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I Need your Cock

When I start to get that feeling my hands automatically go straight to my breast. They have become much more sensitive lately for some reason. I place both of my hands on each breast massaging them gently. I then begin to play with my nipples, pinching them. First it's softly then I begin to twist them, as you would do. My right hand then will find its way down to my clit. I will stick a finger into my hole to get my finger all wet and I bring my finger up to my clit and rub it as your tongue would do. Now that I have a new toy I will get it out and turn it on a slow speed. Let it run over my nipples for a few minutes while I still have my finger on my clit running it over my clit and then in and out of my hole to keep my finger nice and moist. Tiny jr. then gets a mind of his own and decides its time to take over so my fingers don't get tired. So I then turn the speed up to medium/high to mimic the action your tongue would give to my clit. I slid it over it, kind of pressing down on it kind of like a grinding action on my clit. My one hand will fondle my breast and rub my nipples giving them plenty of attention. Tiny jr. will then go inside of my wet hole. I will move him in and out first slowly then picking up pace a bit. If I'm not on the phone with you then I am able to massage my clit as I do this. One hand pumping the fake cock in and out and the other rubbing my clit or breast. Yesterday I added a new step in the process of making me cum. I got out the k-y placed a huge goop on tinys head and made sure I did not miss one spot. I also put some on my fingers and rubbed it into my ass making sure it is nice and coated. I lay on my left side and slid tiny Jr into my ass. Ouch, it kind of hurt a bit but then once he was all the way in it actually felt good. So then I lay on my back with tiny Jr still in my ass, I turned it up to a higher speed. ohhhhhhh the sensations it sends through my body. It still kind of hurt a bit, so I just left him in there with my two hands free. I spread my lips apart with my left hand then with my right hand I was able to massage my clit. I could already feel the orgasm coming. I stick my fingers into my hole and I am able to feel tiny Jr just vibrating away. I am soaking wet, my fingers come out glistening. I play with my clit just a little more and I am sent over the edge. As I am cumming I continue to rub my clit, because I know if you were here you wouldn't let me get away from you. I rub it faster and faster and I just keep cumming. My legs are shaking from this and the room begins to spin. I lay there for a minute, thinking of you, wishing it was your mouth that brought me to this great feeling instead of a plastic cock and my fingers. I was still feeling a bit horny, so I then start to move the fake cock in my ass in and out slowly as I play with my clit. Oh, this is starting to feel really good and within a matter of seconds I find myself cumming again.

Only 20 more weeks of getting pleasure from this fake cock. Can't wait for you to return.

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