with the tube attathed, I told her it looked small to me, she assured me it would be sufficient. She pulled my covers down and reached for my cock, which unfortunatly shrivels to a mere inch an a half or so. She appologized for the discomfort of inserting the catheter. I reasssured her my need to go was far more painfull!!
In my druged state I was freed of my usual inhibitions, and told her of my embarassment of being small. Naturally the good nurse reassured me joking about how many men she sees and how normal my size was.
As my urine flowed I relaxed and my brain took note of this good looking woman in white holding my little dick and I began to swell.
She said it looked like I was right about the size of the bag, it was filling and I was still flowing. She reached for a bed pan and quickly removed the catheter, pulling on my awakining cock to point it towards the bed pan. I splashed on her as the transfer was made, but she stayed on top of things until I finished. She milked my growing length to make sure all my urine was out. It was, but the plesure of relief and the plesure of this cute blond stroking me created a new, obvious problem. I was rock hard, springing to my full 6 inches.
I should say this was happening at 1:30 in the morning and I had no roommate. I thanked her for helping with my first problem and told her how good her touch felt. She said that she was just doing her job but she still had ahold of me!
She asked if I would like a"any more relief". You can imagine, I spread my legs abit and lifted my hips as much as I could to give her an answer. She continued stroking my length, and reachedto rub my balls. I was in heaven at this point!
"kiss it" i mumbled, She bent over and took the head of my cock into her mouth and squeezed my shaft and balls.Then continued her stroking. Unfortunatly I reached the point of no return too quickly and sent a rush of cum into her mouth.
I was surprized she took my load but she said she didn't want any evidence for the next shift nurse to find with a smile.
I thanked her for the wonderful relief of all my problems and asked if she would show me "hers" since she had seen all of me. She said that she had to check on her duty station and that I should rest, covering me she turned and left.
In what seemed a few moments sshe was back to do the blood pressure, pulse check.Go figure mine was high.
I reached a squeezed her butt, again asking if I could have a look. She stepped back and raised her dress revealing a pair of high cut lace pantys. Very nice! She ran her fingers over her mound and at my prompting pulled the crotch aside. She had a beutifully trimmed, nearly invisable blond bush, which she ran a finger through, stopping on top of her clit she shuddered.
"Keep going", I urged. She did and smiled as I threw the covers aside to reveal another hard on that I jerked In rythem with her fingers. She leaned against the other bed, lifted one leg that gave me a clear view of her fingers working in and out of her pussy. again I came long before I desired to. Sending long strings of cum onto my belly.
Seeing me shoot put her over the edge, she fell back onto the bed, clamped her fingers thightly between her thighs and shook through a powerfull orgasm.
After a moment, my wild nurse gave me a sponge bath, cleaning up all evidence of our mutual show.
Now I'm recovered and my nurse and I see each other regularly, often masturbating for the other....

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