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Riding Bareback

by nightshade

Alice smiled to herself as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. she was wearing a sheer white blouse and a mid-size black mini-skirt. her high-heeled pumps and black hose combined with her long red hair and green eyes to create the perfect 'fuck me now' image she was looking for. she smiled even wider and shifted slightly as she felt her pussy begin to moisten even now. 'get a hold on yourself woman,' she thought to herself. 'there'll be time for that later.' 'not too much later,' she mused. albert would see to that. she got even wetter as she thought of her lover. before the Change he had been a champion racehorse put out to stud. he was still a stud, she grinned, but he didn't service mares anymore. a vet's assistant, he was kind and gentle. 'the fact that he's hung like a fencepost doesn't hurt either.' she thought with a grin.

"Fuck it." she said out loud. "i've got time before he comes." she stripped down quickly, and almost ran to the dresser. rummaging through her underwear drawer, she crowed with delight as she unearthed her favorite dildo. almost a foot long and three inches across, it wasn't as big as albert but it would have to do. she sat on the edge of her bed and spreading her legs wide as possible, lay back. she rubbed the head of the rubber toy back and forth across her swollen pussy lips, imagining her love. "oooohhhh, albert. you're so BIG. put it in me, fuck me hard." she gripped the bedsheets with her left hand and slowly pressed the toy into herself with her right. "Uunnhhh, baby! deeper, deeper!" she gasped. when the bulbous head popped past her lips, she groaned and arched slightly off the bed. "aaahhh! yes! harder, deeper! fill me with it!" she pushed harder and harder, feeling every inch of her surrogate lover inside her vagina. when it reached bottom, she cried out in ectasy. "OOOHHH! darling, you're so hard, so good! fuck me, fuck me to death!" she pumped the dildo back and forth furiously, grinding her clit against the rubber balls, humping up and down on the bed. "YES! YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMMINNGGG!!!" she screamed, her juices gushing round the rubber shaft. when she finished, she pulled the shaft free slowly, moaning as it emerged, flaring into one last minispasm as the head popped free. gasping and panting, she dropped the toy onto the floor and lay still for a moment. 'that was good, but it can't beat the real thing.' she thought. she rose, went to the bathroom to clean up, and in a few more minutes was ready for the night ahead.

Soon, the bell rang and she rushed eagerly to open the door. there he stood, a huge well-muscled stallion, with a jet black mane and hair on his body, and the splash of white on his huge forehead. she adored kissing that white spot and he often joked that the sherlock holmes story "silver blaze" was written about his grandfather. she was no shorty, standing just over six feet herself, but she still just reached his chin. god how she loved him, seven and a half feet of purebred racehorse, though the only racing he did these days was driving her to orgasm. "ready to go?" he rumbled and as always she went weak in the knees as she heard his deep sensuous voice. "always." she answered, kissing him on his chest. he wore a light grey sport jacket, over a white shirt that barely buttoned on his massive chest, and black pants. he had tried jeans once, at her insistence, but when he tried to bend over in them, they split wide open. she had been so aroused at the sight that she had fucked him right there in the changing booth. they walked to his car, arm in arm, and drove to their destination.

'THE ZOO,' the sign on the club said. a smaller one read, 'human-furry nightclub, all species welcome.' "that's nice." alice said "so many places try to exclude furries. and they don't know the side benefits." she giggled, feeling his crotch. this was a game they played, trying to keep him on the edge as long as she could, until he became a raging beast in the bedroom. they entered and alice was amazed at the variety within. the room was mostly one, with a slightly raised dance-floor. along the walls were several bars and small clusters of tables, with little signs explaining the particular diet they offered. they moved to one that served human-herbivore food and drink, and ordered. he had a salad and a side order of dipping corn-sticks. "must keep my strength up." he rumbled and alice squirmed in her seat as she thought about what he meant. she ordered a white wine and salad, with fries. "me too." she answered and they both grinned. as they ate, they watched the dancers writhe and gyrate. she noted several humans, including a man with a snow-tiger twice his size and another man with a vixen with huge breasts. "they're in for a fun time." she said, nudging albert. "want to dance?" he asked and they finished their meals and hit the floor. as they reached it, the music changed from slow rythm to a real bump and grind number. alice took full advantage, almost crawling all over albert, giving winks and grins to the humanand tiger. as the number ended, the pair hurriedly left and headed for the nearest washroom. grinning, sally excused herself. - As she entered, she could hear the sounds the two were making and crept over to the stall they were using. peeping through the hinge space, she could see the tiger bent over, bracing herself against the wall, as her human lover gripped her thighs and drove himself furiously into her ass. alice watched in awe as they rammed together frantically, trying for release before they got caught, unaware they were being watched. they were still mostly dressed, the man with his pants around his ankles, the female with her skirt bunched around her waist, her blouse open and her breasts bouncing wildly, and, alice noted, no bra or panties. sweat was dripping from their faces and they were panting as they fucked furiously. the man dug his nails into her thighs and grunted several times, humping her hard as he pumped his semen into her. the tigress gasped and bit her lip, hunching backwards and giving a keening sound deep in her throat as she tried to keep from screaming with her orgasm. they shuddered to a halt, and separated, gasping for breath. alice quickly ducked into one of the other booths, watching through the crack as they straightened their crumpled clothes as best they could and left.

Alice emerged from the washroom, went straight for albert at their table, paid the bill without a word, and practically dragged him out to their car. once there, she kissed him desperately. "If you don't take me home right now and fuck me like an animal, i will kill you." she whispered savagely between her kisses. he of course, complied. they drove home in silence, him taking every chance to shorten their journey, whilst she sat with her hands clutching the seat rests, trying to restrain herself.

No sooner were they inside and the door was closed, than she was all over him, tearing off both their clothes. in seconds they were both naked. "OH GOD! I'M SO HORNY!" she cried, dropping to her knees and grabbing his swiftly hardening cock. she engulfed it in moments, moaning as she felt it reach its full stature inside her mouth. at fifteen inches long and four wide, she could only take in the first six inches, even deep throating, but it was enough. she licked and slobbered over it, then took it as deep as possible and pumped the remaining outside portion of his shaft furiously, desperate for his cum. he gripped the back of her head with his huge four-fingered hands, grunting as he felt her tongue and hands. she was like an animal, wanting only his hot creamy cum, in her mouth, on her tits, all over her body. "cmon," she mumbled around his throbbing pole. "give it to me. i want it now." he tensed like a wire, his head rocking from side to side, then nieghed deafeningly as he began to spurt. alice screamed around his cock as he exploded like a rocket booster. she swallowed desperately, trying to stay ahead of the torrential flow. she failed, but didn't care as she pulled her face away with a desperate gasp, cum spraying everywhere. she shrieked as she came with him, the feel of his hot love-juice setting her off. "YES! CUM! WANT MORE!" she howled, gurgling as his cum bubbled past her stretched lips. he roared and shook like a tree in a hurricane, his cock spraying like a firehose. she fell back onto her haunches, still cumming, as he poured what seemed like gallons of semen onto her helpless form. at last, he juddered to a halt, the flow slowing to short spurts and finally a trickle. she looked at herself, laughing as she ran her fingers across her cum slicked skin. she was covered, like she'd had a bucket dumped on her.

"Your turn." he said, effortlessly picking her up. she clung to him, ready for whatever he had in mind. whatever it was, she was sure she would love it. he carried her into the bedroom, set her on the bed, and, laying back, pulled her forward so she was straddling his mouth. she eagerly complied, and gasped as she felt his long tongue lap at her pussy. she locked her thighs round his head, moaning. they made quite a picture, his long solid form stretched out on the bed, his monstrous penis already beginning to stiffen again, her body shivering with excitement, long strings of cum dripping from her hair, face and large breasts. she gasped and groaned, "Oh yes, baby! eat me, lick that pussy!" she cried out when she felt his tongue slither like a snake right into her opening. sensing she was near the edge, he gently nipped at her clit with his large teeth. "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" she screamed, her body locked in an intense orgasm. he sucked at her, drinking her juices, bringing her off again and again. "OH GOD! OH GOD! YEAH! YEAH! SUCK! LICK! FUCK!" she chanted, her head tossing wildly, her slender form wracked by incredible pleasure. she collapsed forward, pouring her cunt flavor over his face, and he brought her down gently. as she felt him slow, then stop, she teetered on the edge of consciousness, but held on, not wanting to miss a thing.

He held her a moment, gently stroking her back, then she regained some strength, and moved back. she gasped when she felt his rejuvenated cock strike her in the back. "i want that." she grinned. she clambered off him, stood over him, her legs spread wide, and slowly lowered herself onto his fuck-post. she groaned as he entered her inch by inch. when she felt him reach her cervix, she held her breath and pressed down very carefully. she felt it stretch, then his head popped through, entering her womb. that was enough and she screamed as she came yet again. "UUUUNNNNHHHH!!!!" she howled. she held still for a moment, quivering as the orgasm rippled through her, then began to move up and down slowly on her lover. she didn't have to move hardly at all, just the sheer size of his cock rubbing inside her set her off like a string of firecrackers. he sat up, setting her off again. "hold on to me." he rumbled and she grabbed him tightly, burying her face in his chest. he held her by the hips and they stood up. she screamed unintelligibly. the only sounds coming from her mouth now, were sobs, screams, and nonsensical babblings in which the words 'fuck, cock, good' more' could sometimes be heard. her orgasms had merged into one, and her cries had become a continous lust-crazed wail, punctuated by the shriller shrieks of her orgasms. he bounced her gently on his dick and she came even harder. he was sweating like, well a horse, as he neared his own release. 'Uh,' gonna 'uff' cum." he grunted, and she surprised him by snapping her head up, "NOOOO!" she gasped. her eyes were unfocused, her mouth half open, drooling slightly, but he could tell she meant it. He slowed, and just held her, letting her come down a little. "Want you in my ass." she mumbled, "my ass." he was shocked, they hadn't done that before. "are you sure?" "YES!" she screamed. "give it to me! fuck my ass you bastard!"

"Okay." he said and laid her back on the bed. he carefully pulled himself free, setting her off twice more, once when he pulled free of her cervix, and again when his knob popped out of her. she lay gasping and panting on the bed, but retained enough strength to turn onto her back and raise her hips, offering her ass to him. "fuck it now." she moaned. he knew it was useless arguing with her. he lubed her completely with k-y jelly and slathered the remainder of the tube over his still rock-hard cock. she was waiting impatiently, so when he was fully prepared, he moved between her legs, and rubbed the head of his mammoth cock across her anal opening.

"Yes..." she moaned and pressed back against him. he gently moved forward, and she grunted as she felt his head press into her ass. he pushed very slowly, then his knob popped through. "Aauuuuuuugggghhhhh!" she groaned, and lay shivering beneath him. he pushed until he had all but three inches in her. he could go no further, but she didn't mind. she pushed back at him and they began a steady motion. back and forth they moved, back and forth and her cries became louder and shriller. she tensed, panting furiously, then came! "OOOOOOOOHHHHH FFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!" she wailed as she tensed tightly around his cock. he started pumping harder and deeper, and she came again and again. "I can't stop cumming!" she howled. "it just doesn't stop!" he held her hips down and flailed at her ass with quick hard strokes. Her every sensation, every thought, centered around the incredible pleasure she felt in every cell of her body. "I, CAN'T, TAKE, MUCH, MORE!" she shrieked, her body flailing like she'd been electrocuted. "PLEASE CUM IN ME! PLEASE!" "uunhh." he grunted and let himself go. his dick erupted, the tightness of the area constricting it into a steady stream, one long hot gusher of cum. "It's so fucking hot! so good! more, MORE!" she yowled. he gripped her thighs so hard he left marks, roaring as he spewed gallons into her welcoming anus. he slowed, then his dick began a series of wrenching, stacatto spurts. she screamed like an animal and came all the harder. her scream went higher and then she erupted one last time, huge wracking heaves of her body, almost throwing him off her. when he finally slowed to a trickle again, she gave one last low moan and collapsed onto the bed. she'd passed out.

Ever so gently, he pulled his completely spent cock free. she stirred but didn't wake. he retired to the bathroom, cleaned and relieved himself, and returned with a cloth and small pail. tenderly, he cleaned her, wiping off all the cum, sweat and other juices that soaked her. he placed her carefully on the floor, and swiftly changed the soaked bedclothes. she was laid out on the fesh sheets carefully, and he lay next to her. she nuzzled into him and they lay together, drifting off to sleep to await the dawn.

with thanks to el splynto. you're the best, man.

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