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Innocence Lost I

In Which the Pleasures and Virtues of Innocence, Chastity and Purity are Revealed.

Innocence was the most attractive sixteen year old girl in her school. She had beautiful rounded breasts, the perfect figure, long sandy blond hair half-way down her back and the most attractive face anyone could wish for. When she smiled, boys melted into helpless submission and she was the envy of all the other girls.
However, Innocence had a secret. Although the perfect girl in almost every way, between her legs she was unlike any girl that you would normally meet, because here, where most girls have a vagina she had a perfectly formed penis and testicles. And a penis that could, with a little help, be as good a size as those of most of the boys at school.
When she was very young, she was a boy and was treated like other boys. But as she got older she could never again use the boys' toilets without comment and had to wear clothes so different from those she wore before. She had good taste and wore the most feminine and flattering clothes there were, and never had the need of make-up to stir the penises of the boys in her class, as she had great delight in noticing. But she wasn't now a boy.
At home she would often take her clothes off and stand in front of a mirror to admire herself. She was very much in love with her body. Not self-love but erotic love. She so wished to be able to fuck herself, but when her body aroused her, her prick stuck uselessly out in front of her. Try as she could, she couldn't bend it round to stick into her anus and she couldn't bend over to suck it. She would stand in front of the mirror frantically stroking and pummelling her penis until semen spurted out onto the mirror. She would then have to take out a handkerchief and wipe it off so that no stain would be left.
Her parents were unsure of what to make of her, but as she was in so many obvious ways a girl they agreed it was best for her to dress as one. She had to keep her secret to herself as much as possible. She would never use the shower at school and was excused any activity that would risk the world knowing her strange secret. But she would still go to the toilet standing up.
She loved both boys and girls, but especially girls. This was hard as the boys were the ones most attracted to her. At every opportunity they would kiss her and feel her voluptuous breasts. But she had to resist showing what she had hidden, whatever her desires, which were very great. No boy could get a hand below her waist.
All the girls were envious of her, but she was known as a cock-teaser. Some girls, correctly, surmised that she liked girls more, but even those girls who wanted to could never get their hands below her waist.
Her most treasured encounter was in the girl's toilets at school where one not very attractive girl kissed her passionately full on the mouth and massaged her breasts. Innocence responded by feeling this girl's breasts and even got a finger up her anus. But when the girl tried to force her hand down the front of Innocence's skirt she had to push her off. And she ran away with tears running down her face.
Her mother knew that Innocence masturbated once or twice every day, but she dutifully changed the sheets with their yellow stains and ignored the mess she made of the carpet. Girls will be boys, she said philosophically. Her older sister, Chastity, found it all very strange, but she was very good and told nobody of her sister's strange secret.
"Is there anywhere I won't be treated like a freak?" wondered an anguished Innocence as she pushed her middle finger as high up her anus as she could and massaged her prick until it was as large as it could be. "If only I lived somewhere where I could make love with someone and it would be thought normal." The very thought caused a rush of sperm to come and run down her legs and spatter over the bedclothes.
She would sit in the bath holding her penis in her hands and stroking it as she thought of a world where she could be normal. If her father or mother came in she would try to cover it up. Her sister came in once as Innocence was having a particularly vivid fantasy. Innocence didn't notice as her sister pulled down her skirt and sat on the toilet. Only as a rush of urine and the plop of a turd hit the water did Innocence open her eyes and look up.
"Don't worry about me, Innocence," said her sister indulgently. She finished crapping and wiped her bum carefully with toilet paper. She stood up and walked to the hand-basin. "Neither Mummy nor Daddy are here. You can tell me what you think."
Innocence shyly said nothing.
"Can I see your prick?" smiled her sister. She looked at its still tumescent thickness. "It's beautiful. Do you want to see my body?"
"I'm not sure..."
"Of course you're sure," she laughed. "I've seen you look at me." She pulled her blouse off and dropped her skirt to the ground. She then removed her blouse and nickers revealing a body as beautiful as Innocence's. "What do you think?"
Innocence's excited penis told the whole story. Innocence's sister put her hand on it and stroked it slowly. This was the first time anyone other than Innocence had ever touched it and it got bigger and bigger. The thing swelled larger than it had ever done before. "Oh it's so perfect!" her sister exclaimed. She got into the bath with Innocence and bent over Innocence in a most awkward way so that she could get her mouth over it. This was the most ecstatic moment in Innocence's life so far, as her sister sucked and licked and swallowed her penis. It didn't take too long until she felt the shudder as it voided sperm and then more and then more. Some of it got loose and splattered into the bath, but most of it stayed in her sister's mouth.
"This is the best come I've ever tasted," complimented her sister as a little dribble came out of her mouth and smeared over her lips.
"It's the first time..." admitted Innocence.
"But not the last," her sister promised.
It wasn't - but never again so perfect. Innocence found the guilt of incest so often weighed against the delight of sex that it inhibited her. She could never face penetrating her sister's cunt, although her sister made clear she could. Just the thought made her go limp. Although her sister had done her best, Innocence now felt more miserable than before. "Is the only lover I'll ever have going to be my own sister?" she wondered.
She also felt jealous of her sister's sex life which she described in great detail. All the boys who'd fucked her, sometimes more than one at a time. The ways it'd be done, the shuddering and aching of it.
One of the girls at Innocence's school was also very different from all the other girls, but in a way that couldn't be disguised. This was because she was black in a town where all the other girls were white. Purity was born in the same town as the school but even at sixteen she wasn't fully accepted by all the other girls. This very difference made Purity a natural ally for Innocence, though she never let on as to why.
It was a warm Spring day - as warm as any Summer day - and the two girls were playing truant. This wasn't particularly difficult at their school, but as good pupils this wasn't something they did very often. To keep out of sight from any teachers or parents, the girls went for a walk in to the woods nearby.
"What a lovely day!" exclaimed Purity as they came out of a wooded grove to a quiet bank-side with a view of the town below. "Shall we sit here?"
Innocence nodded. From here they could see all the town. The streets spread out in all directions, trees lining the pavements and sprinklers dancing in the gardens. Birds were singing and the low roar of a combined harvester could be heard in the distance. The two girls lowered themselves down onto the grass, which was lovely and dry as it hadn't been raining for days. Purity took off her school blazer and lay it beside her. Yes, it was warm enough, decided Innocence taking off her own blazer.
"I love warm weather," Purity announced with a grin which lit up her face. She wore her hair in braids and beads which nevertheless hadn't grown nearly enough to cover her face. Her lips were full and her teeth were beautifully white and healthy. Innocence also had strong white healthy teeth, but hers was a shy, almost timid, face and she rarely smiled with Purity's natural fullness.
"Is it because of where you come from?" wondered Innocence, for whom, like all girls at school, Purity seemed almost an alien.
"You mean where my parents come from?" corrected Purity. "I shouldn't think it'd make any difference. But I do like the sun." With a cheeky little smile she undid her blouse button by button. She pulled it off to reveal her bra. "I especially like the feel of it on my skin." She stood up and pulled off her skirt and then sat down in only her underwear. She leaned back and then as an afterthought kicked off her shoes and socks. She smiled at Innocence and then lay on her back with her eyes closed, letting the sun soak in.
Innocence envied Purity for her boldness. She sat on one elbow and examined her companion's body. She was a little younger than herself and a couple of years younger than her sister, Chastity, the only other girl she'd ever looked at in such detail. Like herself, she was quite slim although her bottom and breasts were just a little bit more rounded. She particularly adored the powerful and sensuous line of Purity's chin and neck.
"Why not take some of your clothes off?" suggested Purity.
"Oh I couldn't!" gasped Innocence, a bit taken aback. Her secret!
"Don't be silly! It's too warm to wear all that. There's nothing indecent about me is there?"
"No," admitted Innocence, though she was sure some of the teachers might disagree.
"So come on then," laughed Purity sitting up and undoing Innocence's blouse, which was soon off, lying on the grass. Innocence's beautiful breasts were just about contained by her bra, which was as always just that little bit too tight. "...And the skirt..." laughed Purity, eyes were now sparkling with excitement.
"No! Not the skirt!" Innocence argued, knowing that her secret would be seen under her nickers.
"Yes! The skirt!" giggled Purity who had already discreetly undone the waist (Innocence hadn't noticed at all) and pulled it right down. Innocence grabbed her crotch and tried to reclaim her skirt which Purity held. "Hand it back!" she cried almost in tears.
"You are silly!" Purity cried, picking up Innocence's clothes and running away with them. "See if you can catch me." Purity ran, her black skin in clear contrast to her white underwear.
"Give them back! Give them back!" cried Innocence who stood up and ran after Purity, her hand over her crotch. She lost sight of her friend who had dashed into the wood, and stood helplessly at the footpath looking in either direction. She looked backwards and forwards and then saw Purity stroll towards her, wearing no clothes at all. Although Innocence had already seen most of Purity's body this was a shock that Innocence found difficult to accept. She choked. "Where are my clothes?"
"I've hidden them," smiled Purity. Innocence looked at her with disbelief. "I'll give them back when you take all your clothes off."
"No! No!" This was the horror that Innocence had feared. What would people think if they knew! "Give me back my clothes."
"Why won't you take your clothes off? I have. It's alright. We can sit in the sun and get a nice tan."
"I'll take off my bra," bargained Innocence.
"Go on..." taunted Purity.
Innocence undid her bra at the back but her breasts fell out even before she'd unclasped it. Beautiful rounded breasts with excited nipples. "And the knickers"
"Not the knickers!"
"Yes! The knickers!" laughed Purity as she jumped on Innocence and pulled them down. They had already been a fairly insecure prison for Innocence's penis and testicles which often squeezed out of the elastic at the best of times. Now in their slightly aroused state they almost offered resistance as Purity tugged them down to her knee. Innocence fell backwards and in supporting herself as she fell her hand came away from her crotch which was revealed bare and inviting.
Purity sat back on her knees her already pert breasts appearing more pert and the expression on her face losing its smile but not its excitement. "Don't tell anyone!" sobbed Innocence who was nonetheless unable to control her member's excitement.
"Stick it in me!" gasped Purity. "I don't care what happens. Stick it in me!" She pushed her crotch forward and its moist, ready and welcoming interior fitted easily around it. Innocence then sat back doing almost nothing as Purity thrust her crotch backwards and forwards onto her genitals. She gasped and sweated and grasped for support on Innocence's breasts and shoulders. "Your nipples!" gasped Purity bending down with her neck and grasping one in her teeth. She slipped her hands behind Innocence's bottom and pushed Innocence's buttocks up and down, and then, with a little more effort, she rolled the two of them over onto the grass. "Push it in! Push it in!" she commanded.
Innocence soon forgot her original fears and pushed and thrusted at the groin as she had never done before. Perhaps her fear of full sex with Chastity was mistaken, she wondered, as her smooth erect penis pushed backwards and forwards. She looked down at it as it went in and out - the contrast between its whiteness (the more pronounced as it had never seen the sun before) and Purity's blackness and the opaque blackness of her crotch made it go on and on.
When Innocence had finally come and spurted uncontrollably in Purity's crotch and down Purity's legs, she came back to her senses. What had she done? she asked herself as she watched her white semen roll like tears down the inside of Purity's black thighs. Without a word, Innocence and Purity walked back to the grass bank where they had sat and for an hour they lay together with no clothes but Innocence's white socks and shoes cuddling each other and hardly saying a word.
"This will stay our secret," Innocence tried to persuade Purity to agree. "You won't tell any one."
"Don't worry," Purity replied with a reassuring smile sitting up and looking at her beautiful body. Her hand slipped down to Innocence's flaccid penis and stroked underneath it and then held its limpness up. A small globule of semen dropped out. "I won't whisper to a soul." She gave the penis a little squeeze and it slightly stiffened. "Besides nobody would believe me!"

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