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I had been noticing the policemen hanging around the area lately. One gentleman in particular smelled so clean and masculin I was tingling, getting all wet with desire. His uniform was pressed, and everything about him looked huge. I was working late at the store counter when I decided to strike up a converation with him. He was wearing mirrored sunglass' which already made me feel dominated, "So, your glasses protect your eyes from the sun or from other people?" His mouth parted in a slight smile. "What color are your eyes?", I asked hoping or more. He took them off and looked at me. I felt him peircing through me. My lust ached to see what kind of penis he had. All I could do was bite my lip from being vulgar.
"Very pretty blue eyes you have sir." I stated as I inhaled his scent. "Are you single, sir?" I HAD to ask him. All I could do was bite my lip as he explained he was nervous about dating someone. He seemed so masculine, so built, and he had this sweet personality... I was not goig to blow this oppertunity God handed me. NoWay! "Sir," I began, "I would really love it if we got to know eachother a little better. I can get off now since we're so slow... You wouldn't mind walking me to have a cup of coffee would you?" He smiled,"Sounds pretty interesting. I can do that". So, I grabbed my stuff and punched out and we walked to the close dinning resteraunt.
I couldn't get over how amazing he was... polite, kind, soft hearted, shy! We talked for a couple hours, and then I blurted out, "You have made me so horney since I laid eyes on you, I really want you." He seemed to have blushed behind that smile of his but what he said aroused my curiosity," I'm a pretty horny fellow but I can only administer punishment to reach orgasm."
I smiled, "Ahh, a kinky officer of the law... would you like to explain please".
He nodded, " I like to spank. My first highschool romance invoved me in her fantasies and they've been a part of mine ever since." The urge to experiment this with him made me ache.
"I would like you to experiment on me, now." I stated.
I looked at him wantingly, "Please"
I don't think he wanted to think too long about my proposition, because he pulled out his wallet and handed the waitress some bills, "Let's go then."
We walked outside, the moon cascaded down over the street like a love beam and the night air breezed through me so fresh and soothing. We walked to his parked car and he opened the door for me. When he got in I asked him where he planned we could do this. "Down at the jailhouse we have rooms that are used for something like this rondesvou. We'll have privacy and w can experiment without me losing my uniform." he paused for a minute, "My uniform is what made you horny in the first place isn't it?"
He parked the vehicle and we walked inside. His fellow officers were preoccupied with one thing or another, although I did see him take a ring of keys from a desk drawer. He pointed the way through the maze of hallways and iron bar walls.
We finnally stopped in a secluded section that had outer surrounding walls and gates. There was very little light, and I became nervous as he directed me over near the wall.
"What I'm going to do with you is place you over my lap. I'm not going to get undress nor are you... we're just testing the waters, ok?" He pulled me down across his lap. I could feel his penis stiffen slightly under me. His hands caressed and stroke my butt as I lay awaiting his hand slapping my butt. He felt good, I decided already he could do no wrong. I could hear his arm raise and felt the crack as his hand slapped my butt. It didn't hurt and I believe we both knew it wasn't going to hurt unless I undressed the lower half of me. I asked,"Would you mind if I undressed and lay across you so that my chest hovers over your crotch and my butt can be more-so in the air?" I stood up and positioned myself so. He raised his hand and with strength slapped my bare butt with his mascilan hand. I let out a painful grunt, and my pelvis went forward to ease the blow. "Do it again," I begged him. "Do it harder!"
His hand felt my bare butt, massaging it briefly before he brought it down. 'SMACK' He'd rub it just briefly, 'SMACK' rub,'SMACK'.. I squirmed after every 'smack' across my butt cheeks, and I was snsing the pain... Then, I asked him if I could play with his penis with my hands... I was so horney I felt I deserved some pleasure and I would make him horney for me!
I unzipped his pants and reached in. It felt hard and was getting wet. I had fun as I rythmically rubbed his pecker and balls. He began to rub my ass... I moved it around, bringing it up & down as I forced his stiff cock to my lips.
He was moaning and when he orgasmed he spirted all over my face as I tickled the tip with my chin. His huge throbbing penis spurted like a volcano as he silently moaned his pleasure. "WoW", deeply sighing,"That was so wonderful. How do you feel?"
I looked up at him,"You felt so good. I want there to be a next time. Let's do this again, soon. Let's experiment and scope the possabilities of variations, ok?"

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