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The Arts of Korean Nursing

COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS are welcome at The following stories are based upon my experiences in South Korea. Please enjoy them as much as I did. - Mark Stevens

During the early 1980'sI lived and worked for a year in Korea, in a small provincial capital as a professor in a nursing school. I was taking a year off before finishing my medical residency, and I wanted to get some non-Western hands-on experience to go with my training. At the nursing school, my official duties included teaching several courses for the nurses, plus English conversation. However, it came to include much more than that. My daily schedule was not rigorous. I could arrive by 10:00 and leave most days at 2:00. I lived in a modest 2-bedroom apartment five minutes' walk from campus. My students were among the best I had ever had. They were mostly young country women, 18-25, who came from the outlying farms, and thus had high motivation to get an education that would afford them a different life than farming. Plus, they were interested in linking up with men from the local colleges. In the classes I taught, I came to know several of the young women very well. While they were shy around me (since I was one of the few men at the college, and since their experience with men was limited), I came to know three women better than the others. During class, these three would call me "Professor" and I would call them "Miss Kang" or "Miss Kim". But after class, they would call me by my first name and I would call them by theirs. Pretty soon, the awkwardness of such familiarity wore off, and we became good friends. Sometimes the four of us would go out together; other times just two or three of us would eat, pack a picnic or see a movie together. Kyong was the oldest, a very slender and tall woman 24 years old, with long black hair that turned a glittering blue in the sun. She was kind of the dorm mother for the other young women. She rarely wore a bra, I came to discover through repeated observation. Her breasts were on the small side, even for Korean women. On warm days, when she wore the least amount of clothes, I would often observe her, along with the small impression her nipples made on the fabric of her shirt or blouse. Once she came to class after working out, and her tights accentuated what to me was a very "hot" young woman. I imagined her to be 32AAA-22-33. On more than one occasion in our early friendship I was able (permitted? encouraged?) to view down her loose clothes to sometimes bare breasts. Her nipples were like doorbells to me, waiting to be pushed to open up doors of other possibilities. There was Joung, the youngest, a medium-height girl of 18 years old. While not as slender as Kyong, she had a very good looking figure with normal breasts for a Korean woman, perhaps a "B". She had a ready smile and a very friendly personality. One distinguishing feature about Joung was her birthmark on the side of her temple, a 1"-square patch of blue-black skin. While it made her unpopular with the boys (Confucian culture often demanded perfection in its women), the birthmark had made Joung even more friendly and sympathetic to those who may feel different or pain in their lives. Joung wore modest clothes, mostly white blouses, but other times breezy V-neck tops. I would come to discover that her birthmark had a twin! Our "gang of four" was completed by Suwon, a city girl of 20. While Suwon was not that pretty in her face, she was still attractive. Her body, however, was unbelievably magnificent! She was as tall as Kyong, but she was blessed with "D" sized breasts that she found difficult to manage. The Korean-made bras were not made to contain such weight, and she was all the time adjusting, shifting and attending to her large breasts. What I thought was blessed real estate on her body, however, she sometimes thought as a curse. The rest of her body was like a gymnast's, with well-developed legs and torso. All three of my friends worked hard at their studies, which made teaching them a joy. Art-Therapy Class It was around 2:00 on a glorious autumn Monday when my life with the student population took a more "personal" turn. I was in the teacher's lounge, getting my things ready, when a woman professor a bit older than I came in and made a request. Prof. Kim taught art-therapy to the nursing students, and she came to me with a strong request in her eyes, but embarrassment in her voice and body language. "Prof. M," she began. "I have a very difficult request to make of you." "Go on," I replied. "If I can be of help, just ask." In her English, she said: "As you know, I teach art-therapy. Today, we supposed to have 2 weeks drawing human body. I had model, a young man, ready to give us two weeks modeling in 4:00 class. But he's in the hospital himself, cannot make it." I saw it coming. I could hardly believe my ears. She was going to ask me to take his place! "Prof. M., please, could you come model us next two weeks? It would be 90 minutes per day, and I could reward you." My mind raced. Prof. Kim was a looker herself. But she was married; I wonder what she had in mind... Or was it just the way she spoke English? "OK," I said. "Tell me what you want me to do." Was she relieved! She told me to report that afternoon to the studio in casual clothes. Each day, I would be asked by her and the class to do something different. So at 4:00 I arrive to the studio. There were ten students there, including Kyong and Suwon. Prof. Kim was there, who communicated in Korean what had happened with the other model, and how I had agreed to fill in. I could see looks of surprise around the classroom, for most of the students were in my other classes. I saw Kyong and Suwon exchange looks of pleasure. They looked at each other, and smiled for a long time. That first day, Prof. Kim asked me to sit in various poses, and then stand in other poses. The students sketched. As they did, the professor explained to them how art-therapy worked in their patients. Patients are to be encouraged to draw, because they can often draw what they feel more successfully than express those feelings verbally. Their art work is therefore therapeutic, and leads to shorter recovery periods. The students were to use this class to understand for themselves what a patient can express artistically, to help them become better nurses. The next two days, I was asked to pose more positions, sometimes by the professor, and sometimes by the students. The third day, near the end of class, Kyong asked me once to think of a happy thought and have my body language reflect that thought. I could not help but think of Kyong herself, and how happy I would be to be alone with her, exploring erotic fantasies. As a result, my penis began to grow! It was making an obvious bulge in my khaki pants. What to do? I couldn't stop the pose! So I just stayed like I was, hard-on and all. A strange quiet grew in the room. Prof. Kim, who was no dummy, being a nurse herself, saw what was happening, and broke the silence. "Class, Prof. M. is having a very normal response to something he's thinking about. We as nurses are to take that in stride, and work with that." And then the bell rang. I didn't know whether to be thankful, or not, because I was beginning to enjoy the situation. To the controlled atmosphere of the classroom was added a measure of risk. I enjoyed the risk I took. Before dismissing the class, Prof. Kim said to all: "What happens here in this class stays in this class. No one is to share what just happened, or whatever else happens in here? Is that clear?" She called every student's name and asked her directly if what she said was clear. Everyone nodded in agreement. On my way home, Kyong and Suwon caught up with me. The late evening sun had made a rainbow in Kyong's hair, and Suwon's body was on fire in the reddish light. We just walked toward my apartment in silence. Occasionally we looked at each other, but we could not hold each other's gaze for very long. When we got to my apartment, I put away my briefcase and things, and suggested we go out to eat. At the restaurant, in a private room, Suwon broke the silence. "M, I want to apologize for any embarrassment you may have felt in class today. I feel somehow responsible." Kyong added: "I don't know what to say, but I hope we can remain good friends." I said, "What happened in the art class is normal. I don't want to hide anything from my friends. I cannot be your friend if I hide behind my embarrassment or pretend something didn't happen that did." The spell was broken by our words, and we enjoyed the rest of the meal together. I walked each of them back to their rooms. We said goodnight to Suwon at her door, and then I walked Kyong to her dorm. On the way, she asked, "M, what were you thinking about in art class today that made you happy?" I went for broke: "Kyong, I was thinking erotic thoughts about you. You have been my friend, and we have shared some good times together. You are a beautiful young woman, and I am a man, and sometimes I think private thoughts that I have not shared with you." Kyong said, "Well, what you said at the restaurant, about not hiding behind some embarrassment or pretending something didn't happen ... are you hiding private thoughts now? Are you pretending with me?" I said, "OK, you get the full story." And I proceeded to tell her about the times I have fantasized about her, and about the now-numerous times I have seen her small breasts when her shirt was loose, and how I thought she was absolutely beautiful. "I have a great appreciation for small breasts; they really turn me on!" I am very attracted to you physically, and because we have a strong friendship, I think I can say these things without hurting us. Especially, since we want to be honest around each other." We said Goodnight to each other, but I am sure she, like I, had much to think about. When I got home, there was a message on my phone machine from Kyong. In a shaky voice, she thanked me for being honest. I pulled out my penis, and stroked myself to a shattering orgasm. I had to do something about Kyong. She was working on my mind. The next day at the art-therapy class, other students asked me to pose in different ways. Finally, one of the students asked me to take off my shirt and pose. It was great to do so, and I think everyone heaved a sigh of relief when I consented. The comfort level in the room had grown a lot. And after that, more and more students in the coming days asked me to take off more and more of my clothes. All the while, Prof. Kim sat, nodding her approval as her students sketched. On Friday of that first week, I wake up without a voice. I cannot teach my classes that day, so I fax over a letter of absence to the school, and settle down in bed to catch up on some reading all day. (I figure I can still make it to the 4:00 art-therapy class, since I won't have to talk!) Just after lunch, my doorbell rings. I am very glad to see it is Kyong, paying a sick-call visit. She looks wonderful: blue and green checked shirt, cycling tights, and her hair in one long ponytail that trails below her buns. She is positively beautiful. "Hi, M, I came to see how you were. Since you were not in class, I was worried." "Oh, it's nothing," I whispered. "Just a touch of laryngitis." "Oh, then let me make you some honey tea." While she padded about the kitchen getting things for tea together, I wander in. She looks at me, and seems to blush. "What's up?" I whisper hoarsely. "Seems to be something on your mind." Of course, I knew exactly what was on her mind. We had talked about intimate things the other night, and I was wondering if she wanted to take things a step further, and how she would do that. "Yes," she said after a long silence. "I have been thinking about what you told me the other night just before you said goodnight at my dorm room. I would like to know more about what you are thinking." "OK, that's fair," I said. "One condition, however: you have to share with me what you're thinking also." "Fair is fair," she said, with a smile in her voice that radiated to her entire body. Kyong sat down in front of me at the kitchen table, and I told her about my fantasies. "We're in a private place, like outside in the forest, or in one of our apartments, and we find ourselves with several hours to kill. We talk like the old friends that we are, and the topic turns to sexual matters. We talk about our past experiences, what it's like to be single and hunting for someone special. Finally we talk about our most exciting sexual experiences. Before our time is over, we take each other's clothes off, and explore what makes each other feel wonderful. I find especially satisfying being able to rub your breasts." "But they're so small," she replied. "What do you see in them?" "I see beauty and sexuality, and they are part of you, my good friend." "Your turn," I whisper. "I can't talk very much." Kyong looked at me intensely for the longest time, and finally admitted that her most exciting sexual experience was the other night when I shared my erotic thoughts with her. After I left her, she said, "I became dizzy beyond my wildest imaginings. I imagined you came to me in the middle of the night, and just took me, ravished me. And we were both overwhelmed by what was happening that we just could not speak for hours to each other. We would look at each other, and fall on each other and ..." She was breathless. She was about to lose control. The intensity of her emotions was taking over. By this time, the tea was ready, and she served me. "Drink this, it'll make you better." We went out to my living room, where I turned on some romantic piano music, and we sat down on the couch together. I ask her: "Who starts your fantasy, you or me?" She replied, "You do, but I am so ready, that I don't care. M, do it. Now." I move in closer and we hugged. It went on for the longest time, and then we kissed. A long soul-deep kiss that kept on going, even after we broke apart for air. By this time, I was rock hard. "I have something to show you," Kyong said. She had brought her portfolio of art from the art-therapy class. "I want to show you what I have done so far." She showed me 5 or 6 drawings in charcoal, or in pen-and-ink, of me in the studio. I focused especially on the picture she had with me thinking about her, and with what was an obvious bulge in my pants. "You did a good job, especially on the last one," I said. "I think you have a good talent." She smiled, blushing. After this last drawing, there was a sealed large envelope, which she opened and gave to me. "Here are 6 drawings I have done in my room, and I want you to look at them." She looked down at her feet while I looked at the first drawing. It was me, totally nude, a frontal view. My penis was half-erect, and there seem to be a kind of tension emanating from my body. She had guessed rather well the size of my penis. The second one was of me, with my penis now fully erect. My fists were clenched. In the background, almost as a transparent image, was the face of a slightly-smiling Kyong. The third picture showed me from the side, penis fully erect, facing Kyong who was also naked. Her body was deliciously beautiful, long and lithe, with her hair hanging down in a pony tail like she was wearing today. The fourth picture was unbelievably arousing. It showed me with my fingers touching only her nipples, and Kyong's knees slightly bent, almost as if she were collapsing. The fifth picture showed me with my hands on her breasts, and her hands on my penis. It was obvious the pleasure that we were both receiving, and giving. This picture made my penis rock-hard. The last picture astounded me. It showed me on my back, with Kyong mounted on top of me, riding my cock. The look on her face was of total abandonment to pleasure. Kyong interrupted my viewing, and said: "I want to make each of these pictures come true in reality. And more." "When?" "Now." I stand up, and I took off my clothes piece by piece, slowly and deliberately, with Kyong sitting three feet in front of me. When I got to my briefs, the last thing I had on, I locked my gaze upon her eyes and slowly took them down. Releasing her from my stare, she looked at my penis, and drew in her breath: "Ai-go" which loosely translated means, "Oh my." I then kneeled down and started unbuttoning Kyong's shirt. Only after getting all the buttons undone did I then open her shirt to behold her small breasts. I could see the swell of her chest with her rapid breathing, and I could see her athletic heart pounding through her skin and muscle just above her left breast. I then touched her nipples, which left us both gasping, partly from the build-up to this moment, and partly from the feeling the touch gave her and me. She pressed her entire body into my finger tips, and then I massaged her breasts with my finger tips and palms. While her breasts were triple A size, they were extremely sensitive in that moment of passion. "This is a dream come true," I tell her. Asking her to stand up, I inserted my hands inside her shorts and lowered them down. Unencumbered by underwear, the view of her female sex was immediate. She was in such great shape that there was a space between her legs where her vagina was, and I took advantage of that by touching the entire area very lightly. "Ai-go! Ai-go chu-kket ta!" she whimpered. "I'm dying. I am on fire. I cannot extinguish myself," she said in English. She took hold of my penis and slid her small hand up and down the shaft, and I gently squeezed her breasts, and we stayed that way for five minutes, slowing building up the pressure and intensity of the moment. Sometimes light, as if our fingertips were feathers, sometimes harder, with insistence and a view to consummate this moment. It was pure pleasure that we were giving and receiving. Lowering my hand, I then rubbed her clitoris and surrounding labial lips in a lazy fashion. Her breathing came hard; her teeth clenched. She managed to get out: "M, you're driving me crazy. Make me come." "Not yet," I whispered in a ragged voice. "We're going to remember this the rest of our lives. Let's not rush this moment." She looked at me, and held my gaze for an eternity, and nodded yes. I continued to stimulate her entire body; it was all erogenous skin. Neck, nape, nipples-I nuzzled, nipped and came to know every part of her gorgeous body. Finally, after about 15 minutes of this deliberate stimulation, we both looked at each other and said together: "It's time." She increased her rubbing of my cock; and I increased the frequency of my attention to her body. From deep within each of us a growling, shaking, and uncontrollable force began to erupt. Her inner legs locked on my hand and held it there as she came all over it, at the same time my cock erupted its pent-up passion into her hands and all over her lower body. We collapsed onto each other on the floor. We didn't, couldn't speak for a few minutes. The impact of what we had done slowly sank in on us both. Soon I began to stroke her again, mostly as an afterglow activity, but which this time had other consequences. Her nipples trigger another reality, it seemed. There was more lava inside this woman, and by evidence of my rising cock, more in me as well. We moved to my bed, a "yo" on the heated floor of my bedroom, and proceeded to make passionate love. More than once, her final picture of me was re-enacted: Kyong on top of me, riding me, her eyes closed in abandon to the moment. When I entered her for the first time, I was surprised to discover that she was a virgin. She seemed so worldly, and yet so innocent as well. The look in her eyes when she gave up her virginity remains with me till this day: one eye cocked up as if to question; the other eye dreamily accepting this rite of maturity. By the time we came to our senses, we looked at the clock. It read 3:30. It was almost time for art-therapy class. She went on ahead of me, so it would not look awkward walking to school together. At the art-therapy class, I was asked to remove some clothing, and because it reminded me of the last time I removed my clothes, it gave me a hard-on. "So what?" I thought. "We'll just have to accept what comes." The students drew what they saw. After class, Prof. Kim asked that I stop by her office, and I quietly motioned for Kyong to go ahead and meet me at my apartment. "I am so glad to see you today," she said when she had closed her door. "I was worried that you were sick when I saw a copy of your fax." "No," I whispered. "It's just a touch of laryngitis." She said, "I hope you get over soon. Maybe I'll have one of student nurses come and take care of you. It's least I do, for all that you do for me." "Maybe Kyong would be nice," I replied without hesitation. "Yes," said Prof. Kim. "Kyong is mature and knows what she's doing. She has a good head on her shoulders. I'll give her a call tonight." "Anything else?" I ask. There was a long pause. She seemed to be thinking about something. Finally she looked at me and said that she was so appreciative of what I was doing. And she hoped that I was not being ... uh ... embarrassed by the events in the classroom. "No. It's fun," I said. "I am discovering more of who I am in the process. I think the students are learning more about themselves as well. All of them will be in situations where they'll be among men patients who will have ... 'obvious' features." We both laughed. "Prof. Kim," I asked. "What did you think when I had my 'obvious' feature in your class?" That put her on the spot. "Well," she said. "I think I enjoy. It remind me of earlier days, before marry." "And now," I asked. "What about 'after marry'? How are things?" She turned red, and looked down, but she answered this way: "Sometimes, Prof. M, you cannot expect everything in life. Life is about adjusting to smaller and smaller expectations." "Sounds like you and your husband could use some help," I offered. At this point, she started weeping. She grabbed me tightly around my chest. I wouldn't call it a "hug" so much as a desperate embrace. I could feel her breasts dig into my stomach. And, I am sure, she could feel my hard penis make its presence felt on her waist. She looked up at me, and in a knowing voice said: "M, thank you for what you are doing to my class, and to me. I cannot pay you back yet, but I want you to know you are greatly appreciated. I returned to my apartment, and related to Kyong about all that Prof. Kim said. She said that Prof. Kim's husband was reputed to be a poor husband and father. He would leave her and his 18-year old daughter and 19-year old son for months at a time, and then reappear out of the blue. Kyong encouraged me to do what I could for Prof. Kim; she was a popular teacher and she could use the breaks. "Meanwhile," she said with an impish grin, "Let's see if your penis is up for some more excitement." She found my half-hard penis through my pants and proceeded to bring it to its now-accustomed full length. She stripped me, and then did something entirely new: she wrapped her mouth around my penis and made me come with just her tongue and mouth. "One good come deserves another," I replied, and then stripped her and lashed her wonderful breasts, then her clitoris and surrounding areas with my tongue. Again, when she came, she held my head between her legs, squeezing for dear life, as I drowned happily in her juices. "I am so happy to find you," I said, as we drifted off to sleep. During art class on Wednesday of the second week, Suwon asked if I would take off all my clothes. And I did. The smiles on the students' face were as broad and as happy as my own. For I had worked through some things of my own while posing. And I felt stronger, more confident. As I passed these ten students in the hall, or had them in my other classes, I felt a strengthening bond between us. And so I cast off my last piece of clothing, my briefs. My penis was not erect, for I did not feel anything erotic in this comfortable situation. But the gasps that went through the class were electric. Some of the students clasped their breasts in amazement, and others squirmed in their seats. My friends Kyong and Suwon seemed pleased. For the next two days, I posed nude in the art studio for those ten students. After the last class on Friday, and after I had put on my clothes, I made arrangements with Kyong, Suwon and Joung to meet for dinner and a movie. As the students filed from the studio, each stopped to shake my hand and thank me. Prof. Kim asked me to stay a little while. "It was very very nice what you did for my students. They come from very traditional background, where first time they see live penis it is on wedding night, or they are being raped. This was healthful for them. And I appreciate it. I want to thank you, but I don't know how." I spoke her words for her: "You're married and want some things you don't feel right doing, right?" She nodded yes. "OK, there's a time and place for everything. We'll find a way to ease your mind. Just know that I really appreciate being able to pose for the students. I would like to do it again next semester, if you're willing." At the restaurant Kyong and Suwon told Joung with the events of the past two weeks in the art-therapy class. I was able to share with them how I felt about what happened, as well as some of my most inner thoughts. I spoke of the day I had gotten the hard-on in class and then I spoke, getting Kyong's permission along the way through "nun-chi" or eye contact, about how I had fantasized about Kyong. So now they knew that Kyong and I had become lovers. Kyong and Suwon had their portfolios from the class, and showed Joung their pictures of me, with clothes on and without. While they showed Joung the pictures, I got another hard-on, because they had done a very good job. At the back of Kyong's portfolio, there was that secret envelope of drawings, and I asked her to show these as well. She seemed reluctant, but in light of all that had gone on in the past two weeks, she pulled out the pictures, which were now up to 10 in number. They each had me in them, but they also had Kyong as well. We were both naked. In one, I was hugging her, with my penis hard against her thigh. In another one, that made Joung almost lose it, I was standing before her, both of us naked. Her hair was long and straight against her back, down to her buttocks. I had both my hands outstretched, touching each of her nipples, my penis at full attention. We all looked at the pictures, and I pretended that they were the first time I had seen them. I was most interested in Suwon's and Joung's reactions to them. They were obviously greatly impressed with Kyong's ability to communicate her inner feelings on canvas. The bill arrived, breaking our concentration and mood. Joung said, "Kyong and Suwon have seen you naked, M, but I have not. Fair is fair. Could you do that, get naked? Now?" So I offered to do a mini art-therapy course for her at my apartment after dinner, with the other two invited as well. At my apartment, I started taking off my clothes, with the other three watching. By now, my hard-on was gone, but in its place was an aching penis. That happens to me: if I don't have an orgasm after a strong hard-on, my entire penis aches. But I was able to ask Joung what she thought. She was speechless, for she had never seen a man naked. She came up to me very close, and asked about the various parts of my circumcised penis. And as she did, she touched those parts, part in clinical curiosity, part in wonder, part in sexual curiosity. And as she touched those parts, my penis responded. I quickly got hard. I explained to her that the most sensitive part was the underside of my now-fully erect penis, and that light touches there felt especially wonderful. Joung did that, and I nearly fainted from the pleasure. "You know," I said, "Now that you three friends have seen me naked, is it fair that you three just sit there with your clothes on?" And so, after consulting with each other in Korean, they approached me and asked if I would unclothe each of them, in increasing order of their ages. Joung was first, and she came up to me and presented herself before me. "M, show me a good time," she said. I started taking off her socks, then her jeans, then her blouse. As each piece was peeled away, I would kiss the underlying skin lightly. Joung started to whimper. I asked her if she was OK, but she looked around, and said that she was among her best friends, and that everything was fine. As I uncovered her breasts, I gasped at what I saw. The birthmark on her temple had a twin on her right breast, just beside the nipple! Leaning over, I licked the birthmark, and kissed her nipple lightly, and then with moderate vigor. Reaching down to her underpants, I rubbed her sex and she orgasmed. Right there. I reached down and completed her disrobement. Her clitoris was puffed out and quite red. I continued rubbing it until she exploded again, one hand holding her breast, the other holding on to my penis. "God, I didn't know I could feel that good!" she exclaimed. "Thank you." More to come, if you want. She smiled "Yes". My hands were unsteady as I turned toward Suwon, and my dick was hurting from so much stimulation, but no ultimate satisfaction given to it. As with Joung, I started with Suwon's stockings, and then her pants, then her top. All the while, I was rubbing her wonderful body around and around, including her size 'D' breasts through the thick, and rather unflattering fabric of her bra. "I need you to turn around," I said. It took a moment to unhook her, and then I liberated her of her bra. "Turn back around, please." What a rewarding sight greeted my eyes! I looked over at Kyong, who just winked at me, as if to say, "Enjoy yourself." Her breasts were quite large. On her smallish frame, they were even more erotic. I lifted each and found each to be quite firm, though extremely soft to my touch. As I touched Suwon, she started sighing and breathing hard. I ran my hands all over her breasts, lingering on her large nipples. Then I lay her down on the carpet, on top of a blanket. For thirty minutes, I rubbed, kneaded, licked, kissed and loved her breasts. Joung and Kyong joined in as well. They would take turns with one nipple, while I had the other. Her nipples grew from a flat silver-dollar size to a full inch of nipple. I was wild with desire and licked them hungrily. This drove Suwon crazy. She cried out in pleasure, until finally she couldn't take it anymore. "Take off my underwear and do what you did to Joung!" she commanded. And so I did. With Kyong and Joung glued to each of her nipples, I slipped my hand into her wonderful southern region. She was very wet from all the time we had spent on her breasts. When I first touched her clitoris, she literally bounced off the floor from the shock of my touch. "Oh God!" she said in Korean. "Do that again." I did. Within few seconds, she was in the middle of a long orgasm that lasted for two minutes. We didn't think she would ever stop! And then it was Kyong's turn. Suwon was quick to ask: "Will you do what you showed us in your pictures? "Yes," I said. "And more," added Kyong. Kyong then reached for my aching cock, and loved me tenderly while I slipped her out of her two pieces of clothing. We rubbed each other all over, as we had practiced before, and we brought each other to the edge of a wonderful release. I enjoyed again her delicious breasts, especially the contrast with Suwon's breasts. I then rubbed her nipples with my penis head. Kyong responded by taking my penis and twisting and turning her small hands on my shaft. She was hot, and I was getting just as hot. Calling Suwon and Joung over to the blanket, I lay down on my buns and asked them all to rub my dick until I came. I explained that my cock was hurting big-time now, and I physically needed an orgasm. Joung reached over to my penis, and started to pull lightly on it. I took this moment to guide her again to the sensitive parts, and soon I was humming again. Suwon took over after a few minutes. She leaned over her massive breasts and engulfed my cock in their cleavage, and proceeded to drive them up and down my penis, with her nipples raking my flesh like soft fingernails. Joung reached around and played with my balls. Kyong then leaned her wonderful face over and slid her mouth over the tip of my penis each time Suwon moved her breasts far enough down for her to get in a lick. Just before I came, I remember thinking, "take a mental picture of this: Friendship doesn't get much better than this!" And I came all over Kyong's mouth and Suwon's breasts. Even Joung got her hand in the picture and rubbed my spasming cock, a look of wonderment on her face. Recovering our composure after a few minutes, we realized what we had done. We could not go back to just thinking about what we might do. We were now "doing" it. The relationship we had after that changed, if it could, for the better. We still went out to eat together, went on picnics, and attended cultural events. We shared each other's brains as we studied and prepared for school, even as we shared each other's bodies on occasion. I don't want to give the impression we were always naked with each other. But we four did grow in our common intimacy with weekly sessions, while Kyong and I started to spend more and more nights together at my apartment. It was a lovely time. One time, Joung came to me and said that she wanted to have full contact sex with me. Would I do the honor of being her first lay? "Well," I said, "Let's ask the others. It's really a group decision." The following Friday evening as we met in my apartment after the movie, Joung and I shared our earlier conversation, and asked what each thought about it. Suwon said that Joung should be careful, since if she wanted to get married, she might have a hard time if she were not a virgin. Kyong agreed, but said it was up to Joung. Joung said: "I know you are all older than I am and therefore wiser, but I really want this to happen, with M. especially, and with all you beside me at the time. If I wait to get married to a man who only wants a virgin, I won't be happy in that marriage. If a man cannot accept me for who I am and what I've done, then what business do I have being his wife?" We all had to agree to the soundness of her logic. "In that case," said Kyong, "Let's get started." And she opened up my bedroom door to reveal a room full of flowers and lighted candles. A sheepish grin on her face told us everything. "I knew what Joung would want to do." Once in my bedroom, the four of us embraced and kissed each other. Then Kyong started to undress me, while Suwon started to undress Joung. They each stopped when they got to our underclothes. "The last part is for you to do yourselves. Unwrap each other as you would a present, and enjoy each other as a gift." Then Kyong and Suwon backed away to the corner of the room to observe. Facing each other, Joung and I timidly approached each other. We had seen each other naked many times, and given each other orgasms on several occasions. But this seemed different. I reached around her and loosened her bra, and started rubbing her birth mark. She sighed and began to reach inside my underwear to feel my cock. It was heaven! She was about 100 pounds and her body was absolutely beautiful. No single feature of her called attention to itself (like Suwon's large or Kyong's small breasts); she was all perfection. Touch her one place, and her entire body came alive. I started, of course, with her perfect breasts. I sat behind her and reached around to take both breasts in my two hands, kissing her mouth and neck. Reaching down, she slid my underwear off and took her time with my penis. Joung gently stroked my penis the way I had taught her, and in the ways that she had looked at Kyong stroke me. I was having so much fun with this honor she was asking me to perform! Then changed position to nuzzle her loins with my mouth, probing her vagina with my tongue. Locking onto her clit, I gave her the ride of her life. Four orgasms later, she said, "OK, let's do it." She lay down on her back and opened her legs to me. I walked over on my knees to her sweet spot and rubbed my cock against the opening of her vagina. There was no resistance; our juices mingled and lubricated the entire area. "Chun-Chun Hee" she said. "Slow." I nodded OK, and slowly dipped into her vagina, and then out, in a bit and out, getting her used to the feeling. Every fifth thrust, however, I would inch in another half-centimeter of cock. This was most stimulating for her. Joung's breath came in ragged stretches. Sometimes, it seemed like she was not breathing, or forgot to breathe. The experience for her was certainly intense. In this way, she must have come 5 or more times. Soon, I came across her maidenhead. For about 5 minutes, I just went in and out of her, each time stopping at this gate. Finally I asked, "Ready?" She nodded yes. The final push was effortless. She didn't wince or show any pain. Only pleasure gripped her young body. And at that moment she orgasmed. I kept up my movement. And she came again, and then again. She would have kept it up all evening, I believe, had not my own approaching orgasm sent out its announcement. "It's almost time for me to come, too!" I said. Immediately, Kyong and Suwon, who by this time were naked themselves, sprang over and kneeled down on either side of Joung I withdrew from Joung and let them take over. Suwon grabbed my cock head and the sensitive glans underneath, and churned them in her hand at just the right pressure. Kyong massaged my balls without mercy. The first jet hit Joung on her breast's birth mark, making a great contrast in color. The second landed on Suwon's massive breasts. Kyong swung around from the rear to catch the rest on her face. Together, we embraced Joung, celebrating her new stage of womanhood. The embraces lasted a long time, and pretty soon we started cooking again. This time, Joung took the lead and brought the three of us along, orgasms all along the way, as she rubbed, sucked, and sought us all out. She was going to become a demanding lover!

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