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Innocence Lost IV

In Which Innocence and Chastity are found in the countryside.

Une just loved to be fucked. But with a cunt as large as hers it took such an effort for her to be satisfied. Generally, one man just wasn't enough, she'd need two or maybe three simultaneously pounding away in her nether regions for her to be satisfied. It was sometimes awkward to arrange such a meeting of pricks inside her, but practice had brought great facility and imagination to her. Two was easy enough. One from above and one from underneath both thrusting into her cunt. A third was more difficult, but her more athletic lovers soon found a way of squeezing a penis between two already active members.
Une was at first reluctant when some friends of Blanche's asked her if she'd mind them visiting. They were both sisters and she'd not met either of them, and she wasn't sure they would make pleasant company. Une generally preferred the company of men, particularly if there were deep inside her, - but she had a large old house in the country, so she couldn't plead lack of space nor was she planning to go away for a while.
When Innocence and Chastity arrived, Une greeted them in the long white dress she usually wore which flowed loosely from straps around her shoulders, just covering her breasts and reaching down to her bare feet. Her long white hair wisped down about her hips, nearly the same colour as her skin and dress. Evidence that she was no albino was provided in the shining gleam of her blue eyes.
Une thought Innocence and Chastity were rather curious names for two girls who really didn't look like they possessed these attributes at all. The simple dress that only just obscured her groin and knowing air made Chastity not seem at all chaste. Innocence seemed the more chaste of the two, but it was obvious to Une that innocent she was not. She hoped her male lovers wouldn't be distracted by these two very pretty women and choose to fuck them instead of her.
Une showed the two girls around the house and where to put the very few clothes they'd brought. She explained to them, as tactfully as she could, that some country people had some very strange ideas, and that they should be very cautious about how they behaved in public. "I'm sometimes considered to be a witch because of my appearance," she elaborated.
Chastity sat back on the four poster bed in the bedroom that had been allocated to her. "What is there about you that makes them think you're a witch?" She asked in an ambiguously coy way. "You certainly don't look like my idea of a witch!"
"There aren't that many people with such white skin and hair as me," Une explained.
Chastity laughed. "I thought witches had pointed black hats and rode on broomsticks." She looked conspiratorially at Innocence. "No," she said thoughtfully. "I think they think you're a witch from what Alice told us about you."
"And what's that?" Asked Une, both fascinated by what this Alice might have said and annoyed at Chastity's cheek.
"Why! That you've got the biggest cunt in the world," Chastity exclaimed. "I'm told you can get three pricks in it at once."
"Four on occasion," corrected Une. "Well, yes I have a very large vagina. But if you think I'm also a lesbian ..."
"Don't worry," smiled Chastity. "But I'd love to see your cunt. I really would."
"And what could you give in return?" Wondered Une who wasn't at all sure she liked such blatant conversation about her crotch.
"Why!" Exclaimed Chastity as if surprised. "Hasn't Blanche told you about Innocence? Her attributes make your oversized cunt seem like nothing at all."
"I'm sorry I don't understand."
"Come on Innocence. Take off your clothes and show Une your stuff," ordered Chastity.
With some reluctance, Innocence removed her pretty white blouse and knee-length skirt. She took her sandals off first, and then unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her full breasts and feminine curves. Then she gradually eased down her dress. Une was feeling rather bored. Nudity really didn't excite her, even on very attractive girls like Innocence, and what on earth could a girl have that would interest her? A cunt as wide as her own perhaps.
Une wasn't prepared for Innocence's prick that popped out as she pulled down her white knickers. As soon as she saw it, her original feelings of scepticism were replaced by curiosity and a certain amount of lust. Innocence's penis wasn't nearly one of the largest Une had ever seen or had inside her, but it was a beautiful well-formed penis - one which surely deserved to be enjoyed.
"Does it function?" Une wondered. Innocence nodded, obviously embarrassed by Chastity's blatancy.
"Touch it and see," instructed Chastity.
This Une proceeded to do. Knowing what was expected of it, Innocence's penis immediately stiffened. Une stroked it gently in her hands and watched in great wonderment as it grew and grew just as she'd expect from the penis of any of her friends. So, Innocence certainly didn't have as large a cunt as Une. In fact, as Une's examinations swiftly established, Innocence didn't have a cunt at all. Instead she was blessed with a beautiful penis. And a penis on such a beautiful and feminine body.
As she saw Innocence's penis grow to full size, the hunger she felt in her crotch got so great she just had to do something. With one very simple movement she brought her dress off over her head and her otherwise naked body. Her cunt was already moist with lust. "Put it in me. Put it in. Now!" she begged looking at the stiffness of it.
In next to no time, Innocence and she were rolling about and fucking in a way that surprised Une in its intensity. Clearly, Innocence was a girl accustomed to satisfying the lust of people, perhaps several at the same time. And also, as Une became aware from Innocence's own passion, she was a girl as attracted to Une as she was to her. What surprised her more, was that, although there was still plenty of space spare in her vagina, Une was feeling sexual gratification she'd not felt for a very long time. Not even with three men crawling over her, fucking every orifice.
Une wasn't at all sure why Innocence gave her such intense pleasure but it was intense enough and she just wanted more and more and more. Soon enough, Chastity was forgotten. For all Une cared, she might have run on to have sex with one of her lovers who were staying with her. She didn't care how much pleasure that slut of a girl was giving nor to whom. All that mattered was the passion that Une felt as Innocence's expert and practised penis thumped in and out of her, occasionally spurting out with warm, delicious semen, and yet still seeming to have yet more erection and come to give.
For the first time since she'd made love to a real elephant of a man, Une just came and came and came. Her cries of passion were loud enough to fill the whole house. What did it matter how full her cunt was by prick? What mattered was the delight of it! She would experience this again and again, Une resolved. She was going to enjoy the visit of these two suburban girls.
Une just couldn't be parted from Innocence. Wherever she went, Innocence had to come with her, and fuck her as hard and as often as possible. They made love in all the rooms of her house and in her large garden. Sometimes Une's other lovers would join in, turned on not only by Une's body but also by Innocence's. Une guessed it was probably the first time that Innocence had had sex with men, and it was clear to her also that although she enjoyed it, it was with her that Innocence got the most pleasure. In any case, Innocence's anus wasn't really comfortable with a man fucking her. She preferred putting a man's prick in her mouth while fucking Une. Although Une didn't usually like women sharing her men, in this case she made an exception, and of course Innocence was in one crucial way as much man as any of them.
Une didn't really care too much what Chastity was doing - Innocence was enough for her. She knew from what her lovers told her that Chastity was making love with each of them, either in turn or together. On one occasion, she came into Chastity's bedroom to see two of her well-trained lovers pounding away at Chastity's orifices (in her case, her cunt was only just big enough for two, so she clearly found it more comfortable for one to take her anus and the other her vagina). Normally, Une would find this kind of disloyalty intolerable and would have ordered out both Chastity and her lovers, but now she just didn't care. As long as she had Innocence's beautiful feminine body and her wonderful prick inside her, what did it matter?
It was market day in Une's village, when people from all around would come and sell their wares. Une persuaded Innocence to come along and so, too, did Chastity. She was aware that Chastity was attracted to her, but as a rule Une really was not interested in women. Innocence was an exception - but then she was an exception in much more than one way.
The market sold all the wares associated with village markets. There were stalls selling cheap imported tee-shirts, bootlegged videos, cheaply made jewellery, oddities that Une found at best amusing in their cheap vulgarity and wares which would never be accepted by Health and Safety Officers. Une examined the stalls desultorily, as always wondering why she bothered, but also aware that there might always be something there that would make the excursion worthwhile.
Chastity located a pornographic book-stall, which sold second- hand magazines and books which were a little worn at the edges. She picked up copies, with clearly no intention of buying and viewed them with amusement. "How was that goat persuaded to do that!" she exclaimed showing a picture of a girl and a goat. "It looks pretty awkward for her as well." She flicked a few pages. "But the sperm looks just the same as human sperm, doesn't it Une? In fact it looks just like yours, Innocence."
Innocence picked up one which concentrated entirely on anal intercourse. "That looks painful!" she commented, putting it down and casting her eyes around at other stalls.
Chastity dropped the magazine she was reading. "God! This market is so boring!" she remarked. "Is this really the high light of life in the country?"
Une felt offended by this. It was the country itself, not its market, that made the place worth living in. If Chastity couldn't appreciate even this little thing, then what hope was there for her?
The three of them made their way out of the market, and into an inn which was mostly full of market stall holders. They were talking animatedly with each other, while in the corner a video sex machine was flashing images of various scenes of sexual intercourse. Besides Une and her two friends, there were few other women in the pub and those were all old and ugly.
"Where's your boyfriends, m'dear?" asked an elderly gentleman walking up to their table.
Une smiled in the way that she knew would normally devastate the relatively ignorant villagers."How is your missus's lumbago, Giles?" she asked considerately.
"Bearing well. Bearing well," he said moving back to his company.
Chastity was clearly very uncomfortable here. "This is fucking boring!" she announced, swallowing her half pint of porter. "Come on, Innocence, let's go somewhere more exciting."
"Where?" wondered Innocence.
"Anywhere!" announced Chastity. "Anywhere that's not here, anyway!"
Une and Innocence followed Chastity as she stormed out of the inn and followed the path out of the village towards Une's home. She certainly did not appear happy. They passed by a corn-field within sight of Une's house.
"What I need," announced Chastity, stopping suddenly, "is a fuck. A fucking good fuck! And I need it now!"
"And how are you going to get that?" asked Une, visibly annoyed with Chastity.
Chastity frowned at Une. "From what you know about Innocence, you need to ask that?" asked Chastity incredulously.
This was the first time that Une became aware of the incestuous relationship between Innocence and her sister, when boldly, and with no regard for Une's feelings, Chastity pulled off the slip she was wearing and unbuttoned the pretty little dress that Une had provided Innocence. It was one that had made the little girl look even sweeter, flowing out at the waist and coming to her knees. But this was soon down over her ankles and pushed to one side. Then with the practice that must have come from making love with Une's lovers, Chastity persuaded Innocence's penis into erection and straight in her cunt. Une looked on in astonishment as Innocence blatantly fucked away at her sister.
Une looked imploringly at Innocence, her little darling, and then noticed Innocence returning the look even while her buttocks thrust up and down on Chastity. Chastity also looked at Une. "Don't wait to be invited," she commented. "Join in!"
Une certainly did not feel inclined to do so, but soon her lust for Innocence became too much for her, and then, for the first time in her long love life, she made love with a woman who was a woman in every detail. Perhaps, it wasn't really the same thing, she thought, as she shared Innocence's so virile member. After all, she reassured herself, this is fucking as it's normally done between a man and a woman. And, in any case, was this so very different to love with two men.
But one partner, she couldn't help thinking, who couldn't satisfy the rapacious desire of her cunt. And indeed, as their bodies writhed in the corn, scratching her skin and catching in her hair, she felt for the first time since she'd started making love with Innocence a kind of emptiness in her cunt. A feeling that was normally only satisfied by an extra prick inside her. This evening, she resolved, she'd get at least two, maybe three, inside her, even if it meant sharing Chastity with her male lovers.

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