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My wife Kelly recently told me about a wild sexual experience she had with another man just prior to our wedding day. Although I was a bit shocked and jealous to hear my wife was screwing around while we were engaged, her story was so hot that I just had to share it with your readers.
Kelly and I are both 31 and have been married for four wonderful years and each year our love grows stronger. Kelly is an incredible woman, both in and out of bed. Kelly is fun loving, warm hearted, smart and successful.
Kelly loves sex and her slim figure and pretty face have enabled her to bed most any man she desires. Kelly has had over three dozen lovers and it has always been a turn-on for me to hear Kelly recount some of her kinky sexual escapades.
About two months before our wedding day Kelly met a good looking young guy at a deli. Jim so charmed my fiancée that she soon agreed to a date with him even though she was living with her fiancée (me). From the onset Kelly made it clear to Jim that their relationship would be purely sexual because she was in love and would be married within months.
Kelly and Jim would sometimes go out to dinner, but usually Kelly would meet Jim at his home or office for sex. Since Kelly wanted to keep her fling a secret from me they would normally schedule their sexual encounters during work hours or right after work.
Like any red-blooded man Jim loved fucking Kelly, but Jim also took special pleasure knowing that he was fucking another man's fiancée.
One night at Jim's house while Kelly was giving Jim one of her fabulous blowjobs, Jim kiddingly dared Kelly to call her fiancée and tell him about the great fuck she was about to get. Not to be outdone, my kinky Kelly agreed that maybe she should call her fiancée.
Kelly casually dialed our phone number and positioned herself on all fours and instructed Jim to enter her from behind. Jim happily obliged his brazen playmate and rammed his long uncircumcised cock into her pussy.
I answered the phone and Kelly explained that she was working late and that she would be home soon. Kelly and I talked for about fifteen minutes about nothing in particular. Little did I realize that another man was fucking my fiancée "doggy style" as we spoke. While listening to our conversation, Jim was thrusting his cock hard and fast into my future wife's tight pussy trying valiantly to make her expose that she was being fucked. While on the line Kelly desperately tried to retain her composure, but she knows she moaned out loud twice, once while orgasming and again when Jim pinched her large, sensitive nipples.
Kelly and Jim were both surprised that I did not catch on, but who would ever suspect their gal was enjoying another man's cock while talking to her on the phone.
After "our" phone sex, Kelly and Jim fucked until he was worn out, but Kelly was still horny so she rushed home to have sex with me. It was only recently that I found out that I was often receiving "sloppy seconds" from my own fiancée.
Kelly expected me to find out about her affair with Jim, because many times I sucked and fucked her right after Jim had screwed her. Kelly is still amazed that I could not taste her lover's cum when I licked her just fucked pussy.
In addition to Jim, Kelly has confessed to screwing four other men during our courtship. While at first I was jealous of her cheating now I only get turned on visualizing my beautiful wife screwing other men.

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