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Innocence Lost II

In Which Blanche learns the Truth about Innocence and Chastity, whilst Chastity furthers the experiences of Innocence.

Innocence's sister, Chastity, had many friends, some of whom came from other shires and parishes. One such was Blanche, who came from Brook, a county, Innocence was fascinated to discover, where naturism was pretty nearly the rule and where most people felt comfortable not wearing any clothes at all. Blanche was no exception, though this didn't inhibit her from a tasteful application of makeup or from wearing bracelets and necklaces. Unlike Chastity or Innocence, Blanche was not a slim girl but her plumpness did not make her unattractive. Her body had a smooth, white roundness which in its own way was nearly as beautiful as Innocence's own.
That summer, Blanche was staying at Innocence's home and her parents were obliged to make allowances for Blanche's preference for remaining unclothed all the time. Innocence found it most peculiar, as the family sat around the dinner table with Blanche sitting there totally naked, her large round breasts bouncing about as she ate or talked. Innocence often felt a stirring from between her legs as she sat listening to Blanche's account of her life by the river bank in Brook and watching Chastity gaze admiringly at her friend's round beaming face. When Blanche leaned over to pick up the salad bowl, her breasts wobbling so close, Innocence felt it necessary to ease down her nickers to ease the discomfort caused as her prick shot up in speculation.
At most other times, Blanche was with Chastity in whose room she was staying, but there were occasions when the two girls would sit watching television with the rest of the family. On these occasions, Innocence's eyes would wander over to Blanche, who never returned her glances: perhaps expecting such inquisitive gazes away from Brook.
Innocence was surprised when Chastity announced to her parents that, while Blanche was staying, she felt embarrassed that nobody else was also unclothed and that she had decided that she too would wear no clothes. Her parents reluctantly agreed, but made it clear that they had no intention of extending this gesture of politeness any further. From then on, Blanche's visit became even more uncomfortable for Innocence as Chastity wandered around as naked as Blanche.
"It does make it easier," laughed Chastity, when Innocence asked her how she felt not wearing clothes. "Especially when getting out of bed or having a bath." Innocence smiled shyly not knowing where to avert her gaze.
Innocence wasn't sure whether she was the only one at home one evening when she pushed open Chastity's bedroom door while looking for a hair-clip that she'd last seen when last in bed with her. Her parents were out and most evenings Chastity and Blanche would also be out (though Blanche would wear clothes when in public). She was surprised to see Chastity and Blanche in bed together, but not, she was pleased to see, actually making love. The thought had crossed her mind that Chastity might be more than just a good friend of Blanche. Blanche's embarrassed response rather reinforced Innocence's suspicion, but Chastity gently held onto her arm, restraining her from jumping out of bed.
"Hello, Innocence," Chastity greeted her, "Are you looking for something?" Her sister explained what she was after.
Blanche smiled indulgently at Innocence as she spoke, clearly amused by her shyness. "Why don't you take your clothes off like your sister?" wondered Blanche. "I'm sure you'd like to."
Innocence choked as she reviewed the implications of this suggestion. "I can't do that!" she protested.
"But it's perfectly natural," Blanche continued. "See - your sister's got used to it. You feel so much better without clothes you know! Much more free!"
"I can't! I can't!" Protested Innocence with fear, aware that she was stating her position too emphatically.
"Why ever not?" Blanche smiled. "Come on! Take them off! You're with friends you know."
"The reason why not," explained Chastity kindly, "is that Innocence is frightened that you might be shocked by what you see."
"Shocked! I see people with no clothes all day and every day at home."
"Well, Innocence has a little secret, haven't you?" Chastity continued. "But," and she looked at Innocence reassuringly, "we're all adults here. Show Blanche your secret, Innocence. Take your clothes off now. Or I'll have to tell her, and she'd never believe me - not ever!"
"What could possibly be the problem?" Wondered Blanche who was nonetheless excited by Chastity's teasing. "You haven't got some horrible operation scars or a skin disease, have you?"
Innocence was defeated by her sister's persuasion and slowly removed her clothes, reserving her nickers to last. As they descended below her crotch and down her thighs, Innocence looked up at Blanche who stared in apparent disbelief at her penis as it popped out slightly aroused by the danger of the situation.
"Is it real?" asked Blanche looking at it with wonder.
"Touch it and see," advised Chastity. She looked at Innocence. "That's all right isn't it?" Innocence nodded as Blanche put her hands halfway round her penis and squeezed it very gently. Innocence's penis throbbingly responded to the pressure. Blanche then cupped Innocence's testicles and held them up as she looked around the base of her penis.
"Why it's beautiful!" gasped Blanche appreciatively. That praise did it! Innocence's penis instantly shuddered and swelled as it responded. Innocence looked up at Chastity who was sitting behind Blanche on the bed with her hands on Blanche's shoulders. Chastity was just smiling reassuringly when Innocence became aware that the sensation of Blanche's stroking and squeezing of her penis was replaced by a curious wet and warm feeling that Innocence had only experienced before inside Purity's cunt. Innocence looked down to see Blanche's head bobbing up and down on her lap: her penis inside her mouth. It was almost with alarm Innocence realised that although her penis was now as big as it could get, and bigger than it normally got even with Chastity, Blanche could get the whole of it into her mouth. Where did it all go? wondered Innocence. When she realised from the slight pressure at the edge of her penis that it was all the way down Blanche's throat, the thought of it caused her to spasm and she was suddenly aware of having come inside Blanche's mouth.
Blanche pulled Innocence's still throbbing penis out of her mouth, semen around her lips and dripping onto her chin. Blanche licked her lips and smiled as she took gobbets of semen onto the tip of her tongue and rolled it back into her mouth.
"I should've pulled it out earlier," apologised Innocence who was hopelessly embarrassed as she looked at the semen still dripping from the end of her penis and falling in little drops onto the bed-sheet.
"Don't worry," Blanche said after rubbing the back of her hand over her lips. "Your semen's got the just the right taste. And besides it's very nutritious - full of protein."
Blanche soon left Innocence's home and life returned to normal. Chastity reluctantly returned to wearing clothes again, although she seemed less embarrassed about being seen with none on while in the bath or shower.
Innocence still felt dissatisfied. She returned to regular masturbation which she had allowed to lapse while she had the distraction of both Blanche and Chastity around. She would stand in front of the mirror in her room, no longer caring if Chastity were to catch her, and stroke her penis into life.
Sometimes she indulged in target practice. How high on the mirror could she get her semen to go? But this activity soon lost any meaning, as did her attempts to stimulate herself by comparing the relative length of her penis or seeing how far she could get her middle finger up her anus. The thoughts that stimulated her most were those of her love affair with Purity and Blanche's sex games. Thoughts of Chastity filled her with guilt. It was one thing to make love to someone like Purity or even Blanche - but your own sister! In fact, although when she was with Chastity the thought seemed less oppressive, when masturbating she only had to think of sex with Chastity and the whole exercise tasted vaguely uncomfortable.
Sometimes thoughts of Chastity and her relationship stimulated her to a bigger and better orgasm as she concentrated on the very perversity of it. Sometimes, it had the reverse effect and deflated her penis like a punctured balloon. When Chastity saw Innocence masturbating - which was usually in bed as Innocence preferred to avoid the risk of being caught doing so in front of a mirror - she could only speculate on the fantasies which generated her private excitement. Innocence would never be able to divulge her fantasies particularly where Chastity was such a large part of them.
Innocence liked to watch Chastity when she masturbated, which was much less often. There seemed to be almost an innocence in an activity where everything happened inside and only the sighs and groans and the dampness of her crotch gave any evidence as to what was happening. When Innocence masturbated, it was obvious to everyone what was happening and made it much more difficult to do in company.
Chastity was genuinely worried about Innocence. She loved her both as a sister loves a sister and as a lover loves her lover. It was difficult for her to see that there was anything wrong in their relationship: particularly as it gave her so much pleasure. As far as she was concerned the perverseness of incest was just an extra flavour to their lovemaking, like the fact that Innocence had such an odd appendage for such an attractive girl.
It took time and a lot of hard work, but gradually Chastity patiently widened the range of sexual activities the two of them could do together. It was a momentous day for Chastity when she had at last persuaded Innocence to put her penis up her vagina. To Chastity it was almost like losing her virginity again as Innocence pummelled away inside her cunt but all Chastity could see was a beautiful woman on top of her. She came and she came and she came. Only later did it worry her that the neighbours may have heard her cries and may have reasoned that only she and her sister were at home. But what the fuck! she thought. There can only be so many perfect moments in your life.
After the missionary position, Chastity persuaded Innocence to greater adventurousness. Entering from behind was an interesting experience, although Innocence didn't adopt Chastity's suggestion that she should penetrate Chastity's arse. In a way it was also disappointing, because besides the occasional brushing of Chastity's breasts on her naked back it was no different to having a man do the same thing. But Innocence had clearly enjoyed it as Chastity was sure when she sucked off the last droplets of semen from Innocence's prick.
Despite Chastity's boldness regarding sex, she was less inclined to suck Innocence's prick after the first time she had persuaded Innocence to thrust her penis up her arse. It was then that Chastity was sure that her sister's penis was definitely amongst the largest she had ever known. Any deeper inside, Chastity felt, and it would be in her stomach. However, when Innocence withdrew her prick Chastity saw the telltale brown stains of excrement, and she was sure she'd thoroughly cleaned her arse before they'd started.
Still, Innocence was still a virgin, Chastity reasoned. Virginity, for a girl, is when you've never been penetrated. Never lost your maidenhead. Whatever else Innocence was, Chastity could only think of her as a girl. However, when she mentioned to Innocence the idea of her wearing a dildo to penetrate her rather than the other way round, Innocence was initially horrified.
"But it's for you, my sweetness," Chastity argued. "What pleasure can I get from it? A dildo won't give me the sensations that your prick gets when it's inside me. It's just that you can't stay a virgin forever."
Innocence was unconvinced, and so Chastity felt it unwise to press the topic further. But to persuade her, Chastity made a point of insisting on anal intercourse every time and stressed how much pleasure it gave her. "Don't you think," she would say, "that it would complete your education?"
Eventually, as in all other matters, Innocence accepted the proposition, so Chastity bought a dildo from a shop. She was tempted to get a large one, but she reasoned that it would be best to find one designed for backsides. The shopkeeper was very helpful. She had some demonstration dildos and she and Chastity went into the demonstration room to see what they were like.
While they were in there, another customer was trying out different underwear which revealed her nipples and crotch, but Chastity and the shopkeeper studiously ignored her as she put on and took off again different combinations of underwear. Chastity reasoned that Innocence, being her sister, would have much the same arse-size as herself, so with the shopkeeper assistance she tried different dildos up her backside. The shopkeeper, a fairly efficient middle-aged woman, slightly greased Chastity's buttocks and anus with some sterile cream and then eased the dildo in, while Chastity gasped with each extra inch pushing inside her. Eventually, and after trying the same one several times she found the right dildo and took it away with her.
It was a strange sensation for Chastity to do the thrusting. Before she'd only done it with Blanche and she'd given most of the instructions as to what to do. It made sense, the first time, for Innocence to be in the most comfortable position, which was face-down on the bed with her bottom raised in the air. Chastity strapped the dildo around her waist and the two girls indulged in more normal foreplay. Chastity paid particular attention to lubricating her cunt by having Innocence's penis stroking its outside. Then using a mixture of her own wetness and the cream supplied by the shop she moistened the entrance to Innocence's arse. The two sisters had recently spent a lot of time stimulating their arses, so Innocence was quite used to feeling Chastity's middle finger all the way up her. Then she felt a very different sensation as Chastity pushed the dildo into the lubricated entrance, gripping Innocence's penis, while rubbing and massaging it.
Innocence's virginity soon went, perhaps sooner than she'd anticipated as she came with an almighty shudder and splattered semen all over Chastity's sheets. Afterwards, she felt very sore behind and it was several days until she could walk without feeling a soreness somewhere deep up her bottom. However, the two sisters practised whenever they could and soon it seemed quite natural to Innocence to have a dildo thrusting away inside her and her penis being handled to climax at the same time.
Chastity preferred to enter Innocence from in front so that she could better appreciate Innocence's female body. From behind, it was almost like fucking a man rather than a woman even though Chastity's back was a woman's back. She persuaded Innocence to hook her legs through her arms so she could penetrate Chastity from in front and have Innocence's penis rub against her tummy and eventually come all over her. In fact with a bit of ingenuity, the two girls managed to arrange their activities so that both were being penetrated and penetrating simultaneously but it was awkward to maintain this pose for very long, even when lying down sideways on the bed.
Despite the success of their lovemaking Chastity could see that Innocence was dissatisfied and even a little unhappy. So one day, when the two girls had just made love, Chastity tried to find out what was troubling Innocence.
"I just feel such a freak!" Innocence complained.
Chastity smiled reassuringly and stroked Innocence's limp penis with the back of her hand. There was nothing that could be done about that, Chastity reasoned to herself, and, anyway she wouldn't want her sister to be any different.
"And I feel guilty about incest," Innocence confessed.
This was more alarming to Chastity, because it went to the very heart of their relationship. She loved the danger and perverseness of it, and she had assumed the same was true for Innocence. In fact, until then it had never occurred to Chastity that Innocence would ever feel differently.
"There's a friend of Blanche's," Chastity told Innocence, "called Alice who makes love to her sister, Dinah, just as we do. Perhaps you would feel happier if you met other people like us. Then you wouldn't feel such a freak. I can contact Blanche and perhaps arrange to stay with Alice."
Innocence thought about it. If other people made love to their sisters, perhaps it wasn't so bad if she did. Perhaps all she needed was to get to know other people who did such things. "Yes, I'd like to visit Alice," she said positively.

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